KING REX 2 -- CHAPTER 9: Magno Boy

By absman420
published June 29, 2019

It’s getting harder to know who to trust…


Energy Boy stormed into the gym as Rex was about to begin his first set at the squat rack – with the girls back home from Diplomatic World, Rex hadn’t expected to see Energy Boy at all this morning. Yet here he was, still in his uniform, not his lifting clothes. “She broke up with me!” he growled. “She broke up with ME!” He pounded his massive chest and flexed a Most-Muscular.

Rex turned to face him, leaning against the rack. “Seriously?”

“What the sprokk is wrong with her?” he raged. “Look at me! Sprokkin’ LOOK AT ME!”

Rex shrugged. “You’re awesome. Not as big as me, but whatever…”

Energy Boy shot him a look, then continued. “Exactly! But no, she doesn’t like my new cock! She’s afraid of it! Get this, she said she’s had nightmares… Bloody Nass, what the sprokk is wrong with her?”

Rex snorted and turned back to his set. “It’s a shame you only like girls…” he said, aligning the bar across his shoulders while he prepared to unrack the weight.

“What do you mean…?”

\40Rex made eye-contact with him through the mirror. “I don’t think Val-Or would be afraid of your cock,” he said. “As a matter of fact, he’d probably celebrate it.”

Energy Boy was confused. “Isn’t Val-Or gay? I thought Val-Or was…” He looked at Rex with sudden realization. “You MADE Val-Or gay, didn’t you? You can…”

Rex smiled. “I can remove inhibitions, yes. And I can increase pleasure. And I can pretty much make men my sexual slaves – it’s a thing I do.”

“That’s what you did to Val-Or.”

Rex shrugged, as if it were nothing. “That’s what he wanted.”

They looked at each other long enough for Rex to come out from under the bar and turn to face the young man, his lifting partner (and actual friend) of the last month or so. Jonah was clearly considering something and Rex knew considering wasn’t Energy Boy’s strongest suit.

Finally, his posture changed, indicating he’d come to a decision.

“I want it, too,” Energy Boy said.

Rex tilted his head and looked at Energy Boy like a curious dog.

Energy Boy continued. “He’s confident and strong… and happy. I want to be like that. I want to be proud and fearless and satisfied. Make me like Val-Or. Make me gay, Rex.”

Rex smiled and, still leaning against the bar, he reached out and wrapped his arm around Energy Boy’s neck, filling him with pleasure even before he pulled him into a kiss.

Energy Boy’s submission made the change that much easier,

HORDE HEADQUARTERS – Mission Monitor Room

“Look, Mags, I don’t know why you’re so upset – he didn’t do anything wrong!”

Magno Boy gave Electric Lad one of those “are you kidding?” stares, disbelieving and sarcastic at the same time. “Except turn you all into sprokkin’ muscle-freaks!” he shouted back, failing to maintain his sense of calm.

“There isn’t necessarily anything WRONG with that,” Electric Lad argued, inadvertently running his hand along his abs. “He didn’t force it on anybody.”

Magnetic Boy fell back into his chair, exasperated. “Garz, we’ve been gone five days and one person has caused more disruption in the Horde in that time than any enemy we’ve ever faced – and that’s including infiltrators! Long-term relationships are coming apart! Sprokkin’ Val-Or is suddenlly homosexual! And no one’s seen Smartiak 6 or Tundra Fox in days – I’m assuming you’ve all been too busy flexing for each other to notice?”

But Electric Lad was pissed. “First of all, you’re welcome that I took responsibility for running the place while you were gone and our Deputy Leader’s been hiding in his lab. I appreciate all this sprokkin’ grife I’m taking from you. Secondly, I sent Proto Boy to check up on him because I was concerned, but when I got a clean report back it didn’t sprokkin’ bother me because nothing’s been going on around here, anyway! Now, instead of complaining, how about you congratulate me for recapturing my brother, or us stopping a Krumb incursion instead of being bitter because you missed all the fun we were busy flexing for each other!”

There was a moment of silence while the two young men looked at one another. Finally, Magno Boy broke the silence. “You suck at sarcasm,” he said gently.

“Yeah, well, you’re mad at the wrong guy.”

Magno Boy smirked and turned to the monitor board, hitting a button. “Servo, connect me to Smartiak 6.”

The Servo-System’s computerized voice: “Smartiak 6 is not accepting Direct Messages.”

