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There’s hope for Ed

By Beardfull1 -
published June 27, 2019

A young man buys a special gadget that promises to make all kind of transformations posible. He will use it to become the hairy hunk he has always wanted to be… and then use it in unsuspecting subjects turning them into the men of his wildest sexual bear and hairy fantasies.

Ed had always known he was gay. As he was growing up he found himself attracted to men. But not all men… he was attracted to masculine hairy men, especially men with big bushy beards or daring thick moustaches. As he grew older his fascination with facial hair grew and grew… it became a fetish and the center of all his sexual fantasies. As a young teenager he hoped with all his heart he would grow up to be a hairy dude and would be able to grow spectacular facial hair in order to attract other pogonophiles like him. Alas this was not meant to be. As Ed grew older well into his teenage years, he realized he would be stuck with a thin frame (no matter how much he did weights he would not bulk up), and even worse, a mostly hairless pale body. His face barely produced any scruff. At 20, a week could pass by with no need for him to shave. So Ed lived in constant depression feeling so unattractive that he secluded himself socially and never dated. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to attract the kind of hairy beasts he liked.

As you can imagine Ed resorted to internet to create all kinds of hairy fantasies with the hunk’s pictures or videos he found online. He became addicted to sites devoted to bears, otters and hot hairy guys in general. He would jerk off to this images imagining all kinds of hairy transformations for him and for this men. And that’s when it happened… As he was browsing one of his favorite sites called Gay Spiral Stories, full of the hot fantasies he so much craved, a pop up advertisement came on screen. It featured a small gadget called URSIFICATOR which promised to make all bear lover’s dreams come true. It gave almost no more information whatsoever and, as it turned out, the device was quite expensive… apparently for a very select market based on their web-browsing preferences.

Ed was about to close the pop-up window without giving it a second thought when the image of the device was replaced by a picture of a young guy looking much like Ed. In a matter of seconds the image started morphing and the young man started aging slowly, his features gaining maturity and definition, his eyebrows grew thicker and dark thick stubble started appearing on his face getting thicker and thicker, growing very high up his cheeks. Then the moustache whiskers exploded on his face growing longer and longer… covering his upper lip and then cascading over his mouth turning into a magnificent huge bushy dark walrus moustache. By then his head hair had recede quite a bit and Ed could see in a state of complete arousal in the bottom of the image how a thick dark carpet of chest hair had fused with the thick stubble on the neck. The guy had turned in a matter of seconds from a puny little man into a hot hairy beast. Needless to say Ed came in his pants immediately, not believing his eyes. He was sure this was morphing at its best, but somehow it seemed so real… the new man on screen still looked like the young lad… only much, much improved. If this was a trick Ed had no idea how it was done.

And then… what if it somehow was true… what if the URSIFICATOR really did work and could somehow transform people… what if it could transform him! Ed was not nearly rich but he had saved quite some money (considering he never dated and was quite reclusive). So he decided he needed to give it a try… even if it didn’t deliver what he expected he decided he needed to take the risk. He could imagine himself sporting proudly a walrus just like the guy in the picture. He would never stop playing with it with his fingers, with his tonge… what would it feel like to have it tickling his chin under his mouth? To chew on it. To eat messy food making a mess of his bushy moustache, drinking beer only to have all the foam dripping from the mop under his nose. Not to mention all the added delight he would get from having his chest covered in a thick rich carpet of hair and that thick sandy stubble growing from practically under his eyes. Yes! He needed to give it a try… if only for the possibility… And so Ed ordered the URSIFICATOR on line…hoping it would change his life forever… A few weeks later the doorbell announced the arrival.

Ed ran to the door only to be greeted by a young man, about his age sporting a magnificent thick and bushy Garibaldi beard. Ed was immediately attracted to the guy, he wasn’t used to see such display of facial hair much less on a young guy. Ed blushed as the delivery man (he couldn’t be called a boy with such an incredible beard) handed him the package with a wink and told him “enjoy! I’m sure I will be seeing you soon!”.

With that he left, leaving Ed with a wet stain of fresh cum on his pants and the pulsating expectation of opening the package and trying it’s contents…

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Author's & Reviewer's Panel
This is a community series!
Everyone can contribute to this series. Please click "Add chapter" below to add your own chapter to it!