Cash Only!

By Willie Cici
published June 10, 2019

Jack refused to follow orders …

Jack Dempster could not accept ‘No’ for an answer. In college, he almost landed in jail when he refused to accept the ‘No’ of the woman he had seduced at some bar. In the workplace, when an executive said ‘No’ to one of his many requests, Jack plowed ahead. Many times, management benefitted from his stick-to-it-iveness. Sometimes, the people around him dreaded Jack’s persistent arrogance.

“Wanger, I need to use your computer.” Jack insisted.

“It’s Wagner. And ‘no’.”, Wagner replied.

“Wanger. I have a deadline. You don’t. My desktop is busted.” Jack demanded.

“It’s Wagner. And … ‘fuck no’.”, Wagner replied a second time. He fired down his laptop, signed off and rose from his office chair. “And don’t even try.”, Wagner said, in a threatening tone. He walked out of his office and headed down the hallway.

The very minute Wagner was out of sight, Jack sat behind Wagner’s desk and fired up the laptop. “Jerk off’s not telling me what to do.”, he muttered to himself. As soon as the laptop’s main menu screen popped up, Jack tried to log-on the mainframe using his identification markers. Suddenly, a flash of light and spiral light show displayed on the computer monitor. Jack stared at the spirals. He had no choice.

“What the fuck are you doing? I told you not to use my computer.”, Wagner shouted. He walked into his office and readied to pummel his co-worker, when he noticed that Jack was not moving. Jack remained still, frozen-like, his eyes glued to the computer monitor entranced by the swirling images of the spiral and all its subliminal messages. (To see the spiral, click here).

Jack worked into the computer toy division. That operation fronted the real work of the company - covert activities. Jack – eye candy Jack, the human Ken doll - worked in the toy division. Wagner supervised one of the covert activity units. When Jack invaded Wagner’s desktop, he activated one of the programs Wagner was designing and testing. Unfortunately, Jack succumb to the flashing images and subliminal messages. Wagner could undo the temporary damage, but he noticed that Jack’s groin was tenting his trousers. Intrigued, Wagner decided to test his spiral on the in-house guinea pig.

Wagner stood next to Jack, out of the line of sight of the computer monitor, and whispered to his dazed coworker. “Let’s melt your mind down boy.”, Wagner said to the dazed and bewildered Jack. “Jack, look at the center of the spiral. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it powerful? Keep watching. Every time the spiral gets big, your mind gets emptier. The bigger, the emptier. The emptier, the better. Let your body relax. Let your mind fall prey to the power of the spiral. The bigger the spiral, the emptier your mind. Let pleasure fill your body. Let the spiral erase your thoughts. Only obedience. Don’t you feel good? Obeying is good. Obeying makes your hard. The bigger, the emptier. Obeying is good, isn’t that right, boy?”

Jack could not take his eyes off the spiral. He fondled his junk, stroking his cock from the outside of his trousers. Jack felt his cock getting thicker and harder. “Listen to the voice of your Master. Let your body relax. Let your mind fall prey to the power of the spiral. The bigger the spiral, the emptier your mind. Let pleasure fill your body. Let the spiral erase your thoughts. Only obedience. Don’t you feel good? Obeying is good. Obeying makes your hard. The bigger the emptier. Obeying is good, right, boy?”

Wagner directed Jack to focus on the center of the spiral. In a soft, docile tone, Wagner said, “I’m going to count down from 5. When I reach ‘0’, you will close your eyes and fall asleep, but still listen to my voice.” Wagner saw Jack nodding his head ‘yes’. “Good. 5. Eyes are getting heavy. 4. Your body feels so relaxed. 3. Your mind gets empty. 2. My voice. 1. Mindless and asleep. 0.” Jack’s head fell into his chest. Wagner smiled. “Jack, can you hear me?”

“Yes.”, Jack replied, in a mumbling tone.

“Who do you obey?”, Wagner asked.

“My master.”, Jack answer.

“And who is you Master.”

“The Voice.”, Jack replied.

“And who is the voice?”, Wagner asked.

Jack paused to deduce the answer. “You are.”

“So, if I’m the voice, then that makes me … your …”, Wagner said.

“Master.”, Jack replied.

“Very good. Obeying Master gives your pleasure. Obeying Master makes you hard. Now, take out your cock and stroke it. Don’t cum until I give you permission.”, Wagner ordered. Jack whipped out his dick, a semi-hard 4” that showed little potential. “That explains a lot.” Wagner thought to himself. He left Jack alone in his office, masturbating and staring at the spirals. He walked down the hall to another office, his superior.

“Bart, I’ve got a situation.”, Wagner said. He explained the events of the day.

“I want to see this for myself.”, Bart said. The two men walked towards Wagner’s office and stared at Jack, seated in Wagner’s chair, stroking his cock. “Impressive. DOD will find this interesting.”

“Do you care what happens to with him?”, Wagner asked.

“Fuck no. He’s an asshole.”, Bart replied. “He’s getting fired. How many sexual harassment claims can we pay off?”

“Good.”, Wagner said. “I’ll take care of it.”

“I’m sure you will.”, Bart said. He knew Wagner’s orientation. He never questioned or judged him. His value to the company exceeded any concerns that myopic supervisors may have.

Months later –

“Okay. So, tell me. What’s your goal?”, Wagner said.

“$500.00.”, Jack answered, as he reviewed his cell phone.

