Orientation: A Hell Week Prequel

By DMears
published June 22, 2019

Professors Gaines and Mallard have been struggling with this obnoxious fraternity on campus. They hope to put an end to it but it looks like they might just come around instead.

Today was the day, Dr. William Gaines was finally close to being rid of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity once and for all. Sure he might sound like an evil genius with his focus in absolutes like that, but the truth is, he’s far from it. A tad pretentious and elitist but when you’re a tenure professor at a distinguished university such as the University of Charlotte, people tend to forgive you for a few faults. Dr. Gaines is one of the leading experts in psychology at the school, even has some accolades for his research in gender studies from the American Psychological Association (APA). However, he has found himself in some hot water with the APA these last few years with his hesitancy to outright condemn the use of conversion therapy on LGBTQ youth. Sure he’s smart, doesn’t mean he isn’t old fashioned, the man is 65 years old after all.

Aside from the occasional faculty mixer with the other schools at the university, he never found himself mingling with any of his colleagues. A quiet life with his work is all he really cared about, but that quiet life was in disarray thanks to Alpha Tau Omega. He has always hated the fraternity, from the way they march across the campus thinking they own it to the openly gay ways of their president and his mission to keep his fraternity an inviting place for all queer men who want the same brotherhood straight men get. Gaines has done everything in his power to finish them but nothing ever stuck, that is until he met a partner in crime: Dr. Terrence Mallard.

Until a recent mixer, neither Mallard nor Gaines had even heard of each but as Gaines was finishing off a particularly bad glass of champagne he overheard Mallard complaining about some unruly frat boys. School has only just started and he’s already getting issues from them. Gaines, seeing the opportunity, pounces! He ropes Mallard into a plan to finally put an end to the school’s obsession with Greek life. Turn out Mallard was a harder sell than Gaines thought.

Mallard is actually a professor of trigonometry, about as far as you can get from psychology that’s for sure. At 54 years old, he’s not too keen on rocking the boat, especially since he’s only been at the university for about six years now. He’s one year away from tenure, does he really need to risk that? Well it turns out Gaines has a way of convincing people to do what he wants.

“Oh yes, I’m actually on the committee reviewing who’s up for tenure. Should I be on the look out for yours?” Gaines thinly smiles.

Mallard is smart enough to notice what Gaines is doing. Either he’s bribing him with getting tenure for sure, blackmailing him for it, or some combination of both. Doesn’t matter though, Mallard will do whatever it takes to safeguard his position and if that means taking down some frat bros, so be it.

With Mallard on his side, Gaines knew he had a strong chance at at least getting a conversation with the president of the university. His prayers were answered when he gets an email from the president’s office informing him the president is aware of his and Mallard’s complaints and would like to schedule a meeting. Jackpot.

The very next day, both Mallard and Gaines meet each other in a nearly empty conference room. No matter how many times Gaines comes in here, he’s always impressed with craft that went into making this room. Everything, from the walls covered in wallpaper that looks as gorgeous as silk to the mahogany wood table that takes up most of the space, it all reminds Gaines of the incredible school he is working at, and that’s why he needs to protect it from heathens.

“Hello Dr. Mallard.” Gaines says swiftly but cordially.

“Nice to see you Dr. Gaines.” Mallard responds just as swiftly but definitely not cordially. He still hasn’t forgiven him for the tenure stunt he pulled.

“Ready to finally put some kids in their place?”

“As long as I’m out of here by two, I’m fine.” Mallard is really just ready to be done with this whole situation (especially Gaines).

After a brief moment of silence, with Gaines taking a seat across from Mallard.

“Have a good lunch?” Gaines asks.

“Alright. My wife has been forcing me on a low-sodium diet. Not the best situation but it’s fine.”

“Ugh, women.”

“Aren’t you an expert in gender studies?” Mallard raises an eyebrow.

“And that’s why I can say that. I’m not anti-feminism, not at all. If they wanna fuck around then by all means, let them fuck around. These sorority girls, as much as I hate the Greek system, they know how to get ya off. Damn, best blow jobs ever. So yes, I’m all for letting the women fuck around as much as possible.”

