Bell's: Chapter One

By autoDream -
published October 26, 2016

Jese is invited to join the owner of a fancy club for dinner.

Bell’s: Chapter One (draft)

I guess I’m in the writing mood, but to be fair… I had already writing the better half of this one a while ago. Decided to finally finish it up, and get it on here. I’m not to sure how much I plan to invest in this story. Again, we are starting from square one, with a nice virgin (m4m) str8 boy Jese who has never experienced cock, or deep trance. This is the introduction, and I definitely want to add a chapter or two to explore what might happen after this one.

As always, please comment! Let me know what you think, and all that. (And that you want more Island!!) Feel free to email me as well if you want to ask something in private.

I’m not sure I would expect too much more writing out of me in the near future, not to sure how hectic things will be. Was mostly in a ‘mood’ with a half written story of one of my favorite fantasies just sitting there. A side from commissions, I’m not too sure how active I will be

Chapter 1

It was another late night of studying, a tough exam around just around the corner. There I was as usual, stuck at home reading slide after slide of class notes on a Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, Chris was taking off for a late night of work, as usual…

Chris, my roommate, who would probably be in the room next door also studying, decided to take the semester off to work and save up some money. I’m not sure “save” was the right term though, because ever since he had acquired this new job he was throwing around money rather carelessly. It was one thing to finally be in the working world with some cash to spend, but he seemed to have a very good source of it. I would have maybe accused him of doing something sketchy like selling drugs or something, but I knew there was no way he was in that sort of business.

I’d ask him about work from time to time. Apparently he was a server at a fancy restaurants, and customers tipped rather “good” as he would put it. He even showed me the place one time as we drove by. Seemed like a nice place, old school, quiet… He described it as a private club for big spenders, classy and all that. He even hinted that I should try to get a job, and said that he would let his boss know. I would usually laugh and thank him but I’m not sure being a server was my style of work.

Later that evening, or more so the next morning, Chris returned. Not alone either, although I was surprised to see who he had come home with this time.

“Home Chris?” I said from the kitchen as I filled up a glass of water.

“Yeah” he shouted back, the sound of his voice hinting that he was coming towards the kitchen. A few steps later Chris and his guest were around the corner.

“Oh, this must be your roommate Jese that you’ve been talking about” he said with a smile, casually approaching and reaching out his hand. “Ezra.”

“This is my boss” Chris simply explained as I reached out to greet him. “Just gave me a quick ride home” he added, which I think they usually did at the restaurant after shifts.

“Ah, cool cool” I answered, turning my attention back to Ezra to introduce myself. “Jese, as you might know.”

“Yes. Nice to finally meet you” he started with a firm hand shake, holding on for a little longer than I might expect. “Hey, you should stop by the Club sometime. Chris didn’t say you were such a looker, we could use another server.”

“Oh, maybe” I replied, not really that interested, just being polite. Ezra himself was probably somewhat of a looker, not that I was usually one to check out guys. But I’m sure the ladies would have the ‘hots’ for him. He was probably around six feet tall, quite fit, fancy looking short hair that was flipped to the side. The suit he was dressed in seemed strange in comparison to the sweats and random t-shirt that Chris came home in.

“Well, feel free to come down for a meal, on me” he shot back, finally releasing his hand shake. “How about tomorrow night? We’ve got some incredible food and drinks on the menu” he argued. I started to think about it but before I could say anything he pulled his other hand out of his pocket.


Something made a noise, and caught my attention. I spotted a golden bell attached at the end of a string, twirled around his wrist like a bracelet. With that same left hand he reached into the breast of his suit jacket and pulled out a card.

“Here’s my number. Give me a call if you are free tomorrow and I’ll make sure you get treated to an incredible meal” he said, handing me the card.

“Tha-Thanks” I said, pretty much feeling forced to go at this point. “Yeah, I’ll let you know…” I added, considering the fact that I was still a student and a sweet meal wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Or the break from studying I thought to myself, letting out a small chuckle, which I tried to hide to not look like a jerk.

