Career Day

By Hypnothrill published October 19, 2016

Hargrave Academy welcomes back one of its most distinguished alumni…Nate from “Hardbodies, Soft Minds”

Note: This is my original sequel to my adaptation of N. Trance’s “Hardbodies, Soft Minds.” It’s incomplete, and I’m looking for suggestions on where the story might go next. All the characters in this story are 18 or older. And in my mind, it plays out like any good teen movie, with the all the high school boys actually being played by hunky 25-year olds.

Career Day

“I want you boys to welcome one of Hargrave Academy’s most distinguished alumni, Nathan Morrison. Mr. Morrison is a very successful trial lawyer, and he’s here to talk to you about his work and career paths in the law. Please, give him a warm welcome!”

Edward Hutton then took a seat as the fifteen 18-year-old High School Seniors, each dressed in the Hargrave school uniform (jacket, trousers, dress shirt and tie), began to applaud. Looking at Nate Morrison and his assistant Jeremy standing in front of the room, Mr. Hutton tried to suppress a look of dismay. He’d expected that Nate and his assistant would show up in their business suits, or at least something more professional than what they were each wearing now—tight blue jeans and a “wifebeater” (black for Nate, heather gray for Jeremy) that showed off their ripped arms and muscular shaved chests. Mr. Hutton could hardly believe how much Nate seemed to have changed—he was such a serious boy when he was a student in Edward’s rhetoric class and the star of the debate team Edward, himself barely out of college then, had coached. But now he seemed to be a bleach blond musclehead with a vacuous grin on his face.

“Um, hey, guys. Hey, Mr. H,” Nate’s voice was deeper, and also a bit slurred, making him sound rather stupid. Mr. Hutton was surprised that he was so successful in the courtroom. “…Um, I don’t really want to talk about the law and court and stuff today. That crap’s all pretty boring to me now. So I want to show you all a video about a job I think you’d all be really good at. Even you, Mr. H!” He grabbed a DVD out of his desk and handed it to his assistant, who was standing by the TV/DVD player at the side of the room. “Here, Jeremy, slide it in!”

Mr. Hutton looked on with bemusement as Jeremy chortled as if this was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. Then Nate turned off the lights and sat down in an empty desk next to him as the video started up. It opened in a classroom much like the one they were sitting in, with Nate, wearing a business suit, shirt half-unbuttoned, showing off his shaved muscular chest, standing by a lectern in front of a movie screen. “I’ve found the perfect job. The best job is, like, all about service. About giving something back. I love to serve. I love to give myself. It’s every man’s duty to serve.”

Mr. Hutton was still confused, but began to perk up at these words. Maybe this video was designed to get boys interested in public service? He’d have to concentrate on what Nate was saying. It was hard, though, he kept getting distracted by the swirling patterns projected on the screen behind Nate, colors pulsing and surging and swirling. If only he could concentrate. Like the audience in the video. It was full of young men who looked on enrapt as Nate spoke. They were all wearing sports uniforms—football jerseys, baseball uniforms, soccer kits, tennis whites, even a couple of water polo players dressed in speedos—and they all looked a little flushed; they must have come straight from practice to hear Nate speak. What was he saying, now?

“The only thing keeping you from serving is your mind. The only thing keeping you from being a stud is your mind. When a man thinks, he looks ugly. When he learns to clear his mind and just be, he looks like a sexy stud. He looks like he’s ready to serve”

The young men in the video looked like they had cleared their minds. There was this strange uniform expression on the boys’ faces; they looked empty, braindead. Almost as if they were just hunky young bodies and nothing going on upstairs. Their eyes all looked vacant and passive. But the more he watched it the more he began to envy these young men and admire their slick sexuality.

“A brainy man is an ugly man. A hot man wants to serve,” Nate said clearly. And behind him, patterns danced and swirled, with the colors changing in a way that was designed to lull and regulate the viewer’s brainwaves.