Mallard laughs and shakes his head. “You’re a lot cruder than I pictured ya being.”

“And you’re a lot less of a stick in the mud than I pictured you being.”

“I guess this means we have one other thing in common aside from this whole debacle.”

“What’s that?” Gaines asks.

“We both like our women.” Mallard leers.

“That we do.” Gaines laughs back.

At this moment the doors open revealing the president of the university, Deacon Fairfax walking in. Right behind him, the president of the university’s esteemed ATO chapter, Calvin Simmons. As handsome and powerful as ever, he wears a button-down shirt with the first several buttons undone, revealing his chiseled chest (if you look really close, you might even see a nipple if the shirt ripples just right). He has short khaki shorts on that hug his thighs in all the right places. For most people, one look at this beautiful specimen would immediately send them into a state of orgasmic splendor. Not Mallard or Gaines though. No, these two could not hate this young man anymore than they possibly do now. He’s so confident, and so clueless on how they’re going to ruin him.

Fairfax and Calvin take a seat at the head of the table, Calvin is right next to Gaines. The level of animosity in this room is staggering. Then, in a shaky breath…

“Hello gentlemen, I understand you have some complaints you’d like to discuss with us.” Fairfax said.

“The time to discuss is over Deacon, we want swift action starting today!” Yelled Gaines.

“No need to get worked up, we’ve only just started talking. Let’s stay calm and talk this through.” Fairfax says.

“Come on Dr. Fairfax, you already know our issues with ATO. All of our documents regarding the situation were sent to your office. How about you stop with the games and actually do something?!” Said Mallard.

Fairfax quiets down. For the head of a university, he is surprisingly meek right now. Strange, this is a side to him neither Gaines nor Mallard have seen before. Gaines steals a glance towards Calvin, who’s just sitting there, quietly smiling. How deep does ATO have their claws in to him?

“ATO has been consistently disruptive to my class environment and, as you can see with the addition of Terrence over here, I’m not alone. I’ve been saying it for years Deacon, ATO is the worst of the lot. Terrence and I agree we will not be satisfied until a full investigation is conducted into this organization and the molding nature of it is rooted out.”

“An investigation will take a lot of time and resources and frankly -”

“Suspend ATO until it’s complete.” Terrence speaks up.

For a second, Fairfax just blankly stares at him.

“Su-suspend it?” Fairfax squeaks.

“That’s a great idea, suspend the organization and use the funding they have for activities this year to fund the investigation. They caused this mess, only fitting they should clean it up.” Gaines says definitively.

“Orientation is this week.” Calvin speaks for the first time.

All of their eyes go to him. Whereas Gaines and Mallard look at him with complete contempt, Fairfax is a little more frightened.

“It’s orientation week for the new pledges. We’ve already spent a good portion of the money for their events. We can’t just cancel on them like that, it would be rude.”

“Rude? You’re lecturing me about being rude?! I remember you Calvin Simmons, you were one of the worst students I ever had the displeasure of teaching. Always smug, thinking you knew better when the truth is, sorry to break it to ya, ya don’t!” Gaines spits back.

“I’m just trying to find a simple solution to our problems. If you wanna work with me on it then I’m more than open to partnering up.” Calvin responds calmly.

For a brief, silent moment, it looks like Gaines will take him up on the offer. Mallard definitely looks open to it, Fairfax is about to breathe when…

“I would rather watch your entire organization turn to ash. Thanks for the offer though.” Gaines sneers.

Calvin’s smile fades a little, wasn’t what he was hoping for but what can ya do?

“That’s a shame. And here I thought we could be friends. Oh well, I’ll settle for brothers.”

“What the fu-” Gaines freezes.

“Dr. Gaines? Dr. Gaines are you okay?” Mallard questions him.

“Please Calvin, do we really-” Fairfax pleads but is cut short by a dangerous look from Calvin. At this point, Fairfax gets up and leaves the room.

