Phase One

By Kyle Chu -
published June 7, 2019

Mike has had it with his vain, self-absorbed and physically attractive jock neighbors next door and he decides to enact his own brand of justice towards them.

Author’s Note: This is my first time posting a story on this site. After reading a lot of the stories on this site, I’ve finally been inspired to contribute and write one of my own in here. Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think and please, pardon me for any grammatical mistakes that I may have made. Thank you.

Mike woke up from his sleep as he heard laughter across the hall. He glanced at his alarm clock on the side to see that it was only 5:20 am. He rolled on his side to try to get himself back to sleep. His efforts were shattered when the outside hallway boomed drunken giggles.

“Man, those twins were totally hot.”

“Damn right they were.”

Those two voices were all too familiar to Mike. They were his two obnoxious neighbours, Chad and Brad. Those dimwits have always been acting that way ever since he moved in across from them two weeks ago.

The two jocks would show up late at home, without a care in the world, being especially disruptive around their neighbours. In his head, he often calls them “The Nittwins.” The two boys were nearly identical at 21 years old with their, 190 cm tall, muscular frames and pretty boy faces. The notable difference between them was Chad’s red, Irish hair and Brad’s Italian brown hair.

They were as vain as they came, their conversations were either bragging about their physique and their stupid, protein-filled, muscle-jacking diet or constantly flaunting their everyday sexual conquests. As Mike heard more of the conversation outside his thin walls, it looks like dumb and dumber were talking about the latter.

“You will not believe how well she gives head,” Chad said.

“Marla was no slouch either,” Brad replied back, as if it was a competition. “Maybe we should swap, you know, to see how good Carla really is.”

“Maybe. There’s always tonight you know.”

The two meatheads continued laughing as if they told the funniest joke in the world. Mike groaned as he heard the door slam shot from his neighbours’ door. Only two weeks in his new apartment, he already can’t stand those idiots. They were such pigs. With the moronic conversations, their crude and disgusting comments about sexy women and their self absorbed attitude about their own appearances, he just couldn’t stand it anymore. No one deserves to suffer the presence of those two men. Not him, and certainly none of those poor women that happen to fall victim to their “charms.” Not even their mothers, no one deserved such torture. Well, maybe they deserved each other.

Mike jolted up from his bed as that last thought gave him an idea. He reached for his night stand drawer and pulled out a device that looked like a cassette recorder. Mike was part of a team designed to do research for a device that a certain institution created. That said device, was meant to help expand the human mind and aid for learning. However, in this moment, the young genius had other plans.

Mike also pulled out a tiny microphone and plugged it onto the cassette device. When he saw a green LED light begin to blink, he cleared his throat.

“Sleep. Sleep. You are going deeper and deeper in to sleep.”

The tape inside the device rolled, recording as Mike continued to speak.

“You are entering a trance as you go in deeper in to sleep. Now…” Mike said as he continued to script out his insidious spell.


An hour later, Mike went across the hall to enact his plan. He knew that his neighbours hid a spare key underneath their doormat since he saw them use it once during the short time that he’ve lived across from them. His hunch was confirmed when he found the silver shiny thing on the dusty floor.

Mike opened the door slowly, as tried to make sure that he didn’t wake anyone up, although it looked like stealth was not necessary since he can see through the open bedroom door that his unassuming victims are out cold on their beds.

“Their place is as filthy as they are,” Mike muttered as he navigated himself through the mess. It was a small place with the kitchen and the living room littered with unwashed dishes, empty alcohol bottles and even some discarded clothing.

Mike pinched his nose, trying his best to block the smell as he got to The Nittwins’ bedroom. From the smell of alcohol that permeated in the air, Mike judged that these boys had a lot to drink. It seemed like they also couldn’t be bothered to change clothes as they both were still wearing their shirts and slacks.

Mike pulled an odd looking device out of his pocket. It was a slick looking cube. It looked like a a small iPod charger, but with speaker holes at the end instead of a USB jack. On the other end was a plug and Mike looked around for the best place to plug the device, which was behind a drawer in the centre of the room.

