By BeardedBard
published June 11, 2019

Jake and Josh are twins who always celebrate their birthdays with a cherry on top. Will they get their birthday wish?

Such a fan of this site and all its dedicated writers. If you’re under 18 then good day. xoxox

It was June 15th. The birds were chirping the Earth was lush and flowers sprang up seemingly from nowhere, anywhere, everywhere. Somewhere in the burbs of Chicago two gorgeous twin brothers began to rise from their slumber, simultaneously, from different bedrooms, lazily removing there pajamas. Jake in red and Josh blue. The sun flowed into each of there respective bedrooms and lit up their tanned muscular bodies. Each brother had gorgeous sleeves of colorful, patterned tattoos that emphasized their meticulously kept, symmetrical bodies. Form was at priority, slowly building the perfect double set of bro bods. They flexed in their mirrors, unbeknownst to each other, winking at their reflections. It was on this day that the two Gemini twins were born 29 years ago. Blessed with strong genes the brothers grew into the living statues before our eyes. Click here for the twins.

Life for the brothers was good. Excellent in fact. They both worked for a Lawfirm downtown, past down to them by their father. Redding and Kiplar earned the men enough cash to live comfortably in a downtown 2 story condo in Chicago. They still split rent and lived together which they planned to end after this year…it was at this moment that they both realized that this would be the last year they shared a space. The boys squeezed out every bit of their superb youth alongside one another, doing so before they would have to settle for the simple life. It really wasn’t all that bad. A sexy wife…maybe a secretary on the side, a nice house in the burbs, fast car…it all felt rather boring to the twins as they continued to ready themselves for the day. As they made their way to the shower they made a solemn wish as the water traced their taught muscular bodies:

“I wish to stay as close to my brother as I am now.”

Their wish did not go unheard. You might be thinking…gee these brothers have separation issues and you could not be more right. Josh and Jake did everything together. They attended the same posh schools their entire lives, lived together since birth, and even lost their virginity together (Not in the same room though, #nohomo). In fact they had something of  a tradition each year…to both get laid on the same night to commemorate the birth of these godly Gemini twins. There was something comforting about hearing their twin scoring with a different version of the same girl through their separate rooms.

Jake and Josh loved ditsy girls that let them know they were in charge, that they were on top. Their preferences in women had only one major difference. Jake preferred a blonde bimbo with big tits, while Josh preferred red heads with fat asses. They never failed to find their “Sacrifices” as they would call them and today would be no different. Their DMs pinged and dinged with messages from various women all messaging with bright, giggly “happy birthday, handsome.” texts. As the studs finished their showers and dressed they felt positively magnetic as they victoriously texted their harem. 

“Hey bro, Happy Birthday” Jake grinned synchronizing with his brother at the staircase of their duplex

“Happy Birthday dude. How is the lineup looking?” he responded, already knowing the answer.

“Narrowing down the blondes now.” Jake grinned wider. The race was on to find the sluttiest girl they could. Synchronization was everything to the brothers, and as they wolfed down their protein shakes those identical grins grew in anticipation for the day ahead.

The brothers made their way to their shared penthouse office with a bit of extra pep in their step. Outside of their building walked an old hunched woman. The brothers made their way in stride…that is until the old hag began talking to them. 

“Excuse me gentleman…would you mind sparing any change.”

“We don’t carry change lady.” Jake sneered.

“Well no need to get nasty, it was just a simple question.”

“I’m sorry,” Josh replied sincerely, “What my brother meant to say is, ‘we’re too rich for that’” He scoffed and the two brothers left the old woman humiliated…and a tad vengeful. Her eyes glowed wispy green.


The day went on for the brothers without a hitch, as most days did. No one dared come to them with bad news while they were together. Unless they wanted to get reamed by the testosterone filled brothers at the same time. Instead they were greeted by small, chic gifts and bouquets of flowers wishing them a Happy Birthday.

