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Kye's Store - Part 4 / Act 1 - Billy, The Interview

By AClosetBear
published June 4, 2019

A down on his luck young man finds Kye’s store, looking for a job. Kye is all to happy to offer an interview.

{So… I didn’t intend this to be two parts, but it kind of worked out that way. This first part is mostly plot, But it will all be worth it, I promise! Please leave feedback via ratings and comments. I hope you have as much fun reading this story as I’ve had writing it.}

Kye was reading a magazine, trying his hardest not to remember what had happened with Chris a few days ago. The whole ordeal had left his store a mess, one that he was still trying to clean up. Usually he didn’t really mind a little mess, but he wanted all evidence of his embarrassing and monumental fuck-up erased from every molecule that witnessed it.

Kye had also change his look, deciding he should go back to his roots. He de-aged himself to what he looked like when he was 25. A tall man with dark hair and a swimmers build with a sexy bit of stubble. He remembered starting his new life just out of college with the rosy colored haze of nostalgia only reserved for those in the throes of a middle age crisis. Only 10 years had passed since he walked up to that stage, Pomp and Circumstance tumbling and running through his ears while he beamed with pride. Oh, if only he could-

Ding Ding

A customer walked into the store, interrupting Kye’s train of thought. Kye looked up from his magazine to greet the customer to be treated by an interesting sight.

Before Kye stood a dishevelled 18 year old boy. He wore a black hoodie over a long sleeve ash-colored shirt, black sweat pants, and black faded Vanes high top sneakers. He had dark circles under his eyes, like he hadn’t slept in days. With him he carried a big black backpack. An uneasy smile was shared between Kye and the stranger. To put it bluntly, the man looked homeless and this observation was not lost on the stranger. There was a tense, awkward moment of silence, broken by the young man finally speaking in a cracked voice “um hi, I’m sorry. I just…” The young man stumbled and stuttered over his words. It became clear to Kye that a lack of sleep and a surplus of stress was the least of this man’s problems.

After a few false starts that lasted a few more painful seconds, the stranger finally said “I need a job.” Kye started to smile and almost burst out laughing, but was able to keep a hold of himself through sheer force of Will. “Well if you wanted a job, why didn’t you just say so? I was actually just wondering if I should submit an ad to the local news paper.” Kye said with a big old grin, lying through his teeth, although the idea of having another pair of hands didn’t seem so bad. In fact, Between his ever expanding, continually confusing inventory, and the amount of upkeep his magical haberdashery required, another pair of hands sounded damn near wonderful. “Yes, this is absolutely perfect.” He said while walking up the young man. As he got closer he noticed that he was little bit chubby, and at least a foot shorter then himself. Kye never really cared for chubby bunnies, (it should be noted he did love to play with them now and again) but the look really worked for him. In fact, he looked kind of cute, in a bear cub kind of way. He looked into the stranger boys beautiful blue eyes while reaching his hand out for a handshake.

“The names Kye. What’s yours love?”

The stranger blushed a bright cherry blossom pink. He stared at the hand for a split second in confusion, before he shouted “Oh right yeah! Uh..” he grasped the hand firmly and looked into Kye’s hazel eyes “My name’s Billy sir!” He shook the hand longer then he probably should have before awkwardly letting go.

Kye giggled a little bit “You alright son? You look kind of tired.”

Billy weakly nodded his head. “Yeah, I haven’t really slept in awhile”

“How long is awhile?”

“Well…” billy paused while thinking for answer. “Wait, I’m sorry what was the question?”

Kye couldn’t help himself at that point. He started to laugh a hearty laugh. “I’ll take that as a long time. It’s no good to go into a job interview all sleepy. Why don’t you go upstairs and take a nap? It’s about closing time for the store anyway.” Again, this was a lie, but Kye couldn’t help himself. There was something drawing him to this boy. Something beyond the magic of the store. It was something… pure.

“Oh sir, that’s not really necessary” Billy began to say.

“No, I Insist! It’s okay. And you don’t need to call me sir. Call me Kye. I’m a store owner, not an army general.”

For a brief moment they touched hands. Billy jumped, like he had been reminded of something he was trying to forget. This didn’t go unnoticed.

“Before you go up though, take this.” he reached behind the counter and grabbed a little bottle of juice with a label called Rest-Up. “You looked a little bit thirsty. Don’t worry about paying for the drink, it’s on me.”

Billy was shocked at the kindness Kye was showing him. He gracefully thanked Kye and headed to the back of the store, where he found a staircase that led to Kye’s apartment. Kye started to close his shop early for the first time since he opened it. It was going to be a long night, after all.

