Clayton's Tuesday

By HiddenFerret
published June 7, 2019

Cocky Office worker gets a hard wake-up call from a helping hand

Clayton was the peak of physical fitness in the office. He had been scrawny during his teenage years and hated the mocking jokes of his peers. Clayton now dedicated most of his week to the gym attempting to turn their unwanted jests into jealous stares. Clayton stayed dedicated even through college and a difficult engineering masters degree. His body grew as pound after pound of muscle changed his thin frame into a studly bulk as the years went by. These days Clayton reveled in his form. Wearing tight polos to accentuate his rippling biceps and full chest while flaunting his body around the office. On a bet five years ago, he began growing his short shaggy hair out and after the years now had hair that when not tied back in a bun, hung down to the small of his back. He had found the curly dense mop annoying at first but secretly loved the attention the mane brought him. His face had filled out over the years giving him a square jaw with just a little hair on the chin that matched well with his hair.

It was a normal Tuesday like any other. Clayton arrived later than most of the office as usual. His fling last night had left him exhausted and he hated being the first to the office. Coming straight from the gym to keep up his looks with a nice pump Clayton strolled through the doors of the office, sauntering around with his arms stretched out to give him an even larger appearance. As he strolled down the hall; Clayton reveled in the side glances of his coworkers, especially the ladies. Clayton had a reputation around the office not only for his looks but also his performance. He cracked a smile as he passed his latest date’s desk. Lindsey blushed and gave him a wink.

“Are we still on for tonight?” she cooed towards him.

“This may be the longest workday of my life, waiting for you” he replied with a flick of his hair. Clayton had been on a few dates with Lindsey but found her overall to be a bore, so when a late night hookup at the bar gave Clayton a chance for something new he took it. He considered breaking it off with Lindsey today, but his charged sexual appetite couldn’t turn down the chance for another night of fun, even if it was with the bland Lindsey.

Lindsey laughed to herself and turned back to her computer. Clayton walked on, catching a glimpse of her posterior as he rounded the corner. “Definitely still on for tonight,” he thought to himself. Even though it was going to feel like the longest day ever, his workload was relatively light. A few markups on some sheets and then a meeting with the executive board was all that stood between him, and his date that evening. Clayton frowned at the thought of the meeting. He enjoyed the attention of the ladies in the office or the jealous glances of smaller men at the gym but standing in front of a room full of older executives who held his paycheck sent dismay into the stud’s mind. At the head of the executive team was Harris Johnson. The Owner of the company and Clayton’s boss was as manly and defined as they come. His body stood tall at six feet five and his frame was wide to match. He had played football in his younger years and kept most of his physique in his older years.

Shaking off the feeling, Clayton sat down at his cubicle and stretched out his legs. Taking up just a little too much space in the process. As he looked over the latest revisions, his mind began to drift back to Lindsey. Her tight skirt and Blouse that stretched out around her breasts brought Clayton’s dick to attention. Clayton adjusted his pants and sat stretched to give his member a little room. until he noticed that his dick felt good, really good. He felt a sort of pressure along the shaft that cradled his erection. Discreetly Clayton adjusted his slacks and looked down at his member. Erect it was a respectable ten inches but there was nothing out of the ordinary that would account for this feeling. As the intercom chimed to let the office know that the executive meeting was beginning, Clayton adjusted his erection under his belt in order to hide and forgetting all about the sensation, headed to the conference room.

The meeting would have been a bore if it weren’t for Clayton’s newfound condition. Normally he would have sat in the midst of the executives, legs spread wide to assert a sort of dominance over the men. Today he sat at the end of the table. Legs tight together, trying to hold his dick in place as the phantom feeling moved up and down the shaft. Clayton began to sweat as the meeting drew out. Images kept popping into his head of Lindsey which he desperately tried to push away. He focused on the meeting but with such a boring topic he kept falling back into his imagination, his erection growing with each passing minute. He thought hard about everything he would do to his date that night. His eyes wandered around the room until they landed on Harris. Clayton’s boss sat back in his chair with his leg crossed letting his open suit jacket fall to his sides. He was more formally dressed than any of the other attendees in the meeting with a slim tie, checkered shirt that led down to his sleek slacks. With his leg crossed Clayton could see his boss’s bulge stick up at the material. Clayton wondered how Harris’s package compared. Realizing that he was considering another man’s penis made Clayton snap back to reality and think of Lindsey’s body again. Slowly though his brain kept thinking back to Harris, and what he was hiding under his suit.