As usual the brothers were greeted by a thin, tired looking man who looked slightly older than the two studs. Jared Kiplar was the twin’s longest friend and the brains of their law office. Where the boys performed and outshined in the courthouse Jared excelled at keeping their office in demand with the painstaking research he did. He was the same age as the brothers, but years of late night research and fast food had the man looking several years their senior. His growing gut became a running punch line between the twins. Jared met the brothers with their usual lattes and a list of what the brothers needed to attend to. click here to see Jared

“Hope you stuck to the skim milk this time jiggly Jared” Josh laughed as Jake rubbed his belly. Jared rolled his eyes.

“And very happy birthday to you both.” He handed them a folder. “Here are the articles you asked me to pull. I highlighted anything of interest.”

“Thanks Jare bear” Josh laughed. "Thats what that weirdo called you the other day right? You sure you didn’t go fag on us?

“Oh shut up you asshole.”

“We’re only kidding dude, why are you getting so serious….unless, could Josh be onto something?” Jake joined in Josh’s laughter. The brothers were referring to the past weekend. They were out on the town doing some early celebrating when they saw their friend Jared. As they approached him another man did the same, greeting Jared with a hug and a “hey Jare bear”. Jared was mortified. Two of his worlds collided at once and the brothers didn’t seem like they wanted to let him forget. Thankfully the man that approached took the hint and quickly left, but the twins  wanted answers, which Jared refused to give. 

The truth is Jared was gay. Gay and very attracted to his twin friends. He lusted after them whenever in private. Even now as he walked away humiliated, yet again, he could feel his small cock plump in his pants. In fact the only good thing about his tiny member was how well he could hide his hardon from the muscle-bound twins. As he closed the door to his tiny office (sectioned off by drywall from their own) his dick swelled to its full four inches. He sighed, imagining experiencing their lives as rich young attractive bachelors. A naked Josh and Jake throwing themselves at him in lust. Jared was shaken from his thoughts by a loud knock on his door. 

“Jared quit masturbating in there and join us in our office.”

Frustrated and very horny Jared began to gather his things.

“Well here’s to another day.” He sighed, readying himself for the next mountain of trial research the twins piled onto him.

After a two hour meeting Jared allowed the brothers to sweet talk him into another long night of research. It was Monday for crying out loud, but the twins railed over him their need to get birthday sex and he submitted. Secretly wishing that he was the one on the receiving end of their night in sin. On his way to lunch Jared passed by an old woman outside their office. He stopped and gave her a 5 dollar bill and a smile. She took his money gratefully, and as Jared left to lunch he could have swore he heard the old woman whisper something about him “being reborn” right in his ear, but as he swiftly turned around he saw that he was alone. Thoroughly creeped out he made his way back to the office.

Upon returning from his late lunch Jared made his way to the tiny room within the brother’s penthouse. He found the building mostly empty and as traveled to the elevator. He liked it when it was just him and his research. He was painfully shy and always the butt of the twin’s jokes, when he was alone he could focus and truly make a difference in people’s lives. But as he opened the door to his closet like office he found a note.

“Meet me in the staff lounge….Jare Bear” it read with a squiggly heart at the end. Jared was immediately embarrassed at being referred in public as a private nickname in his workplace. How many people at the office already knew? Jared felt quite an unusual amount of rage coming over him that normally wouldn’t. In fact he was seeing red. The straw that broke the camels back. He rushed up to the brother’s gourmet office staff room and burst through the door holding the sticky note in his hand. The boys were laughing over some girls desperate attempts to meet them when they caught the look in Jared’s eyes.

“So you think this is funny?” Jared said waving the sticky in the brother’s faces. “Haha Jared the chunky, office lackey-”

“Woah Jared, Calm down man-” Josh laughed.

“No don’t tell me to calm down, Josh. In fact don’t say another word you ass.” Jared spoke. And as the words left his lips they felt…heavy. Josh’s face contorted as he felt his own rage build at being confronted by their nerdy pudgy friend. He opened his mouth to lay into the dweeb- but nothing…no sound came from his mouth. His brother hardly noticed and took the opportunity to shut Jared back down to the loser status he belonged.

