A Leatherman’s Transformation

By fleporepen
published June 17, 2019
2288 words

Kay and Noah become the leathermen they have always wanted to be.

Kay wasn’t really the outgoing type, he didn’t go to bars all that often and when is friends dragged him into one he didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else. one night that changed though, It was Kay’s 18th birthday, it was really late but of course Kay’s friends wanted to somewhere, but every bar they knew was already closed. After a while they stumbled upon a rather unusual bar, at least unusual for their small town, the windows were slightly darkened but you could see a whole lot of people inside. There were two flags hanging by the door, one being the gay rainbow flag and the other one kay had never seen before. Kays friends didn’t know he was gay, at least he hadn’t really told them yet, but because they were so drunk Kay didn’t think they would even notice that it was a gay bar. So they stepped inside…

As soon as they stepped in a strong scent hit Kays nose, it was the scent of leather. A lot of leather. Kay just noticed that everyone at the bar was wearing some form of leather, weather it being a harness, a cap, or a full leather outfit, everyone was dressed in leather. Everyone but them! Because Kay and his friends obviously didn’t belong here they really stood out and all eyes were set on them.

A tall men dressed in a full bluff suit walked up to them. The leather from his pants and jacket creaked with every step he took. As the leatherman neared Kay felt his dick getting stiffer and stiffer. Kay couldn’t keep his eyes of the guy and when he started to speak a warm shiver went down Kay’s spine. “You guys dont look like you’ve been here before.” The man said. Kay didn’t know how to respond and his friends were too far gone to even notice that someone was talking to them. A moment passed but for Kay it seemed like an eternity of silence and tension. The leatherman took a good look at Kay and his friends then he smiled and looked Kay straight in the eyes. “Let’s fix that shell we?”

They followed the man to a room behind the bar. There was no one else inside but as he stepped through the door and looked around him Kays body was filled with excitement. The walls of the room were filled with all kinds of leather gear. Harnesses hanging down the wall, shelves with hoods gags and caps, a variety of cuffs and locks and the most exiting: real leather jackets, shirts, boots and pants!

Kays drunk friends had found their place at a large leather sofa in the corner and the leatherman now focussed his attention solely on kay and Noah (one of his friends who still stood next to him, and seemed to have sobered up. Against Kays expectations Noah seemed to be quite turned on by all of this as well.) “How about we have some fun.” the leatherman said, “I’m Lucas.” Kay couldn’t believe it, the whole situation seemed so crazy, had never do anything like this, but it was also really turning him on. Lucas put his hands on Kay and Noah’s shoulders and he said that the boys could try on anything they wanted. ANITHING! Kay’s whole body was pumped with excitement to the thought that he would be packed in black creaking leather from head to toe in a moment! He looked at Noah and he saw that he was just as excited as Kay himself. Noah and Kay both never came out as gay and thought of wearing leather for the first time was even better knowing that his gay best friend would by at his side.

They didn’t waste any second and walked up to the shelves with leather. They went to the jeans section first. Kay picked up a pair of smooth tight leather pants with padding on the knees and put them on. As he put his feet in he felt the cold leather presser against his skin for the first time. And when he pulled the pants up, over his dick, and tightened the thick leather belt he felt a rush of sexual tension trough his entire body. Next he picked up a leather shirt, Kay got rid of his T-shirt and put the leather shirt on. The feel of the leather to the skin felt amazing and with every button he closed his dick became harder and harder. For the boots Kay choose a pair of high boots with harnesses on them. As he slid his foot inside he felt the perfect fit of the strong stiff material. Now for the most exciting part Kay walked over to the leather jackets. There was such a huge variety and he tried on every single one of them to feel what they were like. He eventually choose a very classic leathermans jacket, it was everything had always dreamed off, everything and more! He pulled the jacket over his shoulders, tightened the buckles at the bottom and closed the zippers at the end if his sleeves. He zipped up his new jacket and when it was fully closed Kay noticed some changes in his body.

It started at his legs, he became a little taller. Then on to his ass witch inflated and became rounded and bubbly. Then his cock started to change, growing and throbbing with life, a big bulge was now visible in his pants. The changes moved up to his abs and chest making every muscle in his body bigger and harder his pecks, shoulders, biceps, everything became massive. His gloved hands grew bigger and bigger and the leather stretched until it was so very tight. All this change came as a huge surprise for Kay but the transformation didn’t stop yet. Kay held his breath as he felt his jawline getting sharper and his eyebrows growing thicker. He even grew a little bit of a beard making him look older and more masculine then ever before. He had a horny look is his hazel eyes and a mysterious smile appeared on Kay’s new face. He could feel every muscle in his new body and his head was filled with disbelief, excitement and arousal.

