Birth of a Bimbear pt. 1 - Ben Meets Rabbit

By Pup Don
published June 10, 2019

Ben is a shy quiet bear who’s having trouble meeting men to date. All that is about to change once he meets a stranger in an alleyway.

Ben sat at the bar nursing his beer. He watched the Go Go boys, checked out the other bar patrons, looked at the bartender’s butt and then went back to his beer. He was new to town, having moved here for a new job, and didn’t know anyone. He’d been coming to this bar every weekend for a month trying to make friends or meet someone to date. He was very shy and wasn’t good with flirting so he just sort of hung out and hoped that someone might sit next to him he could chat with. Ben was a bear, about 32, short trimmed beard and a nice round furry belly. He was a catch but he just didn’t see it. He was so focused on all the slim, muscular guys in the bar that he was oblivious to the looks he was getting from the other bears, cubs, otters and chasers.

While sitting there he wondered why he was alone. He thought maybe he wasn’t dressed flashy enough. Khaki pants and a flannel shirt, maybe not the sexiest thing like some of the other guys but he still thought he looked good. The sad thing is that his shyness and his hotness made him come off as aloof and the other guys were even a little nervous about approaching him.

He finished his beer and decided to go home early and watch some TV.

There were a bunch of guys blocking the front door who were having a very lively conversation so he went out the side door instead. It lead to an alley that ran to the main street where his car was parked. But after taking a few steps a voice called to him from behind, “Hey buddy, hold up”. He froze in terror. He’d never been part of a gay bashing before and his first thoughts were that this section of town might be too seedy for him and he should have been more careful. He spun around, fists raised, almost ready to beat off an attacker when his eyes landed on this sexy older bear of a man with a salt and pepper beard, gorgeous belly, and big strong arms. He was Chinese and was wearing a leather vest, black jeans with big biker boots. He smiled at Ben with a really warm friendly smile. “Woah, cowboy… settle down, I just wanted to talk for a second.” Ben felt instantly at ease and put his fists down.

“I’m really sorry, I’m new here and having someone call after me in a dark alley sorta freaked me out.” he said.

The older man smiled and replied, “It’s okay. I’ve seen you here a few times but you never seem to talk to anyone. I tried to get your attention inside but you… well you were ignoring everyone around you.”

“Oh no”, Ben said. “Did it really look that way? I wasn’t ignoring anyone. I’m just shy. Beside, all those hot guys in there… nobody would be interested in me.”

“Well, maybe we need to change that”, he said. Ben thought that was an odd thing to say. He couldn’t tell if the older man was hitting on him or just being friendly but he was really enjoying this conversation. His usual shyness had dissipated and he was feeling totally at ease even though they just met. Even a little horny. Was he attracted to this man? Did he want him to take him home? Should he ask him on a date? Would the guy think he was trashy if he just went home with him? What if they did date? He’d never dated an older man before. “There I go again, always overthinking things”, he thought to himself. He did his best to shake it off and simply reached out his hand to make a formal introduction, “I’m Ben”.

The older man looked at the outstretched hand with amusement. “Ah, Benji… nice to meet you.” Ben, momentarily distracted by the man getting his name wrong, just stood there awkwardly holding out his hand. “Uh, sorry no, it’s Ben,” he corrected.

The man smiled wider. “Okay, Benji” and reached out his own hand, “Friends call me… Rabbit.”

