Last Pledge: A Hell Week Finale

By DMears
published June 24, 2019

President Fairfax needs to find a way to end the frat’s reign of terror. Probably should’ve kept away from the final pledge event then, cause now he just might become the events big star.

Deacon Fairfax knew things were going too far with Calvin. First, two professors disappear and in their place are two new students joining Alpha Tau Omega (ATO). Then, he starts receiving concerned calls from the police regarding the disappearances of two of their detectives, detectives who were investigating the disappearances of the professors. Looking at the list of pledging freshmen this year, he noticed there were two more names added to the roster. Safe to say we know what happened to the detectives. When’s it gonna stop?!?! When Fairfax accepted the position as president of the university he thought it would involve the normal stuff associated with running such an institution (budgets, student life, honors programs, etc.) but he never imagined this would be one of them.

He’s been president here for well over ten years now and has carved out a reputation as a staunch believer in tradition. At 50 years old he is one of the most respected educators out there. In the last few months he decided to let his beard grow out, help show his age a little bit more considering he always had an innocent face. Made some people make the mistake of underestimating him. He’s grown a little more portly in the last few years than he had been in his younger days, did a lot of dancing and taught it for most of his youth. Had some wild notions of becoming a dancer or gymnast but those were shot when he had a bad knee injury senior year of college. Good thing he had that education minor to fall back on! Many crushed dreams and one masters in education later and he’s on the track to being the top dog at his school. Sure being in power means he’s gotten into some less than ideal confrontations with students (mainly progressive ones) but he’s just trying to do his best! For the most part he kept things under control, until… Calvin Simmons came into his life.

No matter how much Fairfax looks, he can’t find a single record telling him where Calvin came from. It was like one second he wasn’t real then the next, he’s here. No family he can reach out to. His listed home address before moving to school isn’t real. Not even another person matches his picture so he isn’t using an alias. The true definition of a ghost. Then again, with everything he’s seen Calvin do in the few years he’s been here, that might make more sense than most.

He remembers so clearly that first day he met Calvin, such a horrid event. For the most part things were going well until Calvin came barging into his office unannounced. There some funding issues he didn’t like (had made major cuts to ATO’s finances) and he explained to him they needed to make cuts to help with Coach Collin Shepard’s pay raise (football brings in a lot of money and Shepard had been very vocal about getting a raise) and they’d refinance next year. He didn’t like that. Later that evening Coach Shepard barges into his office regarding an email he claims Fairfax sent telling him his raise was denied. After a bit of a back and forth, Calvin shows up and confesses that he sent it. But before Fairfax could expel him for what he did, both him and Shepard just froze. Calvin smirked at Fairfax and told him to watch him do his work. He proceeded to transform Coach Shepard before the presidents very eyes, his body got younger and younger until he had to have been no older than 18. His polo shirt with the school colors disappeared completely, dress shoes disappear leaving him completely barefoot in the office, his khaki pants shrank into white short shorts, his glasses turned into sunglasses (no longer had eyesight issues), and then he proceeded to MAKE OUT with Calvin! Calvin forced Fairfax to stand there, frozen, as he had sex with this once older, definitely straight man. He called him Cole after that and welcomed him as a new pledge.

After sending Cole on his way, Calvin allowed Fairfax to move again and warned him what would happen if he didn’t tread carefully. He could have very easily done that to him if he wanted. Turn him from a distinguished professor into a gay frat boy ready for a good time. Ugh, the idea of losing everything he is terrified him (still does) so he did what Calvin wanted. Luckily Shepard didn’t have any family to speak of, no one who would notice him just disappear that is aside from the school. Fairfax forged a resignation letter and “accepted” it before the coach left. Told the school he had some personal matters to attend to and that was it. Sure there were a few questions he had to answer but nothing that would draw suspicion. Needless to say Calvin got the budget he wanted, even sent Fairfax a picture of Cole having fun in his new life. At least there was that. But now he’s done it to four more people! Shepard was easy to cover up but these professors with lives, no way they were going unnoticed, and now these detectives… he has to be stopped.

