Thanos' Soldier

By RotherhamMan -
published June 17, 2019

Captain America finally expresses his love for Bucky and Thanos gains a new disciple.

Author’s Note/Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers or any of Marvel’s characters.

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Bucky Barnes didn’t like dreaming. He had enough bad thoughts during the day; he didn’t need to be remembering bad things at night. Unfortunately he didn’t have any control over whether he dreamt at night so he did his best to fill his day with good thoughts.

To do this he spent as much of his time as he could with Steve. The man was practically his brother and the source of all that was good in his life. He was sure that following Steve would be the best way to do some good in life and make up for some of the bad he had done—even if it had not been of his own free will, it had been a lot of bad. He worried that he was taking up too much of the guy’s time but he couldn’t get enough of him and Steve seemed to enjoy his company, he had even let him move in with him when he had needed a place. He had offered the spare room freely and acted as if it was permanent. Bucky didn’t complain, he was delighted and glad to be able to keep an eye on his best friend and make sure he didn’t do anything stupid!

Tonight he was having a good dream: he was lying in bed with a mouth on his cock—the best mouth he had ever had, hitting all the right spots with the right amounts of pressure. He hadn’t had many sexual encounters, the only time for him to have sex had been during the war and back then women were not as loose as they were now and he hadn’t been invested in it since he had been deprogrammed. All the better this dream was then. His partner was under the covers and giving him 110% and he felt himself bucking into the warmth and urging the skilful tongue on with a moan. Hands gripped his hips and held him still, taking control of the pace of the treatment. This really was the best damn dream ever. He reached down to take hold of the dame’s head, stroke it and encourage her, but found surprisingly short hair under his fingers. It wasn’t impossible for women to have such hair but this felt different. Those hands on his hips were pretty strong…

Bucky opened his eyes and focussed. This wasn’t a dream.

He withdrew his hand and switched on the bedside lamp and saw a large mound in his bed sheet where there was someone giving him a blowjob. He didn’t care how good it was he would not be subject to any more unwilling treatment! He threw off the covers and tried to back away from them but the hands were firm and their grip inescapable.

It took him a good few seconds to recognise, and a few more to acknowledge, the figure with its mouth wrapped around his cock as Steve—Captain fucking America and his best friend and brother!

But he was different. Even post-serum Bucky had seen his friend naked a few times and he knew that he had never been that big before. The Steve before him looked like he had been given another dose of that serum, he was huge now! It was like someone had shoved footballs and watermelons beneath his skin! And wearing what looked like some of that modern sex gear he knew about but would never consider.

More importantly, he was going to town on his cock!

“Steve, what the fuck?” he cried, still trying to get away.

Steve wouldn’t let him or his cock go and looked up at him with wide eyes as he went up and down his length. The fucker even gave him a wink and a smile as he deep throated him. Bucky gave an involuntary gasp.

“He wont stop until you cum.” The voice was unknown to him and came from the doorway. “He has wanted this for a long time, so deep in his mind he had no idea it was there.”

Bucky had seen strange things in his life, stranger than most folk had a right to see, but this was new. If Steve was big now this guy was a mountain of muscle, no man could stand a chance against him in a fight. His purple skin only confirmed that he was alien, no human could be that even with a serum.

“Who the fuck…” Bucky managed to say. Steve was still going down on him, not caring or not aware that there was an alien giant in the room watching him give oral sex!

“I am Thanos. Captain America now serves me.”

“Like fuck he does! Steve, snap out of it!” He tried to pull Steve off but the man was immovable. With that amount of muscle he would not move if he didn’t want to.

Thanos stepped into the room and smiled at the efforts of his disciple to pleasure his best friend. “The Captain is quite loyal to me, especially when I order him to do what he’s wanted to for so long. Did you really think his devotion to you was just friendship? It has always been something much deeper. What about you? Do you feel the same way?”

Bucky would be lying if he said it had never occurred to him but he was a product of his upbringing. Love between two men was a sin, that was what they had both been taught growing up and to even get too close in the army during the war could spell disaster and imprisonment. Even today it wasn’t completely safe to show such love and he would always be afraid of such things. But yes, he had looked at Steve when they were growing up and smiling at the mere sight of him. Once he had been serumed-up the feeling had been joined by what he knew was lust and envy. He had been stuck to Steve like glue after that and deep down knew why but would never admit it aloud. But having the man of his dreams suck his cock could loosen the tongue and mind. “He’s my brother…” he tried feebly even to his own ear.