“Where are you going?! The man needs a doctor! Hur-” Mallard freezes as well.

The door shuts with a loud thud, now it’s just the three of them in here. Calvin leans back in his chair and sighs.

“I tried, I really did but you two just had to be jerks about it.” Calvin gets up and stands at the head of the table. “When Deacon brought these complaints to me the first time I thought this was the best way to handle it. But he convinced me to just let them blow over, it’ll pass. ‘Find another way’ he’d beg me! Ahh, next time I won’t make that mistake. I’ll always do what needs to be done to protect my brotherhood.”

Calvin gestures with his finger for Mallard and Gaines to walk over to him. Both men furiously glance around and try their best to resist Calvin’s pull but it’s impossible. They both willingly comply even though they clearly don’t want to. Both of them stand on either side of Calvin, too close for comfort. Calvin pinches Mallard’s cheek and boops Gaines’ nose before going into his bag for something: two bottles of beer. He puts them in front of the men then steps back.

“Now pledges, time to start our orientation. Drink.”

The two men reach for the beers and start drinking. They slowly drink the beers, letting it linger in their mouths for as long as possible before swallowing. While they do this, Calvin grabs some more beers from his bag and start dowsing them in it. Their wonderful, stuffy, professional clothes soiled in the beer he’s pouring on them. Calvin rubs it in while they drink. Massages Gaines leg. Gets right in-between Mallard’s butt, eliciting a small moan from him. Both Mallard and Gaines look at each in shock at what Mallard just did. Before they can process that, Calvin is already doing the same to Gaines, eliciting a moan from him as well. Topping it off with a gentle rub of their dicks through their pants. Before he steps away from them, he whispers…

“Enjoy boys.”

Calvin steps away to watch his work unfold. As the men continue drinking, they watch in horror as their bodies start changing. At first it’s subtle but then they can’t ignore the simple fact they’re getting younger. As Mallard returns to his mid-thirties, his hair slowly loses more and more gray until it’s a beautiful golden blond again. The sagging in his face, along with his wrinkles slowly disappear as well until he looks more and more fair-faced. Gaines is having a similar experience though at a slower rate. After making it back in to his forties, his hair actually starts regrowing until he once again has a full head of hair. The gray slowly makes way to the dirty blond he sported in his younger years as he gets closer to thirty-five. While he’s finishing up his thirties, Mallard is already mid-way through his twenties. His skin glows with the energy and vibrancy of youth, muscles he hasn’t had since his college swim meet days return, all culminating him once again becoming a college freshman. His face so full of innocence it’s hard to believe he was ever any different, he finishes the drink and puts it down on the table with a contented sigh.

Meanwhile, Gaines is also finishing up his transformation. Now in his twenties once again, he feels the power of youth taking hold of him. Energy and lust slowly fill his every thought, something he hasn’t felt in a long time. With the return of the lean, slightly muscled body he sported from his days running track (turns out these two were very athletic back in the day) he has officially returned to his college freshman days as well. He finishes his drink and puts it on the table with a sigh. Both young men look each other over and are mortified by whats happened, but it’s not over yet.

Their clothes, so professional yet plain, transform before their very eyes. Mallard watches as Gaines’ suit slowly dissolves into mid air, his shirt completely disappearing leaving his handsome body exposed to the elements while his dress pants turn into a pair of jeans with no belt. At the edge of his pants he notices how the boxers Gaines was wearing have also transformed into a pair of form-hugging briefs, dress shoes turning into a pair of raggedy tennis shoes, finally topped off with a blue hat that appears on his head. While Mallard watches this travesty unfold, Gaines helplessly watches as his colleague suffers the same fate. His maroon sweater unravels into yarn then sinks into the floor, completely gone from existence. The next to go was the dress shirt, it burns away from the cuffs of the sleeves, slowly revealing more and more skin until it is no more, also leaving his handsome bare chest exposed. Next were his dress shoes, actually disappearing completely until he was completely barefoot. Finally, his dress pants, once very loose (even more so now that he’s lost so many years and weight in the span of seconds) get tighter and tighter until he’s wearing dark skinny jeans. Mallard squirms a bit when he feels his underwear completely disappear, leaving him full on commando. The final piece to disappear was his wedding ring, gone in a puff of smoke.

