Scavenging (Ch 1.)

By GrowlBoys
published June 25, 2019

Stray is the story of a growlboy named Eddie. In Chapter 1: Scavenging, Eddie meets Alex who takes home hoping to hook up. That night Eddie undergoes transformation revealing his true gay furry nature as a racoon growlboy.

A note from Martin, GSS admin: We are totally aware that the following story has been created for a professional porn site. I find the idea to create elaborate fantasy stories around hard core porn quite intriguing. And since they are about transformation, they fit on this site quite well. So we had a little talk and in the end I agreed to publish these stories on GSS.

If there is enough feedback, the guys who’re running GrowlBoys might even consider to go into hypnosis or other mind control themes. How hot would that be?

So please enjoy this, and if it turns you on, it cannot hurt to check out their site. If you have any issues with my decision, please use the forum or to discuss them with me.

Stray Cover Image

The empty bar took on a strangely celestial feeling. The wide expanse, vacant of any usual activity, seemed to only have life thanks to the spattering of reflected lights shining down from disco balls on the ceiling. They danced around the walls and furniture, serving as the final occupants of the night.

Alex got lost in their movement, seeing how they transformed an otherwise bleak basement dive into something whimsical and romantic. Taking a final sip of his drink, he spotted two men dancing with each other in the distance. Clearly, the stars had aligned for them tonight. The lights spun around them, helping them to feel like they were the only two in the world.

Alex felt the bite of jealousy in his mouth… Or perhaps it was the cheap liquor he’d been nursing all night. Either way, it became abundantly clear that despite the stars and lights, tonight was not looking like his night.

Putting his glass down, he caught a glimpse of the bartender; no longer manning his post and proceeding with his end-of-night duties. Alex tried to focus his tired, drunken eyes on him. He was trying to see if he might be a good trick. Stop, a voice inside him said. You’re just scavenging now. Don’t be desperate.

He took an undignified sip of his empty glass, a haunting metaphor for his current position. It was the end of the night and it was already last call. The only one left to hit on was the one person who had no choice but to be there. He put the glass down on the bar and headed out home. Alone.

The air was warm with the most refreshing breeze. It felt like it could have swept him up and made him fly at times. As he lit his cigarette, he slowly walked down the familiar street, taking stock of his evening. He’d put on his best V-neck t-shirt and his favorite pair of jeans. Not exactly adventurous, but he knew he looked good in it.

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As the smoke filled his lungs, he held it just for a second. He felt the liquor stir in his body, making him slightly uneasy on his feet. As he was about to let out the billowing cloud, he heard a metallic bang from the alley by him.

There wasn’t any lights down the side path, just the bluish glow from the moonlight creeping in between the buildings. Alex exhaled, focusing his eyes on the commotion. When it stopped, he looked at a dumpster that was in the distance, somewhat shaking around. Clearly something was inside it!

Alex wasn’t sure why, but in his drunken state, he called out, “Hello?” He heard no response, but he did see two glowing eyes suddenly stare back at him. It was very dark and hard to see what it was. Judging from the glow of the eyes, he realized it must have been some sort of cat or raccoon. He felt silly for having spoken, realizing that an animal couldn’t reply; but just as he began to step to walk away, he got a response.


Surprised, Alex stopped in his tracks. He looked down the alley, trying hard to adjust his eyes. It didn’t help that he was more than just a little buzzed. Finally focusing just enough in the pale moonlight, he saw that the eyes belonged to a human figure. This stranger pulled himself out of the dumpster and sat beside it. From the way the light hit him, Alex could see he was a young man. He had a decent body, but wasn’t wearing a shirt.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing– just… Hanging out.”

At first he thought he might be a drunkard from the bar, similarly walking home. Alex wanted to keep going, still resigned to his failed night and eager to just sleep off his drunkenness. But the thought occurred to him that perhaps taking a moment to sit wasn’t such a bad idea. The spins were starting to set into him and he needed to take a minute to chill. With that, Alex pulled up a spot of alleyway next to the stranger, continuing to suck on his cigarette and focus on his breathing.

“You mind if I hang out for a little bit?”

Surprised and intrigued, the stranger replied, “Go ahead.”

The two swapped small talk back and forth for a while. Alex learned the guy’s name was Eddie. The conversation stayed light, focusing on things like the weather and the neighborhood, never really broaching the subject of how Eddie came to be in the dumpster.

