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Chapter 2. The First Soldier

By Slave Abdamelek -
published June 12, 2019

The risen Pharaoh’s newly converted Commander brainwashes a man into joining his Master’s army.


(O mighty King and Master)


(Father) the man who was now called Abdamelek chanted on his knees in the words of the Ancient Language he now recognized as his own.

“What are your orders, my Pharaoh?”

“In my time, I had in my court many advisors, and one of them was a sorcerer called Mered Nahab. He was tasked with finding different ways of enslaving men’s minds in order to expand my empire. But he betrayed me, and being unable to kill me, cursed me to a death-like sleep until one of my own blood answered my call and gave me new life. That is you, my loyal commander. Now, we shall work to bring my enemy and his followers to their knees. To accomplish that, you shall build me an army. My powers over the minds of men have passed from me to you. You shall use them to convert new soldiers to serve Me."

“I will do as You order, my Master.”

“Each of these soldier slaves will in turn have the power to enslave others in my name. In no time you shall command an invincible army for me.”

“I am proud to serve you, Atef. I am grateful to Fate for marking me to resurrect your Greatness.”

“You can rise, Abdamelek, and carry my command. Your first convert you will bring before me to prove you have done well.”

He rose, and then lifted his right hand high in the air proclaiming,

“I obey, my Master. Hail Amon-Reseph for all eternity!”

He left the chamber.

“Abdul”, says this badge, damn typo, my real name is Abdullah. I sit on the bench of the changing room and first remove my sandals, my bare feet touching the ground as I stand up and take my shorts off. I look at myself in the mirror. Not bad. Those workouts are starting to pay off, my pecs starting to show off even behind all that unshaven hair. I stopped shaving it a couple years ago when I realized those tourist chicks loved the hairy chest and armpits, as much as the beard and long black hair, and my “exotic” dark brown skin. They just want to fuck an “Arab” boy on their vacation, and I’m happy to oblige.

Anyway, here I am in my white briefs (the sexier contrast for dark skin) pulling these fucking tight pants over, for another morning shift.

No sign of Sayid yet, the guy must have fallen asleep in one of the chambers. I finish dressing up and walk through the hallway toward the main exhibit, looking for Sayid so the guy can go home and go on sleeping there. Sleeping or whatever. The guy is pretty attractive, not that I’m into guys. But he could be nailing any girl or guy he wanted. People think working as a security guard in a pyramid is exciting, it actually sucks. You get bored the second day, everything looks the same and everyone is dead. Everything is so silent, more so today.

“Sayid!” I call out. Nothing.

Then, in the doorway of the main chamber, I see… at first I think it’s a mannequin that’s part of the exhibit. A guy almost butt naked dressed in the ancient clothes. But he’s alive. And he’s got something in his eyes, like a yellow glow. He’s moving. Now that he’s closer I see him. It’s Sayid. What the fuck is he doing dressing up like that, he must have gotten bored out of…

It HITS me. Like a stone hitting my head, but it’s the light in his eyes. It feels like a throbbing fire inside my own head.


It doesn’t hurt, it just fills my head with its pulsating light.

“Sayid, man, what are you doing dressed like that?”

“Who is Sayid?” Asks Sayid.

“Stop fucking around, man, I’m feeling very weird.”

It feels as if all my brain cells are yelling in protest at the same time…

“I am Abdamelek, slave to His Greatness the Pharaoh."

Like when I get my asthma, but in my mind instead of my chest.

“What the fuck are you doing, man?!”

“I am enlightening your life, wasted until this moment. You will now find your true purpose, as mine, serving your rightful Pharaoh.”

Some brain cells suddenly stop yelling and fall silent. Dying? My heart beats fast as my whole body rejects this violent attack.

“Stop it, man, Sayid, man, stop…”

My mind grows numb. More and more.

“I am called Abdamelek.”

“Abdamelek… Stop it…”

The yelling is now almost gone, only some brain cells still protest. Not it’s all gone. I see my reflection in one of the mirrors of the exhibit, and my eyes are completely dark, empty. No white or brown anymore, just black holes. A bit of spit oozes from the corner of my mouth.

