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Chapter 5. The Hammam

By Slave Abdamelek -
published June 26, 2019

The Pharaoh’s expanding Army sets its collective power on breaking a strong-willed young man.

The three young men walked into the locker room. Jamal, 19 and the youngest one, was slightly trembling with anxiety. He knew deep down it wasn’t right to go to this kind of place. Homosexuality was not widely accepted and, in any case, he wasn’t that way. He was just curious. But if his parents found out he had been here, they may throw him in the street and disown him. They would not like it. Allah said it was a sin. But there he was, unable to say no to his two friends, both 20, Omar and Naseem. Well, mainly Naseem. While they took off their clothes, Jamal could not help but take a look at him. Naseem was taller and broader, almost completely smooth, with just a bit of chest hair, his head hair cropped very short, almost bald, with a bit of fuzz over his upper lip and chin, and more than slightly muscular, his pecs nicely drawing perfect squares, and a hint of abs showing. Jamal was the smart one, not the good-looking one. He was always hungry for learning and experiencing new things. Next September he was going to go to Cairo University. But at times like these he wished he dedicated more time to working out, as he looked at his smaller and much thinner body, his weak arms and his long nose which he hated, wishing he was in the same league as his friends. Nevertheless, there was one aspect of his body which he knew even Naseem envied. His moderately-sized cock would almost grow to 9 inches when he was hard. He would always feel a small tinge of pride when he pulled down his white briefs to jerk off and his huge cock came out, thin and slightly crooked to the right, which always elicited an expression of admiration from the other two (“Whoa!”, “Shit!”).

Jamal and Naseem had been neighbors and friends since childhood, gone to school together, played together and had countless sleepovers. A few years ago these meetings had had the added element of masturbation while watching internet porn with naked girls (being fucked by men), and more recently, just men. That was the time when Naseem’s other friend Omar had joined them. Omar was more muscular than Naseem but at the same time a bit doughy, with a visible belly beneath his round and hard pecs. During those porn sessions, when they would individually start to jerk their own cocks, Jamal had always expected they would end up jerking and then maybe sucking each other or even more, but they had never touched one another in that way. They were not faggots. They were just guys experimenting. His cock pulsed at the thought of experimenting physically. Mainly with Naseem. Completely naked, they put on the old and peeled rubber sandals they got at the counter, and covered their waists with white towels. They entered the bathhouse.

It was steamy, dark and very hot. Jamal could feel sweat already running down his chest as he slowly walked, looking at the semi-empty hallway. Jamal looked nervously at the men who stood idly, already getting slightly aroused in the heat. He would never have a chance at hooking up with such attractive guys, he would just end up alone in the bathroom jerking off.

He looked to the left, and already Naseem was missing. Jamal felt a bit of heat in his stomach. Omar was still walking to his right, looking around distractedly.

A guy walked by. As he materialized from the steam Jamal recognized him. It was Habibi, the boy from the grocery store near his house. He had always felt sympathy for him, both being almost the same age and not too attractive, but the boy was additionally not smart at all, he even had trouble with simple calculations. But now, he looked different.

He was another person. He had shaved his head completely bald. He looked like he had been working out. And he walked differently. With confidence. He wasn’t slouching, his body was erect. And his eyes… his look was cold, his eyes… Empty. Not metaphorically: his eyes were completely dark, not a sign of his conjunctiva (as he remembered the white part was called from reading it in a science magazine). He felt a chill through his body as the boy passed him, looking straight into his eyes for a moment, then stopping for a moment, looking at his companion, and deciding to move along.

Omar looked at Jamal, “Weird,” he said.

“Maybe those contact lenses for costume parties.”

As they walked on, a man started slowly following them. Jamal also recognized him, from somewhere. He had an average build and… he used to be hairy. Now his whole body was smooth, including his head. He couldn’t remember where he recognized him from. The man stepped ahead of them and positioned himself in front of Omar. Omar stopped. Jamal could get a glimpse of the man’s face and his eyes. Completely empty. The same as Habibi’s. He remembered. This man used to work at… some sort of museum, but where? Jamal tried really hard but it was like the whole memory had been covered by a dirty glass. Suddenly, like a hiccup, the name came up in his mind,


As if startled by this, the man quickly looked at him. Those dark eyes. He stopped for a moment, as if considering, then focused on Omar again. Omar was frozen. They looked at each other for a while. Jamal was quickly overcoming his initial fear and starting to get aroused by this ritual of seduction. A few moments later, the man turned around and started walking. Omar followed him. Jamal lost sight of both men. He was feeling some shame about his erection already showing. Was it time to masturbate already? No, he would wait a while. He just stood there, seeing how two men in their thirties walked by him, a blond and a copper-skinned guy with a medium beard. He checked them. Everything was normal. Their eyes were normal. He was just imagining things.

He walked on.

Now he was in another dark hallway with many doors, most open. Inside there were small rooms with beds. And big mirrors. Surely this was where men went in to have sex.

