Scally submission

By sneakerdom published October 24, 2016

Two scally lads get humiliated by mind control in the gym by someone they bullied

Hi guys, this is the first story I have submitted on the www :D I’ve been into this stuff for a long time and decided I wanted to have a go. I would love some feedback and hope you enjoy it.

Ben and Jake walked into the gym as usual at 8h30 on Thursday, they came regularly enough and I made sure I was the one on the desk when they did. They were the perfect example of two scally lads in tracksuits. Cocky and sexy at the same time. With a nice set of muscles each even though Ben was the most buffed up of the two. Jake was the “brains” or as I would say “the mean bully who had tormented me through school”. Ben as well, but he had just followed lead because he was dumb.

I was a skinny type, I just couldn’t seem to build muscle, but I wasn’t ridiculous either. I was taller than both of them but it hadn’t stopped them flattening me again the lockers when they walked past for a laugh. They recognised me of course, but mostly just sneered as they went by. Once I was in the locker room and they threw their sweaty towels in my face before leaving, while laughing their heads off.

But this was my part time job, I was doing a masters in psychology and specifically deep wave hypnosis. And as everyone knows, practice makes perfect. and no one was a better test subject than the reluctant scallies that had made my life misery !

For the past month I had swapped the CD playing music when they arrived. Full of subliminal suggestions, being carful that only Ben and Jake were affected. I didn’t want the whole gym to be psychologically modified… At least not yet I chuckled.

When they walked in Jake was wearing a black nike tracksuit bottom, a dark grey adidas hoodie with black sleeves and a pair of grey and white Nike air max 95 trainers. Ben had a black adidas tracksuit bottom, an oversized white and grey adidas hoodie with the adidas logo printed in blue on the front, and he too had a pair of Nike air max 95 trainers but in black and red. They were really the matching pair of cocky lads, walking with swagger towards the locker room as if they owned the place. They would be pathetic once I was finished with them.

An hour later they seemed to have finished pumping their muscles. I had to force myself to not just gaze straight at them, especially as they had put tank tops on, Jake a black Nike one, and Bed a white Under armour model. I couldn’t leave the desk, I had an embarrassing boner to hide.

They traipsed off to the showers, and I was left overlooking two regulars who usually finished last. I changed back the CD. I think the deep waves hypnosis must have taken hold by now. I just didn’t know how to seize the moment. I had thought of showing up at their flat share, but I was terrified that if I had made the slightest mistake they would beat me to a pulp.

My mind turned to this evening, I would lock up and then wander off to my flat… I was brought back from my day dreaming by Michael, a regular : “Bye Mathew, see ya around” he hollered before walking out the door with his buddy. “Yep, good evening” I replied.

I looked around the gym, my heart was pounding. It was only me, Jake and Ben. They must be finished their showers by now, if I wanted to do something it was now or never. They would be leaving soon. I was nervous, what if nothing had been assimilated by the trance waves? I made a decision, I was going to try, otherwise I may never pluck up the courage to do anything.

I got off my stool and went to the locker room. They were indeed there, just putting on their hoodies. Damn I missed an opportunity to see them naked, that would have been hot. Never mind.

“What do you want faggot?” Shot Jake, glancing at Ben with a smile, Ben laughed “Yeah trying to see what a real man looks like? Giggled Ben.

I blushed. This was the moment of truth. My heart was about to rip itself out of my chest if it beat any faster. “You know I deserve more respect, you’re going to say sorry, you’re going to be sorry” I said through gritted teeth.

They both laughed at this. “BenButt” I said clearly looking straight a Ben. “What did you call me?” he said advancing towards me with his cocky attitude. “BenButt” I repeated, “That’s what you are, and I own your ass” I said firmly, I was nervous inside but I knew I mustn’t show it. He lumbered towards me, “on your knees” I said.

And there was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Ben almost fell to his knees as Jake looked on with astonishment. “What the fuck?” said Ben, he paused and then lunged forwards on his knees. “You can’t hurt me, you can’t touch me unless I allow you to” I said looking down at him.

He arrived at my feet and looked up at me with fury, flexing his muscles but powerless. It had worked ! I laughed out loud. “How are you doing this” said Ben though gritted teeth.

