Young Studs

By RotherhamMan -
published June 11, 2019

Lewis wants his sons to grown up and run his farm, whatever it costs—them.

“This farm was owned by my father, and his father before him, and his father before him going back four hundred years. It is a proud and noble tradition of our family to farm this land for the people and you will continue this tradition and that’s the end of it!”

It was a speech he had given many times before but never seemed to sink in. Maybe Declan was just at that age where he wanted to rebel; he knew he had been rebellious when he was that age but he had never dreamed of leaving the farm or his papa all on his own (the women of the family never seemed to last long). He swore to keep the farm going, even though it was becoming hard in these modern times, and had bred his two sons for that purpose, working them on the farm in their every waking moment since they could walk. If it had been up to him they wouldn’t have even gone to school and now he was regretting ever letting it happen, they had only polluted his oldests mind by putting ideas into it.

“Well I don’t want to waste my life here and that’s the end of that!” Declan snapped back. “I have a chance to go see the world beyond this shithole of a town and I’m gonna make something of myself.” Standing at six feet, three inches shorter than his father, Decal was a strong athletic boy who didn’t play sports. His body had been earned from a lifetime of working on the farm and all the girls flocked to him for his looks while the boys mocked him for his heratige. Maybe that was why he was so desperate to make something of himself.

“You’re a farmer, and that’s all you’ll ever be because that’s what I brought you up to be!” Lewis roared back.

It was the same old argument father and son had been having for years, getting worse as Declan got closer to university, and neither were any closer to resolving it. Lewis was sure his youngest, James, would be getting ideas too if he let Declan even leave the farm and was glad he had made himself scarce when the argument had been brewing, even if the pussy was cowering upstairs away from the shouting. Whereas Declan was like a smaller version of their father James, or Jimmy, was more like their mother with his blonde hair rather than black but he had gotten the curls that ran in the family. He too had a hard body but was of course smaller as the runt of the litter.

How had he raised such pussy sons? Oh, right. The school had done it.

“Well my teachers seem to thing different. They’ve been encouraging me to apply for university at the end of next year, I just need to pass my exams and I’ll be out of here!”

“Yeah, where you gonna stay? What you gonna eat?” snapped Lewis. “I’m not gonna pay for you to stay in some student dorm when I’ll be losing money from lack of farm hands.”

“There’s a program for kids without proper homes, I’d say I qualify for that if nothing else! And you can always hire a guy rather than using us for slave labour!”

Lewis grabbed his son by the scruff of the neck and shook him. “You ungrateful little shit! After all I’ve done for you!”

Declan broke free and shoved himself away. “You aint done shit for me other than make me feel like shit. You can’t stop me from taking those tests.” And he stormed out of the kitchen and to his room.

Lewis too stormed out of the kitchen and the house, slamming the door behind him so hard the glass rattled. He was strong enough to break the door of his hinges, that’s what a lifetime of manual labour would do for you. He was a tough hairy bastard and was proud of it! He never had to ‘hit the gym’ because his manliness was earned the old fashioned way! He didn’t need a six pack on his stomach, just a six pack at the end of a hard day. That was all he needed in life to be content, why couldn’t the boys learn that?

He stomped off to the barn to feed the bulls, maybe ride one of the horses, that should calm him down. It made him feel like a man, something young boys didn’t seem to know how to feel.

The bulls were there, reliable as always, along with the horses in the barn and the familiar musk of the animals washed over him. These beasts never let him down, he took care of them and they gave him what he wanted in return. Why couldn’t his sons be more like them?

It was as he was feeding the bulls that he had the idea: the bull feed. There were warnings that it wasn’t fit for human consumption and he had heard tales from fellow farmers about how it could kill braincells—that it was a shame as it had a shit-ton of testosterone in it which would go straight to the muscle. It made the bulls big and strong and obedient to a strong hand; that was just what his son needed.

Declan came downstairs the following morning dreading a confrontation with his father but not willing to back down. To say he was surprised to see that dad had made him breakfast was an understatement. There was bacon, eggs, and coffee all lain out for him and still steaming at his usual seat. Lewis looked his usual angry self but seemed ready to call it a truce. Declan thanked him shortly, not ready to make up with him. He ate his breakfast and was grateful for the effort, not commenting on the slightly funky taste.

Lewis would make his sons breakfast but only mix the ground up bull-feed into Declan’s food and drink. He was careful to keep an eye on him and his progress, only giving him the drugs in his breakfast. He wasn’t sure what to expect but knew whatever happened he would spot at control. Declan was a wild stallion and he was going to break and tame him.

