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Chapter 1. A God is Reborn

By Slave Abdamelek -
published June 11, 2019

The great Pharaoh Amon-Reseph’s curse has resurrected him 10.000 years after his death and now he seeks revenge by enslaving men to build an army.

The huge pyramid stood in the immense desert as it had for many a thousand years. But today would be a new beginning. As the sun’s last rays of the day touched its tip and darkness began to engulf it, something stirred in its depths.

Down in the central chamber, inside the tomb that lay in its center, there was an enormous flash of yellow light, even visible from the outside with the tomb closed.

The security guard, a tall and muscular native man with short black silky hair in his late twenties, had been standing around without doing anything for a while. It sucked to be in this shift when he could have been getting laid regularly like he had until getting that job three months ago. He had an imposing physique which gave him no trouble finding partners of the opposite sex although lately he had experimented with guys from time to time finding it interesting. Something called to him. It was as if a quiet alarm had gone off inside his head, pulsating with light. He felt drowsy, all his attention focused on it, and felt the need to find its source. He walked in the direction he felt the light inside his head grow stronger.

After walking around for a while, he entered the central chamber and startled. The light from inside the tomb seemed to be as strong as the sun, and it pulsated rhythmically in time with the one inside his head. He dropped his flashlight distractedly, his mind growing blanker by every second. All he focused on was the light. He just stood there entranced by it, he could have gone on his whole life letting it fill his mind, asking for nothing else.

Then, a voice spoke. It was grave and deep, rumbling with echoes through the walls of the chamber.

“I greet you, young man. Fate has granted you a great honor. I, the Pharoah Amon-Reseph have laid here since my enemy put me to death. But I am the eternal hidden flame, as my name states. I had protected my soul with a curse that would awaken me from the dead ten thousand years later. You are the young man that was meant to be in this place to complete it”.

The man did not understand what the voice was saying, he was too focused on the light, but the small part of him that was still awake grasped a small part of it. A curse. It sounded bad and dangerous. With a big effort, he closed his eyes. The light’s influence dimmed for a moment, and he turned around toward the door.

“DO NOT TRY TO GET AWAY FROM ME!” The voice yelled. You have been cursed to be in this place since much before you were born. Now you shall carry out your destiny." As the man began to understand more and more what the Voice was saying -no longer a foreign tongue to him- the light shone even brighter. It was impossible to resist. He covered his eyes with his hands but he could see their bones through his eyelids, the light burning through them into his skull. He was nothing. The light was all-powerful and wanted him to obey. He was… He didn’t remember his name or his age, didn’t remember being human, all he could think of was turning around toward the light that he must obey. He threw down his hands and straightened himself, stopping to walk away. The light faded to its original pulsating lower brightness. He turned around and opened his eyes, that now shone the same hue of yellow as the light, his mind completely gone, all left was the body of an automaton. He started walking toward the light.

“You are completely under my power now, are you not, young man?”

“Yes, I am,” he answered.

“I, the Pharaoh, am your master now, correct?”

“Yes, my Master”, the man said while he approached.

“Henceforth you shall be called Abdamelek, my slave. It means Slave Angel, honoring your noble act of bringing me back from the dead.”

“Yes, my Master. I am called Abdamelek. I take my name with pride”.

“Whom do you serve?”

“You, my Pharaoh.”

“What is your name”.

“Abdamelek, my Master.”

“Very good. You shall discard those earthly clothes now. They no longer suit a slave of mine. Lose them now, slave.”

“Yes, Master.”

The man stripped completely naked, throwing the clothes into the ground. Then, he stood very straight facing the tomb, his broad shoulders and chest tensing, awaiting his command.

“Open this tomb, my slave.”

“Yes, Master.”

He lifted the heavy stone cover with effort, then let it fall and smash to pieces on the ground. Inside the tomb was a mass of rags and bone, the mummified remains of the body of his Pharaoh, and a small rusted dagger with a green jewel embedded in its hilt.

“You shall take the dagger and offer me your blood. When you pierce your skin with it it will forever mark you as mine. Will you give me your blood?”

“My life for you, my Master.”

The man held up his arm over the tomb and not thinking it, cut through the veins in it. Blood started dripping and then pouring down. When it first fell on the remains, another blinding flash of yellow light glowed burning up the whole corpse as more and more blood sprinkled it. The man’s skin started to turn pale, his lips bluish, as his blood left his body. He lost his footing and fell to his knees weakly while still holding up the bleeding arm for his master to feed upon. He looked up and saw that the light was taking a corporeal form, rising from the tomb was the shape of a man made of light. His arm was no longer bleeding and in the place of the cut now was a tattoo shaped as an ankh, the Egyptian symbol for eternity.

The light started to fade and in its place a man was now standing, a god-like apparition to the young man’s eyes. A man some ten years older than him, with a bald head and a completely smooth and very muscular body. On his head he wore a jeweled crown and on his chest was a gold plate with more jewels. He wore a white loincloth and rich leather sandals. The young man continued to stand on his knees, now in awe of the powerful and beautiful man that stood before his insignificant self.

“You have given me earthly life, my young slave. I shall reward you for it, my faithful servant. Henceforth you shall sit beside me and command the army we shall build. An army of my children that we shall recruit to exact my revenge and take over men. Now, as my rightful servant and child, you must carry my seed inside you, that shall replace your own. Stand and come to me, and I shall give it to you, as you gave me your blood, my slave.”

“It shall be an honor taking you in, my Master,” uttered the man standing up at once.

The Pharaoh slowly stripped his body of every piece of clothing which the slave took and placed upon the floor for him. Then the young man felt his Master’s body behind his. The Pharaoh’s manhood pressed against his buttocks which he started to relax while the older man caressed and pinched his nipples. The slave felt his Master’s breath in his ear just as His manhood entered him. “Relief yourself,” said the master stroking the young man’s cock, “Empty your body of your own seed before taking mine in”. The young man continued to stroke his cock, feeling waves of pleasure all over his body every time his Master’s thrust inside him. They were becoming one and at the same time, each embracing their newfound state. The Pharaoh savoring each breath of His new earthly life, each neat from His now living heart, each pulse of His powerful cock. The slave reveling in his new strength, his new body, his new purpose in life. They continued to fuck savagely as God and human, as King and subject, as Father and son, but also as lovers.

In no time, the slave screamed loudly while his cock erupted like it never had in his old life, letting out every last drop of his own seed that had been left, emptying himself of it. A few seconds later, his Master let out a powerful hoarse yell, while he felt His seed fill his insides, making him completely His Master’s creation and possession.

After laying for a while without speaking, the Master spoke, “Whenever you are in my presence or by yourself, your natural state will be nakedness, but I have an order for you now.”

He pointed towards a wooden chest next to the tomb, “Inside you shall find your clothes, the garment of a true Egyptian slave. Put them on.”

Abdamelek -that was and had always been his true name- opened the chest and found only a plain white loincloth and a pair of leather simple sandals. He put them on, feeling proud to be clothed as a true slave of his Master, And knelt down before His Owner, awaiting His orders.

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This is a community series!
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