It’s been six months since the professors disappeared and the subsequent detectives, now they’re getting ready for the final pledge event. After this they’ll be full-fledged Alpha Omegas, that will be the perfect opportunity to take care of Calvin. There’s always some theme to the event but the one constant thing is how Calvin avoids interacting with the other frat members until the event is over and he can award the new pledges their place in ATO. Guess he must be pretty superstitious, like “the groom and bride can’t see each other the day of the wedding otherwise it’s bad luck” type of shit. Either that or he just likes being really theatrical. Most likely that. But it works for Fairfax cause he’ll be alone and he can do the only thing he knows he can do… kill him.

Fairfax has gone back and forth on this for months now and it looks like his only option. No one will believe him if he tells them, and if they confront Calvin, he’ll just do to them what he’s done to everyone else. Then he’ll do it to Fairfax. Can’t let that happen. Seems pretty obvious he isn’t even human so it’s fine! Right? Anyway, the event is going to start soon. Time to go visit ATO.

Fairfax silently walks towards the frat house, it’s dark and getting close for the event to start. From what he’s heard, Calvin stays in his room when the event starts so he’ll sneak in and… kill him. Yeah. Simple.

He makes it into the house and so far so good. Everyone is probably holed up in some other part of the house getting ready for whatever fratty nightmare they’ve conjured up. After some careful sleuthing, he finds Calvin’s room upstairs. With some shaky breaths, he pulls out the gun he brought and gets ready to fire it. He opens the door to find… nothing. Calvin isn’t in there. Stunned at this turn of events, he jumps a little when he hears some guys running down the hallway on the first floor. He looks down in time to see someone zoom past dressed in some skimpy police officer costume, the sound of a slamming door lets him know that’s where they went. It’s also probably where Calvin is.

Slowly making his way down to the room the boys went into, Fairfax can hear the dull sounds of thumping music coming from behind it. He opens the door, allowing the thumping music to escape into the hall and quickly ducks inside.

It’s pretty dark and with a few moments of light shining throw some dark curtain. He stumbles a bit looking for an opening in the curtain and finds it. He discovers, to his horror, he’s on a stage with a spotlight directly focused on him now. The loud chattering that was going on slowly dies down once everyone notices him up there, the music follows suit. His eyes adjust to the blinding spotlight enough to see how they’ve managed to turn their main parlor room (a pretty big room) into a makeshift stage with a runway and a… stripper pole? Before he has a chance to process this the sound of a single person clapping fills the room. He looks around to find Calvin clapping for him.

“Damn Deacon, quite an entrance you made tonight. Shocked the entire room into silence.” Calvin laughs. Wearing his same button-down white shirt and really short khakis shorts from that day he ruined Gaines and Mallard, it’s clear he wants to have some fun.

Fairfax knows this is his only chance, he’s gotta take the shot before it’s too late. He aims the gun towards Calvin but finds… the gun isn’t in his hand anymore. Completely gone. As he frantically searches the stage and his person for it, Calvin just looks on in mild curiosity.

“Lost something Deacon?” Calvin knowingly asks.

Fairfax can only panic as he’s lost his last line of defense against whatever Calvin is planning. In a frenzy, he tries run away before Calvin do anything but…

“Come here Deacon.”

He immediately freezes and no matter how much he struggles, he has no choice but to listen. Fairfax slowly makes his way down the stage, through the crowd of semi-naked, handsome men into the clutches of the one and only Calvin Simmons. Looking right into his eyes, all Fairfax can do is scowl and hope whatever torment Calvin does to him will be mercifully quick. Calvin smiles. It won’t be quick.

“Have a seat with me Deacon. The show is about to start.”

Deacon sits next to Calvin in the very front row, with the runway right in front of them. Calvin places a hand on Fairfax’s leg and just lets it linger.

“Happy you could make it Deacon. The pledges are about to put on a show for us. Their final event before they can officially become Alpha Omegas. Gonna be a fun time.” Cole in a slutty waiter outfit (a white shirt collar and black bow tie but no shirt, and a jockstrap with a tuxedo decoration on it, the bow being on his groin) drops off two drinks to Calvin. “Thank you.” He says then hands one of the drinks to Fairfax. Fairfax can only watch Cole walk away, worried that’s his future right there.

