CHAPTER I: Job interview

By Angell Kitty
published June 12, 2019

Kazuma is a young secretary who has the important mission of forming an alliance with the rival company; there he will meet Maxwell, the president of the company, who has more sinister intentions with the young secretary.

Hello my name is Angell and it’s a pleasure to meet you, this is my first story, I hope you like it. My English is not good; my apologies.

CHAPTER I: Job interview

He spent half a day and Kazuma looked out the window of the car to stop at the red of a traffic light. He was a young man of only 25 years, quite serious and a little cold, he did not have much that he had found a good job for what he dedicated to him full time. He drove down a busy avenue to the center of the business area.

“You are welcome. The president waits for you.” Said a beautiful receptionist with blond hair and a gray fitted suit. His blue eyes sparkled as he smiled at the young man with kindness. Next to her came a very tall and formal man, but with a friendly face.

“Over here please.” The man said making a gesture with his hand to indicate the step towards the elevators.

Kazuma was escorted to the top floor of the business building, when the elevator door opened the boy appeared in a waiting room where the man said goodbye. Kazuma took a seat and looked around, it was a huge modern style room with black and gold tapestries and pots on each corner, it was a huge place. Suddenly, a mature man of approximately over forty with an elegant black suit and a cold, hard face entered the room.

“Are you Kazuma, the representative of the company?”

“Yes, that’s right, great pleasure.” The boy said formally.

The man stared at him up and down. Kazuma was surprised.

“Follow me please.”

The man led him to another reception, this time more private. The desk was made of silver metal and glass, it had black chairs and a modern style to match the previous room. The boy took a seat in front of the desk while the man took a form and a pen.

“Before going to the president, I need to ask you a few questions, I hope you do not mind. As you may have noticed, you come from a rival company, so the security protocol is high.”

“Okay, I do not think there is any problem.” Said the confident boy. The man started.

“Are you alone or accompanied?”

“Alone.” The boy answered calmly.

“In own vehicle or transport?”

“Own vehicle.”

“Besides your company, does anyone else know you’re here?”

Kazuma frowned slightly.

“No, nobody else.”

“Do you live alone or with a family member?”


“Do you have relatives close to you?”

“No, they live in another country.”

“I am going to ask you to give me your cell phone or any other device with which you can communicate, since the president is disturbed by interruptions during meetings.”

Kazuma looked at him strangely and with great mistrust added.

“Is this necessary?”

“Protocol, remember, it’s just a formality.”

With a little distrust he did what the man asked.

“Thank you very much, the president will receive it right now. Follow me please.”

Kazuma stood up and followed him to a huge metal door. The large door to the office opened and Kazuma noticed on the threshold.

“Come in.” He indicated a voice inside. “You arrive on time; you really are very punctual.” Kazuma stepped inside and the smell of wood and leather hit his face. The office was huge, facing the door was the elegant desk where the president was, a young man in his early thirties, had light brown hair quite short from the back and a little longer in front His eyes were blue and his gaze was deep and penetrating, he was wearing an elegant gray suit with a navy blue shirt and tie; He was sitting in a large, elegant executive chair. The desk was mahogany and quite wide, even a glass wall with a screen, you could not see anything from the other side of the glass, on the right side there was a very elegant room lined with brown leather to match the desk and the walls around it were covered by beautiful wooden shelves full of books, there were also many clocks, on the walls, on the shelves and even a huge wooden clock with a large pendulum in front of the room. Kazuma thought that the president was really a lover of the classic since by his appearance he looked still young.

“Please sit.” The president invited young Kazuma. “My name is Maxwell, Maxwell Henderson.” He said as he reached out his hand to shake Kazuma’s hand.

“Kazuma O’Neill … it’s a pleasure.” The boy responded with education returning the greeting.

“Your boss told me you would bring the contract ready.”

“Yes it is.” The young man placed an elegant black folder on the desk, and took some papers from there. While he searched, Maxwell looked at him closely, his eyes scanning the sharpness of his features, his slightly slanted eyes and his straight black hair that covered faded to the base of his neck. He had a beautiful white skin that stood out in the navy blue suit he was wearing.

Suddenly Kazuma felt the grief in the president’s eyes and looked up. His eyes were black, covered by elegant glasses and the long strands of his hair.

The president smiled and took his chin.

“Something happens?” asked the surprised young man.

“No, nothing, I just realized why you’re his secretary.”

Kazuma handed the papers to Maxwell who read them and signed without further delay. When he finished, he pressed a button on a sophisticated intercom and called his secretary. The same man in the black suit entered the office.

“Lein, take these papers to the administration department so they can stamp them and scan them. Please hurry up, our visitor has things to do.”

“Yes sir.” The man answered and left immediately by the main door.

“In a moment they will give us the authorization, do you like to get a little more comfortable and have some tea?”

“Eh … yes … thanks.” The young man hesitated a bit while he saw Maxwell stand up and walk towards the elegant leather room. Kazuma was impressed, Maxwell was very tall, taller than him, almost a head taller since Kazuma was also very tall.

The man walked into the living room and picked up an elegant porcelain teapot and poured hot water into two cups.

“Go to the room please.” The man indicated.

Kazuma stood up and walked towards it, as he approached he realized that the lighting was lighter giving a more welcoming touch. At the bottom next to the clock was a fireplace with a faint sparkling light that the young man had not noticed.

“Please make yourself comfortable.” The president said as he put the porcelain cup on the coffee table. “And tell me, do you feel comfortable working with your boss?”

Kazuma looked at him suddenly, the question took him by surprise, however, it would not be the first time they asked him.

“The work is maybe a bit stressful and demanding, but I have a good boss and the pay is good. I do not think I have much to complain about.” The young man answered without giving importance. “I see, then your excesses do not bother you?”

Kazuma frowned, surprised by the question. “What do you mean by that?” The young man asked without stopping looking at his host.

“Come on, do not bother, everyone knows about your boss’s strange pastimes, or maybe … did not you know that he likes to seduce attractive young people like you?”

The comment made the young man feel very uncomfortable, he did not know anything about what the president was talking about.

“By your expression it seems you did not know, I really feel it, I thought you were aware, I do not blame you if you wanted to quit your job, in more if you like I could hire you here. Honestly I would love to have an assistant as attractive as you.” Maxwell smiled wickedly, and a shiver ran down Kazuma’s back, for a moment he felt trapped.

“Quiet boy, I’m just kidding.”

Kazuma did not know what to answer, was it a joke about his boss? Or was the joke about employment?

“Maybe it’s a joke what I said about your boss, but … if you like I could give you a good job here in my company, I see that you are very skilled maybe here you are better…”

Kazuma settled uncomfortably on the chair seat, looked slightly nervous trying to answer, took some tea and cleared his throat.

“I appreciate your offer, but for now I’m fine, I’m sure that there are many young people waiting outside to give them a chance and they are as skilled as I am.”

Maxwell smiled. “Are you sure? It is well known that your boss is very demanding, there are times even that the working hours become more than twelve hours. You must feel tired and stressed after such a day. It is not like this?”

“Well …” The boy hesitated a bit. “Maybe if it’s stressful, but nothing that I can not handle. The position I have demands a heavy workload, but the financial compensation is worth it.”

“I imagine that remuneration is enough so that the weekends you can go out with your friends to have fun and relax, and I even want to think that you also have to have time to invite a pretty girl out, is not it?”