“you’ve just recognised I’m your superior and you have to submit !” I said gleefully. “You’ll be my bodyguard and protect me from now on” I said as Ben still looked confused.

“Dude what are you doing?” said Jake suddenly finding his voice, he looked angry and a bit worried. “I don’t know” he wailed. “Fine, you’ll pay for this Matty” said Jake evilly. And he advanced towards me with his fists in a ball showing the virile male he was.

But then Ben stood up and pinned Jake to the wall just before he got to me. “What are you doing?” Jake yelled. “I can’t help it” Ben said through gritted teeth. They were both struggling against the wall but Ben, acting as my bodyguard as instructed, was stronger. I had made the right choice of who to enslave first.

I walked towards them. “Yeah that’s right Ben you can’t resist anything I say anymore”. I reached out and felt his nice rounded cheek buttocks. “Stop it” he yelled “I don’t want this”.

“Are you sure? I could make you want it…” I said in his ear. “No please don’t do this” said Ben in a smaller voice this time. I reached round to his package and slipped my hand inside his tracksuit. He had a nicely hung dick just as I expected. He was powerless as he kept his best friend pinned to the wall as I touched his genitals. The feeling of power was so intense.

I took out a pair of hand cuffs and locked Jake to the piping on the wall. Then I want to sit on a bench. As Ben no longer needed to protect me from Jake who was now cuffed he stood there in the middle of the room dumbly. “Come on Ben, come suck my dick !” I said gleefully. “No way, stop this, please, I’m not a fagot” he pleaded, but already his body was obeying me and he walked towards me and got to his knees. “please, I’m sorry for all the shit I’ve done, I will nev-“ he stuttered, but got cut off as his mouth took my cock. He sucked on it back and forth mechanically. I realised I needed to be more precise with my orders. “Suck on my cock as if it was a precious toy, you want to give me pleasure, you want to make me cum BenButt” I said using his trigger name to reinforce the order. And he did, suddenly I could feel his tongue all over my helmet. He was sucking as if his life depended on it.

I looked down at the scally, once an alpha male in his tracksuit and Nike sneakers, now just a bitch at my service, I could feel the excitement coming and I exploded with cum in his mouth. He looked disgusted. “Swallow it bitch !” I exclaimed. And he did, he looked up at me terrified, he realised the power I had over him while being totally conscient of his actions. I laughed. I felt a bit out of it having cum so much. But I was not going to stop the fun there. I had seen Jake trying to release himself from the cuffs.

“Looks like your friend Jake needs some soothing, go and suck him off Ben” I said slyly. “Shit no, fuck off” screamed Jake. “I’m going to kill you” he shot at me. I just laughed. “Don’t do it man, stop it, you’ve got to fight the shit” Jake said pleadingly to Ben. “I can’t, I can’t help myself, I obey everything he says” said Ben like a beaten man as he pulled down his friends trackies and boxers to reveal his cock which he promptly stuck in his mouth. Jake couldn’t do anything about it.

Watching these two chavs getting and giving a blowjob was so horny. I was getting hard again. Maybe it was time to submit the both of them. I still hadn’t triggered Jake.

“So Jake what do you think? Want to be one of my beta slaves?” I said gleefully. “Fuck you, I’ll never obey you, you faggy bitch” He shot back. The situation was comic with his friend sucking him off while he was powerless to stop it.

“That’s not very nice Jake. We need to change those manners. Maybe you should be the faggy bitch?” I laughed. “Imagine yourself being submitted to Ben, how would you like that?” I asked.

“I’m the top dog” Jake snarled, “I’ll never submit to anyone” he added. A thought came to my head, I could submit them, but why not get them to submit to each other? That would be hot !

I have something of a feet fetish so why not have some fun. “It’s time to decide which position you will have in my collection of scally slaves” I said standing up. “You can stop now Ben” I said. “you mother fucker, I hate you” he replied as soon as he was off his friends dick. “Now now, we don’t want anymore punishment do we?” I said slyly. There was plenty more of that on the way I thought. Ben looked down ashamed of himself while controlling his anger.

I approached Jake. I stood right next to him and whispered his trigger phrase into his ear. “JakeBitch”. He looked shocked and terrified realising that was how I had enslaved Ben. “No…” he trailed away. “Yes you obey my orders now Jake, and you can’t hurt me either” I chuckled as I uncuffed him.

