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While the bros are looking at a new frathouse, they decide their real estate agent needs to join the frat.

“Don’t move,” I told Chad, the chatty thirty-something real estate broker who was showing us this amazing house. I knew it was gonna be our new frathouse, and with a name like Chad, I knew this dude was gonna be a frat rat like us.

There was a pink glow surrounding Chad now. The result of a magic raygun that my buddy Jacob had invented, before I turned it on him and made him my bro Jake. It felt like a simple toy in my hand, but its power was very real.

“What’s going on?” Chad asked. He looked like he was struggling to turn and face us. Like he just wanted to lift up one of those dress shoes and move it just one step. And he couldn’t. Cuz I told him he can’t.

“First things first Chad,” I said. “You gotta lose the suit.”

He was dressed in a navy blue suit with these real light pinstripes. But that was like a suit for someone who gave a shit about impressing old dudes. Guys like us, there’s no reason to impress anyone else. You should care about impressing us.

The suit peeled away in front of me. Parts fell off, but vanished as they made contact with the floor. Wherever that suit went, it wasn’t coming back. Instead, Chad was left standing in just a black pair of briefs.

His body wasn’t bad. Tall. Back in college he’d probably kept up at the gym. But these days he’d gotten soft in the gut, his arms had lost their tone, and his ass was starting to sag. No problem tho - we’d fix that soon enough.

He was covered in a light dusting of blonde hair everywhere, with a slowly balding spot on the back of his head. His teeth were stained yellow, probably from cigarettes. And that underwear looked like a desperate attempt to stay sexy. No, Chad wasn’t doing himself any favors.

I pulled the trigger again. “You know what Chad,” I said. “Lose the underwear too.”

And it was gone. He was flaccid, but unless he was a hell of a grower, Chad wasn’t going to be winning any awards for his cock. Without the underwear, his ass looked even flabbier.

“You have a firm bubble butt,” I said. Thank fuck I had this raygun, without it Chad would have needed years on a rugby field to achieve the same result. Instead, his tight set of globes was almost instant.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” he asked desperately. “How the hell are you… doing what you’re doing…?”

“Chad,” I asked, pressing down on the trigger. “Do you like women?”

“Yeah,” he said. Simple and to the point.

“You only like men,” I said. “Women don’t turn you on anymore. Men get you horny as fuck.”

“Fuck. No…” he said. But his four inch cock told me the rest of the story. It was practically dripping, just having Jake and me in the room.

“Fuck yeah,” I said.

The look on his face told a thousand word story. Which was good, because he’d never tell a story that long again in his life. He was done as a salesman, except maybe for supplements once I was done with him.

I pulled the trigger again. “Chad, you’re going to think with your dick now.”

I watched a dozen expressions play across his face. He wasn’t gonna be like Jake or me, not just some dumbass bro. He was gonna keep his smarts, but they were gonna be in service of something else. His throbbing cock.

“You gotta let me go,” he said. “You gotta let me get off man. Just looking at the two of you guys… man I want to get you two on my dick.”

“You’re gonna be in our frat Chad,” I said. “You call guys in the frat bro.”

“Yeah bro, c’mon, just get on your knees and gimme a blow job. You gotta bro, just get your hairy ass over here and get those lips wrapped around my pole bro. Grab out your phone and film it bro… it’ll be so fucking hot…”

“You’re a man of few words Chad,” I said. “You don’t talk a lot, and with not a lot of words. You really don’t like long words.”

I could only hope that the instruction took effect. Chad just stood there, his out of shape body and his perfect ass, absolutely stonefaced. I couldn’t tell a thing about what was going on inside his head.

I looked at the aging realtor. His tight ass was the only part of him worth fucking. But with his dick in charge… well, his body was gonna be put to good use soon.

“Answer me honestly Chad,” I said pulling the trigger. “How do you want me to change you?”

“I want giant balls bro, the kind that keep me horny 24/7. And a horse cock to match.”

“Chad,” I said, pulling the trigger, “You got like the biggest balls bro. You’re horny like all the time. Like sometimes, after you get laid, you have to jerk off two or three more times before you can go to sleep. And your cock is so big that most guys have trouble taking it.”

I don’t know what happened in his head, but his cock swelled up to over 11 inches. His balls dropped growing to an obscene size. And his eyes… he looked desperate, like all he could think about was sex. Like all the other thoughts were forced out by the testosterone shooting through his system.