“Well, I’m off Chris. Nice to meet you Jese” he said, looking back in my direction, holding his gaze at me for a moment. “Don’t be shy, give me a call” he said. Everyone shared a few quick one liners before he finally left, his stupid bell bouncing around as he trailed off. Soon after Chris was straight off to bed, and I wasn’t too far behind…

The next day it was a quick breakfast, after a long session of struggling to get out of bed. As much as I tried to procrastinate, it was back to the books for me. Eventually I did take a break, finally going to take a look at the card Ezra had given me.

“I suppose I could go for a quick meal” I tried to convince myself, reaching for my phone and giving him a call. I dialed in the number and it only took a few rings for him to answer.

“Hello, Ezra here” a voice answered, obviously that of Ezra, obviously happy to hear from me.

“H-hi, uh. Jese here, we met yesterday-“ I started, stumbling somewhat out of the gate.

“Jese, of course. I would not forget you” he shot back quickly. And hopefully he wouldn’t forget me so quickly, geez. “Are you free to stop by today?”

“Yeah. I’ve got some free time, and I could use a break from studying” I explained, somewhat trying to show him that I was only coming because I didn’t want to study, and less so for that job he wanted me to take.

“Good” he answered as I heard that stupid bell of his in the background. “Why don’t you head down around, four? And I’ll take care of you.”

“Four, works…” I answered, thinking for a moment, but giving my schedule anything worked really.

“Perfect. See you at four then, and we’ll make sure to give you a, nice, long, break from studying so that you can relax” he said, putting a strange emphasis on some of the words like he would make it his goal to help relieve my study pains, that fool always playing with that annoying bell in the back ground.

“Sound good” I simply replied, more focused on this delicious meal I would hopefully encounter.

“Alright, bye for now” he said.

“Bye” I replied, ending the call before checking the time. I probably had time to do a little more studying, but I decided to just hit the shower and chill for a bit.

A nice warm shower later, and a “few” wasted minutes, I was out the door and on my to Ezra’s club. A short car ride, and soon I was looking at the restaurant from across the street. “I guess the name ‘Bell’ makes sense now…” I thought out loud to myself before crossing the street.

I opened the door and walked in, somewhat nervous having finally entered the place where Chris worked. The place was somewhat of a mystery, so I was quite nervous yet excited to see the place. Before I could investigate too much of the nice old 60’s décor, the receptionist was already welcoming me in. I must of seemed quite out of place, perhaps why she immediately knew who I was.

“Here to see Mister Ezra?” she asked, my eyes turning to a beautiful tall woman in a tight red dress.

“Y-yeah” I answered, struggling to reply for a moment as I appreciate how beautiful she was. “He asked me to stop by.”

“Yes. Please follow me” she said, getting up from behind the desk she was at and leading us into the club. Past the entrance, it was a large open area, similar to the average club, albeit a fair bit nicer than your average place. “Just over here” she finally said after we finished circling around the main area, the woman rather quiet as she guided me to a private room in the back. “I’m sure you will love our menu, so please wait a moment and Mister Ezra will be right with you.”

“Thanks” I replied, nodding as I stepped into the room, taking one last chance to subtly check her out before turning my attention to the room. The private room was rather large, a decent size table at the center surrounded by some comfy leather seating and a flurry of cool art pieces and retro items to decorate the room. Actually, there was a lot of cool spiral lights and hypnotic themed things on the wall as well which kind of had cool designs. I continued to look around, appreciating the classy yet fun look of the room, but before long a familiar face was stepping in the room to introduce himself again.

“Jese, glad you decided to come down” he said, interrupting my study of the room.

“Ezra” I replied, turning to greet him. We shared another one of those firm, long handshakes that he seemed to do before we sat down at opposite sides of the table.

We got to talking right away, simple banter about the day and all that before a server arrived to get us some drinks. I ordered a whiskey with coke and Ezra decided to have the same, more interested in getting to know me it seemed. Perhaps he was looking to hire me, but I was going to act as if I was just here for what would be a great dinner, and hopefully a fair bit of free drinks.

“So, Chris says you don’t have a job at the moment?” he finally asked, making it rather obvious that he was looking to hire me as he reminded me of the situation.

“Just focusing on school” I answered.