More and more he got the impression that he wasn’t just walking off a buzz like he was. He saw his dirty clothes, unwashed hair, and hungry look. He realized that perhaps Eddie’s situation was a little bit more dire than he first thought. He didn’t want to scare him off or insult him, so he just kept the conversation going. Their light banter was pleasant, even fun… But eventually as his buzz wore off, he was dying to know the truth.

“So, do you live around here?” Alex asked, trying to unsuccessfully to hide the tone of concern in his voice.

Eddie looked around at the alley and said sarcastically, “Oh, yeah… Real close.” Alex felt his heart sink. He pressed him further on the issue, desperate to find some hope.

“You really don’t have anywhere to stay? Not even family?”

“My family… they just don’t accept me. When I told them who I was–what I was–they kicked me out. That was about five days ago. I’ve just been trying to stay above water since.”

Alex looked at his face in the moonlight and was amazed. Here was this beautiful, intelligent, and strong young man. How could his family reject him? Alex knew that coming out can be tough and was always pained to hear when parents and families turned on their own.

“I’m sorry,” he replied, “that’s not right what they did.” Alex, overwhelmed with compassion, offered up something he never imagined he would.

“Why don’t you come home with me?”

Eddie looked at him, surprised, even a little alarmed. Alex heard his voice make the gesture and he was a little alarmed as well. He thought about it some more and thought, why not? You were going to bring home a random stranger anyway. Why not someone who could actually benefit from it?

“No funny business,” Alex assured, putting his hand on Eddie’s shoulder. It was unexpectedly warm. His skin radiated heat like it had been in the sun for hours, even though it was very late at night. “I’ve got a couch I can sleep on, you can take my bed. Come… If only for a shower and something to eat in the morning.”

Eddie looked at him warily, not entirely sure of his intentions. But the young man did the math in his head and realized a night with a stranger might be better than another night on the street. Nodding his head, the two got up and headed on their way to Alex’s place. As Alex got to his feet and looked into Eddie’s eyes, he saw them reflect back a glowing light again, similar to before.

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Alex turned the light on to his apartment and guided Eddie inside. He immediately showed him around; the from the bedroom to the bathroom, and then handed him a towel. It was very late, but he knew Eddie wouldn’t want to sleep in his street filth.

Eddie took the towel and eagerly began to undress. He hadn’t felt clean in days. He wasn’t going to turn down the chance for a long hot shower! The young man pulled down his shorts, revealing his naked body. The gesture wasn’t meant to entice, but Alex couldn’t help but notice just how attractive Eddie was. After all, Alex had been horny as hell when he went out… and the night was still going!

Eddie headed into the bathroom and began to run the water, testing the water to make sure it was just the right temperature. Alex watched from his bedroom, at first just to make sure Eddie had everything he needed. His attention, however, never ceased as he continued to watch Eddie shower himself off. As the dirt and the sweat washed off his body, Alex could see just how beautiful his was.

Eddie’s body was long and lean. In the shower, he appeared to be well proportioned, less hunched, fully embracing his frame. This chest was athletic, but not overly pumped. Even his stomach had the effortless look of youthful fitness; studded by a natural six pack that just barely shaped the contours of the skin. All across his torso was a scattering of dark hair, nestling closest to the center of his body, trailing down to his pubic hair and cock.

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Alex watched as Eddie turned off the shower. The water was dripping seductively from his steaming body, following the natural canals carved out by hair and muscle. Eddie stretched himself out as he toweled himself off, luxuriating in the softness of the plush fabric over his sensitive skin. It wasn’t until he wrapped it around his waist that he looked up and saw Alex watching him.

Alex’s initial reaction was to look away, embarrassed at having been caught. He didn’t want to come off like some kind of creep or predator… He really did want to help Eddie. But his baser, animal instincts couldn’t help but lust after the helpless stranger he’d brought home!

“It’s okay,” Eddie reassured him, walking from the bathroom into the bedroom. “I’m not embarrassed, neither should you.”

“Sorry, it’s just that… You’re very handsome. It’s not often a guy as attractive as you steps out of my shower.”