“Jared is this about the fag shit? To be honest, dude, we’ve known for years. You do a piss poor job at clearing your browsing history. We were going to use it as a trump card in case you tried to get smart, but I think we’ve just about warn out this friendship don’t you?” Jared couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But was sidetracked by the horror on Josh’s face as he frantically tried to speak. The confusion didn’t lessen his anger.

“You must really love the sound of your own bitch voice, Jake.” Jared spat. “Probably pop a boner at hearing every girly lilt you make.” Again Jared felt the words leaving his mouth as if they were weighted. As Jake breathed in to retort he felt an unusual warmth gathering in his slacks. He realized, to his horror, that his thick club was stiffening to full erection. He suddenly noticed his brother with fear in his eyes. 

“Like, Josh what is your problem?! Why are you spazzing out, are you choking?” Jake jumped at the sound of his voice as his dick plumped in response to the sound. Where there was once an assertive base, he found that it was now replaced with  a high-pitched…almost girly tone. Jared stared and Josh momentarily forgot about his own vocal dilemma. “Is that my voice…?” Jake asked clutching his Adam’s apple. His eyes went big as he felt the lump shrink. With fear he looked to Josh and then Jared. 

Jared stood perplexed. This argument was going left and began turning into something else entirely. Were they just playing another joke on him? He was so confused. That’s when he noticed Jakes hard member tenting his work slacks. The words he spoke moments ago stood before him in the form of the perplexed twins. He could not believe what was happening and his hard little dick began stirring. “Josh and Jared come over here calmly and quietly and you can forget about leaving the office and how to do so.”

The brothers looked at each other and then laughed…silently. Suddenly they were unable to speak louder than a whisper and as they made there way to Jared they could not for the life of them find a way out of the office or their current predicament. Jared had no idea what this was or long it might last…but he knew he had to make the most of it.

“All of the bullying. All of the work I did for you both, with nothing in return-no raise, no new office. I’m a partner here too, you know, and it’s time I start acting like one. But first we are going to have some fun.” Just as he looked to the brothers Jared heard a ding resound through the staff room. “Now what do we have here?” He scrolled through both of their phones watch the many conversations unfold with their future conquests. “Unbelievable…thats quite a wide nasty net you cast there boys.” Jared sneered as he read the demeaning way the men spoke to these girls. Listing their numbers as “slutty blonde #4”. Jared wondered how far he could take this new found power. He closed his eyes and thought to himself “this would be a lot easier if they both lost their clothes..” and just like that the two muscled studs were standing before Jared in nothing but their briefs-

Jared licked his lips as he realized what this meant. He closed his eyes smiling this time and upon opening them found those bro briefs transformed into the Jockstraps the twins wore in all of his jerk off sessions; blue on Josh and red on Jake. The brother’s looked positively mortified as they felt the cool air on their bodies, tickling their asses and making their holes pulse. They screamed inwardly,  both Jake and Josh closing their eyes to try to end this nightmare, but suddenly they felt themselves calm. They were in for quite a surprise when they opened their eyes to discover their over weight, nerdy friend Jared was now in the nude as well. His plump body jiggling as he walked towards them. But as he came closer the brothers felt something shift inside them. Instead of the boner shrinker they were expecting, they found themselves extremely aroused by Jared. Their jocks filled to capacity as he neared, leaking all the way.

The brothers suddenly became overwhelmed with lust. All they wanted was to fill this hot man with their spunk. Every girl they had fucked or thought of fucking suddenly turned into Jared. Their friend was so hot and the twins loved their Men a trois with him. Wait…that wasn’t right. The brothers momentarily fought looking disbelievingly into each other’s eyes; only to lose out to their horniness. Jared sank to the floor on all fours as the jock brothers, surrounded him. The twins willingly moved to either side of the cub like man, moaning in silent wimpers . They removed their jocks and lined up their plump 8 inch dicks with Jared’s holes.