The device needed four hours to do its job and judging from the state of the two unconscious, muscle men, they should be out for a sufficient amount of time. With his plan in place, he decided to head out of the pig sty that was Chad and Brad’s room.


“Sleep. Sleep. Go deeper and deeper into trance and let your minds float away.”

At this point of the induction, Chad and Brad’s minds were wide open and very susceptible for suggestion.The device did its last deepening exercise and continued on with further programming.

“You are deeply entranced. You are deeply horny. Real horny. Hard. Fully hard. Super hot. Really hot. Very horny, hard and hot. You are deeply entranced. You are deeply horny. Real horny. Hard. Fully hard. Super hot. Really hot. Very horny, hard and hot. You are…”

As the voice repeated the two boys released a faint, slightly excited moans as their hard ons tented through their slack. They ground their hips to the mattress as their arousal rose exponentially. They humped and humped, as the repeating voice of the recording continued to build up the momentum of their horniness, culminating, as it prepped Chad and Brad for the massive orgasm that their brains subconsciously anticipated for.

There was a ping sound suddenly. It wasn’t very loud, but a bit distressing, sort of like an error message sound. It was soon followed by a new set of messages.

“So hard. So horny. So hard. So hard. But no cumming. No cumming. No cumming. So hard. So horny. So hard. So hard. But no cumming. No cumming. No cumming.”

The Nittwins did not cease their humping. However, their brows furrowed in distress and frustration. They needed to cum so bad, they were so close, right on the edge. But somehow, no matter how turned on they were or how much stimulation they gave themselves, they just couldn’t go over.

“So hard. So horny. So hard. So hot. Need to cum so much. So hard. So horny. So hard. So hot. Need to cum so much. So hard. So horny. So hard. So hot. Need to cum so much.”

“So hard, so horny,” Chad panted as beads of sweat formed and dripped out of his forehead. His hazel eyes opened slightly, but they remained glassy as he stared at Brad on the other side, not fully aware as his unconscious brain was still asleep and in deep trance.

“So hot, need to cum…” Brad echoed in return as he, too, got hard and bothered. He stared back at Chad, eyes unseeing and distant.

“Need to cum. Wan to cum. Close to cum. Have to cum. Cannot cum. Need to cum. Wan to cum. Close to cum. Have to cum. Cannot cum. Need to cum. Wan to cum. Close to cum. Have to cum. Cannot cum.”

The room was filled with unfulfilled groans as the recorded voice continued to raise the young athletes up the orgasm ladder… only to cruelly leave them hanging there in frustration. On and on the recording weaved its insidious spell, until finally near the three hour mark, it reached its conclusion.

“So hot. So hard. So horny. Want to cum. Need to cum. Close to cum. Everyday. But no cumming. No drip. No pre-cum. No cummiing. So hot. So hard. So horny. Want to cum. Need to cum. Close to cum. Everyday. But no cumming. No drip. No pre-cum. No cummiing. So hot. So hard. So horny. Want to cum. Need to cum. Close to cum. Everyday. But no cumming. No drip. No pre-cum. No cummiing.”

“Relax. Getting relax. Sleep. So sleepy. Relax. Getting limp. Muscles limp. Sleep. Deep. Going deeper.”

As the recording reached its end and repeated is trance deepening suggestion one more time, Chad and Brad’s eyes began to droop back as it closed shut, their hip humping and other body movements ceased and inside their trousers, their cocks still remained hard. But as the deeper trance state took hold, their erections relaxed as they floated to sleep.


Chad scratched his eyes as his head slowly regained consciousness and back with the living, He gazed at the wall clock to see that it was almost 2 pm already. Strangely, he doesn’t feel any hang overs from the previous night’s drinking at all. As he lifted himself up from his bed, he was suddenly aware of little situation.

“More like a big situation,” he thought to himself as gently tugged at his huge whopper underneath his trousers. “Shit, that’s some morning wood…”

The young red head stood up, grabbed a random discarded shirt and shorts on the floor, and headed straight to the bathroom.

Chad quickly closed the door and proceeded to take off his clothes in a flash. After briefly admiring his amazing physique in the mirror, his right hand flew straight to his cock, steel hard with its veins popping out angrily.