At first there was little change. Things carried on as normal until about a week later when the argument over university came up again. This time however the argument was different, it was like Declan was looking for a fight and was the first to start shouting and looked ready to come to blows. James looked scared and took off again, not that his brother noticed, as soon as voices rose. Declan seethed and his chest heaved and for all the world he looked like a bull readying to charge. The argument fizzled out and they both stormed off but as Lewis took in his son before he left he thought he saw a bulge in his crotch.

The next day was Saturday and Lewis but his boys to work on the farm with a vengeance, carrying hay and mucking out the stables while he used the tractor on the field. When he got back he found Declan had stripped off his shirt and was sweating under the sun as he worked tirelessly. Lewis grinned, wondering if it was the bull-feed kicking in. his son certainly looked like he had put on a bit of muscle but didn’t seem any less smart than before.

As Declan was feeding the bulls the same substance he was unknowingly taking Lewis sauntered up to him.

“I always like being in here,” he confessed to his son. He was trying to bring them closer and he knew he needed to use the gentle touch as well as some force. “I always like the smell of the animals.” He didn’t admit that it turned him on, that would be too far to go with his son.

But Declean seemed to think the same thing. Declan sniffed the air and Lewis saw his pupils dilate and his crotch twitch. Once Lewis had looked for it he had seen his oldest had been getting visibly hard a lot lately and now was no different but for the dark spot on his jeans. Taking in his body Lewis saw that Declan’s muscles did look more defined and slightly large than they did a week ago.

He clapped his son hard on the back and left him to finish up.

Lewis decided then and there to up the dosage. From now on there would be bull-feed in everything Declan ate if he could manage it.

He was sure his boy was getting bigger across his whole body and the kid had taken up jogging the mile to and from school. Lewis could only imagine the sight and smell of him when he got there but could see he was a beast when he got home. Whenever he took his top off now, which he was doing more and more at less and less provocation, he was growing fur all over. He was turning into a man like undergoing a second puberty.

The best result came the following Friday when, after getting home from school, Declan approached his father and said without preamble, “Dad, can you make my sandwiches for school next week? The ones they serve there don’t taste right. Something about the way you cook food just makes it taste nice.”

Lewis beamed at him. “It’s called a father’s love, son. That’s what makes them taste so nice.”

James perked up at this, looking disappointed that he didn’t seem to enjoy the sandwiches and probably wondering why his weren’t full of his father’s love. Seeing this Declan insisted, “You gotta make Jimmy’s meals too, he’ll love them like I do, I’m sure.”

Lewis hesitated. He was doing this to Declan because he needed to be kept home and safe from the dangers of the world but Jimmy had shown no signs that he was interested in going on to higher education. But he might still get ideas about it so Lewis went and hugged his youngest. “Sure thing kiddo, by the time I’m done you’ll feel your father’s love!”

Damn it if little James didn’t look like the happiest kid on Earth!

So both his sons were being fed like the bulls on a diet of testosterone and god-knew-whatever chemicals the nerds put in it to make them grow big. Every meal he mixed up his ground supply and made sure they ate up until they were both stuffed with all the food a growing lad would need.

As Declan continued to swell so little Jimmy did too, slowly but surely. Declan’s clothes were starting to get small and although his shirts still fit—just—the first thing he did on getting home was take them off and sometimes his jeans too. There were only men in the house so what did they care? It was only at Lewis’ insistence that he kept shaving every moning as he seemed to wake up with three-day stubble now.

Another week later even better results came when Lewis was called into the school to meet with one of Declan’s teachers. Lewis was all prepared for a lecture on how his son was misbehaving, if a teacher called in a parent was it ever good?

He wasn’t completely wrong.

“What do you mean he might not make it to the next year?” Lewis couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing.

The teacher, Mr. Keller, looked sad at the news. He was what Lewis would call a nerd with glasses and a sweater and a bookish look girls probably called cute. “I’m afraid he’s not got the grades. Recently he’s not quite had it in class, he’s just stopped trying and when he does it’s clearly a struggle to do some of the tasks. I might recommend him for extra classes and hold him back a year unless he improves.”

Lewis wanted to dance for joy at the news but did his best acting. “Thank you for telling me, I’ll have a word with him.”

“That’s not all,” Keller looked awkward.

“Spit it out, man,” said Lewis, as usual not caring that he was being rude.