“Servo, override, Horde priority Magno-01. Connect me to Smartiak 6.”

“Unable to comply.”

Slowly, Magno Boy turned to face Electric Lad – Electric Lad had never seen his friend as angry as he was at this moment.

“C’mon,” he said to Electric Lad, “we’re going to the Lab. And I’ll rip the sprokkin’ door from its frame if I have to, but we’re gonna find out what’s going on with Smartiak 6!”

Of course, the door had been destroyed already by Weightless Lass, but they didn’t know that – not yet. Frustrated by the disappearance of her boyfriend, Tundra Fox, she’d gone to Smarty’s Lab only to be blocked by the door herself. With barely a dose of her ability to make things super-light, Weightless Lass had been easily able to punch through the door and enter the lab.

Admittedly, when she’d first seen what Smartiak had done to her boyfriend, the over-muscled animal he’d been transformed into, she’d been in a state of shock. It didn’t even register that Bran had been sprokking Smarty until he’d pulled his huge cock out of Smarty’s ass and leapt across the table at her.

It was only her Horde training that had really saved her. Instinctively, she’d ducked and simultaneously lashed out with her power. Before Tundra Fox had gotten his claws into her, he’d become weightless, floating to the ceiling like a helium balloon. Though frustrated and angry, there’d been little he could do – even pushing off the ceiling with his legs hadn’t given him enough thrust to reach her before he’d floated back up.

She’d turned her attention back to Smarty and said angrily, “What have you done to him?”

“Does anybody have any respect for privacy?” asked Smartiak 6, standing and retrieving something from a drawer. “To answer your question, I’m doing something that is necessary for the future of the Horde and your boyfriend is making a vital contribution to my work. These constant interruptions, on the other hand, are proving nothing but annoying.”

“You, too…” she said, finally seeing him, the added musculature, his own big cock. “You’ve been turned into one of those things, too..”

“Yes,” he said, closing in on her. “I’ve been given the gift of humanity. Desire. Lust. Satisfaction. For my entire existence, I’ve fought my humanoid side. Now, thanks to Alpha Lad, I’ve embraced it! And I will not have it taken away! But they keep trying – they send one after the next to spy on me: you and Tiny Girl before you and Pro…”

“Tiny Girl?” Weightless Lass asked, interrupting. “Where is she? No one’s seen her since we’ve gotten back. What have you done to her?”

He smiled a rather chilling smile – Weightless Lass wouldn’t have thought him to be capable of emotional subtext – and held the object he’d pulled from the drawer before her.

An amulet – something familiar about it.

“What did I do to TIny Girl?” he asked, as the eye on the amulet opened. Round, pink waves emanated from it, impossible to look away – now she recognized it! The pendant belonged to Horde Villain Hypnoso, the Master Hypnotizer! What was Smarty doing with it? “Why, the same thing I’m going to do to you….”

It was too late! She couldn’t stop…. Pink waves swirling…. Smarty’s voice…



She woke the next morning in her quarters feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, the artificial sunlight streaming in from the windows. She sat up and stretched, noticing that the other side of the bed was empty, but that someone had clearly been sleeping there, when the door to the bathroom slid open and Tiny Girl emerged, wrapped in a towel from the shower. “I hope I didn’t wake you,” Tiny Girl said, running her hands through her short, damp hair. “But you were so beautiful sleeping there I turned off the alarm.”

“TG…?” Weightless Lass said, disoriented. Something seemed wrong… Pink waves…

“Are you okay, Ayida?” Tiny Girl asked, crossing to the bed. “I know you’ve been gone for five days, but you can’t have forgotten me in that time…?”

“No, no… I just…” Weightless Lass shrugged. “Something seemed odd there for a moment. I’m okay. Maybe it was a dream…”

Tiny Girl smiled. “You just need some more loving,” she said, removing her towel.

Weightless Lass lay back in bed and quietly asked, “Do I now?”

Tiny Girl fell on top of her and the two women kissed, lost in suddenly discovered lust. “We still have a couple hours before Daily Meeting…” she said, giggling.

Their love-making was vigorous and intimate – by orgasm, they knew they loved each other like they had their whole lives. Weightless Lass loved Tundr… Tiny Girl with all her heart – she was just glad to be home and have everything back to normal.

