Drake's Demon 2

By Chikara
published June 13, 2019

Sitri is on the move to corrupt more souls of the men on campus.

Sorry this one took so long to write; I hope you all enjoy it. Hopefully more to come soon.

Drakes Demon Part 2

As Drake looked down on Trent, he felt this amazing since of satisfaction pour over him. However, it was short lived. Once the deal was complete between Sitri and Drake, Sitri was free to do whatever he wished to do. Although he wasn’t familiar with this new world that he had been brought to, so he needed a guide. With a snap of his fingers the bracelet that had kept Sitri tethered to hell, appeared around Drake’s wrist.

Drake looked down at his wrist and thought for a second that this isn’t right, and he should take the bracelet off and as Drake was about to pull the bracelet off Sitri spoke, “in servitutem redigerent.” With those words the bracelet clasp locked, and Drake was under Sitri’s complete control. Sitri needed to let Drake keep his soul so he could answer any questions for him and do his bidding for him no questions asked, and with no hesitation. With his will gone Drake just stood still with no thoughts of his own, only the will to do his master’s bidding.

“Drake,” Sitri spoke, “I need to increase my power and to do that I need to immerse myself in and around the un-souled. Their depravity will feed my power so I may take this world back from the mortals, and rule over them. Take me to a place that will fit my needs and desires.” Drake thought long and hard about the perfect place for his master, and he came up with a solution that would fit his master’s needs. In a monotone voice Drake spoke “The Alpha fraternity house would be perfect master.” The fraternity house was well known for its members being stereotypical jocks that had a lot of parties. As Drake told Sitri of the house, Sitri’s eyes glowed in anticipation of going there and corrupting them all.

“Drake I want you to picture the backyard of the house in your mind and only think of that,” then with a snap of his fingers Drake, Sitri, and even Trent were magically teleported to the back yard of the Alpha fraternity house. Sitri knew that he would need time to gain more power and he couldn’t have anyone noticing what was going on, so he brought the grunting former basketball star Trent with them as well. As Drake and Sitri were standing in the backyard Trent got up from sitting on the ground and squatted next to them. Trent began sniffing at the air and grunting, “ooo ooo,” and could smell food in the kitchen of the house and took off on all fours towards the house like an ape. When he got to the house he crawled into the kitchen through the open window above the sink, since he didn’t know anything about doors anymore and he found the burgers that were on the counter and began eating them like a wild animal would. He was grabbing the hamburger patties with his bare hands and shoving as much of the meat into his mouth that he could.

When one of the frat brothers, Sam, who was a linebacker on the school football team heard a noise in the kitchen he came back to look at what was going on. Sam was a very tall guy with broad shoulders and already had a full beard, which was impressive for any man but especially at his age. Sam had quite a bit of muscle on him, but he also had a layer of fat over his body making him look even bigger. He was just wearing some gym shorts and a tank top that showed off his chest hair. When he got into the kitchen, he was shocked to see a naked guy squatting on the counter eating a bunch of food. However, before the frat brother could yell for some help Sitri appeared before him with glowing yellow eyes that Sam got lost in. As he stared in Sitri’s eyes he, just like Trent had, all the tension in his muscles relaxed and his mouth dropped open looking into Sitri’s eyes. Sitri began pulling the linebacker’s soul out of his body through his eyes and into himself. When Sitri had pulled all that made Sam human out of his body, Sitri snapped his fingers and the linebacker’s clothes fell away into nothing but dust just like Trent’s had. The former linebacker Sam just looked around the room grunting mindlessly he was feeling his naked body up and down and he squatted down on the floor right there.

“Another one for my collection,” Sitri spoke to Drake who just looked on with no emotion. “Now that I have taken more than one soul my power over the soulless will be even more pronounced than before.” Sitri’s powers of corruption would become even more powerful causing the soulless men’s bodies to start to change and become more primitive. They would start to grow hair all over their bodies, more than they ever had in their lives. The soulless men would also start to produce a stronger body odor musk, that they would find addicting, and it would draw other men to the smell as well.

As Sam was squatting, he was scratching his hairy ass and then bringing his fingers to his nose for a sniff of the smell coming from his ass crack. Sam started to crawl on all fours, using the knuckles of his hands, over to the counter where Trent was still stuffing his face with the hamburgers. Sam climbed up on the counter and stuck his face down in the pan of meat to eat as well without even using his hands. As Sam was doing that Trent took some meat in his hand and mashed it into Sam’s hair and smeared it all over his head. Then Sam looked up at Trent, he picked up some meat and smeared it all over his chest and stomach, covering his body with the meat and the meat juices. Both guys got down off the counter and started to grope the other, feeling up each other’s bodies and tugging on the others cock. Trent stuck his head under Sam’s armpit and in inhaling the stink, which was becoming raunchier by the minute thanks to Sitri’s powers. As the guys were grunting like wild gorilla’s Sam got behind Trent and with one swift motion plunged his rock-hard cock into Trent’s hairy smelly ass. The two of them began fucking like wild apes grunting animalistically on the floor, and as they did their B.O. was getting stronger and starting to make its way out of the kitchen and down the hall into the rest of the house.

Trent lost it first spurting cum all over the floor, followed shortly by Sam who filled Trent’s ass full of cum. When Sam pulled out, he started licking at the cum slowly coming out of Trent’s ass, while Trent was bent down licking his own cum up off the floor. Once all the cum was licked up Trent and Sam’s cocks were getting hard again since all they wanted to do was fuck and eat. Trent pushed Sam onto his back and then turned around to suck on Sam’s cock, while his own cock was flapping in Sam’s face, Sam took it in his mouth to suck on Trent’s engorged cock.

Satisfied with his work on these two Sitri started walking out of the kitchen he left the first two to continue to 69 on the kitchen floor.

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