Thanos clearly knew about his feelings and had no fear of making them known. “You misread your own closeness to him. His heart and spirit inspire followers but true mutual devotion from someone so… intense is something special.”

Bucky wanted to deny it all but Steve was now massaging his shaft with his throat and humming, sending vibrations through him and he shuddered at the feeling. “…Ohhhh…” An incoherent noise left his mouth against his will and the purple giant smiled at his clear enjoyment of Steve’s efforts.

“You have spent many years lying to many people. You should at least to honest to yourself about what really matters.”

Bucky came. It was the most intense and powerful orgasm of his life and it was by his best friend—a man! Steve swallowed every spurt, gulped it down like it was air, and wrung every drop of it from him, his tongue running around his head and lapping it straight from his slit. Bucky keened at the torment of his sensitive member but it felt so good, Steve knew exactly what he was doing.

When Steve did pull off him (without so much as a gasp for air) it was followed by kisses to his softening member and naval. Gentle and sweet, just like a lover would. Bucky had never felt so sexually satisfied.

“Steve…” he breathed, over and over, unable to think of anything else.

Steve climbed up over him and brought their faces close until their noses brushed lightly. “I love you, Bucky, I always have. I just never realised it until my Master, Thanos, showed me my true self.”

The word Master brought Bucky back to Earth. “Steve, he’s fucking with you. Look what he’s done to you!”

Steve sat up and ran hands along his body. Fuck it was so much better than before, every muscle clear and defined and swollen beyond what should be possible. It wasn’t comical or offputting, it was jaw dropping! “He has made me better, stronger to carry out his bidding. I would do it gladly but I want you by my side.”

“Join him, join me.” Thanos was watching them both intently. “Follow you Captain and your Master.”

“You and me, Buck. Together to the end of the line.” The Captain had always been so intense and gifted with the power to inspire loyalty but Bucky was always a sucker for Steve.

“…Yes…” he said, small and barely audible but both the muscled beings in the room heard it loud and clear.

That was all Thanos needed. Before Bucky could even think about regretting his decision the gauntlet was closed and its power activating at its wearer’s will.

Just like Steve had, Bucky began to grow. His body filled out until it was identical to the Captain’s and the metal arm shifted to match. By the time the transformation was over the two might have been identical twins from the neck down, even their cock and balls looked the same. Bucky’s bedclothes melted away and were replaced by black counterparts to Steve’s boot, chest harness, and thigh holsters.

All doubt faded from Bucky’s mind. He wanted to follow Steve; his best friend, brother, and lover. He would follow him to the ends of the Earth and to the depths of hell so long as they were together. He grabbed Steve by the harness and pulled him in for their first kiss. Finally, after almost a hundred years, the two were honest with their feelings for one another and showed it by exploring each other’s mouth as far as they could. Their cocks, both rigid and ready to go, rubbed together and they groaned into each other at the friction, their balls full to bursting no matter how recently they had ejaculated.

Thanos watched on, satisfied to watch as his children showed their love. He knew they were both virgins and wanted them to have a special first time with each other. It was his pleasure to watch. He let his own cock out and gently stroked it with his hand as he stared at the muscle gods explore each other and themselves.

Steve knew what he wanted and made moves to take it. He shifted himself between his love’s legs and, not breaking their kiss, ran his hands down his body to the thighs which he raised to expose the perfect round cheeks of his ass. His cock slipped under Bucky’s and rubbed along his crack and Bucky’s moans grew louder and more insistent into Steve’s mouth.

But Steve was determined to make this worth the wait. He broke the kiss, ignoring the distressed whimper at the loss of tongue contact, and kissed his way down Bucky’s neck, then his chest (pausing to nibble at the perfect and sensitive nipples), eight pack, the perfect v shape below them, nuzzling at his genitals and breathing them in, then reaching his destination. He licked at Bucky’s most intimate area, long and slow and wet.

Bucky groaned and threw his head back, grabbing the mattress with his fists. “Fuck… Steve…” Steve gave more licks, getting his puckered entrance nice and wet, before penetrating it for the first time with his tongue and giving the same treatment to the inside. Bucky gasped and writhed at the pleasure of it.