Kazuma remained silent, overworking did not allow any of that.

“You are too young to be locked up in an office full time, for sure you would like to enjoy life more, to know … to experience … to enjoy … to relax … you would like to be able to forget that terrible stress … of that oppressive work … Would not you like to have a more pleasant life?”

Maxwell’s voice had become very calm and he invited Kazuma to meditate.

“… Maybe, having a little less stress would be good …” The boy finally accepted.

“Maybe I can give you a better compensation with a lower workload.” Maxwell smiled faintly as he watched the young man’s reactions carefully. Kazuma grew increasingly nervous. “But it’s okay, there’s no problem, even so, I’d like you to think calmly, I’ll keep my proposal open.”

Kazuma calmed down a little and took another sip of tea. When he finished he looked at the clock, the approval of the papers was taking longer than he thought.

“You seem stressed boy, why do not you try to relax, the papers will soon arrive.”

“Excuse me sir, but they are waiting for my return in the company.” Kazuma said trying to press Maxwell.

“Do not worry, as soon as you leave I’ll make some calls so that your boss does not bother you, finally we are colleagues.” The president smiled mischievously and did not look away from the young man.

Kazuma looked again at the clock in front of the fireplace, it was getting late and he felt nervous, suddenly felt a slight dizziness, placed his hand on the head and looked at the clock again, his eyes began to dim slightly. The boy felt strange, his body began to feel heavy.

“You feel good?” The president asked.

“…I am fine.” The boy tried to disguise. Maxwell smiled wickedly.

“I see that you are very nervous, I want to help you relax, if you allow me.” Kazuma looked at Maxwell strangely.

“No thank you very much.” Said the boy trying to regain his composure, however, he felt dazed and had a hard time thinking.

“You do not have to worry, it’s something very simple, it’s just a relaxation technique that some psychologists use to calm their patients.”

“Are you a psychologist?” The boy asked incredulously.

“I’m a lot of things, boy. But I’m interested in the sciences of the mind, psychology is one of them.” Maxwell answered smiling as he stood up and approached Kazuma. “You would be amazed what you can do with people, that is the secret of the success of the companies. Please do not worry and make yourself comfortable, it will only take a few minutes.” The president said as he put a hand on the boy’s shoulder and pushed him towards the back of the chair. Kazuma did not remember accepting his help, but thought it would be very impolite to refuse now.

“To be able to help you, I need you to do everything I tell you. Tell me do you believe in hypnosis?” Kazuma looked at him with wide eyes, that kind of subjects did not interest him, they are things of charlatans, of television programs, but he could not tell the president. It would be like making fun of him, like disrespecting him.

“Emm … the truth …” Kazuma hesitated nervously not knowing what to say. Immediately Maxwell noticed.

“I know it seems like a joke, sometimes it sounds like a fantasy and they use it more for entertainment than for what it really should be.”

The young man had no interest in venturing into the subjects of hypnosis or similar matters, he just wanted to return to his work before his boss called his attention.

“Hypnosis is really effective for those who are willing to give it a try, the feeling of pleasure and relaxation is immense, it allows you to concentrate better on the job and it will lower your stress, it will only be a few minutes, it will not take much time and I assure you that you’ll feel better.”

The president said as he sat next to the boy. Kazuma looked at him without answering, he was still tense and dazed, he did not really believe in many things, for him it was just a waste of time, however, he could not think very well and fearing to be discourteous he preferred to continue in silence. The president pulled a watch out of his pocket and placed it in front of Kazuma. It did not take much importance when the president began to swing the clock back and forth in front of him. It was a beautiful watch, it looked like silver, it had very elegant engravings on the lid and a long, thick chain.

“You like?” Maxwell asked.

Kazuma was silent, could not appreciate it, the elegant businessman did not stop swinging.

“It’s nice.” The boy said with effort trying to follow the clock.

“This will help you to relax, but you need to follow it and not look away.” The swing was smooth from one side to the other, to the rhythm of the ticking of a clock, so soft that it was not difficult to look at it. Kazuma tried to resist, it was quite uncomfortable that situation. However, he did not want to be discourteous, so he kept his eyes on the clock and decided to pretend a bit, finally, even though he could not relax, he would lie to the president saying that he did.

The smooth rolling of the clock continued, from one side to the other, slowly from one side to the other.

“Now breathe slowly … deep … in and out … in and out … breathe.” The president’s voice had become very soft and slow, letting him concentrate on each word. Kazuma began to follow him by pretending, not taking importance, he really did not think he would succeed, he was more attentive to the door, since at any moment the man with the papers would enter through the door and could leave. However, the minutes passed and the man with the papers still did not appear.

Without realizing it, Kazuma slowly began to take the rhythm of each breath deeper and deeper. For a moment he stopped paying attention to the door and the president’s voice entered his head, every time he took a deep breath he forgot the wait and concentrated more and more on Maxwell’s soft voice.

“That’s … inside and outside … deep … slowly … inhale … exhale … with each breath you begin to relax your body … with each breath you feel more tired … very tired … inhale … exhale … slowly … leisurely … you feel very relaxed … relax … do not think about anything … relax … breathe … deep … slowly …”

Kazuma began to truly relax, each breath making him lose himself in the words of the president, his thoughts were increasingly confused, between getting lost and letting go or resisting and getting away from him, however, this last idea seemed less and less important, there was no need to flee, he began to feel very calm, very relaxed. Kazuma could no longer look away from the clock. Maxwell removed the boy’s glasses and noticed his docility, began to go into a trance.

“Good boy … keep it up … inhale … exhale … relax your chest … let it take air … feel as the air enters your body and relaxes you … breathes … inside … and outside … that’s … quiet … just listen to my voice … your arms also feel heavy and relaxed … breathe … let yourself go … no need to worry … your shoulders … your neck … now they are relaxed … breathe … inhale … exhale … your whole body … is very relaxed … relax your mind … forget for what are you here … you do not need to know anything … nothing matters anymore … you just want to be relaxed … you just want to be … in a trance …”

Kazuma had lost himself in the movement of the clock, in the soft voice of Maxwell, he stopped perceiving the time, he stopped feeling that haste to return, the trance made him feel good … “Keep breathing … deep … do not take your eyes off the clock … watch your movement and hear my voice … only my voice … you feel tired … very tired … the dream takes over you … your eyelids weigh you … you feel sleep … a lot of sleep …”

Kazuma’s eyes began to close, however, there was still some of his consciousness, the boy tried to resist blinking looking for strength to wake up, but the dream was overcoming, hypnosis was taking over him.

“Do not resist … you are very tired … breathe deeply … inside and outside … soft … inside … and, outside … feel how the dream takes hold of you … listen to my voice … when you count to three you will have fallen into a deep sleep … you will relax deeply and you will sleep … very deep … Did you understand Kazuma?

“Yes …” The boy answered with his voice totally numb and almost in a whisper. Kazuma’s gaze had turned glassy and lost, he no longer followed the movement of the clock, but his gaze was still fixed on him.

“Okay Kazuma … look at the clock … and listen to my voice … One … your body is totally relaxed … you feel very sleepy … you want to sleep … Two … put your mind in white … you do not need to worry about anything … forget everything … nothing matters more than my voice … my words are everything to you … you do not need anything else … you like my voice … you like that watch … the feeling of being relaxed … the feeling of forgetting everything … Three … Sleep … sleep deeply…”

When he heard the number three, Kazuma’s eyes closed and he let his head fall forward falling asleep, his breathing deepened and Maxwell smiled.

