The Shower Room - Part 2

By PupScout
published June 7, 2019

The new shower system snares the football coaching staff

Corey, Tony and Jeremy were the assistant coaches to the football team. They arrived very early the next morning, each pulling into the parking lot at the same time.

“Do you know why Kirkland called us in so early?” asked Corey to his colleagues as they grouped together after exiting their cars.

“Nope” answered Jeremy, “he just said he wanted us here early enough before the team.

“But this is really early. His car is here so we better get our asses in there” said Tony urgently as he walked away from the group towards the building. “And I can’t wait to see this new locker room. Kirk seemed pretty excited about it during his call last night.”

As the three men entered the new locker room they were amazed at the size of the modernized room. Also surprised, but not too surprised since it was a locker room, to see Coach Kirkland standing there naked. The big daddy bear type, his thick arms folded around his concrete solid pecs under a steel bridge of muscle around his shoulders, his blondish, brown beard descending onto a field of thick dark hair all over his chest and belly, ending with a manly patch of fur over his thick and veiny cock.

Each of the men picked up a strange scent in the locker room. Not the scent of new tiles, flooring and benches, but another smell, one that was familiar yet strange, disagreeable yet attractive. They all breathed the scent in short, quick breathes, like a dog, until they were interrupted by Coach Kirkland.

“Get your asses in here men” shouted the head coach.

“Just finishing up a shower Kirk?” asked Tony, beholding the muscular head coach as he briefly wished for coach to turn around so he could see his hairy blond ass, and the dark hairy crack in the middle. Tony never had a thought or desire to see Coach’s ass crack and was surprised finding that thought in his mind.

“Naaa. Got here this morning and wanted my bare ass to enjoy this new locker room. Let me show you the showers.”

“Okaaay” said Corey finding it strange that the showers would be the first thing Kirkland would show them.

“His bare ass” thought Tony, “it’s like Coach read my mind.”

“Fully automated. Sets the water temperature to your liking and stores the data for your next shower. Best shower I ever had yesterday with Sampson and Pierson. Life changing. Let’s get a workout out in, get a good sweat going and hit the showers. Here are some shorts for you.”

Kirkland picked up three gray cotton compression shorts from the bench and threw them at his assistant coaches. “You’ll like these pants. Real thin, almost like gauze. Very breathable. Suit up and let’s get to it. They’ll be tight on your ass, and others can see right through it, but were all used to man ass aren’t we men.”

The three men wanted to rebel against the homo-like tones of Coach’s words, but with each breath, they relaxed and did as Coach told. Each man stripped and put on his compression shorts. As Coach finished with his shorts, Jeremy asked about a T-shirt. The head coach cut him off and told him working out shirtless is fine. Jeremy took in a breath and realized that working out shirtless is fine.

Leaving the locker room, the strange smell from the locker room remained present, but now seemed to come from in front of them from where Coach Kirkland was walking. The three shirtless men in tight gray compression shorts walked a small way to the athlete’s weight room, single file behind their Coach, breathing in deeply as they walked through the scented air. Each man staring at the ass before him, admiring the shape, the size, the firmness, an attraction to man butt they could not understand.

The weight room was warm and stuffy when they entered. Master Mike had made sure the ventilation system was closed off for the room. During the four men’s work out, Corey and Tony were doing bench presses while Jeremy and Kirkland were doing squats.

The air began to heat up from the men and the scent they had all been noticing grew stronger and more alluring. The three assistant coaches began to breathe in deep both from their exercises and the desire for more of the scent.

Kirkland was mirroring Jeremy’s position while spotting him on squats. Jeremy’s ass leaning up against Coach’s cock, their legs together working as one.

As Jeremy began to breathe in more of Coach’s sweat odor, Coach felt Jeremy’s ass pushing further back into his crotch as he went down with his squats. Coach knew Jeremy would soon be a man who loves to fuck men and get fucked, just like the other three assistant coaches in the weight room would be also.

After finishing a set of squats, Jeremy turned to the head coach while adjusting his compression shorts from an increasing hard on asking, “Coach, what is that smell?”

