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You Asked For This - part three

By Titan -
published June 20, 2019

Doctor Holmes continues transforming Alex into the ultimate soldier

“Now I think you’re starting to enjoy this!” the good doctor started to say as he released Alex’s nipples from their vacuum prison. Already they were more pronounced and Alex couldn’t help thinking how good they looked. It was obvious the drugs were working on Alex. As the doctor had removed the cylinder from Alex’s cock a few minutes earlier he noted the expression on Alex’s face. Obviously the paralysis spray that Holmes had used on Alex’s face was wearing off. “Good! Looks like we can get down to the next stage of your transformation. Why don’t you try to stand Alex? Go on – give it a try?”

Alex finally moved his feet off the pedestal on the chair. He was getting feeling back in his legs, but as he got up and his weight shifted he suddenly was aware of the weight of his newly enhanced balls as they swung down towards his thighs.

But movement was still difficult- he had to really concentrate on what the doctor was telling him. “Now stand still, this wont hurt a bit!” Holmes said as a strong beam of light appeared above Alex’s head. He was still facing a full length mirror and now with the added lighting, Alex could see muscular he truly was. He reveled over his enhanced cock and balls – all he wanted to do, was touch them – feel their weight.

“Now! Let’s get you suited up, your about to have your ultimate fantasy come true Alex.” Holmes started to fit a black, thin latex glove to each hand. They seemed to slip on easily as they were filled with some kind of lubricant. A rubber foot sock was carefully drawn over each foot. Alex felt a slight tingling sensation on his finger tips and now his toes.

What he didn’t realize was they to prevent his nails from growing a powerful additive had been added to the lubricant that would soften the nail until it became part of the rubber surrounding it – never to grow again.

“Now Alex. I want you to put this special suit on.” Holmes said, producing a black rubberized material that hardly looked big enough to fit over one leg let alone his body.

“Go on! You’ll love it!” Holmes could hardly wait to see the muscled stud in the rubbersuit.

Holmes helped as Alex begun to place his left foot into an opening until he found the way to the bottom of the suit’s legging. Alex was amazed how easily the material glided over his hairless skin. As he placed his right foot into the other legging, Alex noticed how stretchable the fabric was. Sure enough, it was fitting him like a glove. This suit of polymer rubber had taken the good doctor many years to develop. It was lined with a gel that contained a human growth hormone designed to encourage the rubber to become one with the skin. That way the skins pores would still be able to breathe and the body’s thermostat would still operate as normal.

Alex was enjoying this whole experience . Of course when it came to his dick, he wondered how anything could contain it. At full erection now, it had to be 12 inches. His fears were allayed when he realized there was another hole in this area and the doctor lovingly drew the cock and then the balls through it.

“Don’t want to hide those beautiful toys!” smiled the doctor as he began to help Alex bring each arm through their respective armholes. His arms were now encased in the sleeves which opened out on the gloves. At last drawing the shoulders over his huge lats, he could now appreciate how great his chest looked. What he did thick odd was the two holes where his white skin showed through. The doctor fiddled at the small openings, drawing each enlarged nipple through. “Don’t want to hide these beautiful man tits!”

Now Alex was turned on. He went to twist the left nipple and a small groan emitted from his lips. “Ah! Good, seems your liking my design Alex.”

The lubricant had an added bonus for Alex. A type of super Viagra, as it warmed it penetrated the skin and would enter the blood stream. This way Alex would be unable to concentrate on anything but excitement he was feeling – in every part of his body. As the suit warmed the sex drug it also was ensuring the growth hormone kicked in. Already the legs of the suit were tightening around his, slowly becoming one with his skin – unable to ever be removed. Holmes quickly worked on the large opening at the back, applying more of the same lubricant then a glue. Alex could feel the hot air as a hairdryer was finally used to dry the glue, bonding the joins together forever. He repeated this where the gloves met each sleeve of the suit and finally at the feet where the opened ends of the suit met the special rubber sock.

Alex was impressed, with his new rubberized body. Only his bald head, cock and nipples were uncovered.

“One more thing.” The doctor went around the back and bent down doing something to Alex’s anus. Another small opening was in back and was now being aligned with Alex’s anal passage. He could feel the doctors finger delve into the hole. Again a soft groan could be heard from Alex’s lips.

“This is what you’ve been fantasizing about – hasn’t it Alex? Now you are my rubberboy - or should I say ‘rubberslave’ – forever!”

Alex was too busy touching and feeling his new rubberized skin, fully immersed in his new look, the light bouncing off every muscle, the throbbing cock begging to be stroked, he hadn’t heard any of what Holmes had just said. Suddenly, Alex was awaken from his self worship as he felt a warm liquid being spread on his head. Looking at the area in the mirror, he could see the doctor was painting clear liquid over his scalp. The brush moved quickly over each ear, around the back of the head then down to the neck, and finally over the cheeks and nose.

“Now close your eyes and mouth Alex, just a little something I concocted to make you totally rubberized - but still beautiful.”

The paint was thin – hardly visible but smelt of latex. Holmes painted over the mouth and eyelids, ensuring a total coverage. “Now open your eyes and mouth.” Slowly, Alex obeyed, finding it a little difficult at first. When Holmes had finished, he got the hairdryer again and began going over the painted areas. Alex could feel a warming sensation at first then a tightening.

“Yes my boy, your going to be totally rubberized when I’m finished with you.”

Looking in the mirror at himself he didn’t notice any difference, but reaching up with his hand he felt the top of his head, noticing the skin feeling smoother.

“Don’t worry my boy, that’s only the first coat, give it some time.” Holmes announced noticing the surprise look in Alex’s eyes. He then proceeded to paint Alex’s huge rod finishing with the balls. As he dried those area the balls began to draw a little more upwards, though remained the size of grapefruits. So as the suit became one with Alex’s skin so did the thin liquid film, the only difference being the suit was impenetrable – to firearms, knives it was unable to be cut and for that matter so was Alex’s skin now that it was the rubber suit. However the liquid latex was a mere film – rubberizing it’s host but still allowing all the features as well as feeling to remain as if nothing was different.

“Now for the second coat!” Holmes announced starting at Alex’s scalp with his paintbrush.

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This is a community series!
Everyone can contribute to this series. Please click "Add chapter" below to add your own chapter to it!