He passed one of the rooms, a man lying on his belly, his legs completely spread open. Waiting to be fucked. Jamal just walked on, nervous at the thought. He had fucked two girls before, which felt okay but he had had his eyes closed and thought of men’s bodies the whole time. Surely it would get better after he had had some experience with guys. It would help him loosen up.

He heard whispers.

“Stop… what are you doing to my head…?”

It was Omar’s voice. He seemed to be in trouble.

Another voice:

“Do not resist. DO NOT WALK AWAY.”

A beat.

“Good. Now turn around and look into my eyes.



“Please no…”

“Let go and just look.”

“Just look…”

“Good… Empty your mind. Let go of everything.”

This sounded like a hypnosis session.

“You will become one of Us. You will be a Soldier.”

Jamal had read about experiments on hypnosis mind control in warfare, but it had always sounded like conspiracy theories. Now he shook with fear that maybe it was actually true. Who may be behind it? The US for sure, recruiting men to serve them undercover sounded just like their work.

“You belong to the Pharaoh now.”

This was all probably code. The Pharaoh was the code name for some international organization. But why wasn’t he stopping it? His friend was being attacked. He just stood there frozen in fear. A coward, as always.

There were noises of struggle, and then heavy breathing. Was Omar being tortured? The rhythmic moaning that followed confirmed that he was probably being raped. The other man’s voice spoke between thrusts.

“You will help us (ugh…) convert (ugh…) your friend… (ugh…) Jamal.”

Jamal’s shaking intensified.

“His mind… will be harder (ugh…) to break, (ugh…) We will use your bond (ugh…) To enter his mind.”

The fucking accelerated more and more, and something bizarre happened. There was an explosion of light inside the room. Jamal thought it was all over. They had probably bombed his friend.

“Rise, Knahtmin.” “Yes, Brother.”

He sounded completely calm and robotic, but at least he was alive. As the light receded, there was sound from the two bodies walking out of the bed, and then toward the door, with total resolution. Jamal quickly walked away, crossing the hallway.

This was a war conspiracy. Or a religious cult. Whatever it was, he needed to get out and warn the police. He arrived at the hallway leading to the locker room and looked at the door.

Both sides were flanked by men… in costumes? Their bodies and heads were completely smooth, and wore white loincloths and leather sandals.

They were the couple from before. The blonde and the copper-skinned guy. Their eyes now dead and black.

Jamal ran the other way, toward the Turkish bath. Surely there would be people there he could ask for help.

A guy was there, sitting calmly, facing the floor. He turned to look at Jamal, as if coming to life. It was Habibi. His eyes were normal.

“Salut,” he said, smiling.

Was he hallucinating? Were they spraying something in the air?

“Habibi. We have to get out of here. They’re doing something to people.”

“Turning them into faggots?” Habibi said, laughing. “I didn’t know you were. I’m glad you are.” He got up and walked toward Jamal.

They were so much alike. Two weak-bodied faggots

(he was and had always been a faggot, indeed)

in a world of powerful, imposing men. He felt a stronger connection to him than ever. It was so hot and his heart was pumping so fast, he felt dizzy from fear, and at the same time, arousal. Habibi walked toward him and faced him.

“Look… We need to leave. They will… Look, Habouni… Habanou… Abanoub?”

“Yes. Your mind is so powerful, so open, our thoughts bleed into yours with no effort.”

Jamal could suddenly see into his mind. Habibi (Abanoub) was no longer the dumb ugly kid he knew before. He had knowledge of a world -a universe- which expanded more and more. A web of people from the present, and the past, and the future. Truths still undiscovered and unsuspected by men. And it all orbited around…

The Sun?

No, this was not the Sun, it was a man. Well, it was not accurate either. It was both. It was a god… He… He was God. No, Allah was God, he knew that from childhood.

It was wrong. He turned to look into Abanoub’s eyes, now completely dark and fathomless and felt lost in their depths. He wanted to absorb it all, he wanted all that knowledge, to know all about the universe.

But there is a price. You will have to give up everything you are and know in exchange. It is useless anyway.

This was fucking crazy. They had drugged him for sure. He wanted to run for the door

But the Soldiers are there, it is useless. And what will you do? Will you turn us all in? The police will seize me and


Knahtmin. And Naseem. Your friends. You will go back to being

the ugly nerd no other man wants, back home with your parents,

and a futureless job at a small-town grocery store.

Those thoughts were not entirely his. They partly were. He felt Abanoub in his head. He could hardy tell which feelings belonged to whom, and was starting to care even less.

He was being the subject of an experiment and his mind was going to be fucked up. No Cairo University in the future, he would end up in a mental institution. He needed to escape and warn the authorities.

And they will close all doors toward this new world, this universe. The Pharaoh.

A chill of fear but also of admiration, of awe, went through his body.

