A Brief Change

By MicroModal
published June 18, 2019

Have you ever discovered that the underwear you are wearing is not yours?

The plane reached 10,000 feet and we were all informed that we can begin using our laptops. My tray table went down and I pulled my notebook out from my bag under the seat in front of me and powered up. I popped in my earbuds and turned on the Bluetooth feature on my laptop searching for connections. Of course, my earbuds popped up, top of the list, but I did not automatically select them. I was searching for something else, or more specifically, someone else.

The list of available devices began to populate; Angie’s headphones - probably not, Jack’s Red Beat Phones - that’s fairly specific, nope. There, fourth down on the list, Brandon’s buds. I couldn’t be sure of course, but the guy sitting in front of me looked like he could be a “Brandon”, yeah, let’s go with that. I clicked on the name and received a message “This device is already paired to another source, disconnect? (Y/N)”. I tapped “No” and immediately received a new inquiry, “Dual Pair? (Y/N)”. To this prompt I answered “Yes”. After a brief connecting period I received the notification “Dual Pairing Complete.”

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve never noticed that message on your device. Well, let me save you a few minutes of scrolling thru your interface, it isn’t there. The Dual Pairing function is a special tool which I developed on my own. It allows me to sync up my devices with Bluetooth capable speakers and headsets that are already in use by someone else. This function then allows me to subtly imbed another track with the audio already streaming, let’s say in this case, a track composed of binaural beats.

The basic track is fairly innocuous. It consists of a pattern of beats designed to put the listener into a very relaxed, meditative state. If I send out only the base track, the listener will experience a very relaxing, somewhat zoned out light trance, and the end of the track simply reinforces a general feeling of calm and wellbeing.

I travel quite extensively for work and had spent many flights next to nervous travelers who would spend the entire flight fidgeting, staring out the window, asking me if I had just felt that bump or heard that noise. Having an interest in hypnosis for self help and a budding fascination with the new science of binaural beats, I decided to see if I could create something to help calm these anxious people.

What I had not originally intended but later discovered was that once I had calmed people down, they became very…hmm….pliant? I remember after one of my first tests when a woman had voluntarily played the file to try and calm her nerves that after 20 minutes she was visibly relaxed. She took out her ear buds and thanked me, saying nothing had ever helped her so much. I responded that I was happy to have been able to help and somewhat jokingly commented to her, “See, I bet you want travel by plane all of the time now!” A vacant look came across her face and she replied back in a monotone voice, “I want to travel by plane all of the time now.” A bit of questioning helped me to understand that yes, I had planted this suggestion with my simple comment. This had the makings of a problem, and, some interesting possibilities.

With an understanding of what I had unintentionally done, I worked to tweak the track to limit the length of this suggestibility period to the duration of the beats. When the track stopped the listener would not be left wide open to the random suggestions of the next person to speak to them. However, while the track was playing…

So, back to Brandon. He’s been listening to the track for about 15 minutes and it’s time for me to start the second file. I say Second, but I have a library of about 75 files now that I can add to the induction depending on what I’m trying to effect. In Brandon’s case, I had noticed him in the gate waiting area. He was about 28, 5’10", around 160 lbs with a nice build. He had dark brown hair, cut short with that longer portion that stands up and out over his forehead like a little sun shade. He was just getting the beginnings of a tan and it nicely set off his green eyes. His overall build was nice, clearly he worked out some, with biceps that slightly stretched the sleeve cuffs of his short sleeve polo.

What really caught my eye about Brandon though was his ass. No offense to Steve Rogers, but Brandon had America’s ass and it was drawing my eyes to it like a magnet. Full round globes beneath a slim 32" waist that were firm and rippled beneath his khakis as he walked. I’m sure you probably think you know where I’m going with this, but I might surprise you. I was a man on a mission and I had to know what kind of underwear he was wearing.

As nice as his body was/is, I had no illusions about having a tryst at 30,000 feet with him. However, since underwear is one of my particular turn ons, there was no need. All I really needed was to get him out of his pants…and underwear. This is where my second file kicked in. Over the next 30 minutes Brandon was instructed that he needed to discreetly exchange underwear with the man sitting behind him (me). I knew the file had taken effect when Brandon’s left hand subtly moved between the edge of his window seat and the bulkhead. Let me just say that I am a Huge fan of Southwest Airlines and their policy of open seating! It was fairly easy to follow Brandon into the plane and ensure that I ended up in the seat directly behind him, and a bonus that he had chosen a window seat, but I digress. Anyway, His hand stretched back behind his seat was my cue to subtly reach into my carry on and pull out a pair of Calvin Klein black Micro Modal bikini briefs and discreetly put them into his hand. His fist closed around the fabric and his hand moved out of site.

After a few more minutes Brandon undid his seatbelt and excused himself to the restroom, moving past the person in the aisle seat and heading to the back of the plane. About five minutes later Brandon was back and settling into his seat. After re buckling his seat belt he settled back in and after a moment his left hand reappeared between the seat and wall with a bit of bright yellow fabric showing between his fingers. Once again, as casually as possible without drawing attention to myself I reached over and took the still warm fabric from his hand and placed it into my carry on. Once my hand was concealed inside my bag I took a quick moment to ascertain that I had just captured a pair of CN2 sunshine yellow sport briefs! Score!

Feeling the still warm fabric in my fingers made me instantly hard, but I took a few deep breaths to get myself under control and went back to my laptop. I wasn’t quite done with Brandon yet. The last files I loaded gave him two more commands. First, he would have no memory of how he came to be wearing the underwear he had on now. He was in for quite a shock the first time he either went to use the restroom or get undressed, and frankly, I like doing that to guys! The second set of instructions let him know that he found the new briefs, once he became aware of them, an incredible turn on. He would masturbate in them that night, keep them and add them to his underwear rotation, and whenever he wore them going forward he would always be at least semi hard and wonder about the mystery of how he came to be wearing them.

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