Keller looked mildly offended like an entitled pansy but did speak. “I’m concerned about his physical health and behaviour. He had been distracting the other students with his body odour and he had been displaying a lot of muscle growth in a short period. The other day he tore his shirt while stretching and laughed it off and went topless for the rest of the day.”

That was concerning and Lewis suddenly had a bad feeling. “Yeah, well, I’ve been working him hard on the farm, and he was due for another growth spurt.” Then he added, “He hasn’t been huring anyone has he?”

Keller looked confused. “No, he’s generally nice but he has been intimidating some of the students by just being around. And there’s another thing.”

“Well?” Lewis had to prompt him when Keller didn’t elaborate. “Don’t leave me hanging.”

“If seems he has been… masturbating on school premises, he has been sighted and… overheard doing it at least once a day and we’ve had to warn him about it. All he said about it was that he was ‘just so fucking horny’. We understand that a young man his age needs to… relieve himself sometimes but this is unacceptable.”

Shit, what had he done? Would Jimmy go the same way? Lewis made his excuses and rushed out. He had to see his sons and stop this before it went too far.

No more bull-feed!

Declan was angry. He was pacing back and forth like an animal in a cage and trying to work out why his nerd-of-a-teacher was taking up so much of his dad’s time! It was going on for seven o’clock and it was dinner time and dad wasn’t there to cook for them. Declan had tried making sandwiches but both he and Jimmy had spat them out. They needed dad to make them!

Jimmy was fidgeting on his stool while Declan paced and it was driving him nuts, the little fucker just had to rile him up. “Will you stop that?” he snapped.

Jimmy looked up. “Stop what?”

“That, the moving about like you got a stick up your ass”

“Fuck you, Dec!” cried Jimmy, standing up. He wasn’t so little any more but Declan still dwarfed him and would never let him forget it, getting up close into his personal space and seething at each other, each daring the other to back down.

What was with him? Why was he feeling so pent up lately and why at Jimmy? His brother was harmless and neither would hurt the other. Declan broke off the intimidation and stormed out of the house for went to the barn. It was one of the few places he felt at home these days, something about the smell of the bulls and the feel of their muscles under the fur. It made him feel like a man, like he had the balls of one of those bulls. Just like his dad had said, did he get off on it too? He didn’t even think it odd that he was wondering what got his dad off.

His cock was hard again, pressing at his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear, he didn’t bother these days, and he unbuckled himself and let it hang out. He wouldn’t say but he was sure it had grown recently; what had been six hard inches was now eight and his balls were like tennis balls and always full. He had to jack off several times a day just to take the edge off. He knew he should be worried but it all felt so good, like he was truly in touch with his wild side. He liked that a lot.

Jimmy had followed him out. “What’s the matter, Dec?” he called in a mean voice from the barn door. “Gonna hang out with the bulls? They’re probably smarter than you, you know.”

Declan lost it and dived at Jimmy, tackling him to the barn floor, forgetting completely that his cock was still out and hard. The two grappled at each other, neither being a stranger to roughhousing or fighting. Declan was bigger than his brother though and had been on the bull-feed longer and wrestled his brother into submission on his front beneath him.

As Jimmy wriggled beneath him Declan felt his hard cock rub against his little brothers ass—but right now he didn’t care that they were brothers. It was like all of his brain functions were shutdown other than the need to get his rocks off, to fuck something till he came and his brother needed to be fucked into submission!

Holding his brother’s hands behind his back with one hand he ripped off his brother’s jeans with the other. With his increased strength the material stood no chance. Beneath him Jimmy seemed to realise what was about to happen but didn’t seem to know what to do about it. Declan did.

With a single well aimed thrust, like it was in his nature, he impaled his brother’s ass, dry and raw. They both howled in pain and pleasure as Declan began his rut right away. Neither were thinking clearly, just functioning on animal instinct that had been brewed and grown inside them for weeks without them knowing.

Declan didn’t last long and shot off inside Jimmy within minutes, hosing down his insides with his bull milk. They lay there, sweating and panting on the hay on the barn floor.

After a minute though Declan was done resting. He sat up and pulled his brother onto all fours, never letting his cock leave his ass, and began to fuck him again, this time lubed by his own cum.

Lewis arrived home late, knowing he had missed dinner and that the boys would be wanting their fix of ‘daddy’s love’. The boys were addicted to it now and he wondered how they would handle being made to go without for a while.

Pulling up in his battered truck he saw the barn doors open and the light on and walked over to investigate.