When Magno Boy and Electric Lad got to the lab, they found the entrance-way under repair, Servo droids fixing the mess. Electric Lad didn’t seem too put off by it, but it was a surprise to Magno Boy. What the bloody Nass has been going on around here? The problem with Smartiak 6 was he could cover his tracks too easily – he required live observation, and even then, Magno Boy couldn’t always be sure what he was up to.

So he was surprised to find Smartiak 6 waiting for them. Outwardly, Smarty seemed calm – though he was shifting his weight on the chair as if he were extremely uncomfortable. He’d also packed on some muscle – nothing like the other boys, of course, not even as big as the smallest of them – Solar Boy, for example – but enough to prove he’d had a run-in with Alpha Lad himself. (Magno Boy couldn’t understand why they all wanted to be so ridiculously oversized and out-of-proportion in the first place. It hadn’t made a single one of them more of a “man” – or any sexier, honestly. And Smartiak wasn’t even a man, anyway – he was some sort of weird living automaton.)

“Good Morning, Smarty,” Magno Boy said. “What happened to your door?”

“I had a misunderstanding with someone,” Smartiak replied, moving his butt in such a way that it appeared he was sitting on something uncomfortable. “Your human brains tend to react that way to unfamiliar stimuli. Just as I knew there was an inevitable confrontation with your resistance coming. Fortunately, I’m quite prepared.”

“Are we about to have a ‘misunderstanding’?” Magno Boy asked. “Electric Lad and I just want to know what’s been going on around here. That’s all.”

Smartiak 6 smiled a very cold, emotionless smile. “Well, as you can plainly see, I’ve been enhanced by Alpha Lad…”

“Seems like everybody’s doing it,” Magno Boy tried (and failed) to joke, hitting a silent Electric Lad in the abs with the back of his hand.

“Not everybody,” countered Smartiak, “but soon.”

Magno Boy smiled, but in a clearly serious tone, said, “Not me. I want nothing to do with that nonsense. You all can do whatever you want, but I’m very happy with my body just like it is.”

Smartiak stood with difficulty, as if he were trying to hold on to something with his rear end. “See? That kind of unproductive attitude is what’s going to hold him back – I seek to eliminate it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ve postulated that our worship empowers him. Therefore, with very little effort on our part, Alpha Lad could become a veritable GOD!” Smartiak smiled a dreamy, blissful smile. “It’s the very least I could do to thank him for giving me this…” He ran his hands down his muscular torso until they reached his enhanced cock. “And this…” He turned and showed them his robotic ass – and the unmistakable end of a butt-plug embedded deep in his hole. (Little did Magno Boy know that the plug was molded to the exact specifications of Rex’s cock – well, he would know soon enough.)

Magno Boy sought to remain calm. “Tell me what you’re planning, Smarty.”

Smartiak rocked his hips, fucking himself on the dildo. “I’m planning on making you worship him,” he said plainly, “or at least yield. Or perhaps both – either outcome is satisfactory.” He raised his arms, displaying some sort of weapon – as he fired, Magno Boy ducked while using his powers to throw up a magnetic shield. The projectile missed him.

“Garz!” he shouted to Electric Lad, “It’s non-metallic – help me!”

Assuming Electric Lad to have his back, Magno Boy stood to press his attack, reaching out with his powers to use some of the metal in the lab as a weapon, when suddenly he was grabbed from behind by Electric Lad.

In a bear hug, Electric Lad’s arms around his torso, trapping his arms to his sides, Magno Boy could feel Electric Lad’s cock hardening against his ass – what the sprokk was happening?

“I’m told the size of this appendage matters more to males,” Electric Lad said, pressing his cock into Magno Boy. “Is that true?”


But when Magno Boy turned his head to look, it wasn’t Electric Lad holding him, it was Proto Boy – he must’ve been wearing Garz’s form! Bloody Nass, what was going on?

And then he felt the dart hit his neck – Smartiak 6 had taken advantage of his distraction – and before Magno Boy could do anything else, he collapsed in Proto Boy’s arms.

“Get him to the Bio-Repair Units,” Smartiak ordered Proto Boy, awkwardly walking walking back to his computer station. “Put him in the one next to Tundra Fox. And hurry – we have a lot of work to do before our Daily Meeting. I want him fully prepared.”

As Smartiak sat down and logged back into the system, Proto Boy carried the unconscious Magno Boy to the Medi-Matic. Everything was ready – soon Rex would have everything he deserved. And then he would be so grateful, he’d make Smartiak his consort.

Smarty nearly orgasmed at the thought – to be Alpha Lad’s bride.