“Now you are hypnotized … you are very relaxed … you have nothing to worry about … why leave … you do not need to return to that place of stress … here you are safe … quiet … this place you like … you like it a lot …”

Maxwell stopped swinging the watch and put it in his pocket. Kazuma was in a trance, he could not realize what was happening.

“It’s time to start …” Said the president as he undid his tie and unbuttoned the first buttons of his shirt. Again he approached Kazuma and took him by the chin raising his face, stroked his sleeping face, came even closer and inhaled the sweet scent of his hair. “You’re beautiful Kazuma … I wish you were mine …” Saying this, the president untied the boy’s tie, traced the top buttons of the shirt and exposing his chest caressed him.

Little by little the president unbuttoned each of the buttons of the boy’s shirt and slid his hand across his torso gently. Kazuma could not feel anything, he was deeply asleep, engulfed in hypnosis, unable to resist. The president finished caressing the boy’s chest and took his face. “Kazuma look at me …” the boy opened his eyes totally empty. Maxwell smiled and slid his fingers once more down the boy’s face, brushing the strands of his hair aside. “Do you feel relaxed?” “Yes …” Answered the boy extremely sleepy and with glassy eyes.

“We are not finished yet; we need to continue to really make you feel good. Would you like to continue? Would you like to feel the extreme relaxation and great pleasure in your body?” “Yes …” Kazuma’s mind was cloudy, it was much more relaxing and addictive than a drug. He had completely forgotten what he was doing there and although at times he was trying to find an answer, hypnosis made him forget again.

“Look me in the eyes Kazuma …” Maxwell put aside the strands of hair of the boy that covered his eyes and accommodated his head so that the boy could see him directly. “Relax your mind … you do not need to worry about anything … here you will be safe … free of everything … just listen to my voice.”

“Yes …” the boy answered

“To be free of everything I need you to do what I say … without worrying … without thinking … only then you will be free.”

“Yes …” again the whisper of voice.

“Look to my eyes Kazuma …” Maxwell put aside the strands of hair of the boy that covered his eyes and accommodated his head so that the boy could see him directly. “Relax your mind … you do not need to worry about anything … here you will be safe … free of everything … just listen to my voice.”

“Yes …” The boy answered.

“To be free of everything I need you to do what I say … without worrying … without thinking … only then you will be free.”

“Yes …” again the whisper of voice.

“Kazuma, have you ever been touched by another man?”

“… No …” Kazuma answered feeling embarrassed by the question.

“Quiet … nothing will happen … I just need to know to help you … relax … listen to my voice.”

Kazuma relaxed again and remained still, his mind was too confused to think, it was easier to just answer. “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be touched by a man?”

“No …” The most alert boy answered.

“Tell me boy … Would you like a man to touch you?”

“No …” said the boy every time becoming more alert.

“Kazuma, you do not need to be scared … you’re safe here … no one will hurt you … it’s just pleasure … relax … just follow my voice …” Maxwell brushed his thumbs on the boy’s forehead and eyebrows causing a sensation of relaxation and numbness. “You are very relaxed … you do not need to hide anything … let yourself go … you do not need to worry … relax …”

“Yes …” Kazuma again became docile.

“Kazuma, your work is very stressful … always in a hurry … always responsible … there is no time for you … there is no time to enjoy … to feel pleasure … you are young … your body needs pleasure … a different pleasure than what you have experienced … something so strong and deep that makes you forget completely who you are … a pleasure that very few can feel … that very few can enjoy … intense pleasure … eternal pleasure …” Maxwell’s hand slid down the boy’s torso and down to touch his cock.

“Ah!…” Kazuma gave a small jump. Maxwell caressed slowly, trying to accustom the boy to his touch.

“Do not resist … this will give you pleasure … just breathe deeply … breathe … inside and … out … this is what you want … relax … forget … get away from what stresses you … what tires you … keeps breathing … deep … inhales … exhale … relax … that work takes your life … takes you away from yourself … makes you prisoner … you do not want to be a prisoner of work … you want to be free … do what you want … there is nothing to regret … if your body you want it … if you wish …” “Ah! … No …” Kazuma moaned when Maxwell rubbed more intensely sliding his hand along the erection that was beginning to form.

“Yes… you want … it feels very good … it makes you forget … it makes you enjoy … it makes you feel pleasure … a lot of pleasure … do not hold back anymore Kazuma … just let yourself go … here you will be safe … free to experience … free to feel … feel pleasure…”

“… No … ah … stop… please … ah!”

Kazuma moaned sensually and was more and more erect, but still struggling with the little consciousness he had left.

“Do not resist … you know you want it … it feels good to be touched … to be caressed … to be given pleasure …

“Ah … ah …” Moaned the boy to feel the fingers go through the hardness of his member and press lightly.

“That’s right … even if your mind resists your body has begun to yield to pleasure …”

The president unbuttoned the boy’s pants and lowered his zipper, again stroked, now over his underwear.

“Ah!… no.”

The boy was startled again and took Maxwell’s hand trying to push her away, the boy started struggling, the trance was weakening. Immediately the president took Kazuma’s legs and torso and sat him on his legs hugging him on his back, Kazuma was semi hypnotized and sedated, his strength was not comparable to that of Maxwell who was taller and stronger than him. The president’s huge left arm encircled the boy’s torso and imprisoned his arms, took out his clock again and balanced it in front of Kazuma.

“No …” Kazuma was startled, began to move his head trying to free himself from the movement of the clock.

“Ssssssh … calm … calm … do not be scared … everything will be fine … breathe … inhale … exhale … you are safe here … nobody is going to hurt you … calm … just relax … keep breathing … deep … inside … and outside … follow my voice … you feel relaxed … calm … inhale … exhale … relax your body … you are safe … breathe … deep … inside … and outside …”

The softness in the president’s voice forced Kazuma to concentrate on her, he felt helpless and unable to avoid it, little by little he began to follow her again, to breathe deeply, to feel relaxed, feel good, breathe, let go, his strength faded, his body relaxed again and he took the rhythm of breathing, however, he looked away from the clock, did not want to fall back into a trance so he had turned his head to the side.

“Look at the clock …” Maxwell ordered, but the boy did not obey. “Do not be afraid … this will relax you … it will make you feel good … it will make you feel calm … very calm … inhale … exhale … breathe deeply … do not think about anything … just relax …”

Maxwell felt the boy’s body relax and he stopped imprisoning him, released his torso slowly and slid his hand gently down his chest until it reached his neck and applying a very tenuous strength made him raise his face. Kazuma looked at the clock again and stood still, more influenced than at first.

“Look at the clock … do not stop looking at the clock … inhale … exhale … slowly … deep … relax your body … listen to my voice … your mind is blank … forget everything … watch the clock … breathe deeply … you are already very relaxed … very relaxed … you like relaxation … you want to forget everything … leave everything …”

Kazuma was again in a trance, Maxwell knew that hypnosis was not yet complete, it was necessary to make it stronger otherwise the boy would wake up.