There, in the middle of the floor, were his boys, naked and fucking. Jimmy was on all fours and panting heavily as his brother fucked him hard and fast with loud grunts. They were covered in sweat and might as well have been bulls—just like he had wanted them to be. Lewis stood dumbfounded as, with a roar, Declan came hard in his brother’s ass and fell onto his back, biting his shoulder and eliciting a moan from little Jimmy.

Lewis stood paralysed is shock. He had not meant for things to turn out like this. But as he came to his senses he felt his cock pressing against his jeans and leaving a damps spot. The musk of the barn wasn’t the only thing doing it, seeing the young men rut like animals was stirring something inside him and he wasn’t sure he liked it—but he did like it and he couldn’t deny it.

Before he could do anything his oldest started fucking his youngest again! Lewis strode forward and grabbed Declan, pulling him to his feet and out of his brother. His cock pulled out with a slick sound and cum gushed out of Jimmy’s hole who moaned at the loss of his brother.

“What is this?” Lewis shouted. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Declan looked confused for a moment before the glazed look in his eyes went away and he looked coherent again. “Aww… sorry dad, we were fighting and… I just did it, didn’t even think.” He looked confused but didn’t sound sorry. He looked down at his brother who was whimpering and wiggling his ass in the air and, seemingly without thinking, Declan stroked his cock and licked his lips. Jimmy let lose a fart and Declan’s cum was spat out of it.

Lewis knew what this was, he had seen bulls do it. Declan, and possibly Jimmy, were going into heat and there was only one sure-fire way to settle this and punish Declan for fucking his brother. He dragged the dazed stud away from his mate and to a piece of farm equipment he used about once a month on the bulls but never on a human. It was a good thing his son was still out of it for the next part as it was tricky enough and his struggling would have made things difficult.

This would hurt him more than it hurt Declan.

Jimmy came to his senses with a start and shivered as he was drenched in cold water. Blinking his eyes and shaking his head he saw his father stood in front of him with an empty bucket. He tried to wipe his eyes but found he couldn’t move his arms or his legs for that matter and he was in a strange position. He looked around and with a shock realised he was strapped into the bull milker. He was suspended in an all-fours position about three feet off the ground and naked by leather straps to a metal frame for keeping the bull—him—in place. As he looked around and saw his little brother lying semi-concious on the floor with cum leaking from his raised ass and he remembered their fight and how he had brutally fucked him repeatedly in a mindless rut.

“Dad?” he pleaded, “Dad, I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me!”

Lewis sighed and stepped up to him, ruffling his hair and looking disappointed. “I do. This is all my fault, son. I didn’t want you to go to university and leave the farm so I turned you and your brother into this. Human bulls. I never thought you would go this far with it.”

“I don’t understand?”

His father snorted. “Of course you don’t, I did a good job on killing your smarts. But you need to be taught not to do that again, see if I can get this out of your system.” He held up a black device and Declan began to thrash in panic. He had seen his dad use them but only on bulls—a prostate milker, almost a foot long and almost three inches in diameter!

“No, dad, you can’t put that in me! It’ll never fit!”

“If bulls could talk I’m sure they’d say the same thing,” said his dad as he disappeared behind him. “But I got it into all of them and I’ll get it into you. I’m well practiced at this. To me, you’re just another bull to be milked.”

Declan couldn’t turn to see what his father was doing but he could feel what felt like a gallon of lubricant being poured onto his exposed asshole. He tried to shake it off but only got a sharp smack for his efforts.

“Hold still, this is going to be difficult enough for both of us as it is!”

The lube was worked into his ass with a callous hand, fingers slipping in easily thanks to the lube. Declan was straight—as far as he knew—and had never had anything up his ass. He looked at Jimmy, whose virginity he had just taken without mercy, and knew he deserved it for hurting his little brother. Then there was the sound of more being poured onto something and Declan knew it was the milker. He could only whimper as its blunt head was placed against his hole.

“I love you, son,” was the only warning and comfort he got. The next moment his hole was being stretched in ways he could never have imagined. He gave a long grunt as the milker slid in far too easily for his liking but it didn’t hurt as bad as he thought it would. His sphincter closed around the end and he was full. He gasped in lungfulls of air but the hard part was over. It felt odd but not bad inside him, and he thought, for a split second, that he might be able to like it.

Then the milking started.