The other two assistant coaches heard Jeremy ask and Tony chimed in, “Yeah Coach, I smelled it in the locker room but it’s really strong in here. Coach noticed that Corey had his back towards everyone as he adjusted the growing member in his shorts.

“That smell is me gentlemen, and soon you’ll smell just like me, maybe even better.”

Corey turned around, hiding excitement from the possibility of smelling like Kirkland while also showing a prominent spear in his shorts pointing to his right, “I don’t think so Coach. That smell is pretty powerful . We’ll be taking a shower before the guys get here and you should too.”

Corey hated saying those words. He liked the smell, he wanted the smell, yet he couldn’t admit in front of his friends and colleagues that he was enjoying the scent of another man, especially his boss. He had no knowledge the other assistant coaches were thinking the same. “Alright then boys, have it your way. Let’s go hit the showers.”

The Coach opened the door and held it open for his assistant coaches patting each one on the ass as they passed by him. He enjoyed the firmness and roundness of each of their asses, the darkness of their hairy asses soaking through their sweat soaked shorts. His mind started to wonder what it will feel like when his cock is deep inside each of them as they enjoy every thrust and inch.

Once inside the locker room, the scent they were growing accustom to filled their brains again. It was not only attractive and alluring now, but it relaxed their minds and made them horny. Their heads were light and airy as their sexual appetite increased.

“Go ahead and get in there gentlemen and I’ll show you how those showers work” said the head Coach.

Each man pulled off his compression shorts as Kirkland noticed their semi hard cocks. As they walked to the showers, Kirkland brought up the rear noticing what hot muscular asses each man had. Muscular and firm with hairy cracks. He wanted to fuck and be fucked by these men. He wanted to see their holes open and envelop his dick. He wanted to watch two of them go at it, fucking like rabbits and never being satisfied. Master Mike told him his team would be hungry for ass and cock. It was time to start their transformation.

The shower room had many pillars. The three men chose a shower head on three different shower pillars forming a triangular position of themselves. Coach Kirkland approached the waiting naked men instructing them to say their position and name and the shower would come on.

“Assistant Coach Jeremy Hatch” and Jeremy’s shower began.

“Assistant Coach Corey Holmes” and Corey began his shower.

“Assistant Coach Tony Kowalski” and water began to flow onto Tony.

Coach Kirkland took the same shower he used yesterday, gave the shower his title and name and began to shower.

The lights dimmed just like the day before and the room became quiet. The men stopped talking and watched the lights around the shower head as they moved in unison washing each body part together. The shower did it’s its job as it washed their sweat and pheromones down the drain. As their male essence was being washed down the drain to be concentrated into the gel that would seal their fates, Master Mike watched on . He saw the three assistant coaches minds go blank as they stared into the shower head’s pulsating light. They washed themselves as one, making the same moves and washing the same body parts.

Coach Kirkland meanwhile was staring at the shower head. The lights pounded the message into his head that Master Mike taught him the previous day. “Football players love to fuck and be fucked. Every man needs to know how good it is to have cock up his ass and a football player has the power to show them. Football players have the power to fuck men and be fucked by men.”

As Kirkland repeated his truth over and over again, he stroked his cock and fingered his hole. His three assistant coaches, without any capacity of independent thought, heard his mantra and joined in one by one, a word here, a phrase there, until they were all in perfect unison.

“Football players love to fuck and be fucked” the four men droned on. “Every man needs to know how good it is to have cock up his ass and a football player has the power to show them. Football players have the power to fuck men and be fucked by men.”

As the three assistant coaches continued their mantra, they positioned themselves under their showers so their backs were towards each other. The three made a perfect triangle and as they droned on, they reached out for each other’s assholes.

Corey found Jeremy’s hole. He began to probe with his wet, soapy finger. Meanwhile, Jeremy began to finger Tony while Tony brought it full circle and reached his finger up Corey’s waiting hole.

They fingered each other, first with one finger and then two fingers. Each assistant coach backed into the probing fingers while stroking their cocks.

“Feel the power of cock in your hands” pulsed three shower heads in unison.

“We feel the power of cock in our hands” repeated the three droning coaches.