Part of Edward knew that he shouldn’t be watching this, and that the young men in his class definitely shouldn’t be watching this, and that he should get up and turn off the video in disgust. But somehow he couldn’t muster the energy to get out of his seat, couldn’t even turn his head away from the screen, he had to keep watching the swirling, hypnotic patterns, had to keep listening as Nate repeated, “A brainy man is an ugly man. A hot man wants to serve.” Gradually, he stopped being aware of what Nate was even saying. He did not hear Nate’s instructions to surrender his mind to the wonderful world of Pornutopia. But they were nevertheless being said openly and with a confident tone of voice and therefore finding their way into Edward’s mind on a subconscious level.

Edward came to awareness sometime later when he felt his belt being unbuckled. He could see on the screen that the young men in the video were taking off their uniforms, still chanting, “A brainy man is an ugly man. A hot man wants to serve. A brainy man is an ugly man,” standing up and peeling off their shorts and speedos and jockstraps revealing tanned, muscular, young naked male bodies. He could hear more murmurs of “A brainy man is an ugly man. A hot man wants to serve” behind him, coming from his students, and from beside him…Edward forced himself to look away from the screen, to focus on Nate standing beside him, pulling down his trousers, his own pants in a heap around his ankles. Edward knew something was wrong, tried to pull away, but Nate just stepped behind him, gently took his head in his hands, and turned it back to the television set, standing close behind him, whispering in his ear, “A brainy man is an ugly man…” and Edward found himself murmuring back, “A hot man wants to serve…”

When the lights came back on, Mr. Hutton felt a bit dazed and didn’t know what to say. Luckily, Nate was there to take charge. “So, um, we want to give you guys each a copy of that video to take home with you. It’s got, like, a lot of important messages on it. So you’ll want to watch it again,” neither Edward nor the young men in the class noticed themselves involuntarily nodding at this statement, “and maybe even show it to some other guys you know. Your buddies, your brothers, your dads. Every guy needs to learn this. It’ll change your life.”

Jeremy went around the room passing out DVDs, along with two business cards, to each of the men in the room, including Mr. Hutton. “We’ve gotta make sure you’re learning your lessons. So here’s our e-mail. And, um, e-mail us when you’re ready to take the next step…Um….Mr. H?”

Mr. Hutton’s head felt fuzzy and his body felt heavy, but he slowly stood up and faced the class. The students stared back at him, sleepy-eyed. “Let’s…let’s…” Brrrringgg!!!! Luckily the afternoon bell rang, so Mr. Hutton didn’t have to complete his thought. Instead, the students shuffled to collect their books and new DVDs, and Nate sidled up beside Edward and pulled him in for a full-body hug. “Great to see ya again, Mr. H. I hope we’ll be working together soon. We’ll be in touch.”

After Nate and Jeremy left, Mr. Hutton noticed that his waist felt a little cinched. That was weird…his belt was one notch tighter than it normally was. Well, maybe that was a good thing. He could stand to lose some weight. In fact, he thought, he’d go by the gym that evening. Right after he watched that DVD again…

Wyatt Parker was the first to send an e-mail to Nate. His dad Rick was on a business trip, and his older brother Reid was away at college, so he had the house to himself. The first night, he watched the DVD four times and fell asleep in front of the big screen TV with his pants around his ankles. Then he woke up, poured himself some Corn Flakes, and started watching it again, and sometime in there, he forgot that he needed to go to school. That afternoon, he was sitting on the couch, trying to decide whether to make himself some lunch, or to change out of his cum-soaked underwear and take a shower, or to just watch the video one more time, when he was startled out of his daze by the ring of his cell phone.

“Hey buddy…” It was Andy, one of his friends from school. “We missed you in Mr. Hutton’s class today. Are you sick or something?”

“Um, sorta. But, um…I sort of didn’t feel like going. So I stayed at home and watched that video some more. I mean, I don’t think I’m cut out for school and thinking and shit. I’m not ugly or anything.”

“Totally! A brainy man is an ugly man.”

“Yeah, dude!” Wyatt was relieved. His bud Andy really got it! “So, um, have you watched the video much?”

“Just a couple of times before I went to bed last night. I want to watch it some more, though. It’s got a lot of good lessons.”

“Totally! It’s stuff that every guy should know!”

“So, um, the reason I was calling, Wy, is that I wanted to know if you wanted to hit the gym this afternoon. Ever since I woke up this morning, I’ve been feeling that I needed to work out. Needed to get a better body.”