“Well, I think you would fit in quite well here” he said, not seeming too concerned with an interview process as much as just hiring me.

“Oh, I don’t know… I’ve never really been a server, might not be my forte” I dodged.

“No worries” he quickly shot back. “Just relax…” he continued, that cling noise coming from that bell he had wrapped around his wrist as he pulled out his hand. “and let me train you… You’ll do just fine” he comforted me. “The work is very fun, and the pay is quite good… As you might have noticed with Chris.”

“I suppose” I sort of agreed, my eyes trailing off as I couldn’t help but think about the offer. “I just don’t know if I have time…” I added to my list of arguments. “With school, and exams…”

“Don’t worry about those things Jese, I’ll give you plenty of time to take care of school” he replied, again not giving me much time to argue. He seemed pretty good at trying to erase my worry, but in the end I just didn’t know if I could fit this into my life. “You can just come down for a few hours a week and make some money when you have time” he offered, making it seem like things were quite flexible. “And we can go from there, how does that sound?”

“Well, maybe” I answered ambiguously, not really accepting, but a little more tempted than before. “If I did have set hours-” I thought out loud before he was quick to comment.

“We can play it by ear Jese, trust me” he said, his bell taking a quick shot at the end of his sentence.


“Maybe” I said gain, that ringing sort of buzzing in my ears for a moment as I continued to more seriously consider his offer. He didn’t seem like such a bad guy, and worst case if I can’t handle the hours, I quit?

“Just relax” he started, his bell ringing again as he casually flung his wrist.


“And let me, take care of things. I’ll make your life a lot easier, I promise” he offered. “You don’t need to worry about becoming a waiter. It will be easy, just let me guide you.”

“I guess, I could, give it a try?” I answered, almost questioning myself. I know he was obviously trying to sell me on joining, not that I really understood why he wanted me so bad, but he was clearly good at trying to convince me.

“So, you would like to join the team?” he asked.

“Yes…” I answered, I guess finally accepting that I would give things a try.


“Good boy” he said in sync with his bell. “And you would like to a good server and listen?”

“Yes…” I answered again, just trying to follow his lead.


“Good boy” he said with another cling of his annoying bell. “And you want to obey and serve your customers?”

“Yes…” I answered, not sure why he was calling me a good boy, but I just wanted to have a good start, so I said nothing? And it felt, strangely nice?


“Good Boy” he said again, with another shake of his trusty golden bell making sure to keep my attention. I was starting to enjoy its ring, the vibration running through my head as it sent me into nice day dream…

“Just listening… and relaxing… Enjoying me words, and the ringing, letting the bell guide you into a nice, deep trance…” he sang.

“Tr-trance?” I mumbled back to him, somewhat lost, not quite understanding what was going on anymore, or what this ‘trance’ was.

“Quiet Jese, just listen, and relax. Your trance will happen to naturally. You’ll just slip away” he answered, again using his bell to distract me.


“It’s so easy to just, listen… and fall”


“Fall Jese. Just slip away into a beautiful trance. Let your worries slip away. I’ll take care of things from here…” he continued to sing. “Close your eyes, and sleep…” he smoothly whispered. I just nodded and closed my eyes. I didn’t really know what was happening, but, I didn’t really care anymore… And it felt… nice…

“Sleep Jese… Deep sleep. Deep… Deep deep sleep” I sang, his head eventually falling back against the comfy leather seat, his body sliding forward as it swooped down into the seat. “Good boy… So deep for Master… Just sleeping… But listening… Letting all of my words dance into your mind… Becoming your truth… Guiding you…”

Being somewhat modest to myself, there was definitely no chance that he was just playing along at this point. It might have been rather easy to trick him into a series of simple questions, but his current state definitely displayed how badly I had captured his mind.

“Perfect… It feels so good to just lay there… Relaxing… Listening… To all of my words… Allowing them all to change you… To guide you” I said, continually throwing lines at him, taking over, and slowly entering his mind.

I stood up to get a better look at Jese. He was tall, around six feet. Toned and athletic looking, yet slim. A body type that many of our customers enjoyed. “Chris wasn’t lying when he said you trained a lot for the soccer team” I teasingly whispered in his eyes after I had enjoyed the site of his hypnotized doll like body. I sat down beside him and continued weaving my spell into his ear.