“Listen to my voice Kazuma … continue … only my voice … do not take your eyes off the clock … the watch you like … it’s beautiful … only when you see it you feel relaxation … breathe deeply … relax … do not think about anything … you feel relaxation …”

“Yes …” Kazuma answered more and more submerged in hypnosis.

“Good boy … breathe deeply … inhale … exhale … deep … slowly … you like to be relaxed … you like to be here … just follow my voice and you’ll be fine … breathe … deep … everything will be fine … look at the clock … let me guide you … and you’ll be fine … inhale … exhale … slowly and … deep … calm … you want to be well … relaxed … carefree … forget work … forget time … forget everything … relax … let me take control of your mind … you do not need to think … just let yourself go … let yourself be hypnotized … it feels good to be in a trance … the trance gives you pleasure … you need the pleasure … the trance takes you away from your worries … from your pain … and makes you give yourself to pleasure … hypnosis is pleasure … intense pleasure …” “Yes …” Kazuma said numbly with his eyes totally lost towards the clock. Maxwell slid his hand from the boy’s neck to his chest and then down his belly, gently, making the boy get used to his touch.

“This you like Kazuma … this makes you feel pleasure … you want pleasure …”

“Yes …” Said the boy as he gave in to the president’s caresses and shook his body enjoying the pleasure. It felt so good, so soft, so relaxing. Maybe Maxwell was right, and being touched by a man was what he really wanted, to be touched, to be caressed, to feel a great pleasure, it was not necessary to resist, in spite of being confused his body enjoyed it, he shuddered for himself.

“That’s … good boy … give me your mind … give me your body … you want … it feels good to let go … it feels good to indulge in pleasure … to be relaxed … hypnosis makes you feel good … being under my control makes you feel good … being under my control makes you feel pleasure … that is your desire Kazuma … pleasure … much pleasure … forget everything and feel pleasure … from now on that will be your only desire … pleasure … intense pleasure … a pleasure that only I can give you … Do you want me to give you pleasure, Kazuma?”

“… Yes …” Kazuma hesitated to feel again the hand of Maxwell caress his member over the clothes, however, the feeling had changed, something had changed in him, he was enjoying it, it felt so good, every caress what stimulated, there was no need to resist now, just enjoy, Maxwell was right, he always had it, being touched by a man gave pleasure, so intense that his body began to shudder. He raised his hand and placed it on the president’s hand, but this time it was not to withdraw it but to feel the rhythm of the stimulation. Maxwell was rubbing slowly and he could feel how the boy began to move his hip to the rhythm of masturbation.

“That’s … good boy … you start to feel pleasure … you begin to feel excited … feel the excitement … relax your body … this makes you feel good … you want to immerse yourself even more in the pleasure … my hands give you pleasure …”

The president put his hand under the boy’s pants and could feel the hardening of his penis above his boxer. A wicked smile crossed Maxwell’s face, Kazuma was giving in and would soon belong to him.

“Only I can give you pleasure Kazuma … an intense and deep pleasure … very deep … no one but me can give you pleasure … nobody but me can make you feel good … nobody but me can free you … seduce you … excite you … only I can do it … do you want me to make you feel more pleasure, Kazuma?”

“Yes …”

“You want me to make you feel pleasure … a lot of pleasure … intense pleasure … deep pleasure …”

“Yes … I want pleasure …”

Maxwell rubbed Kazuma’s cock with a little more intensity, making sure to keep it under control, the boy could feel it and every time he rubbed it he got even more erect.

“Good boy … you’re already hardening … your excitement is increasing … however … I can not make you feel all the pleasure …”

Maxwell stopped rubbing Kazuma’s cock and slid his hand to the boy’s chest, pinning him to his chest. He brought his lips to his ear with sensuality and without stopping swinging the clock in front of his eyes he said:

“To make you feel a real and deep pleasure I need you to surrender to me … I need you to give me your body and your mind completely … I need you to obey me …”

Kazuma again stood still staring at the clock.

“To feel pleasure you must obey … obey makes you feel good … you want to be under hypnosis and obey … obey relaxes you … you do not need to worry about anything … just obey … be under trance … free from the world … it makes you feel good … give me your mind and you’ll feel good … you want to feel good … you want to obey …”

“Obey …” Kazuma said numbly, staring at the clock.

“Yes Kazuma … you must obey …”

“I must … obey …”

“Look at the clock … watch it swing … you can not look away … you are hypnotized … you must obey …”

“I must … obey …” Kazuma kept repeating Maxwell’s order like a robot while staring at the clock.

“You must obey …” Maxwell repeated, making sure that the command took strength in the young man’s mind.

“I must … obey …”

“Once again Kazuma.”

“I must obey …”

“That’s right … you are under my control … you are under a trance … your mind is mine now … only I am the owner of your pleasure … master of your body … nothing can wake you except me … you will only obey my voice … I am your master now … and your desire is to be my slave … a slave of pleasure … I … your sole owner and master I can give you pleasure … if you surrender to me your reward will be pleasure … an intense and deep pleasure … you do not need anyone but me … no you need that world full of stress … you only need me … your master …”

“Yes … master …” He said yielding to hypnotic programming

“You like to be here … you feel relaxed … you want to stay here … by my side … you do not need anything else … you enjoy losing control and letting yourself be carried away by pleasure … pleasure that only I can give you … do you want to continue feeling the pleasure it gives you? your master, Kazuma?”

“Yes master …”

“You like to obey … you like to be under my control … you like to be hypnotized … lost … relaxed in the sea of pleasure … only letting yourself be guided by your master …”

“Yes …”

“Now you will forget everything … you will no longer need to return to your work … you are happy here … under my control … doing what I order … doing my will … obeying gives you pleasure … obeying me … it will make you feel better…”

“Yes … obey …”

“Yes Kazuma … now you are my slave …”

“I’m … your slave”

“Yes … an obedient slave … you will let me take control of your mind … and you will be happy with that … you will not resist again …”

“Yes … master …”

“Very good boy … you are becoming a good slave … now your master has decided to let you feel more pleasure …”

Maxwell put his hand back on Kazuma’s still erect penis, and began to masturbate him, first over the clothes, but once a slight wet spot appeared on his underwear, Maxwell lowered the boxer slightly by releasing it completely the boy’s erection.

“You are very excited … you like how I caress you … you like my stimulation … you feel a lot of pleasure …”

Kazuma closed his eyes and opened his mouth a little by throwing his head back and letting himself be carried away by the stimulation.

“It feels good, is not it?”

“Yes … Aah …”

The master took Kazuma’s hand and made him touch himself.

“Now I want you to do it … touch yourself Kazuma touch yourself … feel the pleasure … feel how your body shudders with pleasure … you do not need to think … you do not need to worry … just let yourself go … freeing yourself from every thought … from every tie …”

The boy slid his hand over his hard member and began to rub, gently, from top to bottom. “That’s a boy … enjoy … relax … feel how your hands caress your body … touch … I want to see how you masturbate …”

Kazuma masturbated each time with greater avidity, from top to bottom he slid his hand, wrapped in trance, enjoying himself, gazing fiercely at the clock, letting himself go, letting himself hypnotize.

Maxwell felt the slight movement of the boy’s hip on his legs, as well as small moans of pleasure. The president was still rocking the clock from side to side plunging even more into hypnosis the excited boy, with his free hand began to caress his torso, gently, from the belly to his chest, finally stopped on one of the nipples and gave a slight pinch.