“I know it, dude! Like that guy Nate—he’s got a killer body! We need to get a body like that!”

They ran into Mr. Hutton in the locker room, leaving when they were arriving. “Mr. H has a pretty hot body for an older guy,” Wyatt thought. Once they were finished with their workouts, and after they wasted a few minutes staring at their bodies in the locker room mirrors, imagining how hot they’d look when they’d filled out with muscle, the boys headed back to Wyatt’s house, sat down on the sofa, and started up the video.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to work for Pornutopia? To be in one of their videos?” Wyatt’s excited voice cut through the fog in Andy’s mind. Vaguely, he noticed that his pants were around his ankles and his half-hard dick was sticking out of his boxers, but that didn’t seem to bother him for some reason. “I think I’m going to e-mail that Nate guy and see if he can give me any advice!” Wyatt adjusted the erection in his boxer briefs as he walked over to his computer.

Andy looked down at his watch. “Oh shit, man. It’s 11:00 already. I’d better get home. See you in school tomorrow.”

Wyatt kept typing at the computer, didn’t turn back to look at him. “See you tomorrow.”

Andy had a hard time concentrating in class the next day. The stuff his teachers talked about didn’t seem to matter much to him anymore. Maybe that stuff meant something to ugly people, but not to him. He’d rather be at the gym, working on getting a hot body. Maybe that’s where Wyatt was; he didn’t see him around school at all that morning. So he was surprised when, right before Mr. Hutton’s class, Wyatt walked up to him in the hall with a shit-eating grin on his face. “Dude! I heard back from Nate this morning, and he sent me some awesome stuff!”

“Really, like what?”

“Well, like a bunch of links to his webpage and his buddy Jeremy’s page and these pages about workouts and diet and clothes and stuff. Everything a guy needs to know to get a hot body like they have.”


“Yeah, I’ll show you some of the workout tips at the gym this afternoon. I just wish we didn’t have to wait.”

“I know it, man. All my classes are so boring all of a sudden. I don’t know why you even showed up.”

“I know, right? I hate having to cover up my hot body with this stupid uniform. But Nate said in his e-mail that I needed to come. That the other guys at school needed to learn how to, like, empty their minds and become totally hot like us.”

Mr. Hutton seemed distracted in class that day. “So, boys, today I wanted us to debate a prop..pra…an idea that’s been very important back since…um…what’s his name…well, anyway, it’s been important for a long time…and that’s the idea of the mind versus the body. So what I want you to do is…” He looked over to see one of the students unbuttoning his shirt. “Um, Wyatt? Are you okay back there?”

“Oh, yeah, Mr. H. I’m just a little hot. Thought I’d be more comfortable with my shirt open.”

“Is anyone else in the class feeling hot?” Most of the young men in the room nodded. “Okay, well, if you want to take off your jackets and open your shirts, then go right ahead. In fact, I think I’ll do the same.” Mr. Hutton started unbuttoning his dress shirt, revealing the hairy chest underneath. “Now, the boys on the right are going to be Group 1, and I want you to argue that a good body is more important than a good mind. And the boys on the left are going to be Group 2, and you’re going to argue that a good mind is better than a good body.”

There were some groans from the left side of the room, “Seriously, Mr. H? Do we have to? Can’t we be on Group 1?”

But Mr. Hutton kept the groups the way they were, even though only a couple of the boys in Group 2 could come up with any reasons why a good mind was better than a good body. Wyatt, who was in Group 1, listened to their arguments with disdain—those guys clearly weren’t watching their videos like they should. Wyatt would have to make sure that they did, that they learned their lesson.

When it came time for Group 1 to present their argument, Wyatt stood up, pulled off his shirt to reveal his hairless young chest and shaved armpits, then took off his pants, under which he wore nothing but a tight speedo. “So, this is my body,” he flexed his arms, then ran his hand over his tight abs, “and I think it’s totally hot. But it could look even hotter—it’s my duty to get it looking hotter, so that I can start to serve. And any man who doesn’t want to serve is, like, an ugly old fag,” Wyatt laughed uproariously, and most of the boys in the room joined in, as if this was the funniest thing they’d ever heard.

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