Had he been deceived all his life? The figures of authority, the Police, his teachers, his father, his puny, fake god… They seemed powerless before the Pharaoh. He had existed before time and would exist after it. He was the source of all power. And knowledge, so much knowledge. Men had lied for centuries to cover up the truth, trusting the Pharaoh would never return.

His willpower, which had been chased into a corner of his mind, suddenly tried to take over. You need to do the right thing. Do not give in. This is in conflict with all that you know to be good. GET OUT.

The door to the Turkish bath opened, and in came Knahtim, followed by Tnephactes, the one who had converted him. Other men started to come inside, one by one, all with the same empty eyes, all dressed as Soldiers of the Pharaoh’s Army. As each man entered, he felt his mind more and more overpowered. He would never get out, but he would put up a fight. He ran toward the door, but was stopped by many hands which grabbed him and pulled him back, to the center of the room. They took off his towel and sandals, leaving him fully naked, exposing his fully erect and throbbing 9-inch cock. They started to touch him, caress his chest, his nipples, his cock, his ass. This was what he had always desired. This was his dream. He could live in this moment forever.

The door opened one more time and in came Naseem


These were his people. The police, his family, the government, they were stupid and weak. They would seek to destroy them for being different. For knowing the truth. They needed to be taught the truth. The world was in chaos because of its disregard for the truth. Only the Pharaoh could bring order. He would force the world into order. With his Army. He fervently desired to serve in His Army. But he was not worthy. He was not a powerful, imposing man as them. Nasakhma spoke.

“You are the powerful, imposing man you have always shied from. Your mind, your cock, your body. So much power. Such assets to Us. Join Us and we will reshape the world in His image.”

“I will let You take me if You deem me worthy.”

Nasakhma looked at the boy he had desired since he had learned what desire was, at the time when he was weak, fearful and stupid and had a different given name. At the time when he denied his true nature, as well as the true nature of the universe and its rightful Ruler. His friend (Brother) was not fearful anymore. There was resolve in his face, his eyes empty of all needless lies taught during his life. Ready to embrace his faith. Nasakhma leaned in and kissed him passionately. There was nothing in their way now, as his Brother returned the kiss with equal strength.

Abanoub was so proud to be the one who had finally ensnared the strong-minded young man. He, otherwise a stupid town store clerk, now held all the power and knowledge of the universe inside him, as did all his Brothers, all sons of the true God.

I only feel intense heat and lust. I no longer know my name, or care. I remember my past as someone else’s story, as both Nasakhma and Abanoub close in on me. We will soon be bonded forever with the Pharaoh’s gift, and through it, all His power and knowledge will pass on to me. Bonded with His sacred seed. As Abanoub’s cock starts to enter me, I feel no pain, my body and mind so open to them, I do not need to be told or forced to go down on my knees and take Nasakhma’s cock in my mouth.

All the men encircling us begin to touch, and kiss, and jerk each other, suck each other, and fuck. A symphony of gasps, moans and heavy breaths as the army of Brothers pleasure each other. I can sense them, feeling each mind and body as my own.

I am so proud to serve my Pharoh by breaking this young man’s will.

I will taste the last of the boy’s seed before our Father’s replaces it inside his loins.

As I am furiously fucked and sucked, I move toward an orgasm faster and faster. Away from my old life. Toward the light. The Sun. My God. There will be no turning back then. Thank you. Thank you, my Brothers, for this sacred gift.

Powerful white light fills the room in a quick explosion as Abanoub comes inside me, his seed (our Father’s) replacing mine. As I come in Nasakhma’s mouth and Nasakhma himself comes on the floor. All the men inside this room come together. All now drenched in sweat, struggling to catch our breath.

Nasakhma sits on the floor, still breathing rapidly.

Abanoub now stands before me while I still kneel. I look up to my Brother.

“You are now called Amenhotep, Soldier.”

“I take my name with pride.”

We all stand up and start to dress. There is much work to be done.

A few miles from there, the Pharaoh and the Commander of his Army, Abdamelek, were lying in bed, fully naked, Abdamelek’s face resting on his King’s chest as He caressed Abdamelek’s head. From this chamber in the pyramid they had partaken in the orgy that had just taken place.

“Atef,” said Abdamelek, “as You may see, your Army grows more powerful each day. Each new convert makes Us more capable of breaking strong-minded men’s wills.”

“I am very pleased, my son. Continue your work and soon we will make our first move against my Enemy.”

“As You order, my God.” Said Abdamelek.

He went to the floor and started to put his Pharaon’s sandals on His feet. The Pharaoh grabbed his hand and pulled his face up to face His. He kissed him one more time, his tongue invading his throat and licking his insides. Finally, he pulled him apart. Abdamelek dressed up as his Master looked from the bed, naked but for his sandals. Abdamelek saluted with his right hand up front:

“Hail Pharaoh!” yelled Abdamelek, and walked towards the door, which was guarded by two of his Soldiers. They would protect the Pharaoh in his absence.

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