He sighed heavily as the first few strokes sent shivers down his spine. Haven’t I been laid? He wondered to himself as he jumped in the shower.

As the water ran through his black hair and chisled, smooth, creamy skinned body, Chad tried his best to pump himself.

He continued on for a few more minutes, roughly fondling his balls, as it rose up and encouraged it to blow its contents while he had his other hand pull the foreskin up and down over the head of his cock. He moaned, as his hand hit the right beats, resting his back on the tiled walls as he basked at the sensations. He circled his thumb around the piss-slit, just the way he liked it.

Chad’s hairy chest heaved as he felt himself reach closer, speedily jerking himself and pressing tighter with his balls. Somehow though, even when the telltale signals where there and even when he was more than ready to spew, it just didn’t happen.

Dejected, the red haired youth released his hand from his tool and let out a defeated sigh as he looked at his throbbing erection, beet red, unsatiated with not even a single pre-cum released.

As he realized that he probably already spent too much time in the shower, Chad decided to finish up and rinse off, his rock-hard cock twitching disappointedly.


In their bedroom, the brown haired Brad was having a similar crisis. He woke up around the same time his roommate went to the bathroom and when he rose up, he thought his little friend under his pants was giving him a nice surprise and so he decided to indulge himself.

Ten minutes later, though, he realized that his cock was being a stubborn bugger. He have taken off his shirt and decided to stay in his slacks in case his roommate walked back in. He wasn’t sure how long he’d be in the shower, but in his desperate state, he couldn’t resist as he decided to take out his fleshlight and a bottle of lube.

Brad pumped the fleshlight back and forth, forcing him to moan. He tried to keep it down, so that Chad wouldn’t hear, but he doubt he was succeeded at all. He pumped a few more times as he thought he was reaching climax, as his balls tightened, but for the life of him, his cock just wouldn’t give him the release he needed.

Brad jumped a little as he thought he heard Chad yelling, but he wasn’t sure. It could have easily been him. After waiting a few more minutes to make sure that Chad wasn’t going to accidentally barge in, the brown haired youth made a last ditch effort and lowered his slacks a bit more to insert a finger in his anus.

“Aaah,” Brad sighed as his cocked twitched more at the sensation. He hated to admit this, but playing with his prostate is one of his guilty pleasures. When he found the spot, he couldn’t stop the growl escaping his chest.

“Hnggg! Oh… AHHH!”

Brad pounded that spot more and more while jerking himself with the fleshlight on the other hand. Despite the mind blowing pleasure and the extreme need to cum, Brad just couldn’t go over the edge.

Beads of sweat flew everywhere as he let his head fall in defeat, letting go of the fleshlight and withdrawing his finger from his ass. When he heard the water stop, he knew his friend was about to come out.

Hastily, Brad grabbed some discarded shirt somewhere and wiped all the lube from his hand, put his trousers back up and stashed his sex toys away. The young Italian stud laid back on his bed, turning his position on the side to make sure that his roommate does not see his still frustrated, still rock hard cock. He grunted exasperatedly at his pathetic condition as he heard Chad open and entering the room.

“Hangover?” Chad asked.

“Yeah,” Brad replied, not bothering to turn around so as to not having to risk his current predicament. Unbeknownst to him, his buddy was also trying to hide the same situation with his old clothes between his crotch.

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna step out to get some fresh air.” With that awkward exchange, Chad threw his dirty clothes on top of his bed and left the room without any more words.

Brad, for his part, rolled on his stomach and tried to get himself back to sleep, despite the insisting erection between his legs.


Mike hummed a tune as he prepared breakfast in his kitchen. He smiled as he heard the door slam shut from his neighbour’s place next door. Phase one was almost completed. Those Nittwins don’t know what hit em.

The young genius wanted to knock these cocky jocks a peg, and what better way than to take away what’s most important to them? Those young, virile athletes prided themselves with their sexual prowess and their hefty conquests of women. With Phase One initiated, those boys would never know the pleasure of a sweet orgasm for the rest of their lives. First, he would drive them madly insane with horniness, then after that, he would take it a step further.

The fun was just beginning.

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