Fairfax just stares at it for a moment. Calvin watches him look over his drink, clearly expecting it to do something horrible.

“It’s a Manhattan, have one before?” Calvin asks.

“What is it going to do to me?” Fairfax shakingly asks.

“Umm, I imagine get you buzzed. Maybe even a little drunk, are you a lightweight?”

“You know what I mean.”

Calvin smiles. “Aside from what I just said… nothing else.”

Fairfax gives Calvin a surprising look and looks back at the drink. “Okay, so what are you going to do to me?”

“Should I do something to you?” Calvin asks.

“You’ve made it very clear that you’d ruin me if I tried to go against you so -”

“When have you ever gone against me Deacon?”

Fairfax stutters, what type of mind game is Calvin playing here? “Umm, well, I… I came here to kill you.”

“Kill me? Oh goodness, now that’s something.” Calvin takes a sip of his drink and encourages Fairfax to do the same. He actually does. “How were you planning on doing that?”

“I… I had a gun and -”

“Where is it?” Calvin asks.

Fairfax opens his mouth to say something but doesn’t know what to say. “I don’t know. It’s gone.”

“Mmmhmm. You know Deacon, you can drop the act.”

“What act?”

“You didn’t come here to kill me. Just admit it, you wanna join.”

“What?! No, no way that is preposterous. I don’t want to join… this.” Fairfax sneers.

“Deacon, just be honest with me. You’ve been wanting to be a part of this ever since Cole left your office.” Calvin calmy responds.

No, that’s not true. Or is it? Things are getting a little blurry here for Fairfax but he’s not sure why. “I… I hated what you did to that man. He was perfectly content with the life he had. So were those other men! They were happy!”

“But they were all hurting other people to get their happiness. Deacon, all of those men were misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, crooked assholes who stomped on other people to get what they want.”

“And what are you doing?! Aren’t you doing the same thing?” Fairfax retorts.

“Oh I’m definitely stomping on people to get what I want, but I’m only stomping on people who deserve it. Besides, I don’t leave them in bad shape afterwards, my goal is to make someone better than what they were before. As I’m sure you’ll see, they are pretty happy with who they are now.”

At that moment the music starts up and the lights focus on the stage. Roaring applause fills the room as one by one, the pledges make their stage debut. First up is the dynamic duo Will and Terry! Will is dressed in black fish net crop top that barely covers his chest and a jockstrap that says “EDUCATE ME” on it. Meanwhile, Terry is rocking a similar fish net crop top but his jockstrap says “EDUCATOR” on it. In his hand is a giant ruler that he slams against the ground. Will leans against the stripper pole as Terry grinds on him. He then forces Will to turn around and holds him against the pole as he spanks him with the ruler. Will has some amazing projection skills, cause with each slap the audience can hear him moan over the music.

After another minute of this Terry turns Will around and proceeds to make out with him.

“I know you like what you see.” Calvin whispers to Fairfax. Sending a chill down his spine.

“No I don’t.” Fairfax tries to brush it off.

“Uh huh, tell that to your friend that’s popping up down there.” Calvin gestures to his pants. Fairfax looks down and sees he’s sporting a huge boner. Biggest he’s ever had probably. He does his best to cover it up but there’s no use. He turns his attention to the young men making out on stage and feels his breathing get a little heavy. As they continue making out, he closes his eyes and drifts away in his own fantasy. The feeling of his lips on someone else’s. Being on that stage grinding into them and having them grind back. The face attached to those lips and body being…

Roaring applause pulls Fairfax out of his stupor and he pulls himself together in time to see Will and Terry bow before making their exit. On their way out, Will clearly winks at Fairfax before disappearing behind the curtain. Calvin is staring at Fairfax, a smile on his face. Is he doing this? Or was he right? Maybe Fairfax has just been envious this entire time. Maybe Calvin isn’t such a monster after all.

