Enchanted Ass Forest

By here4hairymen - nyc212121@yahoo.com
published June 12, 2019

John develops a hairy ass that has magical powers

John was walking home from soccer practice, enjoying feeling that spring had finally arrived. It was one of the first days where it was warm enough out to walk home in just his t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. His entire body ached from the grueling exercises Coach had put them through, from his muscular legs and butt to his powerful upper body with a chest and arms of a professional athlete.

Now in his senior year of high school, John had been on the varsity team for all four years. Even with his tenure, he was always amazed at how Coach could find new ways to push him and the team. He never complained though, because he was proud of the resulting body development and all the attention that came with it. It helped that he had weathered puberty well, with a large voice box and masculine, deep voice, a penis that had grown to a respectable size, and no problems with acne or any other side effects of the copious hormones pumping through his body. Throughout his impressive conversion from boy to man, the only change that didn’t occur was development of any significant amount of body hair. Over the years he had only grown a small black bush around his developed penis and balls, which he often contemplated shaving off in order to further showcase his package.

John turned onto his street, glad he was in the home stretch, as he was looking forward to a big dinner, and relaxing a bit before bed.

As he continued down the long block, he started to detect an unusual scent.

He couldn’t place it.

It didn’t smell like anything he would expect for this time of year, like the flowers that were starting to bloom, or perhaps some faint odors of food as neighbors prepared dinner, maybe even grilling outside for the first time. If he had to describe it, it was a woodsy scent, but even that didn’t really capture it. It gave him an odd, yet pleasurable sensation, almost like it was tickling his brain.

The aroma quickly grew in intensity as he continued down his street. John was increasingly curious about the source of this amazing scent, unaware that it was simultaneously pushing every other thought out of his mind.

Without any conscious thought to do so, he found himself going up the steps to the house of his neighbors Mark and Jim. They were a gay couple who had lived in the neighborhood since before John could remember. They were always friendly, and in recent years John would occasionally make some pocket money by mowing their lawn or shoveling their driveway.

John opened their front door without knocking, the need to find the source of the scent now having fully taken over his mind.

He walked into the living room and saw it. The source. A small metal box on a the coffee table that was emitting smoke. He raced to the device, leaned in, and took a big whiff. His mind wiped completely clear, his mouth opened slightly, and his eyes glazed over.

“Good evening, boy. We’ve been expecting you,” the baritone voice said.

John looked past the haze of smoke trailing up from the silver box to see Mark and Jim sitting side by side in two large leather wing chairs. They were both completely naked, with matching lascivious smiles.

Deep in the recesses of John’s stupefied mind, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed before how powerful both men were. Every muscle on their bodies was worked out and perfectly defined, giving a sense that there was nothing these strong men couldn’t do. But that wasn’t all.

Their bodies were both completely covered in thick, black, curly hair. The hair ran from their neckline down their chest and stomach, with a uniform density the whole way down to their bushes, down their legs to their feet, and from their shoulders, down their arms, to their hands. It made them look so manly and sexual.

Two naked, powerful, hairy older men right in front of him. John felt overwhelmed by their virility. The air was electric with hormones and masculinity. These were real men.

But something seemed off. Didn’t he… yes. Yes. He knew for a fact he had seen Mark shirtless last summer while he did some yard work. He had a lean, toned, hairless chest and and torso. What had happened to him? There was barely any resemblance to the man in front of him now.

“Don’t think too hard, boy,” the deep rumbling voice commanded.

“I’ll make this quick, since you are already under my control and we have things we need to do,” Jim said as John slowly peeled his eyes away from studying the hyper masculine, hairy bodies to lock eyes with him.

“I’ve finally found a way to combine my psychology training with a few other interests of mine. Magic, mind control, and forced development. Isn’t that right, Mark?” Jim ran his hands over Mark’s fur covered arms and chest, causing Mark to lean back and moan, his long flaccid penis inflating in response to the touch.

“In addition to my somewhat recent discovery for how to cause precise, targeted hypnotic induction through smell,” Jim gestured to the smoking box on the table, “I also came across some ancient literature from the Byzantine empire that was very illuminating,” Jim stared intensely at John for several minutes before speaking again.

“Long ago it was discovered that there are certain individuals who, through a combination of a unique genetic predisposition and exposure to magical rituals, are able to become… vessels… to perpetuate masculinity.”

“I’ve summoned you here tonight because you have, unknowingly, tested positive for being one of those very rare individuals,” Jim idly tugged on one of his nipples, his own hefty penis starting to increase in length and girth.

“I’ve patiently waited for you to turn 18. Now that you are a man, it’s time for me to change your life forever, dedicating your body to my cause. Are you ready, boy?”

It wasn’t necessarily a fair question, given that John’s mind was chemically overpowered and he was deep in a hypnotic trance.

John slowly nodded.

“Good boy. Now take off your clothes. They will only get in the way,” Jim commanded.

John stripped his sneakers, shorts, and shirt off, while Jim and Mark hungrily looked on.

“Very good boy. Now why don’t you take a much needed rest. You don’t need to be awake for this next part. It’s just some rituals and magic, nothing you need to concern yourself with. When I count down to one, you be in a deep, restful state, knowing that you are with men you can trust. Three…. two…. one….”

John woke up in his bed. His head was pounding so hard he could barely keep his eyes open. He saw the ibuprofen and glass of water next to his bed and quickly popped the pills.

After ten minutes he got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom to start getting ready for school.

Something felt funny though. There was a weird sensation when he walked.

He got to the bathroom, closed the door, and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked a little rough, like he had been up all night.

He glanced at his worked out, smooth chest, and was surprised to see his nipples sticking out. They looked a little longer and thicker. Odd.