“Feel the power of your hole. To accept another man and make you both feel good. Feel it pulse and open, welcoming the entrance of another man.

“Yes. We feel the power of our hole. To accept another man and make us both feel good. We feel our holes clutch and open welcoming the entrance of another man.”

The shower heads continued their assault on molding the men’s minds. “The power of cock and the power of hole must be combined by powerful football men. Always fucking and being fucked.”

The three men stroked their cocks faster and faster as they connected together the pleasure of their invaded holes and the pleasure of their engorged cocks.

“See the power of your cock head at another football man’s hole. And feel the power of your hole as it awaits a football man’s cock.”

The three assistant coaches moved closer together. They took turns offering each other’s holes to a waiting cock. Sometimes two cocks at one hole, other times two holes being offered to one cock.

Seeing their cock by their buddy’s hole, they repeated the words being pressed in their heads, “I see the power of my cock head by another man’s hole.”

Feeling their buddy’s cock pressing against their hungry holes, “I feel the power of my hole as it awaits a football man’s cock.”

“Cum on your buddy’s asshole.” The shower heads pulsed rapidly and the command invaded their minds.

Tony quickly positioned himself behind Jeremy and stroked his cock aimed right at Jeremy’s hole. Within seconds he shot a thick, milky load all over the dark hair surrounding Jeremy’s ass. Tony fingered Jeremy’s hole mixing the ass with the cum as the water from the shower took the blend of ass cum down the drain.

The shower head lights increased the pulses while the lights changed to a grayish hue. The men received a new message and after a slight tilt in each of their heads, they again droned on, “Cum and hole belong together. A man’s sperm was made to seed a man’s ass. Football men use the power of cock and hole to seed men’s asses.”

Jeremy then jumped behind Corey, aimed his cock at Corey’s hole and began to stroke feverishly anticipating seeing his cum shoot all over his friend’s hole. Kowalski looked on while still playing with Jeremy’s hole, all three continuing to repeat, “Cum and hole belong together. A man’s sperm was made to seed a man’s ass. Football men use the power of cock and hole to seed men’s asses.” This time the mantra had developed an energy and passion as it became part of the mens’ minds. It was becoming their new reality.

Jeremy unloaded all over Corey’s hole as their repetition increased again in volume and energy at the site of Jeremy’s cum mixing with Corey’s hole. They pumped their fists into the air as in a locker room pre-game rally, yelling, “CUM AND HOLE BELONG TOGETHER. A MAN’S SPERM WAS MADE TO SEED A MAN’S ASS. FOOTBALL MEN USE THE POWER OF COCK AND HOLE TO SEED MEN’S ASSES.”

Corey then raced up behind Tony aching to see his cum shoot all over Tony’s hole. He began to stroke, yelling their mantra, as Jeremy fingered Corey’s hole as he stroked his cock at Tony’s hole.

Suddenly, Jeremy felt fingers by his own hole as a fourth voice joined their chant. Coach Kirkland had finished his programming and as instructed joined his three assistant coaches.


The four men cheered as Corey shot his load all over Tony’s hole. All the men raised both their arms in the air in a sign of triumph all the while yelling as one, “CUM AND HOLE BELONG TOGETHER. A MAN’S SPERM WAS MADE TO SEED A MAN’S ASS. FOOTBALL MEN USE THE POWER OF COCK AND HOLE TO SEED MEN’S ASSES.”

The ass cum from Jeremy washed down the drain and mixed with the ass cum of his two buddies and Coach Kirkland’s who had blown his own load before joining the group. Coach Kirkland had received a different reinforcement program as he had already received cock and cum up his chute the previous day by Master Mike.

The lights went off and they all returned to their new selves. Hard, horny and ready to fuck and be fucked. They heard Master Mike say, “Come Coach Kirkland.” Coach Kirkland began to walk towards Master Mike. The three assistant coaches never met Master Mike and stayed where they were as they watch Coach Kirkland approach his Master.

Coach Kirkland approached his Master, bowed his head and asked, “Yes my Master?”

“It’s time to get back to work.”

“Yes Master.”