Wagner stared at Jack in his street uniform, a pair of cut-up boy shorts and a black t-shirt covered in graffiti-like print that read ‘cash only’. From behind, Wagner admired the crack of Jack’s ass, his pert buttocks on display for Jack’s potential customers. From arrogant, preppy computer game designer to male working boy, Wagner transformed the arrogant millennial. First, he gave Jack a make-over: new haircut and color, a metallic red and blonde look. Second, he purchased Jack some new clothes, befitting his bottom boy status. Third, he sent Jack to the gym to tone up, not for muscle. He wanted Jack lean and lithe, the perfect sexy twink. (To see Jack, click here). “Where are you headed today?”, Wagner asked.

“Potomac Park. I did pretty good last time.”, Jack replied.

“And, if you make your goal, there’s a treat.”, Wagner said.

Jack turned and faced Wagner. “Promise?”

“Yes. I promise.”, Wagner replied.

The happy twink walked out of Wagner’s suburban District home and skateboarded along the idle streets of the DC area neighborhood.

Chip rode the elevator of his office building to the basement level garage. He headed for his car and shed his t-shirt. The humid, muggy day demanded shirtless. He walked out of the garage and began his run. Within fifteen minutes, his cell phone rang. He took a minute to answer the call. “Hey! How you doin’? I know. Oh! Okay. When are you leaving? Okay. No. Don’t apologize. We’ll go some other time. Yeah. I’m sure. Safe flight. Okay.” Chip said, as he ended his call. Chip drew a deep sigh. He recently started dating this cute little redhead. They were supposed to have a second-date, but the redhead canceled their date because of a last-minute work assignment, which required a flight to Dallas. He tucked away his cell phone and continued his run through Potomac Park. (To see Chip, click here).

About twenty minutes later, Chip walked into the public restroom and stood at the urinal. He lowered his compression gear, whipped out his dick and relieved himself. A minute later, Jack walked over and stood at the urinal next to Chip. He leaned over and snuck a peak at Chip’s dick. “Nice cock.”, Jack said.

Chip smiled at Jack. His friend told him about some dude who would suck your dick for $50. ‘Nice cock’ was the code. When he finished urinating, Chip shook his dick, ridding himself of the last drops and faced Jack. Jack smiled and rubbed his fingers together. When Chip produced the currency, Jack led the half-naked stud into the handicap stall, closed the door and sat on the toilet.

“Six more.”, Jack muttered to himself.

Jack stood at the basin of the restroom, washing his hands and rinsing his mouth, when he heard someone enter the restroom, the heavy footsteps of boots.

“I heard you were here.”, the voice said. Jack looked into the mirror and saw a patrolman. Jack smiled. The patrolman said. “Jack, you can’t run business out of the public restroom on a regular schedule. You’re gonna get us in trouble.”

Jack smiled. He drew close to the rookie cop and groped the young policeman. “C’mon Officer Novacek. A man’s gotta earn a living.”

Officer Novacek unzipped his trousers and released his beast, a proud 7” cock, cut and semi-hard. “Suck it. Now.” (To see Office Novacek, click here). Jack obeyed Officer Novacek. He licked the cop’s shaft and nibbled on his juicy balls. “Suck it.”, Novacek said, as he grabbed the back of Jack’s head and forced his cock down Jack’s throat. He thrust his hips, bobbing his cock in and out Jack’s mouth, rubbing against the metal piercing on the edge of Jack’s tongue. The rookie cop, a mere 24 years old, needed little time to bust his nut, but he loved the sensation of Jack’s mouth. He edged himself, toying with Jack’s ass, and pulling his cock out Jack’s mouth, slapping his cock on Jack’s tongue and face.

A clang on the bathroom door forced Novacek back to reality. He pushed Jack into the handicap stall and forced Jack to sit on the commode. He faced Jack, slid his cock into his mouth and motioned to Jack to suck quietly. The twosome heard someone come into the bathroom, use the facilities, flush and leave the public restroom. When the coast was clear, Novacek blast his wad down Jack’s throat. Cum spilled down the side of Jack’s lips. Jack wiped his face with his fingers and licked the cum off his fingers.

“Good boy.”, Novacek said. Jack grabbed some toilet tissue, wiped Novacek’s cock, and flushed the cum-soaked toilet paper down the toilet. “Stay here. I’ll go out first.” Novacek adjusted his trousers and walked out of the stall. He washed his hands and exited the restroom.

Jack walked out of the stall and also washed his hands. He also cupped his hands and drank some water from the basin. “Freebies.”, he muttered, staring at his image in the mirror above the basin, and shaking his head. “I still got two more.”

Around 5:30pm, Jack walked into his home. “I’m home.”, he called. A late afternoon rush pushed him beyond his goal. As he walked into the bedroom, Jack found Wagner, standing naked in the middle of the bedroom, with a grin pursed on his lips. His cock rose proudly like a flagpole. (To see Wagner, click here). Jack’s heart sunk. Wagner had the look in his eyes. “But I thought you said if I made my goal, I would get a treat.”

“You will, working boy.”, Wagner said. Jack smiled and stared at Wagner. “Hand it over.” Jack pulled out the currency he earned, a wad of cash, and handed it to Wagner. “Good boy. Now, on your knees, working boy.”, Wagner ordered. Jack fell to his knees, opened his mouth and swallowed Wagner’s massive cock. “This is your treat. When you wake up, you will remember how I sucked your cock. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Jack mumbled.

Wagner smiled. Jack pulls in about $2000 a week. That pays his keep around the house, his gym membership, and assorted sundries. The rest, Wagner pockets.

Wagner stared into Jack’s eyes. He loved Jack’s skillful mouth.

But, he really loves the cash.

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