Kay looked at Lucas who had been looking at the whole transformation from a corner of the room. Lucas grinned and said that this body was real and now belonged to Kay. Lucas took Kay to a large mirror where he finally saw what he looked like, what he had become. Kay couldn’t believe what he saw in the reflection, he saw a muscular boy, no a MAN standing tall with every inch of his body covered in leather, tight shiny black leather, he saw his inner most desire, his true nature, he saw a leatherman. Though he was more than satisfied with his new look Kay did mis a piece of his outfit, he had no cap. There weren’t any on the shelves. When he asked Lucas about it he explained that they would get those later. As a reward for something.

At that moment Noah walked in, kay almost didn’t recognize him. Just as himself Noah had undergone a big transformation and he looked so sexy, Noah wore high leather boots, tight leather jeans, a white shirt with a leather tie and an amazing leather jacket. They slowly walked up to each other, not saying a word. The instinctively knew what to do. They were so close together that they breathed the same air. Kay stared into Noah’s light blue eyes and they moved even closer to each other. They both looked down and Noah moved his dick closer to Kay’s. The next moment their leather packed dicks were touching just like in the classic Tom of Finland drawings. As their dicks touched Kay couldnt stop himself any longer. He grabbed Noah’s head and kissed the lips of his best friend. “Hey dont leave me out boys” Lucas suddenly sead. Kay and Noah stopped kissing and looked at Lucas. Though they both grew a lot bigger they were still just muscular twinks next to Lucas. “I see your transformations have been completed, and with success!” he said. “Come over here boys and take a look at your friends, while you were transforming i picked up some goods for the other guys as well. There is a jockstrap, a gag and a pair of cuffs for every one of your friends” Kay looked at his friends who indeed all wore a gag and a jockstrap and were cuffed to a chair. “But… but they aren’t gay sir” Kay said. “Believe me boy, soon they will be.” Lucas said and he grinned mysteriously. At first Kay wasn’t sure what to do, would his friends mind? But as soon as he saw Noah walking to one of his cuffed friends he just couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Kay walked to one of the chairs, turned it around and saw Killian. He looked scared but despite the changes to Kays appearance Killian seemed recognize his friend. Lucas yelled to all the cuffed and gagged boys “oke strrrraight boys, its time to have some fun!!”

Lucas handed Kay a collar, “Here put this on your friend” he said and he walked off to Noah, giving him an identical collar. Kay put the collar around Killian’s neck and as soon as he closed and locked Killian’s mind went blank. Killian had turned into a mindless sex slave living to serve his master, Kay. Kay didn’t hold back and he pushed Killian’s head to his crotch. Killian sniffed and licked Kay’s leather bulge and he unbuckled his pants revealing Kay’s new huge wet cock. Killian started stroking it, his mind became even more blank with every stroke. When Killian started sucking his dick Kay felt the pleasure if a blowjob for the first time. When Kays dick was as hard as can be he pushed Killian to the ground, locking his arms together with the cufflinks. He pulled his pants further down and looked at Killian’s perfect bubble butt. He held the head of his cock against Killian’s butt cheeks and found his way to his butthole. As he entered Killian’s ass an amazing wave of pleasure flew through Kays entire body. The arousal only growing with each move and Killian moaning at his feet. Kay felt that he would come very soon so he fucked his slave even harder which resulted in the best orgasm of his life. This was 10 times, what no a 1000 times better than jerking of in his bedroom. Kay filled up Killian’s ass with his huge load and his whole body went crazy. After he finally came to his senses again he commanded Killian to clean up the last bits. Killian put his mouth around Kays swollen cock and licked the cum off of it. Still filled with pleasure Kay walked over to the leather sofa in the corner where he kissed a bunch of his enslaved friends. He heard a loud moan and after a while Noah joined him at the sofa.

Lucas came to Kay and Noah with this hands behind his back. He smiled and revealed two leather muir caps! “I think you have earned these my leather boys.” Lucas said. “These aren’t normal caps though, they come with a deal that you can’t crawl back from. If you put these caps on the changes to your body will be permanent and the leather suit will be a part of you forever. You will live on as a true leatherman with all the perks that come with that lifestyle. Also your friends will stay with you as your slaves, and their old lives will be fully erased from their memory’s in order to serve you well. But be careful though as this is a one time offer and once you put it on, you cannot go back!” Kay looked at Noah, they were both a bit hesitating. Taking the cap would mean giving up the live he now had. Could he do that? But Kay also knew that if he didn’t accept the cap, this would be the end of his leather adventure. He couldn’t just say goodbye to this body, to this gear! He knew it wasn’t really a choice, he simply had to be the leatherman he always wanted to be. Kay reached for the cap and he saw Noah do the same. Kay brought the cap to his head and thought about his (soon to be former) life once more, and about the life of his friends. He took a deep breath but as the strong scent of leather invaded his nose Kay had already made up his mind and he put the cap on his head. A shiver went down his spine and his body felt amazing, it was truly his body now. The leather gear felt more real then ever before and it was now a part of him, a part of his live, this was his life! Kay looked at Noah who had also put on the cap and everything felt right. Kay thought back at when they first entered the bar where they now belonged. He also recognized the strange flag at the door now, it was the leather flag. HIS flag, the flag of a true leatherman.

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