Next he turned around to see what was causing the weird sensation. His butt still looked the same, a nice, strong, worked out, athletic bubble butt.

But what was that shadow in between his butt cheeks?

He pulled his cheeks apart.

John couldn’t believe his eyes. His crack was covered in long, thick, curly black hair. From the top of his crack all the way down, a continuous, thick forest of fur. He kept touching it to see if it was real, pulling the long hairs through his fingers.

Then he pulled his butt cheeks apart even more, trying to get a better sense of exactly how hairy his ass had become. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t find his pink pucker, it was so obscured by all the thick hair.

How did this happen? Was this normal for a mostly hairless person to suddenly grow all of this hair, just in their butt?

And not only that, but there was deep feeling he had never felt before, inside his butt, like an itch he couldn’t scratch.

Shaking his head in disbelief, he readied for the day, and headed out to school.

As he walked passed his neighbors Jim and Mark’s house, he saw them both on the porch.

“Enjoy soccer practice today,” Jim said.

“Uhhh, thanks Mr. Porter,” John said, perplexed that his neighbors even knew or cared about that.

After a long day of classes, John headed to the gym, changed in the locker room, and raced out to the field. The rest of the team was already there. Coach had them start with a round of drills, his smooth, ripped arms crossed over his powerful chest as he watched his team.

A few minutes into the drills, without explanation, John stopped in his tracks and found himself starting directly, intently, at Coach. Suddenly the itching feeling inside him surged, and he felt a moist sensation in his crack.

What was that? Was he sweating? Was this because of all the new hair in his crack?

A few seconds later, Coach visibly shuddered, and turned toward John with an odd look in his eyes.

“John, you were late. My office, after practice.”

The rest of the afternoon was a haze, the only thing John could think about was the increasing intensity of the itching inside him, the sensation of thick hair in his crack, and the wetness he felt between his legs that wasn’t going away.

After practice ended, John walked slowly to the Coach’s office, afraid of the repercussions Coach would have planned for him.

He knocked timidly on the closed door.

“Enter,” Coach bellowed.

John walked in, and closed the door upon Coach’s gesture to do so.

When he turned back, he saw the intense, wild look in Coach’s eyes.

“That scent…,” Coach muttered.

The next few seconds were a blur. Coach ripped off John’s shorts and underwear, took off his own shirt and shorts, threw John back onto the desk with his legs in the air, lined up his already erect penis with John’s hole, pushed in to the self-lubricated fuck hole, and began to thrust.

John was in complete shock. Coach had probably been fucking him for a solid minute before he could even process what had just happened. But at the same time, that deep itching feeling in his butt began to change. It was itching less and less, much to his relief, and turning into a pleasurable, tingling feeling with each thrust of Coach’s cock.

What happened next was unreal. As John watched Coach pounding him, Coach began to change. The few stray hairs in the middle of Coach’s chest lengthened and darkened, and began to spread all across his entire chest, down his abs, to his expanding bush. Thick stubble began to emerge all over his face, high up on his cheekbones, down his neck, meeting the fur that had grown up his chest. The same long, thick, black hair began pushing out all over his arms, from his hands up to his shoulders. And if John didn’t know any better, he would have guessed Coach’s dick was growing longer and thicker inside of him.

Suddenly Coach grunted loudly, like a wild animal, and began flooding John with his sperm. The cock deep inside John kept pulsing and pulsing, releasing blast after blast or semen, the sensation triggering him to cum all over his chest as he looked up at the new muscle bear who had just bred him.

Coach popped his large (now larger) cock out and smacked John’s ass, causing a few streams of sperm to run out of his hole and mat down the forest of hair in his crack.

“That’s some ass, kid. I don’t know what just came over me,” Coach said, looking a bit dazed as he opened the door to let John out of his office.

When John looked back, he saw Coach looking at his forearms in disbelief, slowing touching them and turning them in the light, undoubtedly wondering where all the long, dark hair had come from. He obviously hadn’t even seen the rest of his body yet.

John was walking home from practice, glad he a spare set of clothes in his locker to change into after Coach had ripped his first set to shreds.

As he walked he was replaying everything that had happened in the past 24 hours, and still couldn’t believe any of it. Most of all, the hair that grew all over Coach right before his eyes. How could that even happen?

John was walking down his street, when he sensed he was being watched.

He looked up to see Mark and Jim sitting on their porch, staring right at him.

“Did you have a good practice today, John?” Jim asked in a seemingly innocent way.

“Why don’t you come over here, we’d love to hear about it.”

John found himself turning and walking up the path to their porch.

As he stepped up into the porch, Jim reached his large, hairy hand down the back of his shorts, dipped his middle finger down John’s hairy crack, pulled it back up to his nose, and breathed deeply.

“Looks like you had a good time with Coach, boy. Just as I programmed you to do. Tell me boy, is Coach a sexy, hairy, real man now?”

John nodded his head.

“Good boy. I think you are starting to understand the power I just gave your hole. It starts with emitting a pheromone from your butt that puts only your target in a deep state of heat. After your target gets one whiff, there is no turning back. He will not be able to rest until he gets his cock buried in that furry crack and deep inside you.”

Jim and Mark both had very prominent bulges in their shorts.

“Every man who does this will be transformed into an extremely hairy, virile, masculine man. One by one, you will heighten the masculinity of men all around you.”

“But for now boy, I bet you have a little bit of an itch coming back,” Jim said with a malicious smile.

John nodded, blushing that Jim even know about that feeling.

“Just an added feature I built in to make sure you stayed motivated to do your job.”

Jim paused for a few moments, knowing he just made John focus on the feeling deep inside his butt.

“Come inside, boy. Mark and I will scratch that itch. We’ll top you off, so you can sleep well tonight and be ready for your next target tomorrow.”

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