“Aaah … aah.” Kazuma moaned at the edge of an exquisite pleasure.

“You like to be touched by a man … you like to be caressed … you want to feel a man inside you…”

Kazuma masturbated with greater intensity, allowing himself to be totally carried away.

“Yes … I want it …”

“Yes… you want to be taken … you want to be … penetrated … surrender to me as my sexual slave … surrender to the pleasure that only I can give you … let yourself fall … deep in hypnosis … deep in pleasure … just obeying me … your master … that will give you pleasure … intense pleasure … deep pleasure … get lost in my words … get lost in my hypnosis … you have stopped fighting … it has no case … your mind is mine now … I own your thoughts … and you want me to possess you … to take you … to penetrate you … only then you will be truly mine and only then will you feel the true pleasure … the intense pleasure … the deep pleasure …”

“Yes … master … aah … aah … I want … aaah … please … no … I can … aah … aaah” Kazuma moaned and gasped at the point of orgasm, he could not stand it anymore, he was very wet and aroused, the precum fluid bathed his limb from the tip to the base. Maxwell realized that it was time to move on to the next level and complete the hypnosis, so touching the erect member of the boy again he said in his ear.

“You are about to come … but you will not do it until I order it … and once you do it you will fall into a deep sleep … very deep … waiting for my next order to continue …”

“Yes… master … aaah … mmm … aaah”

He pressed the boy’s penis a little, preventing him from coming before his time.

“Obey gives you pleasure … you must obey …” Maxwell said as he placed his hand on the boy indicating the rhythm of masturbation. The clock was still swinging in front of the boy’s eyes and the president made sure that the boy did not stop looking at him.

“To obey gives me pleasure … I must obey …” Answered in automatic Kazuma totally hypnotized and immersed in a deep pleasure.

“You must obey …”

“I must … obey …”

“You are under my control …”

“I’m under your control …”

“You only belong to your master …”

“I only belong to my master …”

“Your master is the only one who can give you pleasure …”

“My master is the only one who can give me pleasure …”

“You want to please the master …”

“I want to please the master …”

“You must give yourself to the master …”

“I must give myself to the master …”

“Your mind belongs to the master …”

“My mind belongs to the master …”

“Your body belongs to the master …”

“My body belongs to the master …”

“You will not be able to deny my wishes …”

“I can not deny your wishes …”

“Your master’s wishes are everything to you …”

“The wishes of my master are everything for me …”

Maxwell let the boy caress himself faster

“Aaah … aaah … aaah …” He moaned the boy about to come while he shuddered due to the stimulation.

“You must obey …” Maxwell finally said as he let go of the boy’s hand so he could free him.

“I must … obey …”

“That’s it … you can not contain yourself … feel the intense pleasure … release it …”

“Aaaaaah! …” Moaned the boy to ejaculate in a strong and deep orgasm.

The boy arched his back as his semen splashed his chest and bathed his hand and his master’s. Maxwell stopped rocking the clock and placed his hand over the boy’s eyes making his head back and leaning on his shoulder.

“Sleep … sleep … sleep boy … let sleep take hold of you … sleep …”

Kazuma obeyed, soon stopped moving, totally relaxed his body and was deeply asleep recharged from his master. The president held Kazuma in his arms for a few minutes, reveling in his smell and warmth, the boy was breathing deeply and agitatedly. Maxwell licked his hand covered by the semen as a reward for his achievement, he was anxious to take it, to possess it and have it by his side.

Maxwell took the boy in his arms and laid him on the couch. The view was very erotic, Kazuma had the jacket and shirt of the suit fully open and his torso was covered in semen, his pants and his boxer were at the middle of his hip leaving part of her to appreciate. The president looked at him pleased, licked his lips thinking about everything he would do with him.

“It’s time to start with the next stage of your mind control …”

It had been about an hour when Kazuma awoke, when he opened his eyes he noticed the ceiling of an unknown place. There was a great silence interrupted only by the ticking of a clock and the slight flare of the fireplace. He did not remember what had happened, the boy sat up immediately sitting on the couch. In front of him sat Maxwell in an individual chair, his fingers were intertwined over his mouth, smiling lightly as he stared at him.

“You relaxed very well …” Said the man with sensuality in his voice.

Kazuma looked at him in dismay, he did not remember anything. Suddenly he looked down and could see his body, he was half naked, with his shirt and pants open, there was still some fluid on his chest and belly. Kazuma took between his fingers some of that liquid to check what he suspected, but there was no doubt, they were remnants of semen. The boy stood up immediately, his breathing stirred, he was confused and scared.

“Calm down boy, you do not have to be scared, I told you it would relax you.”

“What … happened … why am I like this?”

Kazuma backed away a few steps while holding his head trying to remember.

“Do not worry … everything will be fine … here you will be sure …” The president said as he got up and walked towards Kazuma. Maxwell’s voice had become soft and slow again. “Why the hurry? … the work has overwhelmed you … your boss does not leave you time … why not stay a little longer? … a while ago you fell in deep relaxation and pleasure … Why not do it again? … just relax …”

Kazuma watched him approach, he was very scared.

“I have to go.” The boy said turning around.

He walked to the door as fast as he could and pushed her hard. The door did not open, the boy went into despair and struggled with the handles giving the same result. Kazuma spun on his back on the cold metal door as he watched Maxwell approach. His gaze expressed the terror he felt, however, Maxwell looked calm and confident, walked slowly towards the boy and smiled wickedly. “The door will not open, it has several locks that will only be released when I order it. So you will be stuck here for a while.”

Kazuma reached into his pockets for his cell phone to ask for help. However, a sense of panic attacked him as he remembered that the man at the reception had taken it off. The president stopped in front of him, rested his left hand on the door next to the boy’s head and gently took his chin.

“You are trapped … only I can free you … only I am the owner of your freedom … it is impossible for you to try to flee … soon you will belong to me …”

The soft voice of Maxwell made Kazuma feel confused, he felt terror and wanted to get out of there, but that voice, that soft voice forced him to stop, reassure him, relax him. Kazuma turned his face away from his captor, Maxwell hardened his gaze and took the boy’s wrists imprisoning them with his left hand over his head.

“Let go!” The frightened boy said feeling weak.

“The drug that I gave you was not only to relax you, but also to take away your strength.”

Kazuma opened his eyes even more frightened, soon the memories began to make sense. The man at the reception asking for his cell phone, the meeting with the president, the conversation with the tea, little by little the memories were spun, the young man felt that he fell into a trap.

“You do not have to be scared … I’m not going to hurt you … just relax …”

Maxwell’s hand slid down the boy’s chest until he touched a nipple.

“Aaah!” The boy moaned at the stimulation.

“Can you see it? … your body is still very sensitive … I’m going to remind you how well we had it a while ago … you were so excited that you could not contain yourself …”

“Do not say nonsense … I … I would not do something like that …” Said the boy, extremely dismayed and with wide eyes to know what had happened.

Maxwell slid his hand across the smooth skin of the boy’s chest and belly, enjoying him at every moment, Kazuma resisted. The boy shuddered sensually trying to free himself from the president’s grip and caresses, but the movements of his body only fueled Maxwell’s lust more. The president again slid his hand to the boy’s cock and noticed his small erection.