More roaring applause as Andy and Jonny make their way on to the stage. Jonny is wearing a black tie around his neck and slutty police sunglasses. On his head, the blue cap associated with police officers, in his hand is a baton clearly for something other than hitting people, and jockstrap that says “LOVE THE BOYS IN BLUE” on it. Andy is actually just wearing a pair of unattached handcuffs on each hand and jockstrap that says “MY DADDY’S A COP” on it. Jonny at times harshly yanks Andy over to him using the handcuffs and the two make out for a moment before Andy runs back to the stripper pole pretending to hold on, not wanting to go to jail as Jonny tries to pull him off of it. At some point Jonny gives up and instead grabs the baton and starts pushing it up Andy’s ass. He then closes the handcuffs around the stripper pole so he can’t run off. If people thought Will could moan, Andy proves to be the queen up here. Every inch Jonny gets the baton up his ass elicits an even louder moan from Andy than the one before.

Fairfax finds himself going back into that lulled state from earlier except this time it’s him getting the baton shoved up his ass. In his dream state he can feel himself shivering with pleasure, moaning louder than anyone else who’s been on that stage, and begging for someone to slam their dick in his mouth. When he turns to see the person with the baton, he’s greeted by the face of none other than…

Applause again! He comes out of his insanely wet dream to see a wet spot on his groin and his painfully large boner still there. He takes a second to breathe as Jonny and Andy take a bow then exit the stage. Once Calvin finishes clapping he sits back in his chair.

“Gotta love those two. You know they were voted most popular couple in the campus newspaper.”

“I think I heard that one time.”

“You okay?” Calvin asks.

“Yeah, is it over? I just… uhh, I should go.”

“It isn’t over yet. There is one more pledge who needs to show their skills off tonight.”


“Why… you Deacon.” Calvin responds earnestly.

Fairfax looks at him with confusion. “Please, just, whatever you do to me -”

“But that’s the thing Deacon, it’s all your choice. You’ve been a loyal person these past few years. This isn’t about me or anything else, it’s about what you want. If you want to leave, then by all means, leave. But why would you be here if you didn’t want this?”

“I came here to -”

“You came here to be one of us. Can’t you feel it? Deep inside you’ve always been one of the frat boys. Never had a chance to fulfill it though, until now.”

Fairfax feels like he’s losing his mind. So many conflicting emotions and desires swirling inside of him, he doesn’t know what to do. When he looks at the stage, it feels like everything he ever wanted and didn’t want at the same time. Calvin places a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“It’s what you want.”

With one squeeze of his shoulder, Calvin encourages Fairfax to walk up the stage. He slowly gets up from his seat and takes the steps up the stage. Is this what he wants? No it can’t be. But he feels it. Another step. He doesn’t remember being this conflicted before. Another step. That’s it. He is doing this. Or not. Now he’s in the center of the stage. Maybe it’ll be better to leave then figure things out. Yeah. That sounds smart. Tha-

His thought is cut off by the downpour of beer falling on to him from the ceiling. It’s like a scene from the movie Carrie except this might lead to a happier ending. The beer covers every part of his body, completely soaked from head to toe. In a flash, Will, Terry, Andy, and Jonny all arrive from the wings and start massaging the beer into his skin and clothes. He closes his eyes, allowing the young men to do their magic. Terry has taken his back and chest, Jonny getting his arms and shoulders, Andy massaging it in his butt (eliciting some moans from him), and Will taking care of his legs and dick. He’s still insanely hard and Will can’t help but lick it a little, causing Fairfax to twitch with excitement.

Once all of them finish, they step away and he opens his eyes in time to see Calvin walking up to him.

“You ready?” Calvin asks.

After a moment of silence. Fairfax gives him a quiet, pained… “Yes.”

Calvin smirks. “Congrats pledge, welcome to Alpha Tau Omega.” Calvin leans in and gives Fairfax a big kiss and plays with his dick some to help him loosen up for the next step. Once Calvin breaks away from the kiss and steps back, he smiles seeing the joy filling Fairfax’s face as the transformation begins. His facial hair slowly recedes back into his skin as he regresses through his forties. Back in his thirties, he feels his hair get a little bit fuller and lusher than it has been in a long time. The wrinkles and fat he has gathered from those years start withering away, making his already innocent face even more so. Back in his twenties, his skin takes on a tauter feel and looks incredibly smooth. All hair below his eyebrows recede into his skin just like his beard, leaving him completely smooth under the soaked clothes. Finally it all comes to a halt as he makes back to those glorious days of being a college freshman.