Thanos licked his lips and ran his thumb over the head of his dripping cock.

Bucky and Steve’s bodies had been adjusted to take any cock without preparation but that wasn’t the point of this—Steve bringing his lover pleasure was the point and hearing his moans of satisfaction and desire for more were music to his ears. He went on all the harder, eating at Bucky’s asshole like it was the first meal after a hundred day fast. Steve wished he had some stubble rather than baby smooth skin to rub against Bucky’s equally hairless cheeks but they were both smooth all over now save for their heads.

“Fuck… Steve… just give it to me!” said Bucky, desperate for his Captain’s cock.

Steve couldn’t refuse his lover. He climbed up to be face to face with Bucky, still between his legs and with his cock lined up perfectly with his hole. The tip brushed lightly at his entrance and Bucky’s pleaded with his eyes for it. They looked into each other’s eyes and share a silent moment on intimacy and heavy breathing, sharing something more powerful than words. Slowly Steve pushed in and watched as his lover’s face contorted in pleasure and felt his own do too. The both gasped and moaned at the feeling of such intimacy but did not break eye contact for a moment.

Why had they put this off for so long?

Bucky was letting his life-long best friend inside him and it felt so good and right, like he was made for this. He felt his inner walls give way for Steve and let his friend in gladly. Steve felt the grasp around his cock and thought the same thing; they were made for each other, not just by chance and circumstance but by Thanos. Their god had made them perfect together.

Said god watched on with a smile on his face as the two lost their anal virginity to each other. He ran the gauntlet covered hand along his shaft and brought it, slick with precum, to his face and licked his own man-juice off of the metal and glowing infinity stones.

Steve was all the way inside now but still pushing, as if nothing short of every single millimetre was good enough, all or nothing. Bucky reached down and grabbed Steve’s taught ass and pulled him even closer with the same need. They stayed like that and Thanos knew they could be content like that but also knew they would be happier if they moved. He clenched his fist mid-lick and put the idea to move into Steve’s mind.

Steve did, obeying the mental command without question, doubt or even thought and was rewarded by the feeling of Bucky’s passage massaging the length of his cock and needed no more prompting to keep going. He pulled out until the head was the only part left inside then plunged back in all the way. They both gasped and moaned at the feeling and both moved as one to meet each other. Captain America’s balls slapped at the Winter Soldier’s ass and the sound was like a metronome, timing their thrusts. Bucky grabbed Steve’s head and pulled him down for a rough kiss like before and Steve reached down to the small of Bucky’s back with one hand and the back of his neck with the other. Bucky’s cock went untouched but for being pressed between their chiselled abs which gave more than enough stimulation.

Thanos beamed at the sight. This was love. Two behemoths, the definition of perfection in men, expressing their love for one another. What could be more pure that this?

The morning light was beginning to seep through the blinds, the dawn of a new day—not just for the two men but for the world and greater universe. Seeing no better metaphor, Thanos ended their old lives by making them orgasm together.

The two children of Thanos screamed as they erupted. Bucky, came all over his abs, chest and face and even the headboard in great bursts without touching himself, even catching Steve all over his chest. Steve himself shot off round after round of cum into his lover, not swelling him up like Thanos had him—no one could cum like Master could—but flooding his insides all the same. Bucky’s cum was slick between them as they collapsed together, limp and spent and lazily kissing and laughing as Steve licked up the cum from Buckys face and they savoured it on their tongues. Steve’s cock was still buried in Bucky, only slightly softened, keeping the cum from leaking out.

Thanos himself hadn’t cum, he would save that for later. He approached his two Avengers—the first of many—and they looked to him, eyes widening at the sight of his hard cock. As he approached the two leaned in to lap at his cock and taste the precum of their Master. He let them but stopped them trying to take it in their mouths and worship it together, however much he knew he would like that, and crouched down to look into the Winter Soldier’s face.

“Welcome to the family,” he said softly, stroking the latest addition and watching as Bucky preened with pride. “Now, who do you think should be next to enjoy these gifts?”

Bucky knew exactly who. “I think it’s time I thanked the Black Panther properly for fixing me up.”

Next Time: Thanos and his two boys visit Wakanda and its king—and things might get a little… hairy.

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