Coach Kirkland walked behind his Master and turned to his three men in the shower room, “Come on men. It’s time to get back to work.”

The three men walked towards the exit of the shower room. Just as the three coaches yesterday, they entered the wide threshold and the air drying system engaged. All three men froze solid in their tracks, naked, as still as statues.

The wind blew through their minds blowing away any individual thought. The previous day, when Master Mike reprogrammed the three head coaches into his personal slaves, he simply let the air flow empty the coaches’ minds but immediately replaced the lost thoughts with thoughts of men, nudity, group sex, showers, erections, and himself as their Master.

However, Master Mike knew to keep his exposure low. Having three teams of multiple men speaking of their Master would not bide well if spoken of frequently. The three head coaches he could handle, and they would remain his personal slaves.

He kept the three assistant coaches in the air stream. He knew the process would take about fifteen minutes unlike just the few minutes of the previous day for the three head coaches. There had to be nothing left except the programming they just received from the shower heads and oh, he almost forgot.

“Maintain all knowledge of football and coaching” he directed to the three assistant coaches. “Let the air blow away all other thoughts.”

He walked behind Coach Kirkland who was standing behind him and staring forward at his assistant coaches.

“I’m draining all thought from your coaches except what they need to coach football and excel as a team.”

“Yes Master” replied Coach Kirkland.

“I want you to stand here and watch them become mindless, dumb jocks who know nothing but football and how to fuck and be fucked by another man.”

“Yes Master” replied Coach Kirkland.

“I want you to become aroused as you watch them become mindless, obedient, dumb jocks

“Yes Master” replied Coach Kirkland as his cock began to harden grabbing it to stroke as he watched the fate of his assistant coaches.

“They will follow your orders as you follow mine. I will not exist to them. They will see me but register no knowledge or memory of me. If I speak to them, they will obey but retain no memory of our interaction. They will know nothing but football and the cocks and ass of other men.” Now position yourself on the bench behind you, facing your men. When they come back to their minds, the first thing I want them to see is you being fucked.

The football coach did as directed. Master Mike stood between the leaned over coach and his three assistant coaches in the air stream threshold. The air stream lightened, but the assistant coaches still stood mindless as statues, now able to hear the words of Master Mike.

Master Mike began with three words and stopped, “Football players love”

The three dumb jock coaches repeated the three words and continued.

“Football players love to fuck and be fucked. Every man needs to know how good it is to have cock up his ass and a football player has the power to show them. Football players have the power to fuck men and be fucked by men.”

“Excellent” said Master Mike confirming that the reprogramming from the shower heads was not lost in the mind dump.

Master Mike moved up behind Coach Kirkland as began to rub his cock up and down Coach’s ass crack feeling his cock get harder with each movement. “When your coaches come back to their new reality, the first thing I want them to see is you getting fucked. When they do, confirm with them how football players have the power to fuck and be fucked by men.”

“Yes Sir” replied Coach Kirkland as he moved his ass backwards trying to line up his Master’s cock with his wanton hole.

Master Mike then addresses the assistant coaches, “Before I release you into your new lives, know this. You do not register my presence in your minds. I do not exist. If you see me, I do not exist. If you hear me, you will obey any order given, but I do not exist. If you touch me or I touch you, I do not exist. You will be obey Coach Kirkland in all things. Football men love discipline and protocol and as football men you obey Coach Kirkland. The entire team will learn that football players have the power to fuck and be fucked by men. All the team and its coaches obey Coach Kirkland.” There was no response from the three coaches. Master Mike smiled at how easily it was to reprogram them into dumb jocks. He did not exist so they naturally did not respond.

Master Mike pushed his hand down on Coach Kirkland’s back and pushed his cock deep into the coach’s hole. Coach Kirkland gasped and then moaned as he fully enveloped his Master’s cock deep inside himself.

The air flow in the shower threshold stopped at Mike’s verbal command. The three assistant coaches began to blink and slowly return to the conscious state of mind.

“Fuck yeah Coach” bellowed out Assistant Coach Jeremy Hatch. “We leave for a few minutes to take a shower and Coach finds a way to get fucked in the meanwhile.”