Declan gave a guttural groan as the milker purred into life inside him. It wasn’t sophisticated, it just buzzed and whirred and shook inside him but his body responded with unceasing jolts of pleasure and his cock twitched and jerked beneath him at full hardness. He tried to form words but could only come out with a broken ‘Oooh’ which sounded like “Moo-oo-oo…”

His father reappeared before him and watched him writhe in the machine with sadness, and a wet tent in his jeans. “I’m so sorry son, I hope after a night like this you’ll be back to your normal self and that it’s not too late for your brother.”

He produced a piece of equipment for the few horses he had and the next thing Declan knew was he had a horse’s bit buckled into his mouth to bite down on and to stifle some of the noise. Lewis picked up the now sleeping Jimmy and left, closing the barn and turning out the light behind him and leaving Declan at the milker’s mercy.

It had none, it was a machine and it never stopped, it never got tired. It was not good or evil. It just was. It just stimulated Declan’s prostate and he could do nothing but take it. He tried squeezing his ass to expel it but did nothing except make himself feel even more stimulated. When the first load was wrought from him, the fourth of the night and sixth of the day, it felt great but when the milker carried on unaware of what it was doing he screamed in frustration at the over stimulation.

Around him the bulls thought another of their number was being milked and mooed at him, as if cheering him on. Declan pitifully mooed back, mindlessly, through the gag.


Things didn’t go back to normal.

For starters although Declan did regain some cognitive function he was still changed by the experience. He still packed on the muscle for a few days after he stopped eating the bull-feed and his cock and balls were still above average size but as far as he was concerned they were positives. He also had a huge sex drive and more than once went to his dad to sheepishly be asked to be put back in the milker. All he had to do was say how Jimmy’s ass was looking appealing (not untrue but he knew what would happen) and Lewis would march him over to the barn for a thorough milking. Whenever this happened Jimmy would sneak into the barn to watch his brother be milked and would eagerly lap up his cum as it shot out. Declan never told their dad and if he suspected then he never said anything. Sometimes Lewis suspected that night of milking had done more harm than good, killing off a few more brain cells than was healthy but the follow up sessions seemed to do no harm.

Jimmy put on a growth spurt along with muscles and genital growth too but unlike his brother it was much less extreme. He looked disappointed and Lewis kept the bull-feed under lock and key from then on. The withdrawal had not been pretty. They had both been put to work on the farm and not allowed to stop until they dropped from exhaustion, too tired to think of their unwilling addiction.

As for their newfound sexuality and still uncertain preferences Lewis left them to it. He never cared about his sons being gay—he wasn’t that old fashioned! So long as they were happy. He didn’t even care if his sons fucked each other, it wasn’t like they were going to get the other or anyone else pregnant! So long as everyone was of age and willing he didn’t care and left them too it. Sometimes he thought about joing in with the fun but held back; he would explore his sexuality on his own terms.

Declan’s plans for university fell through; he just wasn’t smart enough any more. Far from upsetting him this seemed to cheer him up, claiming being smart was no fun and now he was just under average intelligence he didn’t over think things any more. This had upset his teachers and one day at the end of term one of them came storming up to the farm.

Lewis recognised Mr Keller and greeted him warmly but this was brushed aside by the angry teacher.

“You did something to your son,” he accused. “I don’t know what or how but somehow you turned him into a muscle freak and killed his future!”

“Please, Mr Keller, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t we go inside and discuss this in a reasonable—”

“You fucked him up and I’ll prove it!” he held up a vial of blood. “I got him to give me this the other day and I’m going to test it to see what drug you fed him.”

Behind the teacher Declan and Jimmy had left the barn after cleaning it out. They were both topless, showing off their swat covered muscles. They had heard everything and both jumped forward at the threat and grabbed their teacher. Keller struggled hard but he was never going to break free of their grip.

“You’re not going to do anything to dad,” growled Declan into his ear while Jimmy kept one hand over his mouth. “In fact, I think we’re going to do something to you.” He looked to his father “Call it an experiment. You like experiments, don’t you, teach?”

“Yeah,” said Jimmy. “An experiment into how bull-feed effects a fully grown man. Good thing school’s off for the next six weeks, that will give us plenty of time to observe you.”

Lewis watched as his sons dragged the franticly struggling teacher off to the barn, no doubt to be strapped into the milker to be kept there until we were done. To think he had wanted his sons to toughen up, now here they were protecting the farm like their father and his father before him. Lewis followed them, proud of his sons and sure the farm would be in good hands. He followed them at a leisurely pace. Maybe he had found someone to explore his own sexuality with!

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