In an attempt to break out of the situation Clayton spoke up in the middle of the presentation. He had barely listened to any of it but could tell they were talking about the placement of a stairwell in a new library.

“Alright but what about this” Clayton spoke up a little louder than was comfortable just to break out of the monotony. “Neither of these locations is working, how about we just call the architect and tell them flat-out that we neEUUGH!”

Clayton shouted as his eyes widened. His hand flying to his mouth to stop the unexpected outburst. The sensation that had previously contained itself to just his shaft launched up and around the head, the jolt in pleasure causing Clayton to shout in pleasure as his legs grew weak and began to shake.

“I…..I mean we need toOOoOommmm” Clayton’s legs buckled bringing his frame down onto the table with a thud. The shocked faces of the executive committee stared in confusion at the scene.

“Are you ok Clayton?” said Harris from the head seat.

With a whimper, Clayton excused himself and ran out the room booking it towards the restroom. A few coworkers noticed the outburst and stared on at Clayton as he rushed past, his bulge clearly visible through his tight slacks.

Clayton burst into the office restroom. His dick pulsing unbearably within his boxers. With a heavy whack, he slammed open the last stall and sat down, undoing his zipper in haste. Thankfully the bathroom was empty but it was also tiny. Most employees went to lunch around this time so the bathroom stayed relatively free. Clayton, now alone and with the full force of the invisible handjob, moaned loudly as his hand grasped down on his bulge. He hoped that the walls were thick enough to mute out his cries of pleasure. His mind kept going back to Harris, now imagining not only the boss naked, but also all the things Clayton could do to him.

Quickly dropping his pants and underwear, Clayton searched over his dick but still didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He couldn’t understand why he was feeling these sensations but hopefully if he could relax that everything would return to normal. He had heard that flexing muscles kept erections down so he stood up and began striking any pose he could within the small stall.

“Must be something left over from last night.” he thought in dismay.

Clayton felt determined not to cum inside the company bathroom but with each minute he edged closer. Clayton sat back down and focused on his breathing to try not to freak out. Clayton was delighted when the mysterious pressure on his cock began to dissipate. His victory was short lived though as a new sensation slowly moved across his body. Starting at the base of his dick the pressure moved out across his hip and landed on his ass cheek. Heat began to sear across the skin, causing Clayton to jostle on the toilet seat. The heat spread and divided to his other cheek. A slow pulse of pressure began as Clayton realized what was happening.

“It feels like two hands are grabbing my butt,” Clayton thought to himself. As he did, the pressure began to grab harder and knead deeper into his ass. Clayton was uncomfortable by this but as he was not close to cumming anymore he relaxed. Without warning the pressure raced across his skin inward in all directions. Straight towards his hole. Clayton grunted as the pressure circled his hole and began to prod slowly at his center. With a Yelp, he jumped as the pressure burrowed deep into his ass, pulling at his hole in every direction. The pressure continued further into his hole with the sensation of liquid squirming around his sensitive insides. The feeling moved around Clayton’s walls, his head forced back as sweat began to form on his brow. The new presence felt thoroughly around his insides until Clayton’s eyes grew wide. The pressure had found a spot deep within him and began to rub it slowly. A gasp raced through Clayton’s lips as the sensation pulsed through his body. Every hair on his arms stood on end as Clayton melted into the feeling. Clayton tried to reach back towards his ass to stop the assault but found that his hands wouldn’t corporate. They would stop right at his hole and wouldn’t reach. As Clayton pushed and pushed, his hands reacted less and less. Clayton looked helplessly down at his hands, then noticed them begin to flex. Slowly they twitched on their own until they slowly began to form fists, clenching and unclenching. Clayton tried to understand the new horror but his hole rang with pleasure causing his back to arch.

In one swift movement his right hand shot down and grasped his dick, Clayton screamed in pleasure as he reached down with his left hand to try to pry his right hand off. His left arm betrayed him though, rushing past his arm and down to his balls, they began to rub and twist his balls in unison. Clayton was now being assaulted on three ends. With his pleasure building, Clayton began to accept the inevitable and prepared to release, until a set of footsteps and the sound of the bathroom door came to his ears.

“Clayton? Are you alright?” Came the voice. Clayton knew who it was in an instant, the head of the company.

“Clayton, is that you?” Harris called through the stall door.

“MmmHmm” Clayton hummed back hoping that his boss would take the hint and leave him to his misery alone. He already had to fight the new thoughts invading his brain, he couldn’t handle dealing with Harris right now.

