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Chapter 3. Rise of the Snake

By Slave Abdamelek -
published June 13, 2019

Warned about the Pharaoh’s resurrection, a cult-member offers a human vessel for the long-dormant spirit of Mered Nahab, the Pharaoh’s enemy.

Commander Devraj Dayaram woke up in darkness. As his eyes grew accustomed to the dark, he saw some movement ahead. A man was with him. He couldn’t remember how he had ended up there. And he couldn’t make out the man’s face. He was putting things on the ground, amongst which was a book. A big leather book.

He tried to move but he was completely bound. At 52, being the commander of the whole army, he was obviously very muscular, but he felt weak, helpless against the rope that bound him.

Then the man noticed him stir, and approached him. Facing him really close, he made eye contact. Those deep black eyes looking at him, the commander had a few seconds to recognize the glasses, and the gray mustache. He knew the man: it was his doctor. Or was he really a doctor at all? The suddenly started to breathe very fast and felt his pulse quicken.

“Aaraam”, said Dr. Aseem Devdas calmly, as he waved his hand in front of Dayaram’s eyes. The commander’s mind immediately went blank and he entered a catatonic state as his eyes stared ahead.

“I am the Follower. 10.000 years ago, after the Pharaoh’s apparent death at the hands of the sorcerer Mered Nahab, the snake God, the Pharaoh’s soldiers surrounded and nearly defeated Mered Nahab, until he resorted to black magic in order to survive, only in spirit, vowing to return in case his enemy, the Pharoh was ever resurrected. He also managed to save one of his followers. Henceforth, each Follower, must spend his lifetime seeking men who would serve as the Vessel for the spirit of his God, in case the Pharaoh, ever returned from the dead. He must also play the Teacher and prepare another man to be the next Follower after his death. The Student Follower’s life revolves around the Teacher, who educates him in the faith and in all other things, then becomes his mentor and when the Student is of age, his lover. For life. I have ordered my Student to be away from here tonight. In case you succeed in harming me, he will become the next Follower, and avenge me.”

Although Aseem was only in his mid-fifties and worked out, old age was starting to show, as gray hair, and even wrinkles around his muscles, But tonight everything had changed. Since he had felt in his mind the fire that brought the rebirth of their Enemy, he had gone to work immediately, going to the commander’s house and using his mind powers to neutralize his bodyguards and then the commander himself. That man’s body would make a perfect vessel. Almost exactly the same measures as the ones needed by the sacred book, and at the same time a powerful military man would be wiped out as a possible enemy, and help enslave his own soldiers.

Now, he went to work on the entranced man with a razor, shaving off all body hair. When he finished, he stripped himself naked and shaved all of his own body and facial hair. He bathed himself with a bucket of water and then proceeded.

He used many elements he had brought to light a fire between him and the commander. This was no ordinary fire. Then when he had it going, he snapped his fingers, awakening the bound man.

“Where am I? Why are you doing this to me?”

“Do not question me. Yours will be the greatest honor a man can ever have. You will serve our God, our true rightful God with your utmost sacrifice”. “Let me go! You will pay for this!”

Then the doctor started to chant ritualistically, before the fire.

“devataon ke devata

raajaon ke raaja…”

(God of Gods)

(King of Kings)

 “Let me go, you son of a bitch!” Protested the bound man.

 “…saamp ke maastar

purushon ke vaastavik shaasak”

(Master of Snakes)

(Rightful ruler of men)

“Now read from the book”.

“I will do nothing you ask me”.

“You must read from the book”.


“Our God, the one true God, Mered Nahab, will be reborn in the darkness of this night to claim His rightful rule over all men from those who would dare oppose Him. And you will have the honor of being His vessel. Praise Him and be thankful for your honor. Now look into my eyes”.

“You are insane…”

“devataon ke devata,

devataon ke devata,

devataon ke devata…”

“Let me out of here…” The man’s force of will weakened with every word as he got lost in the depths of the man’s dark eyes.

“raajaon ke raaja

raajaon ke raaja…”

“Release me… Raalease… Raajon… Raajon ke raja”

“saamp ke maastar”

“saamp ke maastar”

“Usake lie padha” (read for him)

“Haan… Haan.” (Yes… yes).

The Follower put the book in front of the man’s eyes, which he proceeded to read, in trance, robotically:


mere paas aao

mujhe bhee saath lo…”


Come to me

Take me)

 “he bhagavaan”

(My God).

The smoke from the fire took on a greenish color and started to coalesce into a single line. It started to crawl down and stayed over the ground. Then, it sneaked towards the man, starting to take a corporeal form. It was becoming a snake. .. a big live snake, that made its way to the man. It crawled up through the man’s legs while he just stared into infinity. It coiled itself around his body, the head finally facing the man’s… and PLUNGING into the mouth, the whole body following through. The man swallowed it, choking more and more, his eyes growing wild but still looking away, his skin turning bluish. As the tip of the tail entered him, he didn’t struggle at all and his body just laid there.  

A ripping sound from his insides, the snake breaking the body for its needs. As it crushed the heart, the man started to seizure violently on the gound, his eyes rolled into their sockets, turning white. Suddenly, it all stopped.

Light spasms shook the body. Another ripping sound and a green spot appeared on his right calf. It extended upwards, like a tattoo. A scaly tattoo of snake skin. It coiled itself around his leg and then his thigh. And then , the skin on the man’s cock quickly turned scaly and the shape of the cock was different, flatter, the balls shrinking into the body, now more like snake’s genitalia. The tattoed snake finally made its way up to the bald head and the face, stopping in the now closed eyelashes and the nose, all skin there completely snake-like.

The eyes opened, now slits replacing the pupils and a cold, calculating look. The snake like thing rose from the chair and in a single snap broke all the bonds, free at last.

It contemplated Aseem for a moment, who stood defiantly on his feet before it.

“You are my Follower”.

“I am, O great Mered Nahab”.

“You have brought me from the other world.”

“It is so,”

“That can only mean that my Enemy, the Pharaoh, has been awakened. We must defeat him and his slaves.”

“Only with Your guidance, my God.”

“You have been a faithful Follower, so I will make you the first of my Soldiers. You will command my army.”

Aseem was sweating, ecstatic. He knew very soon he would be in a lot of pain. But he had been groomed for it all his life. He spoke, trembling.

“It will be my great honor, my God”.

In one swift move, the snake was upon him, bearing its big fangs, which it stabbed on his right shoulder. Blood spurted from the wound, as venom entered the body and took the form of another snake tattoo. It sneaked around the priest, who hollered in pain from it, falling to the ground. In a few minutes the snake tattoo settled, the head starting on the right wrist and the tail on the right calf. The cock was also a snake’s now. The former man rose and faced the Snake.

“You are now blood of my blood.” The Snake God said.

“I will serve You proudly as Soldier, and will always be faithful, my God.” The Soldier said, falling to his knees in worship.

“There is one thing left,” the Snake God said. And then, slowly, his body completely covered itself with scales as he transformed into a snake. It coiled itself around the Soldier, completely immobilizing him, and he felt the Snake’s big cock press on his buttocks and then his anus. It thrust itself inside him, beginning to fuck him. The Soldier just felt glory. He was finally becoming one with his God, his reason to exist since childhood.

Their simultaneous climaxes exploded into a puddle of cum, and slowly the God started to revert to his human-like form, the Soldier lying on the ground inside the deadly embrace of His God. His last thought before drifting into sleep was of joy that he would live eternally to serve Him

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