It was done, both men were college boys again. But the fun was just getting started.

They both realize they can move again and can’t help but feel their new bodies.

“Mallard?” Gaines pipes in his young voice.

“Gaines?” Mallard replies.

They both look towards Calvin who’s just smiling.

“Damn, you both look nice if I do say so myself. Looks like I was smart to recruit you.”

“Recr-recruit us?” Gaines asks.

“You were far too unreasonable, only seemed right to show there wasn’t anything to worry about with ATO.”

“O-okay, we got it. Please, just turn us back. We won’t cause anymore trouble for you guys.” Mallard begs.

“Oh nononono, it’s too late boys. Besides, I have some fun orientation plans for us to do today.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Gaines bites back.

“Time for some ice breakers.”

“Whatever it is the fuck you’re planning I’m-”

Calvin holds a hand up, stopping Gaines from speaking. He walks closer to him, leans very closely and whispers. “Don’t worry there Will, you’ll love what comes next.” Calvin then grabs, Gaines’, or as he’s now known, Will’s bulge and slowly massages it. Despite his best efforts, Will can’t help but be lulled by the movement. Quiet moans from his lips betray him, he closes his eyes, lost in the lustful experience he’s having. Calvin moves another hand onto his cheek and leans in to kiss him. At first it’s just Calvin doing most of the work but Will starts returning the kiss in force. Will even grabs Calvin’s bulge and starts playing with it with fumbling hands, it’s his first time, so precious. Calvin breaks the kiss despite Will leaning in for more, he opens his eyes and just stares at Calvin with sad puppy eyes.

“Slow down there newbie, ever had sex before?”

Will thinks for a moment (first time he’s had to do that in a while) has he? “No sir. Sorry, I’m kinda new to this.” Will innocently replies.

“That’s what I thought.” Calvin looks over at Mallard for the first time in a while, and he’s incredibly conflicted. Mallard is still frozen to the spot he’s at (is it because of Calvin or because he wants to keep watching?) but his bulge gives away just how turned on he his. He’s even tenderly pawing at it.

“Wanna join the party Terry?” Calvin says.

“Ye-yes sir. Please.”

Calvin motions for Terry to join them, which the freshman eagerly does. Calvin gives Terry a tender, sweet, steamy kiss that causes Will to lick his lips. God he wants those lips. Both of theirs. Once Calvin breaks away, any doubt that lingered in Terry was gone, now he was just a happy pup who wanted to make his president proud.

“Prove to me you’re both Alpha Omega material.”

At this point, Will eagerly goes to his knees and unbuttons Calvin’s shorts and starts kissing away at his dick through his underwear. Meanwhile, Terry has taken some initiative and started unbuttoning Calvin’s shirt, kissing every inch of his chest and abs, at one point he nibbles on Calvin’s nipple, causing the president to moan a little bit. Damn, this is more fun than he could’ve hoped for but he has to stay focused, finish the job. He pulls Terry up from his nipple and has him kiss his neck. While Terry does that, he grabs Will by the hair and pulls him up as well, kissing every bit of Calvin’s body while he moves up. The two start to make out while Terry goes at Calvin’s neck. At this point, the two freshmen are so close to each other they can’t help but touch. Will rubs Terry’s back while Terry slowly massages one of Will’s pecks. As Terry kisses Calvin’s neck, he slowly makes his way towards Will’s neck, causing the young man to moan during his make out with Calvin. Coincidentally, this gives Calvin the perfect moment to step away, allowing the freshmen the opportunity to have at each other.

As Calvin redresses, he watches his new pledges enjoy each others company. Terry slowly kisses his way up Will’s neck until they are full-on making out. Things continue escalating until Terry pushes Will onto the table and he climbs on top of him. The boys smile then continue making out. Terry makes his way down Wills chest and stomach while he has a lock of Terry’s hair in his hand. Once Terry makes it to Will’s pants, he kisses his dick through the fabric then unbuttons them, pulling the pants and underwear half-way down Will’s legs. Terry sucks his first dick, and he’s already a natural. Will is in the highest state of euphoria he’s ever been in, moaning and writhing in truly effeminate ways.