Nothing mattered more to him in the universe.

At that moment, in the gym’s locker room, Alpha Lad pushed his magnificent cock into Energy Boy’s tight, eager hole.

Energy Boy’s eyes rolled back in utter ecstasy. “Hail King Rex!” he moaned.

“Look, Irma, I don’t know why you’re so upset – he didn’t do anything wrong!”

Electric Lad sat up in bed as he watched Psychic Girl emerge from the shower. The two had been a couple almost since they – along with Magno Boy – had founded the Horde, nearly fourteen cycles gone ago. They’d even been considering marriage, though that meant they’d have to resign from the Horde, and neither of them were ready to make that break. So they stayed perpetually engaged, such a staple that everyone assumed their marriage was inevitable.

Even last night, Psychic Girl had tried valiantly to have sex with Electric Lad and his big new penis. She didn’t mind the muscles – at least he wasn’t as big as some of them – as a matter of fact, the added size gave him a more heroic, adult look that she found attractive – but that penis had been… challenging. Psychic Girl was no Premonition, in ability or experience – she didn’t even practice yoga – but she’d tried. (At least she’d gotten him off! That was probably more than Apparition had done for Energy Boy, she thought.)

“It’s not about whether he did anything ‘wrong’,” she said, allowing the Servo-System to air-dry her before she did her hair. “And I’m not upset – not exactly. It’s just that… some of these boys should have thought about what they were doing before went ahead and… modified themselves. I mean, it’s permanent, Garz! It isn’t like a temporary tattoo or a haircut.”

“You don’t understand,” he said as he walked to the shower himself, his big cock flopping back and forth between his muscular thighs. “Everybody wants to blame Rex like he forced it on us…”

“He DID force it on you, Garz,” she said, while she pulled her hair back into a pony-tail. “At least, from the way you told your story, you only expected him to temporarily strengthen you and weaken your brother, not transform you into…”

“Into what?” he said, making eye-contact with her reflection. “Into THIS? You don’t like it? Really? You didn’t seem to be complaining about it last night…”

“Garz, I don’t want to have a fight with you.”

“Then stop trying to make Rex a bad guy – he’s not some villain bent on ruling the world! Just because his powers have some sexual overtones doesn’t mean he’s some big threat to the future of the Horde! Personally, I think Smartiak 6 is a bigger threat than Rex – at least we’ve SEEN Rex. Who knows what the sprokk Smarty’s up to half the time, locked away with his experiments? Don’t you wonder what Smarty’s been doing while you’ve been away? I’d sure like to see…”

Just then, Electric Lad’s Horde buckle made a beeping sound from where it sat on the bedside table – a DM had come in for him. Curious.

“Servo, play DM,” he said, while scratching his big balls.

Servo’s computerized voice: “Playing message from Magno Boy.” Then Magno Boy’s: “Hey, Garz, I wonder if you’d swing by my quarters? I’d like to… connect… before our Daily Meeting.”

Electric Lad rolled his eyes – his best friend, so by the book. “Servo: respond. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Did he just giggle?” asked Psychic Girl, who had started her makeup, so wasn’t paying direct attention.

Electric Lad attached his Horde Belt and activated his uniform – looking in the mirror, he admired his own build… and his own heavy package. A small sigh from his girlfriend meant she could tell how much he was enjoying himself, but he shrugged her off and laughed softly – dating a mind reader… “I’ll see you at the meeting,” he said, standing behind her and kissing the top of her head.

She watched him go, concerned. He tried to hide it, but she’d seen the images in his mind of his sprokking Val-Or – the way he’d forced himself sexually on his brother – and the way he’d enjoyed the many masturbatory sessions he’d shared with the other Horde boys since.

No, Rex had done something to them – he had to have – and she was going to get to the bottom of it.

At that moment, Val-Or lowered his bottom onto Solar Boy’s healthy cock, straddling Solar Boy’s torso on the bed. Val-Or weighed twice as much as Solar Boy easily, but he didn’t worry about crushing him – he wasn’t worried about anything – he could barely think at all. “Deeper,” Val-Or moaned, his own cock leaking pre-cum on Solar Boy’s sculpted abs. “Fill me with that hot cock.”

Solar Boy was more than happy to comply – he could sprokk these desperate ‘mo’s all day long.

Maybe he’d ask Rex to make his cock even bigger.

