Hell Week (AKA The Ultimate Haze)

By DMears
published June 21, 2019

Detectives Wilkins and Carter find themselves on the wrong side of a case involving frat initiations gone wrong.

Detective Andrew Wilkins and his partner, Detective Jonathan Carter, have been assigned a truly unusual case. Over the last few weeks a couple distinguished professors from the University of Charlotte have gone missing without a trace. Not a single clue as to what happened, the only piece of information they have centers on one of the university’s many frats. Funny enough, it’s the campuses most popular frat: Alpha Tau Omega, ATO for short. These professors (Dr. William Gaines, age 65, and Dr. Terrence Mallard, age 54) have little in common. Gaines teaches psychology while Mallard teaches trigonometry so they have little reason to ever interact. No, the only thing they had in common was a shared hatred for this fraternity. The number of complaints these two filed against the frat is staggering, everything ranging from falling to sleep in class to full on skipping class for fraternity activities. Rumor has it they were close to forcing the administration to take action when they disappeared. Without any other leads, the detectives figured they might as well take a look into it.

Wilkins is as seasoned as they come, just turned 51 last week but has been on the force since he finished college. He has been called one of the sharpest minds in the field with a body that matches. He truly is the epitome of a gray fox.

Carter isn’t lacking in either of these fields himself. Sure he looks a little more weathered than normal for people his age, just turned 46 himself, but he makes it work. After toiling years away as a social worker he decided a switch was in order. When he got into public service it was to change the world for the better but didn’t find that fulfillment until he made it into the police academy. Here he has a chance to fix this broken world and hopefully teach dumb kids a lesson in being law-abiding citizens.

Together these two make quite the team, having solved more cases than anyone else in their department. Sure they might have gone a little overboard with a few of them. One time they arrested a kid who was dealing weed but planted cocaine on him to get him a harsher sentence. The way they see it, if ya wanna do the crime then you deserve to do all the time. Maybe if they have enough suspicion with this frat they can get it shutdown, or at least cause them a lot of grief. They aren’t the biggest fans of frats either.

As they pull up to the frat house, an uneasy feeling washes over the car.

“Wilkins?” Carter asks.

With a cigarette in his mouth. “Yeah?”

“I got a bad feeling about this place.”

“You say that all the time.”

“And I’m always right.”

“You’ll never hear me say those words.” Wilkins grins back.

“Whatever, let’s just make this quick. If these guys know something then we’ll need to work fast.” Carter bitingly responds.

“Got the baggy?”

Carter pulls out a small bag of ecstasy from his pocket. Wilkins gives him a sly grin then Carter puts it back. Things go according to plan, they’ll “find” this bag on one of the frat boys and they’ll have probable cause to search the place. They get out of the car and ascend the steps to this actually nice looking frat house, a lot cleaner than they were anticipating. However, once they get close enough to the door the sound of thumping music can be heard through the walls. Before they even have to spend a second trying to be heard over the noise, someone opens the door. A handsome young man with jeans but no shirt on and a backwards cap that reveals his dirty-blond hair.

“I’m guessing you aren’t here to drop off the pizza.” The young man says.

Both detectives shake their heads.

“We’re here investigating the disappearance of a couple professors. We understand they had some issues with your fraternity.” Wilkins says with almost too much venom in his voice. He truly does hate this stuff.

The young man sighs, “Okay, follow me.”

The three go into the house where the music is blasting off all cylinders. They eventually find their way into a room where a bunch of guys are playing beer pong. Someone waves the young man over.

“Hey Will! Hurry up, go back to your spot. You’re already behind.”

“Oh shit!” the young man, who’s name is Will apparently, yells out loud. He rushes over to the table and starts playing along with the other frat bros, most of whom are in various states of undress. The man who waved Will over notices the detectives, he’s clearly intrigued by these two.

“Can I help you?” he asks them.

“Yes, my name is Detective Carter and this my partner Detective Wilkins.”