Jared could hardly contain his glee. His fantasy was finally becoming reality! Jake was up front wiping his thick dick across Jared’s lips, while Josh took up the rear poking at Jared’s furry, bubbly butt. Josh noticed a clear liquid leaking down those perky cheeks. The boys began to slowly enter Jared. As they did so it felt like nothing they had ever experienced in sex before. The studly men felt as if a black hole was pulling on their dicks, a constant vacuum of twists and licks and hard clenches. The twins groaned in ecstasy and closed their eyes. They had no idea how this was possible, it was hard to think of anything else except the unearthly pleasure beholding them. 

It wasn’t until Josh began to moan (now in full voice), like so many of the red heads he’d banged, that he realized something was very wrong. He had to constantly shift positions to stay inside of Jared, it was as if the man had begun to slowly lift his ass in the air. It wasn’t until he opened his eyes that he’d realized that Jared was not lifting his ass. He was growing. Thick muscles filled out his once chunky frame. His gut remained, but it hardly hid the massive muscles beneath. Josh then caught his brother’s eyes and realized that something else had changed. He was so busy looking at the God of a man before him that he did not realize that he and his brother were feeding this change. He watched in disbelief as he and his brother pumped their masculinity into the voracious Jared. The pulling continued on their dicks until they felt them begin to tighten and contract inwards as well. The boys began cumming uncontrollably, now able to scream openly. Their girly moans echoed throughout the penthouse office. They must have pumped 20 loads into the behemoth before them as Jared grew more and more before their eyes.

Exhausted they were finally released from the black hole sucking of Jared’s holes and fell to their skinny knees. Josh and Jake examined themselves and each other through their lusty haze. Both boys were now positively twunkish.

“Josh, what’s like happening?!” Jared half sobbed dramatically.

“Jakey I don’t know! Where are we?! Why are we small?!”

“Joshey we look like we’re 20!!” The twins maintained some of their musculature, but would clearly never reach the level they once aspired to. They now sported trendy hair cuts, Jake now platinum blonde with shaved edges and Josh with ginger bangs. They were indeed younger looking and feeling more and more aroused by the second. Suddenly they felt a warm pulsing at the base of their dicks. Neither of them knew what to do as they looked down at where their massive cocks should rest. In their places stood mere shadows of their former length and girth. Both dicks could not have been more than 2 inches now soft and constantly leaking. They were crushed when they realized the pulsing they felt was not from their dicks…but from somewhere deep inside them. click here to see the twins

The shock of losing their gorgeous babe breakers paled in comparison to what they realized Jared now sported. The man now stood at around 6’ 5" with a strong muscle gut and barrel arms to match. His legs were now as wide as each twin with thick hair sprouting every which way. He looked a bit older as well, but the crowning achievement stood between Jared’s thick legs. Not one, but two thick clubs erupted from his crotch. The boys felt their asses throb further, accompanied by involuntary moans escaping their lips. That same clear liquid that flowed from Jared’s ass now dripped in earnest from the boys asses as their holes quivered and pulsed. click here to see Jared.

“I see you like what daddy has. Why don’t you come over here and give it a try?” Jared shook his thick dicks before their dim, doe eyes. The twins looked to each other in a last ditch effort to fight, but the sheer power emanating from Jared drove them wild and in one sift motion they each both impaled themselves on his thick, foot long, fuck sticks.

Oh fuck, fuck us daddy Jarebear" The twins began moaning obscenely as Jared mashed his long tongue into their mouths, smiling at the irony. Just as they thought their transformation complete the boys felt their bodies shift slightly yet again. Josh noticed that their daddy’s fat belly was now slowly compacting into a thick set of cobblestone abs. While this happened he felt his ass inflate into a fat bubble over the thick dick now taking his anal virginity. Jake was undergoing a similar change, though his was centered around his chest. He now sported a thick fatty chest that any man would be happy to titty fuck. The boys squealed as their fates were sealed. All resistance left them as their sexy partner fucked the cum from their pathetic nubs. The three men climaxed together, Jared with a strong bellow and the twins with dainty moans. It seemed like everyone got their wish today. Birthday sex really is the best thing. 

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