With that done, his clothes slowly evaporate into midair, nothing is spared. His shirt disappears revealing his gorgeous chest and tight waist. As his pants fades away people can get a better look at thick, strong legs he built from years of dancing. Who needs shoes and socks? Especially right now, so those completely disappear. The only thing he’s left in are his red, yellow, blue, and white boxers (the man liked his colors) but those completely change fabric and turn instead into a very small towel wrapped around his groin. So tiny it barely covers anything at all, most likely this was just a longer than usual kitchen towel he wrapped around himself for the performance. And it is done. Now he’s a gorgeous college freshman once again and he actually looks happy to be here.

After taking a second to adjust himself, he signals for the guys in the booth to start some music and proceeds to do his own dance routine. Twirling around the stripper pole with ease, he reveals how all of the others were such amatuers at this. His body is both nimble and strong, fast and heavy, sexy and graceful. As he goes upside down on the stripper pole, giving all of the boys a chance to see up his towel (lots of wolf-whistling and cheering), he does one more twist and swings around the pole and hangs horizontal in mid-air. Will walks over to him and gives him a big kiss that is received in full. The crowd cheers when Will breaks away and fist pumps the air with victory! After a second, he smoothly gets off the pole and onto the ground. It is at that point the towel falls off, revealing his hairless groin (shaves his pubes, nice), causing an uproar among the audience. He bows and reaches a hand for Calvin to come join him, which he does. Calvin is laughing so hard he can barely control himself.

“So Dean, how do you feel?” He whispers to him.

Dean looks at Calvin straight in the eyes and smiles then leans in for a kiss. When he breaks it, he says… “Pretty good president Simmons.”

The two laugh and make out on stage, Calvin thrusting into Dean with as much might as he can. Everyone watches as Calvin forces Dean up against the stripper pole and kisses his neck, taking a nibble here and there. Slowly going down the freshman’s chest and stomach until he finally reaches his dick. Calvin takes a moment to kiss all around his groin, making it as wild as he can for him. Finally, after all the teasing he does, seeing Dean appropriately writhing against the pole, he gives him what he wants and puts his entire dick in his mouth. It’s clear Dean had never had a blow job before and this experience is ruining him. His moans reach a crescendo as he can feel Calvin popping his head off his dick every now and then, releasing a suction sound.

All of the men in the audience are quiet and nursing their own hard-ons now. Some of them jerk off themselves or help others while they help them, but most of them are having sex with their own different partners now. On stage, Will, Terry, Jonny, and Andy have joined the fun happening with Calvin and Dean. All take turns making out Dean and sucking on his balls. Will and Andy are sucking on his nipples when Jonny bends him over and sticks the baton up his ass. Before Dean can moan too much, Terry sticks his dick in his mouth, giving Dean something to suck on. As they continue this spit roast, with Jonny and Terry viciously pumping away at him, Will and Andy take turns sucking his dick and balls. With so much happening, Calvin takes the opportunity to get Jonny out of the way and takes out the baton. At first Dean is disappointed (he’s having such a fun time) but then he realizes it’s so Calvin can replace it with something better. Since his hole has already been loosened up, Calvin has no problem sticking his dick in his ass and fucking him raw. Between the grunts of Calvin fucking Dean, and Dean’s stifled moans due to Terry’s dick in his mouth, things get crazy really fast. After an awesome blow job session, Terry pulls his dick out and starts jerking off all over Dean. Will stands next to him and makes out with Terry as they jerk off all around Dean. Andy and Jonny do the same thing. With nothing to stop his moaning, Dean moans as loud as possible from all the amazing stimulation happening around him. His fantasy was right, he was the loudest one.

“Come on baby. Come on.” Calvin grunts with every thrust.

