Footie Lad

By Rozza22365
published June 29, 2019

Luke is afraid of losing his boyfriend Darren who’s enjoying a simpler life, however a flash of lighting and things start to change.

The day was dark and wet. The clouds were spewing endless rain upon the town of Sailsbury. Luke looked gloomily out the window of his student flat and sighed. He checked to see if his friends were online, but they weren’t. He knew they would be gone for some time. He opened Netflix to see if there was something to watch, but nothing was exciting to watch. Luke was all alone and bored. He had finished his first semester of Uni, and it was the first holiday break he could get. However, there was nothing to do in this break other than wait for Darren, his boyfriend. Darren wouldn’t come for a while though as he was playing footie with the lads.

Darren and Luke had met during their A-levels, Darren was doing P.e. and IT as his main to subjects whereas Luke was doing IT and Biochemistry. It was in IT that they first met as they sat next to each other in class. In lessons, Darren didn’t get much and asked Luke to help him. This annoyed Luke at first, but eventually, he didn’t mind as Darren’s working class accent, and athletic body interested him more. After that, they would rarely talk as Darren played football with the lads, while Luke would seclude himself away in the library to ‘study,’ which was just his excuse of watching Darren play. The two were quite different; Luke was from a middle-class background who didn’t always overachieve but achieved nonetheless. Darren, on the other hand, was from a working-class family. He only overachieved at PE. Otherwise, he struggled with everything else. When it came to gaming, Luke enjoyed games at a deeper level exploring the lore, while Darren just enjoyed them for fun. Darren was athletic due to playing football most of his life and recently starting the gym, while Luke was on the tubby side, with a bit of a belly and man boobs. Luke also had a lack of style in his appearance; his clothes were usually plain with no logo’s or colour. Darren, on the other hand, had tracksuits, and Adidas clothing to meet his sporty lifestyle.

Eventually, Darren saw Luke had a raging boner during class and the two made out in secret, eventually becoming a couple. After a year, Luke left for Uni, but they stayed in contact. Darren was coming up to meet him in his flat, and they would go out for dinner and play games, but before that Darren had to play a game of football with the lads. This was were the divide kicked in. Luke absolutely hated it, he found the game boring, and he had to see Darren’s friends who were all laddish idiots. Their lives revolved around a simple system of getting wasted banging some chicks or dudes, then off to a simple job, working out and a bit of footie before having a take away for dinner while playing a generic video game. Darren was the same, and Luke failed at pulling away from him from that life. Every time they met, it was the same generic game of CoD or Fifa, and then it was some takeaway Chinese or pizza. Luke knew that his relationship with Darren was on borrowed time, and it would run out sooner than later.

Luke continued to stare out the window into the rain, thinking to himself about what he could do with Darren, what he could do to influence him or make him see his better way of things. The idea was getting to him, he knew it would fail, but he kept thinking. He conceded trying after a while, but an intriguing thought popped into his head.

’What if Darren doesn’t need to change? Maybe I should become more like him?’ He questioned.

’I mean he is definitely healthier than me and is far less stressed, and he does enjoy what he gets out of games. Maybe being like one of his laddish friends would be better’ He finished. There was a flash as lighting struck the park from his view; his body became warm as his blood pumped quicker and quicker. That was too close. He looked below at the street below to see if anyone was hurt, but no-one cared, as if a lightning bolt hadn’t just struck the park, meters away. He expected phones, but no, nothing. The cold returned to him as he settled down. He shivered slightly as a cold spread over him; he went to sit down from the window. He opened his laptop to see if anything was happening with his friends.

Suddenly his phone buzzed, and it was Darren.

“Yo Lukey, I’m gonna be a bit late with the game, but you can come down and meet me here with the lads,” Darren said in his usual accent. Naturally, this annoyed Luke, but not as much as he thought. He was going to reply his usual, ’Ok’ but something stirred within him and instead he said.

“Yeah sure mate, gimme a bit an…” Luke froze. He was speaking in the same thick working-class accent as Darren. Also, he had just agreed to meet Darren to play.

“Lukey, babe you ok?” asked Darren. Luke didn’t know what to say he was talking weirdly. He decided just to come out and say he was ill so that he couldn’t come out, but his words betrayed him.

“Yeah, sorry babe. I just got a little cold is all. Gonna get my kit and be out in 10 maybe 15 mins.” Luke said.

“Awesome babe, see you then.” Darren hung up.

Luke was confused about what was going on. Why was he talking like he was the same as Darren and his friends? He decided to go and get this kit that he spoke of. He didn’t know where it would be, but a good guess would be in the bathroom.

He walked briskly over to the bathroom, an odd feeling of excitement in him as he knew he would see his Darren. He felt light as he moved, something lifted a lot of weight from his chest. He got into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and lifted up his shirt. His chest and belly were flat, his arms and legs were also quite strong. Something felt off about his appearance, for some reason he thought he should be tubby, but why would he be? He’s always been a skinny, athletic guy.

He went over to his cupboard, and on the top shelf, he saw a bright red football kit. Luke laid it down on the side and pondered. What was it for? and why was it here?

Luke thought and thought until it hit him. This was for his game he was gonna play with Darren and the lads. Wait what he didn’t play footie or workout why was he thinking this stuff? Something was off. He tried to think about who he was. A gamer, who regularly played leag… no Call of Duty, that was it. Currently, fifth prestige and he was gonna rank up again later on when he and Darren played like they usually did. But why did he have the football kit? Maybe it was to do with his course? Yeah, of course, a sports science course would make him play some footie, why wouldn’t it? This was his Uni football kit. Luke remembered being a total lad like Darren and his mates who he got on with well. Luke came from a poor background like Darren, and they met when they were 15, during a game of football at school during lunchtime. Since then they did nearly everything together, they partied worked out, played games and went to the same Uni and course in sports since they both loved it and couldn’t think hard enough to do other shit. Luke put on his kit and looked into the mirror. He combed his short brown hair over to the side, just like the other lads. He put on his sport socks and brought them up to his knee. His football trainers slid right onto his feet. Luke was ready to go out and play a game of footie with the lads.

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