“Oh God, fuck dude. This is…” Will bites his lip.

“Yeah, you like that?” Terry asks in between sucking his balls.

The only response he gets from Will is an approving “Mmm”. Terry smiles then looks at Will’s face as he flicks the tip of Will’s dick with his tongue, eliciting a powerful moan from him. Terry climbs back on top of Will and proceeds to make out with him. Meanwhile, Calvin is just enjoying the show, rubbing his own hard-on, imagining all of the fun they’ll have once they get back to the frat house.

Terry unbuttons his pants and slowly, but surely gets them off (problem with skinny jeans, might look good but inconvenient for sex) about half-way. Will notices the lack of underwear and giggles. Terry gives him a slightly incredulous look.

"Sorry, it’s just, I didn’t know you liked going commando. Will says as he grabs Terry’s butt.

“You should try it, would make times like these a lot easier to get to.” Terry teases with a kiss on his nose.

“But I like working hard for it.”

“You wanna earn it?”

“Uh huh.” Will moans.

“Okay babe, I’ll make you earn it.”

Terry spits on his hands and lubes up his dick, happily it’s already pretty slick thanks to the pre-cum. Will watches in anticipation as Terry prepares himself for what happens next. Standing up, Terry slowly lines himself up with Will’s asshole.

“You sure you can earn it? Once we do this there’s no going back. No redo on this.” Terry breathes.

Something in Will’s head is telling him to stop but he doesn’t want to. And neither does Terry. So why should he? Plus, Terry is so handsome, and that smile…

“Please sir, I can do it.” Will moans. The voice in the back of his head disappears.

Terry smiles and slowly pushes his dick inside of Will, eliciting sounds of utter pleasure. Funny, thought there would be more pain. Turns out there would be once Terry fits his entire dick inside and starts pounding away. No slow thrusting at first, he just has at it. Terry pounds harder and harder, rocking Will back and forth on the table. Both moaning and grunting as loud as possible. Will jerks himself off as fast as possible while Terry rubs his legs, feeling Will’s smooth skin as he continues pounding him.

“Ahh, fuck! Dude, oh my God, I think I’m about… I’m about to cum!” Terry shouts.

Moaning and writhing. “Keep it in, please professor, I wanna feel it.” Will jerks faster.

“You’ve been so bad.”

“So bad.”

“Ugh, you deserve this.”

“I do. I do. I…”

Both freshmen moan and shout as they cum at the same time. While Terry cums completely inside Will, turns out Will doesn’t have as much control and gets it all over his chest and Terry’s, some even lands on Will’s mouth. After a moment of doing this, the boys come down from their orgasmic high and slowly breathe themselves back to reality. They stare at each other, Terry absentmindedly rubbing Will’s thighs while Will stares at Terry’s abs. Once Terry gets his dick out of Will, Will sits up and looks at Terry, both still catching their breath. Terry looks at Will’s lips.

“Umm, I think you have something on your face.”

“What?” Will genuinely asks.

Terry just leans in and kisses Will, a long, tender, post-coital kiss that only a lover could give. The two of them feel Will’s cum mix in with the kiss and enjoy every second of it. Once Terry breaks away, he licks his lips and smiles.

“Got it.” He chuckles. Will laughs back and proceeds to get his pants back on. Most of Terry’s cum drains on to the table but Will still has some left over to keep him company till they get back to the dorm. After the pledges clean up the mess, Calvin finally approaches them.

“Hmm, not bad freshmeat. Still a few things to learn, but..” he leans especially close to Will, “there’s plenty of time to teach ya.” Giving Will’s dick one final squeeze.

“Yes sir. Can’t wait to learn.” Will replies.

“I’m sure you both can’t. So… do you guys think Alpha Omega is the place for you?”

