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Beef and Ox

By Jeep
published June 27, 2019

The Frat continues to add new members

So me and Jake and Chad were heading across the quad after blasting our hammies at the gym when we saw them, a couple of fuckin’ vegan snowflakes handing out fllyers protesting meat… you know the type, pale skin, bad haircuts, hemp backpacks, dudes looked like they’ve never even been in the gym once. I think to myself, " DAMN, wonder what’d happen if i did two at once…"

I reach into my gym bag and pull out that sweet pink gun. i watch the light cover both guys and I say, “you dudes can’t move, and you totally think everything that about to happen is totally normal…”

I watch for a second as the guys realize they can’t move, but then see their eyes lose that panicked look cause this is all just totally normal, right?

“Awright guys, its gonna be easier if you all lose the clothes before we begin. Don’t worry about it cause no one but me and the bros can see you until we’re done.”

With that the Meat is Murder tee shirts, skinny jeans, and cruelty free shoes faded away like they’d never been there.

“What are your names, bros?”

The taller of the two tells me his name is Benji and the other one tells me his name is Oscar.

“Naw man,” I tell them, “you bros have been known as Beef and Ox for most of your life cause you’ve always been the biggest guys on the team. Beef, you gotta be what, like 6’7” 350, right? And Ox, you got Beef by almost 3 inches in height, and 30 pounds…"

I watch as the changes begin, slow at first, then picking up steam. First I can see the guys feet bubble and spread. Bro Beef’s feet spread out to respectable 14EEE’s with thick stubby toes, but Ox’s don’t stop until they were size 17, flat bottomed and thick as fuck. Next the same thing happens to their hands. i can hear the knuckles cracking and popping as their hands pull and fill out till it looks like they are wearing mitts on their skinny little arms. I watch as their ankles and wrists thicken and disappear with a heavy layer of muscle and fat. Forearms and calves are next. These dudes never skip leg day, their calve look like bowling pin, no, more like tree trunks. Slowly their legs and arms lengthen and pack on size. There’s never gonna be cuts for either of these dudes, but for size and power, you can’t beat what I’m seeing. It’s actually kinda fuckin’ funny looking at these guys right now with their thick arms and legs and skinny torsos, but that don’t last long. With Beef, the change starts at his neck, pushing it out wider than his head, his traps mounding up on either side. The changes spread down his pecs swelling them out round and full until they settle with the nipples pointing down. Once they finish growing, they soften up with just enough fat that they lose that pretty boy look. Beef’s frame widens toward his hips as the swelling and love handles begin. His ass grows out firm and powerful before it gets its layer of fat. This boy is always gonna have a problem finding pants that fit even at the big and tall store. Finally, his back swells and widens until it pushes up into that swole neck of his ending in sausage fingers at the base of his skull.

With Ox the changes stated with his gut. His belly swelled out like it was a balloon being filled with air, mounding firm and round to the front. His love handles weren’t as big, and while his ass inflated, it was never gonna be as big as Beef’s. Next his back swelled out flaring wide as well as deep. His neck and shoulders swelled up, not as wide as Beef’s, but thick and sturdy looking. His pecs pushed out to the sides because of his gut, before they filled out full and round.

I pull the trigger again, and say, “Roids are a bitch, dude, sorry about the sides. Beef, bro, you been losing you hair since 17, but don’t worry, you keep your head shaved and your beard full to make up for it.”

I watch as Beef’s mousy brown hair catches in the wind a blows away. i can totally see the horseshoe where the hair will never grow again, and the shadow where the boy shaves it every couple day. The skin on his cheeks and jaw starts to darken out and grow until it bushes out into a full beard that grows down into his supersized neck.

Next it’s Ox’s turn. “Bro,” I say, " you got that whole caveman thing goin’ on between the roids and the Gh. I ain’t gonna be the only hairy mother fucker in this frat…"

Man, it’s fun watching Ox change his jaw and forehead pushing forward, his eyes sinking in a bit, his nose getting a little wider, his posture hunching forward a bit. His hair gets coarser and thicker settling lower on his forehead and rearranging itself into a buzz cut. His stubble is dark and heavy, and his eyebrows threaten to become one if he doesn’t keep them plucked. But it’s his body hair that’s really amazing. Dude looks like he’s wearing a sweater it’s so thick, it covers his shoulders and ass, getting a bit lighter over his bi’s and tri’s, but getting heavier again over his forearms. Tufts of hair spout on his toes and knuckles. Everywhere below the neck Ox is covered in dark, curly hair.

“Awright bros, we got your bodies almost right, but we gotta do something about your dicks. Beef, buddy, you got a beer can. You’re not too long, but you’re thick as shit… Ox, you got the jackpot, 12”, thick and uncut, a real sausage. Shame about your nuts, but again steroids are a bitch. But don’t worry, your both on enough gear you’ll never have an issue. You’ll both be horny as fuck 24/7…"

Like the magic it is, reality reshapes itself until the boys are standing there, both with semis, the lust visible in their expressions..

My boy Jake asks if he can have some turns, so of course, I’m gonna give him the gun, after all he was the one who came up with it to begin with, not that he remembers that. Besides, he"s my best bro, right?