“Your body has begun to respond it seems that you really like my caresses … you are going to stimulate yourself a little more …”

Maxwell slid the boy’s pants and underwear to his feet, still holding the boy’s wrists he did a little back to admire the boy’s beautiful body.

“I’m going to make you feel very good … that you get turned on again … and that you come in a deep orgasm …” Maxwell said as he put his leg between Kazuma’s legs and brought his face close to her ear.

The boy had an over jump when he felt the president’s hand caress his buttocks. Then, he took it from the waist and had it stick his body to his riding it on his leg.

“Come on … rub a little … this will stimulate you … rub your cock on my leg … you will see that it is pleasant …”

Maxwell’s voice relaxed him and he did not know why, nor did he know why he was beginning to feel excited. His body gradually gave way despite his will, Kazuma had almost no control over himself. Slowly he moved his pelvis to the president’s leg and began rubbing.

“Aaah!” He moaned to feel the pressure on his member, it was very pleasant, the feeling of excitement ran through his body, fear and terror were fading and, without being able to avoid it began to move his hips gently back and forth, back and forth enjoying, pressing, getting harder and harder, more and more excited.

“That’s … relax … fall back into excitement … give me control … you do not need to think … you just have to obey …”

Upon hearing the last word Kazuma’s mind became blurred, it was not necessary to think, not to be scared, not to flee, pleasure was everything, it felt so good, to forget everything, to let go, just to obey and enjoy. His body began to relax and his moans became stronger and more sensual. “Aaah … aaah … aaah …” He moaned the boy trying to control his voice, but with each movement he plunged even more into the trance of excitement.

“Good boy … just let yourself go … it feels good, is not it? … so warm … so soft … so wet … follow my voice … relax your body … feel the stimulation … the caresses … your body wants this … you want be free … feel pleasure … a lot of pleasure …”

Maxwell let go of the young man’s hands and slid the shirt and bag over his arms until he fell to the floor, Kazuma had finally been naked, his body was wet with sweat, he wrapped the president’s neck with his arms to support himself and continue rubbing with more force. Maxwell took him by the waist and made him stick his body to his, then lowered his hand and slid his middle finger down the line between her buttocks until he stopped in his anus where he began to gently massage in circles.

“Aaah! … mmm … aah …” The boy was startled to feel exposed, the president played with his most intimate part, he felt afraid and wanted to get away, but Maxwell caught him in his arms and forced him to continue rubbing against his leg.

“Quiet … this is not going to hurt … you just have to relax … it will feel very good … I will only use my fingers …”

The president put his middle finger to his mouth and lubricated it with his saliva, then placed it in the boy’s entrance and pressed gently.

“Aaah … mmm …” Kazuma moaned as he felt a slight penetration and contracted his hip forward. “Quiet … ssssssh … resist … soon you’ll feel better … soon you’ll like it …”

“Aaah … No …” He resisted the boy moaning between pain and pleasure. “aaah … mmm …” Maxwell dug his finger deeper into Kazuma’s anus and the boy jumped. Little by little the president pushed his finger deeper and deeper, making small movements from the inside to the outside, more and more inside. The boy began to tremble and held on tightly burying his fingers in Maxwell’s clothes.

“Ah … you see … it’s just a finger … relax … relax your body … soon it will feel good … do not stop rubbing … do not stop stimulating … does it feel good? …”

“Yes …” Said the boy to take the pace of the president’s stimulation with the movement of his hip. A large patch of moisture appeared on Maxwell’s leg where the boy was rubbing, there was a lot of precum fluid emanating from Kazuma’s penis, he was very close to orgasm and his anus was beginning to contract.

“That’s … very good … let yourself go … follow the rhythm … my finger gets easier … more and more soft … you already feel part of you … you like … it excites you … the pain has disappeared … you feel relaxed … you feel excited … you do not want to get away … you feel happy here with me … hypnotized … stimulating … falling again in this trance of pleasure … forgetting everything and losing control … following my voice … following my will … like the slave you are … happy obey me … happy to be under my control …”

“Under your … control …” Kazuma said straightening up while continuing to rub and looking into the eyes of his master. His look again was lost and glassy.

“You’ve fallen back under my control … you’re hypnotized …”

“I’m hypnotized…”

“You must obey …”

“I must … obey …”

“You are my slave and I am giving you pleasure …”

“I’m your slave … and you give me pleasure …”

“Your body belongs to me …”

“My body belongs to you …”

Kazuma repeated monotonously under hypnosis just like the previous time while masturbating. Pleasure made him fall into a trance and he could not leave it until he cum.

“Okay Kazuma … you’ve been a good slave … you’re a good boy … so obedient … so docile … submitting to my desires … to my will … letting me take control … your master is pleased … so I’m going to reward you … do you want your reward?”

“Yes… master…”

“First I will let you come … you are very excited and I need you to relax … once you do we will continue to sink even more in pleasure … in control … in hypnosis …”

“Yes… master…”

“Very good Kazuma … listen to my voice … just follow my voice … do not stop rubbing … you’re already very excited … your body craves the maximum pleasure … you can not stop … your hip is moving faster …”

Maxwell again grabbed the boy’s wrists on his head with one hand and with the other began to stimulate her nipples.

“Aaah … mmm … aaah … mmm “ The extremely excited boy was moaning; he could not contain himself anymore …”

“That’s … let yourself go … nothing matters only the pleasure … feel the pleasure … deeper and deeper …”

“Aaah … aaah … aaaah …”

Kazuma was on the edge, he could not contain himself anymore, Maxwell noticed and removing his leg a bit took Kazuma’s penis with his hand and rubbed it hard.

“Cum! … Now! …”

The boy arched his back and moaned loudly as his penis ejaculated a large amount of semen that fell on his master’s suit. His body shuddered as the orgasm ran through him again and again. Maxwell released his hands letting him relax, the boy fell on him completely exhausted breathing agitated.

“You are a good boy … you have done what your master has asked you … and you have received your reward … but it is still not enough … and you have to become my true slave … so that you continue to receive pleasure you have to please your master … completely … you must … obey …” Kazuma straightened and stood up.

“I must … obey …” He said with a totally empty look.

“Very well my slave … it’s time to possess you … to possess you completely … so listen to my voice and obey …”

“I must … obey …”

Maxwell walked to his desk and took a bottle of lube from a drawer.

“Come with me Kazuma … come …” Kazuma walked towards his totally hypnotized master. Maxwell again went to the room warm and dimly lit by the coals of the fireplace. He stopped at the coffee table in the living room and called the boy there. Kazuma advanced slowly, under control, following his master to stop They both stood in front of the room by the fireplace. Maxwell again took out his pocket watch, began rocking it in front of Kazuma.

“Remember this?…”

“Yes …”

“Okay Kazuma … you know what to do … do not stop looking at it … do not take your eyes off it … relax … breathe deeply … let it immerse you deeper … even more in hypnosis … in a place where nothing worries you … where nothing bother you … full of tranquility … just follow my voice … just obey my voice … just like that nobody will hurt you … you will only have pleasure … a lot of pleasure and tranquility … let yourself fall … deep … calm … there is no need to resist … everything is tranquility … that’s … listen to my voice … sleep … keep falling … sleep … there’s nothing more important than my voice … nothing more important than your master … sleeps … your master gives you pleasure … a lot of pleasure … and tranquility … keeps falling … sleeps …” Kazuma blinked and slowly closed his eyes, letting himself be carried away by hypnosis and falling into a deep sleep.