“I am your Master Jese… And no one has the ability to make you feel as good as I do… To make you as happy as I do…” I started, ready to dive into the final stage of his induction. “Everything I do to you. Everything I say will feel sooo very good… Will make you so happy… You will love to listen, and obey my every command… You will find it impossible to deny them… You won’t even think about not obeying. You will simply do as I say… You will obey my every word and command as your truth… because it feels so good…”

My soft voice tickled his ear, one of my hands massaging his neck, the other on his lap to help lull him into my spell. I crept closer to his package, wanting to help teach him how nice my trance felt. How good my control was for him. However, not wanting to interrupt his first trance, I stayed around the borders, letting his body know that I was there, that it felt good, but that it could feel even better if it surrendered to me…

“Feels so good to listen… Feels so good to obey… Feels so good to call me Master… You will not think about what I say, you will simply react to my words. You will listen… You will obey… Because it feels amazing to obey me… Doesn’t it, Jese?”

“Yes…” he mumbled, his throat needing to clear itself before he could finally reply, this deeply hypnotized toy needing me to engage him in order to slip out one of these Yes’ I was so easily getting out of him.

“Good boy” I said with a grin, beginning to stand up, still whispering in his ears. “In a moment, I’m going to wake you up… Slowly, with a count from zero, to ten… And when I reach ten, you will be fully awake… Fully aware… Fully obedient, and responsive to your Master… But you will not remember any of this… It will simply be second nature to listen… To obey… To feel so amazingly good… … zero” I finally started, beginning to step away.

“One…” I said, moving towards my seat on the other edge of the U shaped bench around our table.

“Two… Rembering to forget…”

“Three… Forgetting to remember…”

“Four… Feeling so good…”

“Five… Remebering to listen…”

“Six… Remebering to obey…”

“Seven… Remebering to forget…”

“Eight… starting to wake up…” I said, reaching the end of my countdown, his eyes finally opening, confused and void of thought.

“Nine… Almost fully back…”

“AND ten… Awake, and fully aware…”

It felt like I snapped out of a daydream. My eyes fluttered as I looked around.

“Ezra?” I asked, mostly just confused, not really sure where we were in our conversation… A little lost?

“Could you stand up?” he suddenly asked, the necessity to move bringing me back to the conversation a little as I was pulled from some random day dream that had distracted me.

“Sure” I casually answered, standing up before he indicated that he wanted me to go stand in the open area of the room.

“Go stand over there…” he said. It was a strange request, but I just stepped over anyways. “Good… Give me a spin, so I can get a good look at you…” I slowly started to turn until he stopped me. “Freeze” he said, stopping right as I was turned around, my rear facing him. “Very nice” he said as I turned around to notice that he was clearly checking out my ass.

“Thanks” I couldn’t help but respond. I suppose this was some sort of grading to be one of the workers here? I guess it made sense, to have attractive servers?

“Bend over and put your hands on that bar” he ordered next, my body responding rather quickly without thought. I mean, I had thoughts about what was going on, it was a little strange… But I seemed to just be going with the flow? He wanted to make sure I was, fit? Or something? Regardless I was bent over ninety degrees letting Ezra check me out.

“Wiggle” he said next, to which I gladly gave him a quick wiggle. “Good, turn back around”

“Sure” I said as I straightened my back and turned around, acting like a model who was allowing his body be judged to ensure the correct look.

“Get rid of your shoes and socks” he commanded, to which I simply nodded, reaching down to take off my boat shoes and no show socks.

“Could you take your shirt off?” he asked this time, his tone hinting that he didn’t expect a no.

“Yes” I answered, still sort of confused as to what was going on, or why I was so into it, yet still quickly responding and taking my shirt off.

“Very nice” he said a smile on his face as he checked out my nake upper body without making any effort to hide his enjoyment. “Okay, now take off your shorts… Just let them drop to the ground.”