At that moment their hands touched and Ben felt a jolt of erotic electricity surge through his body. He looked deep into Rabbit’s eyes and felt lost in them. He felt the elements swirl around him like a tornado, but it was warm and comfortable. He felt like he should be terrified but somehow he knew he was in no danger. He swore he heard whispering. It was like he was speaking directly into Ben’s mind but he couldn’t tell what he was saying. He tried to figure out what was happening but he was finding it so hard to think. “Thinking is hard”, he thought to himself but even that thought started to fade. He was so horny his cock was straining against the fabric of his pants. Strange images started filling his head. They weren’t thoughts because thinking was hard but more like feelings, things he just knew. Like the fact that his pants were so constricting. How could he stand wearing pants that covered up his sexy legs and didn’t hug his delicious ass? And the baggy flannel shirt. The sleeves hadn’t even been cut off and why did he have a t-shirt on underneath? These things all seemed so silly to him. He even started to giggle a little bit. Why was he doing that? He never giggled. He worked so hard to sound tough and masculine because of a lifetime of straight people making comments about gay men being “pansies” and “girlyboys” but now that all just seemed so ridiculous to him. It was so silly for him to push down anything about himself when he could just be totally free. The pure joy of it all made him giggle even more. And the sound of his own girly giggles made his dick get even harder.

FUCK he was so horny. Fuck? He never swore like that? But it felt so good to swear. Fuck fuck fuck! He giggled again and felt so hot and horny. Being horny was good. Then he noticed the whispering again and realized that the very sound of it felt like a living thing, like a beautiful snake wrapping around his brain and his body. It was caressing him like a million tiny hands, each one big and strong, pulling things out of him like guilt and shame, and reforming old personality traits into new ones. He swore again and this time he couldn’t tell if it was out loud or in his head but the voice now sounded breathy and full of lust. It filled him with such joy that he giggled again and it became like a feedback loop. Every time he giggled it made his fuckstick hard but it felt so good it made him giggle again and it just kept happening over and over again. And his nipples, they suddenly felt so sensitive. Those hands he felt earlier were massaging them and kneading them and pulling on them. They seem to have grown into a nice set of plump, supersensitive pig tits. Oh yeah, pig tits baby! Fucking pig tits. He needed to play with them and have men suck on them bite them. He wanted clamps on them and suction tubes to make them even bigger and more sensitive. He might never wear a full shirt again so they would always be on display so men would know they had an open invitation to grab them. Oh it was all so fucking amazing. And through it all he could see Rabbit bathed in a warm red glow, his eyes like bright blue spirals and his whispers still wrapping around him.

Then he felt something new. A sensation in his… his… what was it called again? (giggle) Oh yeah, his boypussy. (giggle) He’d never been fucked before but he had experimented with toys and that feeling, that delicious feeling of his boypussy being filled was suddenly a thousand times more pleasurable. And the tiny hands felt like they were massaging his pussy lips and pulling them and stretching them until it felt like he could fit a fireplug up there. (giggle) And then he felt the hunger. He didn’t just imagine having a fireplug up there, he WANTED one. Images of buttplugs and toys and cocks and fists flooded his brain. He was a total bluttslut and needed his boypussy filled as much as possible.

He was so close. His balls were churning and he needed to shoot his load. He went to open his mouth to ask Rabbit to fuck the shit out of him but he couldn’t even speak. He ran his tongue over his lips and they felt… bigger, more soft and supple, and he instantly knew they were perfect dick sucking lips. The whispering got louder and he suddenly had all the knowledge in the Universe about how to pleasure a man with his dick sucking lips.

He fell to his knees. He should have felt the hard gravel of the alleyway but instead his knees felt no pain. It was almost like they were calloused and at the same time cushioned from the hard, rocky asphalt underneath him. This was good because he knew he would be on his knees a lot. He belonged there with an open mouth, or with his ass in the air. A total cumdump for men to use. He felt more alive than he ever had and so fucking horny that he couldn’t contain himself anymore. Then Rabbit stopped whispering. He looked down and smiled at his newest creation. He placed his hands gently on the sides of his head and slid his beautiful erect cock between his soft supple lips. All of Ben’s thoughts stopped. For a moment he was an empty vessel waiting to receive Rabbit’s seed. Rabbit fucked his face with an intense passion. It could have been a moment, it could have been a lifetime, none of that mattered to either of them. Then he let out a moan that shook the heavens and shot his load and Benji’s cock exploded with such ferocity that he blacked out.

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