“I didn’t think you were going to the bar looking to just drink,” Eddie replied, teasing Alex a bit. Alex smiled. He liked that Eddie felt comfortable with him enough to tease him. It meant that he felt safe. He wanted that… He wanted to give him the chance to feel safe and protected.

“Fair enough, smart ass! Look… It’s been a long night, we should get some sleep before the sun comes up. The bed’s already made, so feel free to crash. I’m going to go make up the couch for myself.”

A pained look came across Eddie’s face. Eddie knew he shouldn’t, that it would be the worst idea possible, but his expression betrayed him. Eddie looked back at Alex with a sense of longing. It was a look of adoration. He couldn’t believe how big this man’s heart was to take him in… And then to not even demand anything in return. He was incredibly grateful… But also attracted to him.

“You–you don’t have to,” Eddie sheepishly answered, catching Alex’s eye only once he’d finished saying it.

“Don’t have to what?”

“The couch. I mean, it’s your place. I don’t want to kick you out of your bed.”

“Yeah, well, I can’t make you sleep on the couch. It’s not the most comfortable–”

“–No,” Eddie interrupted. “I mean, I don’t want you to sleep on the couch. I want you to sleep in your bed… With me.”

Alex looked at Eddie. He didn’t know what to say. Every action he could think to take seemed wrong and somehow improper. What kind of a person would he be if he took advantage of him? That’s not who he was, nor who he wanted to be! His mind began to race, trying to think of what to do. Eddie dropped his towel, stepped toward him, and took him by the hand.

“Sleep with me,” Eddie said softly, whispering the words with a quiet intimacy that made it seem more like a plea than a request. Alex felt the boy’s hand in his and he realized he couldn’t deny him. He would sleep with him… And make him feel safe.

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Alex offered Eddie some pajamas, but the summer air was still warm. It was going to be hard to sleep with just the blankets, leading the two of them to silently agree to sleeping naked. Alex was used to this, but he was still afraid of being too forward with his guest.

Still, once the lights went out and the two got into bed, their bodies seemed to pull together like two halves of a magnet. Alex felt Eddie slip into his body, spooning him from the front. His body was still so much warmer than normal, but not so much that it was uncomfortable. It was enough that it lulled Alex into a comforting state of bliss and contentment. He reached his arm around Eddie’s lean body, feeling his genitals press up against his backside. It was sweet… Nothing aggressive or demanding, just the soft caress of his cock against Eddie’s body. God, he thought, every night should end like this.

Eddie dozed off quickly, having not had a good rest since he left home. Alex was kind and handsome, and made him feel completely at ease. In his sleep, his mind began to think about him. His dreams filled with thoughts of kissing him, touching him, even making love with him. Deep down he knew this was impossible, but in his dreams, he could pretend that he and Alex could even become a couple!

His dreams became fuller and richer, becoming even more vivid and exciting. He could practically taste the sweet nectar as it poured out of Alex’s cock, licking it from him as he imagined what it would be like to take his penis in his mouth. His body moved in his sleep slightly, reacting to the imagined feeling of them making love, feeling Alex’s cock pierce his body and shoot a load deep inside him. It was then that he felt it… The trouble… The reason he knew he shouldn’t have come!

In the night, Eddie’s cock had become hard and swollen, dripping pre-cum as he fantasized about his impossible life. This was always a trigger for him, the reason he was on the street, the shame that he brought on his family. As his cock got harder, he felt the pressure building inside him. The familiar feeling of being on the edge of cumming… But not just in his loins, it was everywhere!

Eddie winced and clenched his teeth, trying hard to ride out the feeling; even maybe suppress it. Please, he thought. Not now! Give me this night… Please, give me this night! His body didn’t listen. It never listened!

As he lay in Alex’s arms, he felt his skin burning from deep within. It had become itchy, like it was being stung by thousands of nine volt batteries. Beneath the surface, he could feel the growing of new hairs, splintering out beneath the dermis, trying hard to break through with their coarse, dark follicles.

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He wanted to reach back and scratch, trying to both stop and expedite the hair’s emergence. The feeling extended out to his fingers, burning and buzzing as his hands became covered in fur. Rather than move, he stayed still as he tried not to wake his generous lover.

His nails took on a similar feeling, pushing out from his digits and taking on a pointed shape. Even the bones in his fingers began to ache and stretch, extending out a good inch or two further than they had been before. His freshly showered hands, softened and smoothed by the warm and soapy water, were now callused and hardened; taking on a rough and firm texture.

