playing the Sims | 2 A new aspiration

By leatherboy.f
published June 24, 2019
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Chris enters the create a sim mode where he recieves a makeover and some new personality traits.

Part two | a new aspiration

Chris had been stuck in the sims game for a few hours now and for about two of them he was under the new player’s control. He still hadn’t recognized the man behind the computer but he also still didn’t worry about it. Chris had actually quite enjoyed the past few hours, he kinda liked being controlled and played with like an actual sim. He had never been the submissive tipe, acutally he was more of a dominant guy, but something about that changed. “It would have been better if the player was a girl though.” Chris thought. Chris was very sure about his sexuality and he had never been attracted to other boys. Little did he know that there are a lot of things you can change in a sims game…

Chris felt his body moving again but this time he wasn’t walking, he was floating. It was a strange feeling, his whole body felt like it was evaporating and then all of a sudden Chris was standing in some kind of blue empty room. “The Creata a sim mode!” Chris thought. He felt quite exited, he would finally feel what it is like to be dressed by someone else like an actual sim character. The man behind the computer clicked a bunch of times and a screen appeared next to Chris. It was filled with all of the clothing items. Chris looked at his body as the player moved his mouse to adjust it. It felt really weird, his legs just somehow extended, his jawline was pushed outwards, his shoulders were broadened and finally all of his muscles enlarged. It felt like he was being inflated like a balloon, a human balloon. When the entirety of his body changed Chris looked and he was quite pleased with his new look. His face pretty much stayed the same, it was just a little more masculine than before. The biggest changes were his new short beard and the fact that his muscles were pumped. A smile appeared on Chris’ face as he admired his new body, but then he realised that he was standing in front of this guy in only his underwear. “I mean the player probably thinks that I’m just a normal sim but it’s still a bit embarrassing…” Chris thought. But Chris didn’t have to feel embarrassed for much longer The man behind the computer moved his mouse to the clothes. Chris was exited to see what he would be dressed in but his excitement slowly dripped away as he saw that the player only looked at the clothes that came with the new expansions. He would be dressed in an outfit from the “get gay” or the “leather living” packs! Chris got kinda nervous, he absolutely didn’t like the new items. The player clicked on a pair of leather pants and they appeared on Chris’ body. They felt very tight and creaky, Chris didn’t like the feeling of the leather against his skin. Next up Chris got dressed in a tight leather shirt, a pair of leather gloves and a pair of shiny high leather boots that stopped just under his knees. The player wasn’t done though, he tried a few leather jackets on Chris, who didn’t like any of them, and eventually choose one that fitted perfectly with the outfit. A shiny black Schott Perfecto jacket. And to top it all off Chris got a leather muir cap on his head.

Chris moved around in this new outfit, the leather was very stiff and made a creaking sound with Chris’ every move. He wasn’t sure what to think of this new look, it was different then his normal clothes to say the least. But Chris didn’t worry too much, he would just change back to normal once he would be in the real world again. Right…?

The next thing the player did was changing Chris’ personality traits. The new expansion pack came with a new aspiration “Gayplay” and a bunch of traits. Chris quickly read the description of some of them and let’s just say that he hoped that the player would just choose from the normal traits… But he didn’t, the man clicked on the first trait named “leatherman” As soon as the man clicked on the trait Chris felt something changing. He looked at his clothes, his hot shiny leather clothes. “What?! Did I just think that these clothes are nice…? Yes, I think I did, in fact… I love this outfit!” Chris said exited. He would have never thought that he would be into this kind of clothes, but all his previous opinions seemed to have vanished. He enjoyed this now, he felt like a real leatherman. The player choose a second trait called “power bottom”. Chris felt a tingly feeling in his ass and he noticed that he suddenly felt the need to bottom for someone, he wanted something or rather someone to enter his virgin ass. This was really fucking with Chris’ mind as he didn’t like men at all, not in the slightest. Even though he was now a 100% a leatherman and a bottom, he still felt attracted to girls only. The third and final trait Chris received was “sub” and just like that Chris knew that his purpose in life was to serve men, at all costs, even if he didn’t want to. All these changes to his personality felt so unreal to Chris but he was in no state of mind to question any of it. The last thing the player had to do was choosing an aspiration for Chris, something he would dedicate his sim life to. The choice was quickly made, Chris received a new aspiration that came with the new expansion packs “Gayplay”. As soon as the mouse button went down and the Aspiration was chosen Chris felt amazing. It all made sense to him now. All these traits were amazing, his personality suddenly fitted perfectly with him, all he wanted to do was serving gay men while dressed in leather from head to toe.

Back into the sims world Chris felt absolutely amazing, he felt confident proud and sexy walking around in his leather gear while other sims looked at him, some with a very naughty look on their computer generated faces. Every once in a while Chris would think back at his old self, at those moments he realized that he had changed and that he needed to go back to the real world. But those moments were never long and after a while Chris’ old thoughts were fully repressed and they just faded away. He knew that this is wat he wanted, he could do nothing else then mindlessly following his aspiration and the man who controlled him.

When Chris went back to his sims house, or actually when the player ordered him to do so, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The house was completely redecorated with items from the leather and gay expansions! His house was filled with bondage ropes, harnesses, leather chairs with restraints, a sex swing, a cage and many many more exiting items. A rush of sexual energy went through Chris’ entire body when he looked at the new decoration. This was amazing, it really felt like his home now. He couldn’t wait to invite some sim friends over to… party ;) And luckily for Chris the man behind the computer thought the exact same thing.

  • Next chapter: Chris’ master invites a bunch of other leatherloving sims over and Chris has the time of his life. (also the first time of his life…) And just like Chris these other sims don’t seem to be normal computer sims either…
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