“Now you are in a deep sleep Kazuma … listening only to my voice … letting yourself be carried by her … just listening and obeying my voice … you do not need anything else … only my voice … and my desires … desires that will give you pleasure … an intense pleasure and … deep … you must obey my voice Kazuma … only then you will have pleasure … you must obey …”

“Obey …” The boy replied in the hypnotic trance.

“Very good Kazuma … you are a good slave … obedient … and docile … but you have not yet given yourself completely to your master … your master has not yet tasted the delights of your body … your master gives you pleasure … and it is your duty as slave to please your master … if you please your master he will give you more pleasure … that is why you have to surrender … show your obedience by surrendering to your master … and your master will give you much pleasure … Do you want to surrender to your master Kazuma?”

“Yes …” The sleepy boy answered.

“Very good Kazuma … once you have given yourself you will have great pleasure … and the moment your master ejaculates inside you the hypnosis will be complete … in the moment of maximum pleasure you will completely belong to your master … the hypnosis will be so powerful that you will become his eternal slave … and the pleasure will be unimaginable … an eternal ecstasy … if only you surrender to your master the pleasure will be eternal …”

“Yeees …”

“Now open your eyes Kazuma … you’re still in a trance … so from this moment I’m going to take you and finally possess you … that’s your desire …”

“Yes… master…” Said the boy totally lost.

“You want to be possessed … you want me to possess you … you want me to make you mine …” “Yes… master … I want to be yours …”

“You want to feel the maximum pleasure … the pleasure that only I can give you … you want me to penetrate …”

“Yes… master … I want you to penetrate me …”

“Good boy … now stand in four points on the table.”

“Yes … master …” Kazuma climbed onto the coffee table and placed his hands and knees on her. Maxwell surrounded him, appreciating how beautiful his body was and placed himself behind him. He took the bottle of lubricant and poured a little on the line between his buttocks, the liquid slipped between them making the boy have a chill sensation.

“Relax … I’m just going to prepare you …” The president slid his fingers across the line between the buttocks expanding the lubricant to reach the entrance, small and soft as he had left it. Maxwell again pressed his finger that immediately entered, Kazuma was startled. “Just relax your body … you want me to do it … you want to feel me inside …”

“Yeees …” The boy was tense, but the words of his master relaxed him.

“That’s … quiet …” Suddenly, Maxwell introduced his finger completely, Kazuma jumped suddenly and then relaxed. “That’s … very well … you’ve started to like it … it starts to feel good … you feel relaxed … your body accepts it … you want it …”

Maxwell played with his finger going in and out, gently stimulating again and again until he noticed that the boy stopped feeling pain, he took out his finger and joining it with his index finger he introduced them completely, this time Kazuma no longer over jumped, he I was getting familiar with the feeling … a feeling that was beginning to become pleasurable.

“Good boy … you start to enjoy … it’s not that difficult … right? … it feels good …”

“Yeees … said the boy with a slight sense of pleasure.”

“Okay … now I’m going to stimulate your sweet spot …”

Maxwell pushed his fingers deeper and began to stimulate them by bending them slightly, back and forth; then he introduced them further and separated them by touching the most sensitive point inside the boy.

“Aaaah!” Kazuma had another jump, but this time his moan was of pleasure, a new and strange pleasure that had never felt, it felt so good, so sweet, so soft.

“Ah! … yes … it is here …” Maxwell smiled with his characteristic malice and stimulated with greater precision.

Kazuma began to shudder and to moan sensually while his penis was becoming more erect, the stimulation was taking effect, the president licked his lips desiring to make it his as soon as possible.

“Very good … that’s … it feels very good … is not it? … you can feel how the pleasure increases … it’s getting more intense … you like to feel it that way … it excites you …”

“Aaah!” Moaned Kazuma bending his arms and raising his buttocks more. “Mooore … please … mooore … deeper …”

“ Calm …” Still stimulating him, Maxwell stroked Kazuma’s body sliding his free hand from the buttocks, climbing up his back to his shoulders, enjoying every part of his skin, his musculature. He leaned over her body and whispered in her ear. “You’re almost ready … just resist … a little more … your pleasure will be intense … just relax … listen to my voice … feel my touch … relax …”

“Ah … ah … mmm …” Kazuma moaned and moved his body in a very sensual way, putting his mind in white and being carried away by the words of his master.

“That’s right … you’re ready … it’s time to own you …”

“Yes… master.” The boy said in a whisper

Maxwell withdrew his fingers from Kazuma’s anus and admired his small entrance, licked his lips and began to undress, his body was perfect, every toned muscle, the result of gym hours. His skin had a tanned, smooth and very soft touch. Maxwell was already erect, his cock was longer and thicker than Kazuma’s and he was eager to take it, to make it his. He placed himself behind the boy, taking him by the hip, then took his penis and guided it to the boy’s anus and reloaded the tip. Kazuma tensed slightly and Maxwell could feel it.

“Calm … breathe deeply … inhale … exhale … relax your body … breathe … this is what you want … this is what you want … you want the pleasure … you want to be mine … explore … feel … let yourself go … so calm … so light … inhale … exhale …”

Maxwell pressed his hips forward. His penis went soft, sliding slowly inward, it was thick and Kazuma felt pain.

“Aaaah! …” The boy moaned with pain. “It … hurts … aah …”

“Sssssssh … relax … it has to hurt … but it will only be a little … for a short time … then your body will get used … and you will want it … just breathe … let yourself go … relax and the pain will end … and only the pleasure will remain …”

Maxwell sank deeper and deeper into Kazuma, could feel how narrow he was, entered slowly, softly, giving him time to get used, guiding him with his words, plunging him even deeper into hypnosis.

“Ah … mmm … ah … ah” Kazuma began to feel pleasure, his master was more and more inside, giving soft thrusts, accustomed to the body of Kazuma to be penetrated and stimulated.

“That’s it … it’s already inside … do you feel it … it’s stopped hurting … now you feel it deep … very deep … your pleasure increases … it feels good … it feels delicious … the pleasure that only a man can give you … that only I can give you … intense and … deep … very deep … feel it … enjoy it … free your mind … surrender to pleasure … surrender completely … feel the pleasure your master gives you …” Maxwell took the boy’s shoulder and did it Straightening up, he pressed his chest to his back and began to caress the erect penis of the boy, already moistened, about to come, Maxwell slid his other hand over his chest and stimulated a nipple while kissing gently the boy’s neck. Kazuma was beside himself, totally submerged in the trance of ecstasy, his hip was moving by itself, his body was shaking by itself, falling more and more in pleasure. Maxwell rammed with sensuality, rubbing his hip took the rhythm with which he masturbated the boy. The president realized that Kazuma was close and needed them both to come together. He stopped the stimulation for a moment and separated from Kazuma; the boy refocused his thoughts just for a moment. Maxwell took a seat in the elegant single armchair by the fireplace, the light reflected off the president’s wet skin and his eyes sparkled with desire. The master extended his hand making an invitation to the boy.