“Feel the power of cock in your ass Coach. Football men love to feel the power of cock riding up their chutes” barked Assistant Coach Tony Kowalski.

Assistant Coach Corey Holmes high fived both Hatch and Kowalski as they encouraged Coach Kirkland while getting fucked.

The door opened behind them as wrestling coach Pierson walked in wearing a skin tight white tank top and tight black compression shorts accentuating his wrestler build and hefty package. He paused as he saw the scene going on before him as his programming initiated.

Pierson walked up behind Master Mike, stripped and fell to his knees. He watched as Master Mike’s ass came towards him and backed away as his Master fucked his buddy Coach Kirkland. He began to play with the wiry hairs around Mike’s hole as he did the previous day. Coach Pierson was a wrestler and wrestlers love ass, to eat hole and to have their holes eaten. Wrestlers are good hole pigs.

With his programming kicking in, Pierson dove his face into his Master’s ass. He only wanted more. More taste, more pheromones, more ass. With Pierson’s head rocking back and forth as he sucked on hole, Master Mike continued to fuck Kirkland. Mike smiled to himself as he felt the beard of the mighty wrestler coach, now a hole hungry slave. The dumb jock assistant coaches cheered their head coach as he took every thrust of hard cock up his ass.

With Pierson eating his hole, Kirkland begging for more cock, and his players enjoying every moment watching, Master Mike couldn’t keep his load back getting more turned on by the obedient jock slaves he had created.

“I’m going to shoot my load up your ass now slave” barked Master Mike.

Assistant Coach Holmes bent down so his face was next to his head coach’s face as he draped his left arm over the Coach’s upper back. “Take the cum Coach” Corey said looking directly into his boss’ eyes. “Let it fill your hole. Cum and hole belong together. A man’s sperm was made to seed a man’s ass.”

Corey then stood up and yelled at his two fellow assistant coaches, “Fuck yeah guys! Coach’s hole is going to be filled with cum!!”

“Fuck yeah” grunted Jeremy, “Football men use the power of cock and hole to seed men’s asses.”

“Take the cum” cheered all three, all fist pumping the air. “Take the cum Coach, take the cum Coach, take the cum Coach!!”

Pierson could feel Mike’s hole tighten expelling his tongue. He licked up and down Mike’s hairy crack as Mike plunged his cock deep inside Kirkland dumping a huge load. He gave a few more thrusts and stopped all the while Pierson still licking his hole.

“Good boy Coach” said his Master, “Your ass is now full of your Master’s cum.”

“My hole is now full of my Master’s cum. Cum and hole belong together” repeated Kirkland in confirmation.

The three assistant coaches all slapped their coach on the back with Jeremy adding a friendly hair tussle as he said “Cum and hole belong together Coach. Cum and hole belong together.”

As Mike pulled out of Kirkland, he told the assistant coaches to stand against the wall by the shower room threshold and be silent. The three assistant coaches readily obeyed, standing once again as silent statues.

“Pierson, suck my cum from Kirkland’s hole. Do not swallow it. I’ll be right back.”

Pierson had never tasted cum, especially from another man’s hole. He spread Kirkland’s ass cheeks and pushed his face deep into Kirkland’s ass. Within seconds he had the strange taste in his mouth. Like a good slave, he accepted the cum taste then feverishly sucked harder to get every last drop of his Master’s cum from his buddy’s ass.

Mike retrieved two containers from the shower room, full of the essence gel of Kirkland and his three assistant coaches. He stood by the three still assistant coaches with the gel and told Pierson to come. Pierson left Kirkland’s hole and stood by his Master.

“Spit the cum from slave Kirkland’s hole into the container.”

Pierson obeyed and let two white globs of cum fall from his mouth into the container.

“Come here Kirkland”

Kirkland obeyed and stood next to Pierson in front of their Master.

“I want you two to lick each other’s tongues like dogs and enjoy the addicting taste of cum and the taste of my hole.”

As the two coaches dove into a passion embrace, meeting their mouths and licking each other’s tongues deep inside, Master Mike mixed his cum from Kirkland’s hole into the mix of the coaches’ male essence. He raised his fingers to his nose when he was done to savor the smell of man.