“Ohh, partners?” the man replies teasingly.

“Do we look like a couple of fairies to you?” Wilkins harshly responds back.

“Whoa, whoa, okay calm down. Sorry just having a little fun. I’m Calvin Simmons, president of Alpha Tau Omega.” He’s a very handsome man, showing off all of his assets for the world to see. Just his very presence screams alpha.

“The entire thing?” Wilkins asks in a sarcastic manner. This disrespect does not go over Calvin’s head.

“No, just this chapter but I’m sure your keen sleuthing skills would’ve deduced that sooner or later.” Calvins bites back.

Wilkins turns a little red but Carter holds him back. Carter’s a little red too though, this is going to be a long day.

“We are here investigating the disappearances of two professors from this university.” Wilkins says.

“Oh yeah, Dr. Gaines and Dr. Mallard, it was really upsetting to hear what happened. I hope they’re alright.”

“That’s what we’re hoping too. We understand there were some… tensions between your fraternity and these two professors. Can you tell us anything about that?” Carter asks.

“Hmm, I mean it’s no secret they didn’t like us that much but they weren’t really fans of any fraternity on campus. Which also meant they had a lot of people who didn’t like them in return.”

“Can’t really blame them, can you?” Wilkins smugly responds.

Calvin takes a moment to process this, it’s clear this man does not like being here very much.

“Not a fraternity fan either it seems. Shame. Maybe in another life you guys could join us and see things aren’t as bad as you think. Isn’t that right Terry?”

One of the frat pledges finishes downing another cup and slams it down. He woos, bumping his fists in the air then drunkenly looks around. “Someone say my name?” The guy looks incredibly innocent, but still really hot. With how drunk he’s getting it’s safe to say he’s having a good time.

“Sorry about them, hell week here so we’ve gotta run all the new recruits through the gauntlet.”

“So these are pledges doing this?” Carters asks. Calvin just nods his head. Wilkins and Carter look at each other and smile. Didn’t need the ecstasy after all.

“Alright then, if that’s the case we’re placing you all under arrest. These are minors and they shouldn’t be anywhere near this crap.” Wilkins smugly announces to the room.

Everything goes quiet. All the frat guys stop what they’re doing, they even turn the music off. Everyone is terrified what this means for them. Everyone, except for Calvin that is. He looks as calm as can be.

“Oh detectives, no need for that. Is there anything else we can do to help remedy the situation?” Calvin asks through a small smile.

The detectives just look at each other, surprised Calvin is acting this calm. Maybe he’s the one their after.

“Well maybe we can let this slide if… if you have any info on the missing professors.” Carter says.

“Hmm, that sounds like a tempting offer sir but maybe we could do something else?”

The detectives stand there, stunned.

“Listen hear ya little shit, tell us what we wanna know or we’re carting all of your asses away! Understood?” Wilkins yells.

“One more second and… done.” Calvin says looking at his Apple Watch.

“What are you-” Carter stops talking. Almost like he’s been frozen solid.

“Carter? Carter what’s wrong?” Wilkins asks.

No response.

“Car-” Wilkins freezes too.

Both men stand there, unable to do anything but watch as Calvin snaps his fingers, signaling the other frat guys over to them. All of the frat guys start pouring beer all over the detectives and their clothes. They rub the beer everywhere. Into their hair, their backs, their legs, with extra care to get right into their butts. Calvin takes a few steps forward and slowly massages their dicks through the pants, rubbing the beer in there as well. The men gasp, both from stimulation their dicks feel but also from the invasion of space. Calvin leans in really closely and whispers to both of them.

“Welcome to hell week pledges.”