Huddled in a fetal position, he felt Alex hold him closer. He was seemingly unaware of his inopportune change or the fine fur that coated his shoulders and back. Alex’s arm just held him in place, as if sensing his desire to run away. Trapped, Eddie felt the tension in his face as his skull cracked and pushed out, building a tension behind his nose like a sneeze he could never get out.

As he came closer to the edge of releasing, the bridge of his nose extended out, pressing further into his pillow, and pushing his nostrils out past his mouth. The tip of his nose became dark and wet, picking up new scents and fragrances as it touched the night air. More potently, he could smell his cock. It was still rock hard and seeping pre-cum into the sheets of his host’s bed, which only fueled his transformation further and further!

Comic Book art (page 6)

Eddie’s eyes opened. He looked into the dark, moonlit room. It was now seemingly as bright as if it were day. His eyes had reformed deeper in his skull; they were bigger too, and now capable of detecting the smallest levels of ambient light. Surrounding them were large dark, furry circles, as if he’d slipped on a black velvet mask in the night.

His body was more alive and awake than it had been hours before then. His heart pumped the charged blood through his body, exciting him and compelling his newly sprouted hairs to stand at attention. Every breeze and breath that came from Alex stirred him, making him feel closer to him. All the while, he knew that if he saw who he was–what he was–that he’d turn him away and reject him… Just like his family!

Alex tossed in his sleep, letting out a soft moan as he turned on his side. Eddie hid himself under the covers, clutching on to the blanket to shield his truth. It was no use, however… His nocturnal face wasn’t something he could hide like a surprised erection. Even his hands were long and pointed with new dexterity and strength, telling the tale of his nature… His promethean nature.

“Can’t sleep?” Alex whispered, his back still facing Eddie. “Me neither. I apologize, for some reason, I’m hornier than I expected.”

Alex turned over and looked at Eddie. He stared into his eyes, frozen for a moment as he saw the animal face that returned his gaze. This is it, Eddie thought. He’s going to throw me out. My hero, my savior…

Alex, to his surprise, just continued to look at him. His expression was focused, as if he was doing math in his head, adding the details together. Alex saw the familiar reflection in Eddie’s eyes, the same one that had drawn him to Eddie in the first place. He leaned up in bed, slightly holding himself up with his hands. As he placed his right hand down, he realized he’d inadvertently placed it between Eddie’s legs, just south of his massive erection.

Even in the dark room, Alex could feel the impressive rise in the sheets. He realized that he wasn’t the only aroused one. Looking down, he slowly pulled the fabric away, revealing Eddie’s boner. In the faint glow of the night, he saw it glistening with pre-cum, seeping from the tip of his penis like a freshly tapped maple tree.

He took the shaft into his hand. It was hard, but still somehow soft to the touch. It radiated heat, just like the rest of Eddie’s body. He looked down at Eddie, seeing the fear and terror in his eyes. Eddie was covered in fur, his face had shape-shifted to become something other than human; but in his big, round, and expressive eyes, Alex could see that he was scared of him. Alex realized that he might be the monster in that bed!

Alex understood now… His family, his pain, his scavenging in the alley. It all made sense to him! Once again, he was in the position of trying not to do the wrong thing. His feelings hadn’t changed. If anything, he was more drawn to this beautiful creature! He wanted to protect him and make him feel safe. He was attracted to this adorable boy and suddenly felt like he desperately wanted to kiss him!

He closed his eyes and leaned in, pressing his mouth against Eddie’s. His mouth felt different… Softer maybe, but he took his tongue into his mouth all the same. With Eddie’s cock in his hand, Alex kissed him passionately, pressing the back of his head deeper into the pillow as he laid his weight on him. He’d never kissed a promethean before! Maybe it was because it was new, but it was incredibly exciting.

As Eddie took a breath and relaxed, he opened himself to be loved by Alex. He needed to be loved more than anything else; and here, in this room, he had the chance to feel that!

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Eddie looked into Alex’s eyes, and felt a stirring in his heart that moved down to his loins…

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Cuddled together, they gently caught their breath as they fell back to sleep…

TO BE CONTINUED… Chapter 2 will be posted here soon!

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