“Yes” I said, nodding as I undid the top button of my short khaki bottoms before sliding my fingers inside the waist band to push them down far enough so that they could fall to my ankles. I stepped out of the two holes surrounding my feet, obediently moving a step closer to him, now only sporting my tight red short trunk briefs.

“Good boy… You look incredible…” he said with an obvious satisfaction. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but feel happy that I was pleasing this stranger. “Step forward” he said next, indicating with his finger that he wanted me to approach. “Closer…” he said as I approached slowly until I was just a couple of feet in front of him. “Good boy… Now tug your underwear, pull them up… And around” he commanded, watching as I played with my underwear, his gaze clearly admiring the shape of my bulge as it moved around with my pulls and pushes.

I still had a feeling deep down inside that something was off, yet I was completely fine with doing this. With putting my package on display for this man. To just doing as he said, without question of hesitation, as if I desperately wanted this job?

“Turn” he said this time, his hands reaching out to stop my turn this time rather than his words, yet he couldn’t help but whisper for me to “stop” as my rear came into view. His hands down my legs before returning back up to grab my hips, eventually sliding them from my hips to my butt cheeks, his hands testing their buoyance. Things seem to be escalating quite quickly, but I couldn’t keep it. It was all happening to fast, and wasn’t sure what was going on, and why I was just letting it happen… Or why it felt good to just go along with what he wanted.

“Bubbly… Bend over…” he ordered. I did as he said, once again bending over ninety degrees for him to admire what he saw. “Spread your legs” he ordered, his hands helping push my legs apart before one finely took a huge swipe across my bulge from the front all the way to the back. The situation a side, his touch was enough to spark a reaction out of me, a strange light moan slipping out of me, and a noticeable change in size indicating that I might be getting aroused. His hand returned to palm my package, his hand eventually seizing it as he played around with it as I remained bent over.

“Very good” he finally spoke. “Stand up… Turn…” he commanded, his hands always guiding me. At this point I was starting to feel rather strange, a little woozy… aroused? “Sit” he said, pulling me by my waist band over his one leg before guiding me to straddle it. Using his two hands, he pressed my hips down and moved me into a rhythm of grinding. “Don’t deny the pleasure… Give in to it… Submit… You’re just a slut who needs to obey… Aren’t you?”

“Yes” I answered, somewhat smiling as I tried to be a good server, an aroused expression at this point, one of submission, his bell ringing again as I answered.


“Good, grind… Feel the pleasure, give in to the pleasure” he said, my body beginning to move on its own, rubbing myself against the top of his legs.


“Forget… Always forgetting…”


“So empty… So happy… So relaxed… So comfortable… So aroused… …”


“Such a slut…”


Perhaps I had rung my bell too many times, poor Jese falling into a deep trance, his head coming to rest on my shoulder as he grinded his horny ass away on my leg, grinding his junk against me along with it, giving me another opportunity to whisper in his ear.

“The bell controls you… I will always control you. Even others with the bell may also control you… Its beautiful sound will drop you deeper and deeper… Every time you hear it, you will drop… You will listen… You will become more obedient… You will become a bigger and bigger slut… … Open your eyes Jese…” I sang. His eyes were slow to respond, but he eventually came to, still somewhat out, his hips always grinding, thanks to a little motivation from my wands which help guide them at a nice steady pace. “Wake up Jese”

It was like I was coming out of a dream again… I felt to gone… So light… I was definitely aroused. I suppose it was hard to deny that, it felt like my cock was rock hard at this point… But I was a little out of it, and not really sure… I looked down only to finally realize a few things, a side from my cock tucked to the side, pressing out against my undies. First, that I was mostly naked sitting on Ezra’s lap. And secondly, that I was grinding my body against it like a horny school girl.

“Stand up Jese” he ordered next, tilting my chin back up with his index, the bell ringing gently as he did so.

“Yes sir” I accepted rather submissively, nodding as I lifted up and off his leg, starting to feel stranger every second as I came to terms with the fact that I was standing over this man’s leg, essentially naked with a massive erection.

“Please take your underwear off” he asked, his finger sliding in to help start the process. “Good boy” he affirmed as my underwear joined the rest of my clothing on the ground. “Grab your cock… Stroke boy… Stroke… Stroke every thought out of your mind…”


“Thought?” I sort of mumbled to myself, unsure of what he was doing, but grabbing my cock regardless and starting to stroke it.