“There’s now where else I could imagine myself.” Terry says.

“Same here sir, it’s just… it’s one of the most amazing frats on campus, I’d die to be an alpha Omega.” Will responds.

Calvin laughs. “No need for such drastic measures, but you will have to prove yourselves. Hell week is in a few weeks, need to get ready for that.”

“Yes sir!” Both of the boys reply.

“Alright, let’s get out of here.”

Turns out Fairfax was waiting in the hallway, hoping things didn’t go too badly. As soon as the door opens, his worst fears were realized. Two young, shirtless men make their way out, laughing and holding hands. As soon as they see him, they stop dead in their tracks.

“Sorry sir, didn’t see you there.” Terry says.

Fairfax looks at him and at Will, who’s kinda standing back, allowing Terry to be the voice of reason here. Both of them are clearly worried the president of the university is going to know what they did. But before Fairfax can say anything, Calvin shows up, putting his arms around both boys shoulders.

"Not to worry Dr. Fairfax, just showing these two new pledges around. We were playing frisbee when I offered to show them around. Sorry for their informal appearance, I’ll make sure they dress more appropriately in the future. After all ATO is all about turning young men, into true men. Right boys?

“Uhh, yeah, right.” Terry says.

“Couldn’t agree more sir.” Will says.

Both of them are still worried what Fairfax might do but he just sighs and steps out of the way. As they walk past him, Calvin gives him a knowing glare. All three of the students leave but Fairfax can tell this is just the start of something else and he’s not sure he wants any part of it.


It’s hell week at ATO and Calvin is ready to enjoy this glorious day. As he finishes getting ready for the events, his phone bings. He looks down to find an email from Fairfax, warning him of two detectives who will be coming by today to discuss the disappearances of two professors. Calvin isn’t worried, he knows how to handle this stuff. He walks over to the window to look out but doesn’t see anything, no cars pulling up yet. He looks over the email again and notices how unnerved Fairfax is. Maybe this is getting too much for their illustrious president? Who knows, but maybe Calvin will have to deal with him at some point. But that’s a problem for another day. Speaking of problems, he looks up just in time to see a car pull up. He smiles, looks like our detectives are here.

He goes to the main room where everyone is playing ping pong and glances over at Will and Terry. Terry just made another dunk and kisses Will on the cheek. Both of them are wearing the same outfits he made for them that day they first met, that blue cap is basically a staple of Will’s personality at this point and the beautiful way Terry’s skinny jeans show off his underwear-less butt and groin would make anyone keel over from heat exhaustion. Maybe Calvin will have a little fun and let one of these former professors be the first person the detectives meet at the door. There, case closed, professors found.

“Hey Will!” Calvin calls him.

Will sees Calvin and walks over to him right as Terry made another shot. He turns to kiss his boyfriend on the cheek again but he’s gone. Dang boyfriends disappearing like that.

“Yeah Calvin?” Will says.

“I think the pizza is here, mind going to grab it?”

“Sure thing, I’m starving.”

“Uh huh, remember you’re serving everyone else the pizza first, then you can have some. Gotta go through the paces before you can enjoy the rewards.”

“Will do boss!” Will endearingly salutes him as walks away to the front door.

Calvin stays there and enjoys the sight of all his boys having a fun time. And he’s also guessing there might be a couple more joining them pretty soon. Gotta love this work.

"I’m guessing you aren’t here to drop off the pizza.”

Calvin smiles.

Author’s Note: First I wanna say that it is me, the author of this series, for some reason it won’t let me post under my username so that’s something I’m gonna have to get figured, anyway, I digress. Thank you all for the support and encouragement with these stories! I’ve been having a blast writing them and I hope you all enjoy them too. I have one more idea for a story to round this trilogy out in a really (hopefully) exciting way (about time for Calvin to find a man, don’t we think?) and if you wanna see it then comment and let me know what you thought of this story. I’ll also have an announcement to go along with that story so stay tuned! In the meantime, hopefully Terry, Will, Andy, and Jonny can keep you company until then. ;-)

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