“Daddy, please. Oh daddy harder please.” Dean moans back.

Calvin complies.

Dean jerks himself off as Calvin continues banging him senseless. The moans of him and his new friends fill the entire space.

“Oh daddy, I think I’m about to… I’m going to-”

Dean cums all over the floor as Will, Andy, Terry, and Jonny cum all over him, covering his back and head in their semen. Calvin, with one more grunt, cums all inside Dean as well. As they all come down from this high, they can hear, at different points, the rest of the room having their own orgasms. As Calvin detaches himself from Dean, the others are all hugging and holding and kissing their various boyfriends. Dean looks around at them and smiles when he feels Calvin’s hand on his shoulder. Calvin smiles down at him, Dean returns it. The two embrace and kiss and hold each other tight, feeling the cum just mix all together. Once it’s all done, Calvin gestures for them all on stage to get in line and take a bow. The entire naked stage does so to thunderous applause.

“Gentlemen, our new brothers!” Calvin announces as Will, Jonny, Terry, and Andy take big bows and whoop and holler. Dean laughs, holds Calvin’s hand tightly then whispers in his ear.

“I’m still feeling a little horny if you wanna take this party to our room.” Dean says with a smile.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Calvin says.

Calvin takes Deans arm and they rush out of the messy stage area as the crowd goes wild.

Later, Calvin is outside in a robe smoking a cigarette looking at the sky when this girl who’s walking by stops by to talk with him.

“How’s it going?” she says.

“Can’t complain. Yourself?” Calvins says.

“Ehh, you know, another day another jackass being a jackass. Mind if I bum one?” she says referring to the cigarettes.

He gives her one and lights it. “Good thing we’re here.” Calvin says to her.

“Oh yeah. Someone needs to keep these people in line.”

“Only wish I was half as powerful as you, you can alter reality in ways I could only dream of.”

“I think it’s safe to say you handled yourself well here. How’s the former president doing?”

“We’re taking a bath together if that says anything.” Calvin smirks.

The girl smiles in return and does a “tipping her hat” gesture to him. “Nice work. What about nosy police?”

“They think Deacon Fairfax did it.” Calvin says.

“Oh really?” The girl says surprised.

“Planted a whole chain of evidence linking him to the disappearances. Included ole Coach Shepard in there too. They have an all-out manhunt going on for him. But, ya know, I don’t think they’ll have much luck finding him.”

“I wonder why that is. Maybe your new boy-toy who’s fixing a bath can shine some light on the situation.”

Calvin laughs. “What about you? Fix any jackasses?”

“Been kinda slow. I don’t know. Honestly, my favorite will always be the dad and son I fixed last summer at the pool.”

“Have I heard this story?” Calvin wonders.

“I think so. They were being jerks and treating women like play things so I decided they should play with each other. I think they were crowned homecoming kings at their school.” She smiles.

“That’s right! I remember that. Didn’t you put them on the swim team?”

“Yep, that was a nice little stroke of genius if I do say so myself. They’re graduating in a couple months. Heard they both got scholarships to come swim here.”

“‘University of Charlotte’ here?” Calvin asks.

“Where else?” She responds.

“Just being sure.”

“Uh huh, well be on the look out for them, might be some promising future pledges.” She winks.

“I’ll definitely keep an eye out. Something tells me they’d be a perfect fit here.”

The front door opens and it’s Dean standing there in his towel from earlier.

“Hey Cal! The water’s ready.”

Calvin looks at the girl and smiles, they both put out their cigarettes and proceed to leave in different directions.

“Don’t have too much fun in there Cal.” She says.

“You’re one to talk. Be safe going home Charlotte.”

She flips him the bird and continues walking away. Calvin makes his way to the front door where Dean is still waiting.

“Who was that?”

“On old mentor of mine.”

“Huh, really? Looks about our age.” Dean shakes it off. “Anyway, come on, the water is nice and hot.” He grabs Calvin’s hand and leads him inside.

As the door shuts, Charlotte stops to see if anyone’s around. With no sign of another person, she disappears in a flash of light. No sign she was ever there.

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