“Now sit down against the lockers both of you” they sat down looking scared while looking at each other. “Things are going to change around here. You already obey me, but you going to become willing slaves. You’ll remember what happened of course, I want you to feel humiliated” I said sitting down opposite them on a bench. “You’re going to find me irresistible, I’ll drive you wild, you won’t be able to cum without thinking of me” I said.

I kicked off my Air Jordan IV so they lay in front of them, I had worn my socks while training earlier in the gym so the smell of sweat was strong. “Fuck you, I’ll never be your slave, fag” said Jake. He obviously hadn’t been under the effects of obedience as Ben had and still had some fight in him.

“When I’m finished you’ll be begging to serve me, JakeBitch. You’re both addicted to my smell, my pheromones. My sweat” I could see the looks on they faces changing, as if to sniff the air to see if there was any of these scents hanging around. “You’ll want to sniff it, inhale it”. Suddenly Ben seemed to break, he was so dumb I wasn’t surprised his mind was the first to give in to my suggestions. He grabbed one of my Air Jordans and stuck it right up to his face. I smirked and looked over at Jake. He had fury in his eyes, but I could tell he was loosing the battle too. He glanced over at Ben and suddenly looked jealous, he finally snatched the other Air Jordan up and shoved it to his nose. The sight was so horny, both of them hogging one of my sneakers. “The smell is so strong it’s overpowering you mind. My scent is stronger than your will” they both looked at me with beaten looks over the sneakers. “You’ll do anything for that scent, submit to it, obey it, worship it” I continued to break them down.

“Once you smell that aroma directly from my body you will be sexually enslaved to me, forever” I said hardly being able to control myself. I raised my socked feet into the air in front of their faces. There was a moment of hesitation, but then looking at each other, they dived towards my feet controlled by the stronger scent than that was offered by my sneakers. Ben was already taking my sock off after burying his face in my sweaty heel. Jake followed suit. I had finally had my soles pressed against their faces. Their dicks had come to life as well, I could tell that they were growing though their trackies. Ben had even started touching himself. “Enough bitches” I said as I lowered my feet to the floor. They looked so disappointed. “You’re my sex bitch’s now !” I exclaimed.

“But one of you is going to be a total bitch while the other can dominate the other slave… Who will it be?” The looks on their faces were perfect, looking terrified. “Well I suppose it will be whoever can overpower the other with their man scent !” I said gleefully.

Jake of course understood the first while Ben just looked confused. Jake wanted to keep some of his dignity and didn’t want to be submitted to his friend when he was once the top dog, and had no trouble stabbing Ben in the back. He whipped off one of his Nike Air Max 95 and shoved it towards Ben’s face. I laughed “If you smell the others scent for a full 10 seconds then you are his!” I added gleefully.

But Ben had brute strength on his side and pushed Jake away, the sneaker went flying. Ben grasped for his black and red sneaker and pinned Jake to the floor as he put his Nike to his friends nose. “I’m sorry dude, but I’ve had enough of following your orders” Ben said though gritted teeth. Jake was going berserk, and finally managed to get a hold of his other sneaker and forced it on Ben. But the 10 seconds were up. “Stop it” growled Ben, and Jake went totally limp. Ben looked shocked, Jake had literally obeyed him. “Please don’t do this” pleaded Jake looking up at Ben.

“Don’t do what?” I chimed. “Ben always wanted your arse, he is 100% gay” I said, and as I did I could see Ben’s vision cloud over as the lust for Jake rewrote his memories. His cock was now a mountain in his trackies. “Yeah Jake, I want you, so turn over and let me have your tight arse” said Ben greedily, and Jake obeyed, powerless to stop it.

Ben ripped down Jake’s tracksuit bottoms and whipped his dick out. He spat in Jake’s arse and then impailed him on his giant dick. Jake screamed out but there was nothing he could do as Ben rocked him back and forth. But soon Jake was moaning in synchro with Ben’s thrusts. Ben looked around and suddenly found what he was looking for, my Air Jordan sneakers. He put it up to his face to inhale my manly odours while not stopping ploughing his friend.

This was going to be such fun.

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