“Come to me Kazuma … it’s time to possess you … you must obey … come to me …”

Kazuma could not resist, he was too excited and deeply hypnotized. He walked slowly following the order of his master, eager to please him, eager to be possessed. The boy climbed into the chair and mounted on the legs of his master, Maxwell took him by the hip and made him descend gently on his erect member penetrating him little by little. Kazuma moaned and tilted his head back as he leaned on his master’s shoulders and slowly descended. Maxwell’s cock slipped inside the boy more easily, painlessly, feeling the boy’s narrowness. Little by little the president’s penis went deeper and deeper into Kazuma’s body, the boy could feel it and once his buttocks rested on his master’s hip he sighed excitedly. Maxwell gave a small thrust stimulating the sensitive point of the boy.

“Aaah …” Moaned the excited boy and began to move his hip up and down and slightly back and forth, slowly, his movements were increasingly sensual and deep, he dropped one of his hands while still holding on to the other shoulder of his master. Maxwell held him at the waist, however, he let the boy keep the pace, the master of his movements, the stimulation he provided was delicious, increasing his excitement more and more.

“That’s a boy … I’m already inside you … just let yourself go … surrender to my will … surrender to pleasure … enjoy … it feels very good … so natural … so delicious … this is what you want … this is what you want … there’s nothing else around … only us two … and our desire … our pleasure … master and slave … giving each other pleasure … your happy master to give you pleasure … and you my happy slave to please me … feel the pleasure … so deep … so intense inside of you…”

Maxwell took the boy’s cock and started rubbing it gently, sliding his hand up and down with the same rhythm of Kazuma’s movements.

“Aaaah … aah … mmm … mmm … aaah … aaah …” Moaned the boy totally out of control. “It’s … hard and … deep … ah … ah … no … I can’t …” Maxwell’s penis had grown even more inside the boy on the verge of ejaculation. From the Kazuma’s cock, the precum fluid flowed, bathing his master’s hand. With each thrust the sounds of their wet skins hitting became stronger.

“That’s … you’re ready … let’s do it … I’m going to possess you …”

Maxwell took the boy’s hair and forced him to kiss him while masturbating faster and thrust with force.

“Now … do it …” Maxwell said as he let go of the boy’s mouth and slide his lips down her neck. “Feel … feel me inside you … you’re mine now …”

“¡Aaaaaah!” Kazuma arched her back and ejaculated in a powerful orgasm, her semen gushing out from her body and that of her master. Maxwell pressed the boy’s waist to his hip and gave one last strong thrust. Both fused in an intense and deep orgasm. At that moment Kazuma felt the heat of his master inside him, a liquid, hot and thick filled him completely, it was such a pleasant sensation, so deep, so addictive.

Kazuma felt a current running down his back, so intense, so strong that it made him bend back again, like a second orgasm, he could feel something seize him, his mind, his body. He buried his fingers on his master’s shoulders and gave a loud moan and then collapsed in the arms of his master totally exhausted.

“You are mine now … you are my slave … forever …” Maxwell said stroking the boy’s face and looking into his eyes.

“Yes … master …” Said the boy with the voice totally numb.

Maxwell put his hand over the boy’s eyes. “You feel very sleepy … you are very tired … you want to sleep … you sleep … you sleep …”

The president felt the boy’s body relax fully in his arms and fall into a deep sleep. Maxwell stood with him in his arms looking at him happy and pleased.

Kazuma opened his eyes and again saw the ceiling of the room, but this time he did not feel scared, rather he felt relaxed and happy, he straightened slowly on the chair in which he was leaning, in front of him Maxwell was standing Elegantly dressed in a black suit, he had a glass of wine in his hand and stared at it.

“I’m glad you woke up, I was waiting for you, there’s a lot to do.”

The boy held his head trying to remember, suddenly looking down he realized he was totally naked, however, he did not care.

“How long did I sleep?” Asked the boy a little confused.

“Not much, maybe a couple of hours, but that does not matter now.”

The president approached the boy and sat on the couch leaving his face a few inches from Kazuma’s.

“You’re very sensual … you gave me a lot of pleasure … I’ll keep you for a long time … my slave …”

Maxwell’s voice had become soft and Kazuma’s eyes were lost when he heard it. Maxwell brought his face closer to the boy and began to kiss him, began to play with his lips and once the kiss deepened the president introduced his tongue and played with the boy’s tongue, each time the kiss became more intense more erotic Kazuma began to feel uncomfortable, he was beginning to harden, Maxwell’s hand stroked the boy’s body until he reached his erection and taking it gently began rubbing it.

“Ah … ah …” Moaned the boy when he turned his face to get rid of the kiss. “I’ll take you again … and again you’ll enjoy …” Maxwell said in his ear while continuing to masturbate him.

Maxwell took Kazuma in his arms and carried him to his chair on the desk and sat on it, slowly accommodating Kazuma on his legs and penetrating him gently.

“Aaah …” Kazuma moaned as he felt Maxwell’s cock enter him again.

“Move your hip, I want you to be the one to be stimulated.”

“Yes … master …” Kazuma grabbed his master’s neck and began to move his hip up and down and slightly backwards. The stimulation was perfect, Kazuma moved sensually.

“Ah … that’s … keep it up … enjoy … feel my penetration … you can not stop.”

Little by little, Kazuma moved with greater intensity, letting himself be carried away by complete pleasure.

“Aaah … aaah … aaah … master … please …” Kazuma moaned feeling close to orgasm.

Maxwell took it from his face and looked into his eyes.

“Not yet … resist a little more …”

Kazuma slowed the pace by stimulating himself more slowly. He released a hand from his master’s neck and leaned on the desk, taking a steady pace that would allow him to stay that way longer. Maxwell released the boy’s legs and pressed the intercom button.

“Lein, you can bring me the boy’s papers please.”

The same man who had taken Kazuma’s papers hours ago came back into the office, when he opened the door he saw the erotic scene, it looked like a movie, the naked young man sitting on his boss’s legs rocking up and down while he was penetrated and giving small moans of pleasure. Kazuma opened his eyes surprised to feel discovered and turned his face ashamed, however, could not stop, was a slave of Maxwell, was a slave of pleasure. Lein approached the desk without taking any importance from the scene, as if it were common for him.

“Lein, did you manage to enter the company’s server?”

“Yes sir.”

“Very well.” The president touched Kazuma’s erect penis and began to caress him.

“Aaah … aaaah …” Moaned the boy closer and closer to orgasm.

“Kazuma … you are a good slave … you like to serve your master … you must obey your master …”

“Ah! … yes … obey …” The hypnotic programming was working again; the boy could not resist.

“Kazuma … I want you to tell Lein the password to enter your company’s server …”

“Yes… master…”

Kazuma looked at Lein with a lost look and saddened by the pleasure.

“A22 … 318 … B99 … 52028 … Z18 … 206” The boy said with difficulty as he continued to move his hip prey to hypnotic pleasure.

Lein inserted the key into his Tablet and immediately gave him access to the rival company’s server.

“I have it, sir.”

“Excellent, copy all the necessary files without leaving a trace, once you finish put the papers of the boy in this folder, and send them to the company. Write a letter to the president informing that Kazuma will stay with us for a while.” Maxwell said handing the folder to Lein while with his other hand he was holding Kazuma’s waist, who kept moaning and moving about his master.

“Yes sir.” Lein said, turned around and left the office closing the door and leaving Maxwell alone with his prey.

“Perfect …” Maxwell said as he took Kazuma’s chin and kissed him again.

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