As soon as he says that, all of the frat guys step away, back to their games, while Calvin stays to watch. The music turns back on, it’s a party again. First the years of hard earned age starts disappearing. Wilkins stares at Carter, and Carter does the same, both horrified how quickly they are losing everything they’ve ever worked for. The gray in both of their hair gives way to the lush brown taking it’s place. What little fat they have just from being older melts away as they lose a couple inches of height but not much. All wrinkles smooth out until they completely disappear. By this point all of Carter’s facial hair has completely receded back in his skin while Wilkins’, since there’s already hardly anything there, just turns into light brown scruff. Finally, the physical changes end once Wilkins shrinks till he’s right below Carter’s height. They both now resembled themselves back in their freshman days of college. They prayed those were the end of the changes, they weren’t.

Next to change were their outfits. The simple but mature suit look of grown detectives began vanishing from their bodies. Their proper ties dissolve into simple string that falls away. Their button-down shirts and jackets turn to dust. Even their undershirts fade away, revealing their newly defined bodies. Their wonderful dress shoes are chipped away until they are now wearing cozy-looking flip flops. Their dark dress pants shrink and change color until they were now wearing short bathing suits. Carter feels the zipper on his pants disappear, replaced with an orange lace that goes perfectly with the bright blue swim trunks he’s now wearing. Meanwhile, Wilkins feels the plastic button holding his pants together fall off only to be replaced with an untied black lace. Needless to say, his tiny green swimming trunks don’t leave much to the imagination. The final things to change for these two were the appearances of a red cap for Carter, and an updated hairstyle for Wilkins as his tradition cut is replaced with something more modern with the sides completely shaved off. One look at them and you would never believe they used to be the competent, yet kinda crooked, detectives they once were.

It was done. Their transformations were nearly complete. Calvin stood there enjoying his creations. With the snap of his fingers, the two, now young, men unfreeze. They study themselves in extreme bafflement and horror.

“Wi-Wilkins?” Carter asks in a somewhat higher and also bro-y type voice.

“Ca-Carter?” Wilkins responds but his voice is less bro-y than it is just youthful.

The two look towards Calvin and start to rush him.

“Nu uh.” Calvin holds up a hand. The two men stop. They struggle against their invisible binds.

“What’s… happening?” Carter struggles against whatever force is holding him back.

“You both wanted to know what happened to the professors, well, now you know.”

“What…” Wilkins says. After a moment of silence he looks at Terry and Will. Both still playing their game and having a fun time.

“It’s them.”

“What?” Carter asks. Clearly he has something else on his mind.

“The missing professors, it’s those two. Aren’t they?”

“What are you talking about? They don’t look like professors… anymore.” Calvin smirks.

“Jesus Christ.” Carter breathes.

“You can’t do this, people will look for us! They know we came here and-” Wilkins gets cut off.

“And they’ll keep looking, so on and so on. Yeah yeah. I get it. Look, we tried being reasonable with those two. We did our best to pacify them but they didn’t listen. Instead they tried to shut us down so… we made them see the beauty of joining a frat. Sadly I can only alter so much, erasing them from existence is power beyond what I have. However, I could start them up with new lives, new names, new… everything.”

“Wha-what does that mean? Everything?” Carter shakily asks.

“I’m a nice guy, I don’t wanna ruin anyone’s life, especially when there are so many great prospective pledges running around. No, instead I gave them a chance to know each other better. Give them a chance to gain something else in common than a hatred for fraternity life.”

The three of them watch as Will walks over to Terry and whispers something in his ear. Terry laughs. Will kisses him. Wilkins and Carter are aghast.

“Is that what you’re planning for us?” Carter asks.

“You two will make such a cute couple.”

“NO! Stop this now! Listen here you little shit. Turn us back to normal now. Cause they’ll come looking for us and when they do-”

“What? You’ll turn me in? Let me ask you this: how can you turn me in when you don’t even remember who you really are?”

Wilkins face turns white.

“Besides, even if you did remember, something tells me your boyfriend would be too deep in your ass for you to even care. Hey Jonny, help relieve Andy of his stress, would ya?”

At this point, Carter, or as he’s now known, Jonny, finally starts moving and goes over to his partner. Pure desire fuels his every step and breath.