I don’t remember what I am called anymore. I see the badge that reads “Abdul” and I don’t know who he is. I sense I am walking toward the door, but

“Do not walk away.” Says the man coldly.

I stop, unable to move further.

My mind is completely blank, incapable of commanding the body. He (Abdamelek?) is now in control.

He approaches me. My heartbeats slow down a bit an I feel a bit less anxious. I do not want anymore. I do not have a will. I belong in here. My numb mind feels the presence of Abdamelek, but

There is something -someone- else in here with us, someone very powerful. Abdamelek is only the messenger. I must heed him. He will guide me. I stop and turn to him.

“You are under my power, your mind totally blank just heeds my words now. I am your commander, Abdamelek. You shall become my soldier."

My blank mind hungrily absorbs every word from the man.

"Under my command you will serve our Pharaoh for all eternity.”

Our Pharaoh. He is the presence. We are only puppets before Him. He is here with us, His power overwhelming. He is everywhere. He is God.

“I will become your Commander, soldier.”


When you address me you shall end with the word ‘Commander’, understood?”

“Yes, Commander.”

“Now strip naked before me, soldier.”

“Yes, my Commander.”

I do as I am ordered. It feels good, it excites me to be naked in here with him. My cock stiffens a bit when I pull down my underwear but I don’t try to hide it. I do not feel shame but pride as he looks at my body while he himself strips naked. My heart just pounds to see his imposing body stripped of his clothes.

My commander closes in on me and gets behind me, and I feel his cock rubbing against my buttocks. I feel my whole body burn hot and cannot avoid to touch my throbbing cock.

“Empty yourself, soldier. I carry in my loins our Pharaoh’s seed, and I will pass it on to you. It will take root and replace your own, ending your conversion.”

“Yes, my Commander.”

I proceed to stroke my dick while he enters me. Once and again. I want this to go on for all eternity. I am screaming, my voice is echoing through the walls while my cum -all of it- abandons me. This goes on and on as my balls completely drain. They hurt, aching for the last of my juices. I turn and see my Commander’s eyes slowly flash a bright yellow. More and more light fills them as his orgasm closes in. Drops of his sweat fall on my skin as he violently fucks me.

Finally, I hear in my right ear the sudden brutal scream of Abdamelek as he furiously cums inside me. A bright explosion of yellow light illuminates the room as he fills me with my Pharaoh’s precious gift.

I drop to the ground in ecstasy. My commander is stronger and just stands while his cock drips the last drops of his cum, his body shimmering with light from the explosion. I feel his hot cum feeding my hungry balls, which swell with pleasure. My body now also starts to shimmer a bright yellow, which moves upwards to my head. I look at myself in the mirrors and my empty eye sockets are now filling with the bright yellow light, and my mind wakes up, brain cells now alive again, not protesting but calm, focused.

My body is now completely smooth, my dark skin free of all body hair. No beard or mustache and my head looks completely shaven bald. This is how a true Egyptian soldier looks like. How our Pharaoh desires it. Our Atef, our Father who has granted us all life. I am his obedient soldier. My Commander addresses me.

“Soldier. You are now called Tnephachtes. Say your name.”

“Tnephachtes, my Commander”

“What is your name?”

“Tnephachtes, my Commander."

“Say it louder!”


“Very good, soldier.

“Rise, Tnephachtes. I shall take you to our Master.”

I just jump from the floor, the excitement takes over. He gives me a loincloth to put on and sandals. After I’m clothed he takes the lead and we walk, then we enter the main chamber.

There he is. The center of my life. My Pharaoh, whom I have longed to see since before my very existence, whom I am bound to by fate and servitude for all time. The most beautiful being to ever walk the Earth. Commanding, powerful, virile. I do not think twice and fall to my knees before Him. My commander kneels beside me and we lower our heads, now equals before Him. Brothers. Our God speaks to him.

“You have done well, my commander.”

“I am glad, Altaksas.”

“And now, what are you called, young man?”

“Tnephachtes, my Atef.”

“You shall be a great soldier, my slave.”

I lower my head into the ground, humbled by his appreciation.

“Now, rise, my slaves, and leave. Bring me more soldiers for my army.”

We get up and lift our right hands, chanting, “Hail Amon-Reseph for all eternity!”

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This is a community series!
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