“With every stroke, you forget… you become more obedient… more submissive… more eager to listen… to relax… More eager to go deep… To be a slut… My slut… “

All the while he sang… I stroked… and stroked… staring into his eyes… listening… obeying… accepting his works, waiting for the next order. Just being a good server… and just stroking… forgetting… feeling good… … so good… … …

He looked so cute there… So empty, zero expression on his face while he jerked off. He was so gone, so deep, so captured by my powers, stroking himself like the slut I had turned him into… Soon his mind would belong to me, even more so than it did at this moment… He would be unable to deny my will… To deny the pleasure I can bring him… To deny my words…


“CUM!” I shouted confidently. “Cum!” I shouted, ringing his bell a few times.


His body shook, quivering violently, his knees looking like they would buckle as string after string of his seed shot from his cock. I reached out and caught them with a glass, along with the remainder of his will. His thoughts leaking out with every last stroke till he went limp, standing there, empty.

“Good boy” I told him, standing up and gently comforting this empty boy who had surrendered himself to me. I grabbed him by the shoulders, gently massaging them as I admired his deep and mindless state. “You’re going to enjoy serving your Master, aren’t you Jese?”

“Yes” he answered simply, nodding, his tone void of expression, of will.

“Good boy” I said. “Kneel down boy. My cock needs your attention” I ordered, beginning to undo my belt and opening up my dress pants as he lowered himself in front of me. Jese just knelt there, staring at my bulge as I dropped my pants to the floor, the cock he would soon serve begging to get out of my underwear. I grabbed it from outside my bottoms, pressing and playing with it, mostly for my own pleasure, but also to tease my new slut. He just stared at it, probably unsure of what to do yet, but knowing that I commanded him to attend to it.

“You want to make Master happy, don’t you?” I baited him.

“Yes” he answered, as he would to all of commands from now on.

“You’re such a good boy Jese” I rewarded him, playing with my fat limp cock a little more before pulling it out and lowering my underwear just a little ways down my leg, the rear of the waist band sitting under my ass. I stepped towards him, towards this mindless boy who just stared at my cock, awaiting my orders, ready to be an obedient slut. I was free to take shots, rubbing my half hard cock on his face, teasing him of what was to come.

“Chris told me about how you guys use to jerk off together in the tent when you were younger… Remember?” I reminded him of something I had extracted from his friend.

“Yes” he answered, still just staring at my cock as I wiped it around his face.

“Good… This will be the same thing… However, not you will be getting me off… Understood?”

“Yes” he answered with a gentle nod before I shoved my head into his lips, pressing at them gently.

“Open up Jese” I ordered, to which he quickly let my cock slide it. “Suck”

Jese quickly obeyed, his mouth going to work. He was clearly inexperienced, and from what I gathered from Chris he had never been with a another man. The gayest thing he had ever done was masturbate beside his friend when they were younger. Regardless, it felt good, and I just let his mouth do as it pleased. It wasn’t like this was something he had never seen. I’m sure girls had sucked him off, and taught him how to please a cock, knowledge that would help him do the same for me. Not that I would be afraid to teach him.

“Good boy Jese. Just suck… Love my cock. Enjoy the taste… You lock my cock, and what it does to you… How it makes you feel… Everything just feels right when you are palying with my cock… Its all you need… Learn to crave it… To love it…” I sang to him, looking down as I watched this hypnotized doll work his first cock, his Master’s cock. His eyes were still open, still staring and focused on my cock, the boy just doing his job, and obeying.

Even if they were closed, they would probably shoot right open as I suddenly grabbed the rear of his head and shoved my full, and now hard, length down his throat. His eyes did spring to full awareness in that moment, somewhat of a shock even in his hypnotized state. I’d be lying if I wasn’t scared that the act might have awoken him, but I knew that it wouldn’t take much to melt him right back down in a trance anyways. It might of actually been fun I thought, starting to get the idea of attempting such a thing.

I relaxed on the deep throating, after shoving my cock down his throat a few times of course.