“C’mon bro,” Chad said. “I’m really horny. Help a bro out.”

For him, that was like shake spear.

What could I do? I pulled the trigger again. I had to make sure Chad wouldn’t ever have any trouble getting laid.

“Chad, you’re six foot four,” I said. “And two hundred and forty pounds, and a total muscle beast. You’re shredded. You’re powerful. And you workout hard every fucking day, cuz you know it means more sex.”

He roared as his old body reshaped itself into something beautiful and perfect. The deep cut of his newly formed abs led down into a sexy adonis belt. The only fat I could see anywhere on his body was on his tight ass. Ample pecs pushed out from a torso that would make a pro wrestler jealous. Thick arms hung down, never quite touching his sides. And that massive cock… incredibly it almost looked like it fit. Almost.

“You’re twenty two years old Chad,” I said, shifting his age down so that he’d be eligible to join the frat. “But don’t worry, you take like two courses a semester. You got lots of time til you graduate.”

Chad’s face got younger, but honestly, with the low body fat and the huge frame, I didn’t see too big of a difference.

“Bro, this is sick…” he said, really using his words. I almost regretted making him so silent, with his new muscle and frame, his booming voice was a total turn-on. “But for real, you gotta suck me…”

“Hey,” Jake said. “Gimme the raygun for a minute. I gotta couple other things he’s gotta get done.”

“Yeah bruh,” I said. I handed it over without a second thought. Jake was one of my bros. I could totally trust him. The fact that he’d stolen the gun last night and turned me into a stocky and hairy dumbass didn’t even occur to me.

“Chad,” Jake said, aiming the gun and pushing the button. “Mark and I, we both love our brands right? So you gotta love one too. You only wear Gold’s Gym stuff. And you fuckin’ love it.”

Chad didn’t exactly get dressed, but some clothes did appear on the floor nearby. A stringer tank that he would almost burst out of. A pair of bring yellow compression shorts that wouldn’t do a thing to hide his donkey dick. This neon pair of lifting shoes that would stand out in any crowd. Like Chad wasn’t going to stand out enough on his own.

“And Chad…” Jake aimed the gun one more time. “You love the new you! Now go ahead and move.”

Without a moments though, Chad’s hand snapped down to his monstrous cock. “Fuck bros,” he growled. “I gotta get off so bad.”

“I can help you with that,” Jake smiled. Then he aimed the raygun at me.

“Wait a sec bro,” I said, trying to take control of the situation back. But it was too late. He squeezed the trigger.

“You can take Chad’s cock… barely.” Jake grinned. “And you need it at least once a day.”

“Fuck you,” I laughed. But I could already feel my body on autopilot. I peeled off my ‘Just Do It’ tank and dropped my baller shorts. I’d gone commando today, so all that was left to kick off was a pair of cross trainers and ankle socks.

Chad tossed me on the bed like I wasn’t anything. My naked ass bounced twice, then I got back control of the situation, flipped myself over, and thrust my hips back. My butt was ready to go, and I lined myself up against Chad’s mammoth cockhead. A few deep breathes later, I was sliding myself down his pole, feeling like I was bursting from the inside out.

“Mmmm,” I murmured. “Fuck me hard you stud. Get your rocks off. Make me walk funny.

Chad didn’t say a single thing. He just railed my asshole. In and out and back in again until he finally cried out in relief.

“Bro,” he said, recovering a moment of his intelligence. “This is so…”

I don’t know what he meant to say, but his rapidly hardening cock had his attention again. Whatever thought he was trying to have, it was gone, lost in a rush of pleasure.

“My turn…” Jake said, climbing onto the bed beside me.

Jake screamed when Chad came in his ass. And then we just laid there, cum dripping out of our asses, perfectly satisfied with our new frathouse and the newest member that had cum along with it.

“We gotta fill this place up with dudes. I’m gonna die if I gotta take that more than once a day,” Jake groaned while Chad was in the shower.

Told you, my bro Jake is wicked smart.

“Legit,” I said. “Let’s go help him shower, bet he can’t even soap himself up with all that muscle.”

We… uh, we helped Chad out in the shower in a couple different ways.

Hey guys, get in on this! I think I’ve got the stage set for any bro transformation your heart desires. Come play on my stage. –Derek

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This is a community series!
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