Electric Lad arrived at Magno Boy’s quarters and pressed the entrance signal – the Servo System automatically granted access. When he came in, he found the living area empty, which meant Mags was probably in the sleeping area. “Hey, Mags!” he called. “I’m here!”

“Oh, hi, Garz!” came the sing-songy reply. “I wanted to show you my new uniform!”

And then, Magno Boy entered – well, the NEW Magno Boy. And even though Electric Lad thought he was used to these transformations by now, even though he’d seen so many, nothing could’ve prepared him for the changes in Magno Boy.

He was heavily muscled, like the rest of them, but he wasn’t built like the rest of them. His pecs were huge, incredibly out of proportion with the rest of him – pillowy and round, they half-reminded Electric Lad of breasts. And though he’d always had good legs (Magno Boy had been a champion Magno-Ball pro-athlete before he’d founded the Horde), his ass was as blown out as his pecs, big and thick and oh-so-tempting.

But it was what he was wearing – or rather, what he wasn’t wearing – that got Electric Lad’s attention. Like Val-Or, Magno Boy had modified his uniform to highlight the changes to his body. The main piece was a black corset that cinched tightly around his midsection and barely covered his nipples, so that his monstrous pecs seemed to explode out the top. On the bottom, also like Val-Or, he wore a scant black thong, the strap of which disappeared in the chasm between his gigantic ass cheeks – the pouch of which was so strained holding his swollen equipment that it might burst at the barest of an erection. Black elbow-length gloves and thigh-high black boots with stiletto heels completed the outfit – he looked like a superhero or a whore.

Or a superhero whore.

“What do you think?” Magno Boy giggled, turning to show his ass. “Do I look sprokkable?”

“Mags? What’s happened to you?”

“Well, duh, silly, I’ve been transformed.” He struck a pose. “Do you like it?”

“Rex did this to you?”

“I did it FOR Rex,” Magno Boy said, walking seductively toward Electric Lad. “So he’d finally sprokk me the way I deserve for standing in his way.”

“Mags… I…” Then he noticed something else. “What’s that smell?”

Magno Boy smiled. “It’s a pheromone,” he said, taking Electric Lad’s hand and using it to stroke the round curve of his ass. “My ass leaks it – it makes me irresistible.” Stepping right into Electric Lad’s embrace, rubbing against his oldest friend, he whispered, “I need to be sprokked, Garz. I need to know what I’ve been missing.” He started to stroke Electric Lad’s cock, causing it to harden beneath his uniform as Electric Lad sniffed the finger of the hand that had been on Mags’ ass. “Please…”

And whether under a spell or not, Electric Lad was more than happy to oblige. With his girlfriend, he had to be so careful. With Val-Or – and now with Magno Boy – he could sprokk with abandon. Electric Lad fairly threw Magno Boy to the bed and started to rim his ass – the taste… absolutely addicting! He was suddenly hungry to sprokk. Dominate this ass and dump his load – HIS load – sprokking MATE the little sprokk! It was getting hard to think.

It was getting hard – MORE than hard.

Hastily, Electric Lad pressed his Horde Belt Buckle and collapsed his uniform, just in time to plunge his cock into Magno Boy’s wet, waiting hole. Magno Boy remained in his corset and thong, and Electric Lad could feel the strap of it rub against his cock as he thrust.

Sexy little slut – tight, form-fitting hole.

“Yes,” moaned Magno Boy. “Yes… this is what an appendage feels like…”

And whether under a spell or not, that got Electric Lad’s attention. “What..?” he asked, slowing his speed. “What did you say?”

Magno Boy was suddenly serious, like he’d made a mistake. “Oh, Grife…” he said, and transformed into Proto Boy. “Looks like the gig is up…”

“PROTO?!?” Electric Lad realized, suddenly unable to pull himself out of Magno… PROTO Boy’s hole – it had suctioned on and was gripping him. “What the sprokk is going on?”

Proto Boy smiled. “You’re needed in the Lab.” And before Electric Lad could use his powers, Proto Boy plunged the auto-injector into his neck. Almost immediately, Electric Lad lost consciousness, his body collapsing on top of Proto – Proto Boy continued to sprokk himself on Electric Lad until his erection faded and the cock slipped out on its own.

Proto Boy activated Electric Lad’s uniform and carried him down-level, to Smarty’s Lab.

“I still don’t see what all the fuss over appendages is about,” he mumbled. “Foolish fixed-forms.”

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