“Just keep sucking Jese. You love sucking cock. It makes you so happy, so bubbly… You love making your Master happy, and in turn that makes you happy… Wake up Jese” I said, Jese still just down there sucking my cock, head bobbing back and forth with his hands at his side. “Wake up Jese” I repeated, his eyes beginning to open, still bobbing away. “Wake up…”

My eyes opened, out of a dream… … Staring at, what could only be, a man’s abs? My head was bobbing back and forth, and there was, a cock in my mouth? There was a cock in my mouth! I quickly pulled back, eyes meeting with the tip of the hard cock looking right back at me.

“What the-“ I started, my gaze investigating the cock for one more brief instant before looking up to see whose it was. “EZ-ra!?” I began to shout, calming down on the second syllable, still somewhat shocked, yet, letting out a smile and somewhat of a laugh as I saw him staring back down at me with a big grin.

“Yes?” he asked, just chuckling back at me as I reached up to grab his cock, my hand subconsciously beginning to stroke it as I remained knelt, just sort of starting, not really knowing what has happening, but, being happy? “Something wrong?”

“Uh- no… Just” I answered, not really answering much, not even noticing really that I was stroking him off in the absence of my mouth that was just wrapped around his slick cock. I looked down quickly to confirm that I was indeed playing with his cock, which, upon further investigation… I definitely was. I mean, it was long… And thick… Circumsized… I shook my head, that didn’t matter, it was stranger that I was playing with it in the first place… Or that I was so comfortable being knelt down in front of Ezra, and happy doing so.

“Don’t worry” he cut my off, his hand coming down to pull my chin up again so that I could look back up at him. “Come here” he said, inviting me to stand up as he pulled my chin up, holding his hand there as he reeled me into his face for a sudden kiss. My eyes sprang open, what was I doing, but then I just sort of let it happen. It didn’t make sense, but I was just naked sucking his cock, so why couldn’t this have made sense.

Before I was done analyzing what I was doing on my face, Ezra was already picking me up by the ass and tossing me on the table, sitting me down at the edge before pushing my body down to lay on the surface. He hung my legs off the side, grabbing under my mid thighs before lifting my legs up into the air, my feet dangling down by his sides.

“Ezra?” I called out, not to sure what was going.

“Relax Jese” he shot back, his bell ringing as he readjusted my legs to better place my body before his face shot towards my groin. His nose helped brush my package off to the side, my limp dick not really contesting as what could only be a tongue suddenly lashed up against my ass.

“Ezra?” I called out again, sort of moaning out his name. He didn’t answer, rather letting his tongue go wild on my ass hole in response. And for some reason, I just lay there, and accepted it… Accepted what he was doing… And how good it felt… And how happy it made me feel…

I just laid back… Closed my eyes… Enjoyed his tongue on my ass, swirling around the rim… Getting it all wet… Finally sliding inside, and tongue fucking me… Was, was I getting eaten out? … … Of course I was, but, what? … But who cared… it felt amazing…

I swear I was on my back for a good ten minutes as he played with my ass. His touch had almost willed my exhausted cock by to life as it rested half size, fat and limp off to the side as he worked my insides. All I could do was moan, and call out Ezra’s name, not truly understanding what was going on, but enjoying it… Being happy…

Suddenly my bliss was interrupted by a firm tug as Ezra removed his face from my ass, and pulled my rear a few inches off the table and closer to him. What I didn’t really notice, was that he had pulled my ass towards his throbbing cock which was now staring in between my legs instead of into my eyes.

“Ezra?” I called out again, not really knowing what was happening, but pretty much knowing what was happening.

“Relax Jese” he shut me down again, purposely shaving my right leg so that the bell on his wrist would shake.


I immediately calmed down, and naturally accepted what my mind assumed was probably going to happen next. Sort of knowing, but not really knowing, a firm pressure at my wet ass sort of helping me figure out what would happen next.

“Just relax, and become the slut you were meant to be” he said, another shake of my leg calling for his bell to melt me further down into this strange trance of his.