“Alright then,” Harris called “ I’ll give you some time to…”

Clayton heard a thud against the stall door. Between heavy breathes Clayton called out.

“Are you ok Mr. Johnson?”

“Yeah I’m fine, I just had a strange feeliNGAAAH” Harris cried out as he grabbed onto the top edge of the stall

Clayton couldn’t concentrate, his balls felt like they could burst any second, precum was generously spilling out and he had to bite his lip to keep from moaning. Even in this state, Clayton could tell what was happening to Harris on the other side of the door. Moans of pleasure erupted from Harris as he held onto the stall door. Clayton could hear the sound of metal as Harris quickly undid his belt and slid his pants and briefs off, beginning to stroke himself uncontrollably.

With a crash the stall door burst open, leaving Clayton exposed in front of his boss. Harris was pantless with an impressive 8” erection, Clayton could see his powerful legs and the beginning of his abs peeking from under his shirt. No longer having to imagine what his boss was hiding, Clayton had a full view of his cock and balls.

“S…Sir, what are you doing?” Clayton cried.

Harris looked mortified as he continued stroking his dick and starring at Clayton’s member.

“I…I don’t know, my body is…”

Harris body rushed forward, planting his lips onto Clayton’s. Both men moaned as their tongues reactively intertwined upon one another. As they passionately kissed, Harris’s hands slowly undid his own shirt and suit jacket then pulled Clayton’s polo up and over his chest. One of Clayton’s hands moved over and began stroking Harris’s member at the same speed. After both men were nearly naked, Harris’ head rushed down, his lips pressing against the meaty neck and shoulders of Clayton before moving around to his pecs. Softly sucking and pulling with his teeth. Clayton was higher then he’d ever thought possible, whatever force was controlling him also prevented him from coming otherwise he would have shot out long before this. Past the pecs, Harris moved down the line of abs straight to Clayton’s cock. Clayton was in shock and by the muffled grunts of Harris as his lips wrapped around the cock, his boss was in shock as well.

Clayton had many blowjobs before, but the sensation of Harris’s lips and the knowledge that his own boss was wrapped around his dick was new to him. Clayton wanted to deny it, to stand up and run out of the bathroom, but the warm feeling of his boss’s mouth on his dick felt amazing. His hips bucked slightly as his hands moved to the back of Harris’s head, ruffling his hair and giving Clayton better leverage to this new feeling. He couldn’t tell anymore if it was whatever magic was controlling him, but he felt good and he wanted to release. Harris’s head bobbed back and forth on Clayton, his hands grasped firmly on Clayton’s muscular thighs. Clayton no longer cared about who could hear, moans and grunts flew left and right as Harris’s tongue wrapped around his member. The blowjob didn’t last long before the magic holding Clayton back dissipated. His Pace quickened as did his grunts as he pushed and pulled Harris’s head. Harris had fully given into the situation as well, lapping expectantly upon Clayton’s cock. After just a few moments Clayton’s hips went rigged and he shouted into the bathroom. “UUUUAAAAAGGGHH!!!” thrust after thrust sent cum into Harris’s mouth. Harris, overstimulated, released down onto the floor as his hand went back to help his convulsing member. Although nearly overloaded, he happily sucked down every last drop. Clayton’s body fell limp as he sat back on the toilet. Harris made good work cleaning off Clayton’s dick before releasing it from his mouth. Harris fell back on the floor with a thump. After a minute of exhaustion, both men began to stir. Clayton spoke first

“Mr. Johnson! I’m so sorry, I… I”

“No one can know about this!” Harris yelled out, clean yourself up and head home. We will talk tomorrow about what is to be down.” Harris yelled as fear grew in his eyes.

Clayton was amazed, without a second thought he called out “yes sir.”

Both men rushed to throw their clothes back on, luckily Clayton’s were still relatively clean after the whole ordeal, he rushed from the office, averting eye contact with a quizzical Lindsey who called after him. He raced downstairs and out of the building. He couldn’t think about his date with Lindsey anymore.

Lindsey called out after him to no avail. Once Clayton burst out the door she sat back down into her cubicle as a sly smile crept onto her face. She closed an ancient tome that sat on her desk and stuffed it deep into a drawer.

“That’s what you get when you cheat on a witch” she smirked to herself before turning to finish her report. “I wonder what I should do next?” She thought to herself with a chuckle.

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