"First off bros, " he begins, “you can talk now, you voices are deep as shit, and you boys are Southern as fuck, from Mississippi or shit, and you are cousins that grew up on the family farm.”

I watch as Beef and Ox begin to take on bits of each others features. Beef’s body hair gets darker and curlier and he gets a bit of the caveman thing going on, while Ox’s neck thickens and he grows a goatee that is thick and heavy, and his eye color changes to Beef’s natural hazel. Their skin darkens into farmer tans that are fairly permanent after all the years they’ve spent working the fields with their daddies and pappy.

“How are you doing bros?” Jake asks

"Fine as fuck, lil buddy, " Beef rumbles, his bass tinged with the accents of the Delta.

" Doin’ awright, I guess but me and my cuz don’t hundred percent know what’s goin’ on," Ox responds, his voice even deeper and more gravelly than Beef’s.

" Well boys, what’s goin’ on is you’re joining our frat. We needed some hard drinkin’, hunting, fishing good old boys with brains that aren’t good for much but winning games and partying. Does that sound like you?"

“Well actually growin’ up me and Beef decided we was gonna be vegan to help out the planet and save the animals. Pappy don’t understand, but that’s okay…”

Jake chuckled, and said, “NO Bros, you don’t get it…” with that he hit them with the ray again and said, " you boys are country as fuck, you love hunting, fishing, and you have played on the O line all the way through school. You’re big, loud, and aggressive, and totally obsessed with team gear. If it’s got a team logo you own it. You wear your jocks 24/7 and never change them during the season so you don’t break your luck. As for meat, protein and fats are the basics of your diet, and your idea of vegetables are fries and ketchup. You shovel in the food, you love beer, and you don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about that."

With that, the standard issue white jocks appear on the boys, but they slowly darken with dribbles of piss and cum, and get crunchy with sweat. The bros kinda reek right now, but they are the reason the team has been undefeated so far, so that’s okay. We all know they got clean jocks waiting for after the bowl game in January. Beef is wearing a faded and cracked Dallas Cowboys tee, the arms and sides cut down to expose his massive body, the neck cut so that Beef can get it over his neck. He’s sporting matching blue and silver logo shorts and a pair of beat up team authorized kicks, his prize possession… he’s got his Cowboys snap back on backwards, because he is a total bro…

Ox is dressed in a University athletic department hoodie and matching sweats, the arms cur off the hoodie, one leg of the sweats pushed up. His gut is so big it keeps pushing up the hoodie, but it’s kinda sexy watching the bottom of his hairy belly pushing out as he breathes in and out. He’s wearing some cammo hunting boots, laces undone since he can’t tie them all the way up his monstrous calves. I can see a few dribbles of grease and a beer stain on that sweatshirt, but everyone knows these boys don’t care.

This time Jake points the ray only at Beef.

“Bro, you’re totally into tats, your fully sleeved, you got them on your pecs, your back, your legs… you get more each year and won’t stop until you’ve got a full body suit, which you’ll have by age 35.”

Dark swirls appear moving and dancing across Beef’s skin finally settling into Chinese letters, the Cowboys logo, the Mississippi flag, stars, Maori tribal motifs, demons, skulls, and more, some finely detailed, others cruder, placed by whim rather than plan.

“Ox, bro, with your hair, most tats wouldn’t be seen, but you got the school mascot on one side of your neck and your number on the other.., a block style number 97 appears on Ox’s let side, while the school’s mascot comes into view on the right..”

Chad asks for his turn, and he doesn’t usually speak much, but because he’s the brain of the frat, Jake hands over the gun. Chad asks the bros their majors, and Ox says pre law, while Beef says Poly Sci. Chad shoots the gun and says, " Those majors are way to smart for dummys like you. If it wasn’t for your skill on the field neither one of you would be in school. Beef, you’re a Criminal Justice major because you love the idea of being a prison guard one day, and Ox, you are studying Agriculture figuring you’ll take over the farm one day. Too bad you can barely read, but let’s face it, you’ll make it though as long as you stay healthy and the team keeps winning."

You can see the smarts leaving the boys. Everything they’ve ever learned seems to float out with each breathe, being replaced with not much..

Chad shoots again, and says, “you boys both love authority, you love to listen to Coach, to your Frat president, and the older Bros, but you also like to be in charge of anyone you consider weaker, including each other. Your whole life has been a rivalry for dominance between each other. You love each other as family, but you’ll never be satisfied until one of you is boss and the other is follower.”

Beef and Ox’s expressions change. You can still see their lack of intellect, but now theres also a degree of bullying meanness, and a drive to better each other.

Chad fires one more time, and says “by the way you’re both gay as fuck for each other and the bros. You’ll pretty much fuck anything that moves, but you love giving and receiving from all of us. You share a room in the house, and every day you try to best each other physically to decide who penetrates who. You love for the bros to watch because you know the prize, beginning of Senior year one of you gets another couple hits of the gun, one to decide who’s the dominant cousin, and one to amp up your skill enough for an NFL career, while the other one becomes the official bottom forever…”

A few weeks later we’re chilling at the house watching our sweaty brutes going at it wrestling in only their dirty jocks, taking bets on who will penetrate who first when the doorbell rings. i get up and head to the door , where i can see a dude from FedEX waiting with a package..,

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