“Good boy” he said, content with my attitude before suddenly popping into me. What was this feeling? Again, it felt like I knew what was happening, but just didn’t believe it, a large, pleasurable force slowly pushing into me. Ezra’s body came closer and closer until his groin was pressing up against my crotch, which could only mean… That he was probably… Balls deep in me… What was happening… Why… Did it feel so good…

“Good boy” he repeated, beginning to pull back out. All I could was stare back at him as he held eye contact with me. I was clearly moaning, beginning to pant a little, trying to understand what was going on. Trying to understand this pleasure… But as he continued to slide out, then back in… And out, and in… His bell gently ringing in the background, seducing me into just enjoying the moment… I didn’t care to understand anymore… I just let myself enjoy… And by happy… I just let that fat cock slide in and out of my ass… Cause it felt so good… Because Master was doing it… … Because…

His ass, felt great. Tight, amazing… I was deeply enjoying being the first to conquer this magnificent piece of ass, almost forgetting that my goal was to prepare him to be a good server. Well, it didn’t really matter. My cock would soon turn this University boy into an obedient slut.

I held his legs tight, firmly, but gently shoving my cock in and out of him, slowly feeling his body open up to me, his ass beginning to crave more of me. I could feel his resistance lower, allowing me to go faster. To pump my cock into him even harder. At this point it was a little selfish, enjoying the fucking quite a bit, knowing that the mind breaking would take care of itself. His moans and heavy pants were evidence of that. He wasn’t even calling out my name anymore, his mind no longer worried about what was happening, finally just letting go, and relaxing as he fell back down into his a endlessly deep trance.

I gripped his legs even firmer, lifting his rear up just a little so that I could go even harder, his ass finally surrendering to the pleasure like a good hole, and taking my full size at whatever speed I wanted. And fuck did it feel amazing. I just shoved my fat cock as deep into him as I could, loving every loud moan he cried out. It was getting hard not to just finally fill him up, and mark this boy as mine.

“You want Master to CUM, DEEP inside you” I told him. “Don’t you?” I added a few pumps later to bait a response.

“YES-” he replied, a moan cutting off before I finally heard it. “MASter”

Magic to my ears, my cock almost blowing in that instant as I saw how sincerely my new slave admitted he wanted my seed.

“You want Master to fill you up, don’t you?” I asked rephrased, my bell freely jingling at this point as I fucked him without mercy.

“YES- MASTER!” he repeated, forcing my cock to the edge. One more master and…

“You want to be Master good boy, don’t you?” I asked, pretty much on the verge regardless of what he answered, but loving his reponse.

“YES MASTER!” he replied in one shot, skipping the moan before letting it out at the end, his half limp cock shooting out a string of cum in sync with my own release as I filled him up with my seed.

His back arched, and his body quivered, shaking violently as he experience what was probably the best orgasm of his life. I held his legs as tight as I could to control his body so that I could pump him full of my semen. He came here expecting a meal, but instead he would be filled up by a nice thick load of my hot cum.

I shoved my full length in him a few more times. Hard, long thrusts, making sure to pound his entire body forward to remind him of my power, eventually switching to small short pushes as I leaked my last drops of cum into him.

“Such a good boy” I said to the mindless boy who laid on the table before me, panting heavily, full of my seed, probably lights out in a deep trance after such a fucking, and so much bell. I remained inside him for a bit longer. Appreciating him in this state, still slowly waving my cock inside him as I felt it shrink, eventually pulling it out to show some mercy.

“You’ll make an amazing server” I told his subconscious, not even confidant that it was a awake at this point, cum webbing from the tip of my cock from his ass as I pulled out, a fair amount leaking down his ass crack after I pulled out and pushed him further back on the table so he could rest.

“Ready for a clean up?” Miss Candice asked, slidding her head through the door she had just opened slightly, her arm reaching in to toss me a towel.

“Yes he is” I answered, enjoying one last look at Jese before beginning to towel myself off. “I think he could use a break” I added, beginning to dress myself. “I’ll be back in a bit”

Miss Candice walked up to the table’s edge, smiling as she gazed upon the newest of my boys.

“Oh, they never stand a chance against you Master Ezra” she teased, reaching down with a towel to wipe my cock clean of cum…

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