“You have to fight it!” Andy bellows.

“I can’t man. God it’s so strong. And you are… you are so hot too.” Jonny replies, lust filling every letter in his voice.

“Please, you have to-”

Jonny has started massaging Andy’s balls, such an intense wave of euphoria washes over the two of them. Their breathing gets a little heavier as they stand there. Jonny gently tugs on Andy’s dick, causing him to yelp a little.

“There ya go boys, just enjoy the ride. That’s it.” Calvin whispers to them as he takes out his phone to film. “Something tells me you’ll both make wonderful additions to the ATO brotherhood.”

“Jon-Jonny… I mean….. look, you, ugh, you have to stop. Snap out of it! We have to… to get out of here.” Andy barely gets through.

“Oh fuck man, you’re so hard.” Jonny moans.

“No, Jonny please we have-” Andy is cut off for the last time as Jonny dives onto his lips. For the first time in a while Andy is able to move. But instead of pushing him off, he brings his hands up to Jonny’s smooth face and rubs every last inch of him. Starting with his glorious cheeks to his impeccable pecs and abs. Eventually he starts jacking him off through his shorts, eliciting a powerful moan from Jonny.

Meanwhile, all of the other frat guys have stopped what they’re doing to watch their new pledges have so much fun. A couple people wolf-whistle while others just start rubbing their own hard-ons, Calvin is still filming it all. The perfect smile on his face.

Jonny and Andy continue making out, breathing getting heavier, and heavier, and heavier. Jonny sticks his hand into Andy’s pants and jerks him off. Andy can’t help but moan the most intense noise in return.

“Ya like that baby?” Jonny whispers.

“Yes. Keep going.” Andy moans out.

“Beg me for it.”

“Please. Oh please.”

“Beg me to take you.”

“Take me. I want you inside me. Now.”

At that moment Jonny forces Andy onto the floor, tongues still flying, lips still smacking. Jonny breaks the kiss to kiss down Andy’s body. With every kiss, Andy’s panting gets higher and higher. He moves down the neck, then his hard chest, his gorgeous abs, until he’s right above the pants. He slowly lowers them and kisses all around his groin. He then tears the trunks off so Andy is completely naked now. When Jonny takes an entire ball in his mouth it nearly destroys Andy. Still holding on though. Jonny slowly moves up his shaft, kissing every inch of it until he reaches the head. With one final kiss he plunges the dick into his mouth, giving Andy the best blow-job ever. Andy writhes on the ground as Calvin gets closer with his phone, filming Andy’s reaction.

“Having fun down there?” Calvins asks through a grin.

“Yes sir.” Andy moans.

“Good, just keep it up. Keep it up.”

At this point Jonny stops and moves back on top of Andy, some pre-cum drips from his mouth. They continue kissing as Andy helps Jonny take off his trunks as well. Once gone, the two grind into each other, making sure to feel every single thrust of the other person’s beautiful, sweaty body and wonderful dick. After a moment of this, they break away, heavy breathing at an all-time high. Jonny lifts Andy’s legs up and lines his dick up along Andy’s asshole. As he slowly pushes it in, Andy moans tiny sounds of pain and pleasure. A sound that proves the old Wilkins is gone, cause he’d never be caught making such an effeminate noise.

Once all the way in, Jonny slowly thrusts in and out. After getting a steady rhythm going he goes faster. And faster. And faster. Until the only sounds that can be heard are the slapping of flesh on flesh. Andy moans louder and louder, never wanting this feeling to end.

“Ya like this bitch?” Jonny asks.

“Yes daddy, oh please keep going.”

Jonny slows down to a halt but keeps his dick inside Andy. Andy looks up, panting from being out of breath but doesn’t have the energy to ask why he stopped. Jonny motions for his shorts and Terry pushes them his way. Inside is a little bag of ecstasy pills. Andy smiles a big smile. Jonny pops one in his mouth and starts pounding away again. After a moment of sucking on the pill, he leans down, holds his tongue out for Andy who, as stable as he can being rocked back and forth, gets the tongue in his mouth for a brief make-out session before taking the remains of the pill.