“How do you like the taste of my cum boys” asked the Master to his two coach slaves.

“Your cum and hole…” answered Pierson.

“… taste great together Sir. Cum and hole belong together” added Coach Kirkland.

“That’s right boys. You need each other. Wrestlers wet the holes for football players to fuck and then retrieve the cum for all to savor. And football players fill holes full of cum to make them more tasty for wrestlers.”

Pierson and Kirkland looked at each other registering the new truth, and then fist bumped to acknowledge their understanding and appreciation of one another.

“The wrestling team will be here shortly, correct Pierson? “asked Master Mike.

“Yes Master. They should arrive in an hour.”

“Excellent. I want you to get behind each of Kirkland’s assistant coaches and get their holes nice and wet. Spit on their holes, lick their holes, suck their holes, do as you please but I want their holes sloppy wet. Understood my little wrestling man?

“Yes Sir!” replied Pierson as he eagerly began to walk behind the three men.

And to Kirkland, Master Mike ordered, “I want you to rub this gel all over your assistant coaches. Make sure to coat their cocks and balls with it, plug a small amount up their holes, and let them each have a taste of it.”

Pierson was now behind his assistant coach Corey Holmes face deep in his ass. Holmes never felt the sensation of getting his hole eaten before, and combined with the scent from the man essence gel, could not prevent sporting a throbbing hard on. Kirkland started on Holmes cock, helping the man achieve full erection status with his cock pointing straight to the ceiling. He rubbed the gel under Holmes’ nose as Holmes took in a deep breath as his mind began to get fuzzy.

“Give him a taste” ordered Master Mike.

Kirkland scooped up a small amount of the gel onto his index finger as Mike moved to Holmes’s side. As the finger approached his mouth, Holmes latched on to it and began to suck and lick it. Mike began to whisper, though not that silently, right into Holmes’ ear.

“That is the taste of man. Sweat, pheromones, cock, balls, pits, cum and ass. The sweat from the hair around his cock, on his ball sack and in his pits. The pheromones, released while you fingered each other, oozing from the glands in man pits and asses. Take in the taste. Learn the taste. Love the taste.”

Pierson moved on to his assistant coach Jeremy Hatch and began to sloppily wet his hole with licks and spit. Although Hatch had sported a hard on from the scent of the gel, he moaned and his cock throbbed harder as Pierson’s mouth found its target. Kirkland finished smearing the gel all over Holmes, plugging some up his wet hole mixing with Pierson’s spit.

He moved on to Hatch and began to coat him with the gel. Like he did with Holmes, Kirkland started with the cock, then under the nose and then feeding the new slave as Mike whispered into Hatch’s ear the same words he did to Holmes. Then he finished by smearing Hatch completely in the gel and pushing some up his hole. As they moved onto assistant coach Tony Kowalski, both Holmes and Hatch were covered in the gel with a slimy wet hole of gel and spit.

After finishing with Kowalski all three men stood there, coated in their own essence and that of the head coach. Erect in stature and erect in cock, the three stood side by side, breathing deeply.

Mike turned to Kirkland, “You and your three assistant coaches go into the wrestling room. I want you all to fuck. Fuck and be fucked like only football men can. I want every man to be penetrated with a load dumped deep in his chute. Get as much sweat and gel on the floor pads as you can. If any cum misses a hole or dribbles out, wipe it on the mats. I want that room ready for when the wrestlers arrive.”

“Yes Master. Follow me men” responded Kirkland as he headed to the wrestling room that was attached to the locker room. His three assistant coaches followed without a word, in single file, cocks hard and leading them.

Mike then returned his attention to Pierson. “Let’s get ready for your squad to arrive. I have some new singlets they are going to wear when wrestling today. But before we get to that, get back to eating my hole.”

Wrestling Coach Pierson smiled at his Master and got to his knees as his Master bent over. Feeling a hand on the back of his head, Pierson let the force on the back of his head lead him into the waiting hole. Pierson saw the masculine, hairy hole coming towards him, then closed his eyes, opened his mouth and began to feed.

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