Calvin continues watching and filming while all of the other guys have gotten into the bag of ecstasy pills and start passing them around. Terry and Will grab a couple and have a fun time playing with each other. Normally those two would be the only thing Calvin could care about but right now, he’s immensely enjoying the show the new recruits are putting on.

After another minute of pounding Andy senseless, the two of them feel the effects of the ecstasy and can’t believe how amazing they feel right now. However, they do see some weird shit like how the other person looks like some older version of themselves telling them to stop. Why would they stop? They feel so good right now.

With those final thoughts the hallucinations melt away, revealing themselves for who they truly are: totally gay frat bros who have been together since the start of the school year and will be for as long as they want. The pounding has slowed to a final couple thrusts as Jonny gets closer and closer. Andy is jerking himself off so hard it’s amazing he hasn’t torn his dick off yet. With one final, powerful thrust and grunt, Jonny cums all inside Andy, while Andy, in one final moan, cums all over himself. Jonny falls on top of Andy, his dick falling out, both of them out of breath and sweaty. Jonny kisses Andy one last time.

“You… uh, you were awesome.” Jonny says.

“Not so bad yourself tiger.” Andy responds.

The young men smile and get up. Calvin hands them their swimming trunks, a smile on his face and a hard-on he needs to tend to.

“How do you guys feel?” he asks.

“I feel… I don’t know. I feel good. Better than I have in a long time actually.” Andy says.

“Same here. Like this was a long time coming.” Jonny adds on. Andy playfully punches him in the arm. Jonny laughs.

“Just gotta say that was some awesome shit. I think it’s safe to say you guys survived hell week pretty alright so far. Keep up the good work and you’ll be Alpha Omegas in no time.” Calvin says.

Andy notices Calvin’s hard-on and bites his lip. “Need any help with that… sir?” Andy says innocently. Calvin laughs and walks up to Andy, grabs his bulge, eliciting a gasp from him then leans very closely to him.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself pledge. Otherwise I might have to extend your hell week. Wouldn’t want that, would we?” he whispers into Andy’s ear, then gives his bulge a little squeeze, making Andy squirm with excitement. Jonny is just watching it all unfold, slowly teasing his own bulge. This looks like some fun he wants to jump in on.

“No sir, maybe not.” Andy moans.

“Good.” Calvin releases Andy from his grasp, but something tells him Andy’s the one who he’ll have most control over, and he can’t wait to take advantage of that. “Like I said, keep up the good work.” He winks then walks away but stops then turns back to them.

“You two make a cute couple. Remember that.” Then continues walking away.

The two young men can barely contain their excitement. They hug each other, Jonny picking Andy up for a little spin and once they land he can’t help but lay a big kiss on him.

“Damn, I can’t get over how awesome that was. Really liked the ‘daddy’ ya threw in there.” Jonny says.

“Thanks, yeah what can I say? Kinda lost in the moment. It was… yeah. Just amazing.” Andy replies back.

“Maybe we can do a little more role-play later. I have some handcuffs we could try out if ya want?” Jonny teases.

“Sounds like fun officer.” Andy teases back.

They both stand there for a moment before they’re interrupted by the sounds of Terry and Will calling them over.

“Hey guys, something tells me you’re a little worn out now but… would ya both be interested in hanging out with us later?” Terry says. Will sucks on a straw, even though there is clearly nothing in his glass.

Andy and Jonny look down at their already returning boners and smile at each other. Maybe they’ll be ready sooner than they thought. Thank God they decided to pledge for Alpha Omega. No other place for guys like them, that’s for sure.

Author’s Note: If you enjoyed this please let me know! If there’s enough demand maybe I’ll write a prequel showing how Terry and Will got to be a part of this esteemed fraternity. ;-)

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