Kye’s apartment was surprisingly spacious. The staircase led to a living room with a couch, two big comfy chairs, a tv, and even a some bean bag chairs. There were some magazines scattered around the room including the coffee table between the couch and tv. Billy didn’t bother to explore the rest of the apartment, but if he did, he would have noticed it was a bit bigger than the dimensions of the building would lead you to believe. He was exhausted when he sat down on the couch. He opened the juice bottle and downed the whole thing in a matter of seconds. It tasted salty yet creamy with a hint of oranges and mangoes. It was pleasant and seemed to clear Billy’s mind. Before he drank the juice he felt like he was going to cry. So much had happened in such a short amount of time. He had been holding in this hopeless empty feeling for what felt like forever. But after he drank that… rest-stuff or what ever it was called, all he felt was an uncontrollable drowsiness. “Everything can wait,” he thought to himself. “Everything can wait until I wake up.” It was a sad thought that he would have to feel that depression soon, but now he finally found a safe place. A place to relax and sleep, and to get away from all these swirling thoughts of gloom and terror. He felt himself slide down the couch onto a little pillow. The last thing he saw before his eyelids caved to gravities unceasing demands was a shiny black dog, and the last thing Billy thought was " That’s nice, Kye has a cute little p-" This thought was left unfinished as sleep finally over took the poor boy.

30 minutes later, Kye walked up the stairs to find his human pup (formally known as Elliott) was sniffing and licking Billy’s sleeping face.

“Pet! Get away from him! Let him sleep you dumb dog” He quietly snapped at the pup. He was wearing a black rubber shirt, a black leather jockstrap and black thigh high socks. His “hands” were bound up into little round paws, and he had a black rubber tail sticking out of his butt. The pup slowly turned to his master and made an adorable little face, hoping to escape any punishment. Under normal circumstances, Kye probably would have punished him by locking his cock in chastity for a week, or make him a urinal for a day. But something was different today. He felt some sort of compassion for the dumb mutt. “Well, I guess you didn’t wake him, or go downstairs during business hours.” He thought, trying to decide what to do. Kye looked up to see the dog has gone back to looking at Billy. His tail was wagging back and forth, happy and excited to meet this stranger.

“Alright Pet, here’s the deal.” Kye started to break down the plan to his dog. His loyal pet dutifully listened, nodding his head up and down every once and awhile to show he understood. Once the plan was understood, Pet and Kye went walked away, preparing to execute their master plan.

“Billy? You awake?”

Billy opened his eyes, disorientation following closely after. Where was he? Who was this man? Why was he sleeping on a couch? His eyes adjusted to the light. He remembered now.

He was walking down the street, tired, feeling sick - it had been that long since he had slept. He remembered seeing a storefront called Kye’s For some reason he was compelled to enter that building. He felt like a sailor who heard the sirens song. He blinked. He was looking at the six foot stud who was now standing over him. He was star struck. He was so handsome. He was… sexy. blink He’s laughing. Or… he thought he was laughing. “Did I say something?” Billy thought. The man suddenly speaks in a milky smooth voice “Well if you wanted a job, Why didn’t you just say so?” “HUH?!?” He shouted internally. Did I just ask for a job? Looking like this?! Blink “The names Kye, What’s yours love?” Billy stares at the hand, trying to figure out what’s going on. He was so tired. Short-term memory was failing him. He needed to sleep. He hadn’t slept since he woke up yesterday at 6 AM. It was 1 PM now. And it had been much longer since he had a full night’s rest, unplagued by night terrors and stress dreams. The last time he slept a full night was the night before… the night before… No. Not now. Not ever. Billy forced the memory down, drowning it in his subconscious while he shook Kye’s beautiful firm hand.

“How long was I asleep?” Billy asked while yawning.

“About 10 hours” Kye responded.

Billy should have been freaking out. He turned his head to look for a clock, which only confirmed Kye’s assertion. It was 11:22 PM. He just took a 10 hour nap in a stranger’s home. He should be thanking this man and hurriedly excusing himself for intruding in his life so suddenly. But instead he felt calm and relaxed. Little did he know that while he had been sleeping, Kye slipped on a little Bracelet decorated w/ a little lavender emblem. This bracelet was called The Lamiaceae relaxer. It used the magical properties of lavender to keep the wearer’s head clear and calm. In a way, Billy was in a trance.

“Oh” Billy said in an almost monotone voice.

“How do you feel?”

Billy, still in a bit of a daze, took a second to response. “I feel… great. I haven’t slept that well in ages.” He started to smile.

“Well that’s great.” Kye said. He put his hand in his pocket and withdrew a granola bar. Like all the things in the store, it wasn’t you’re everyday run of the mill granola bar. It was called Open-Up. “To make the eater more open to suggestion, help them loose their inhibitions, and also start to open and lube their asshole, so it was ready for a nice, long pounding” was the advertisers description. It was all a part of the Kye master plan.

“Here” he said tossing it onto Billy’s lap. “It’s no good to start a job interview on an empty stomach.”

“Oh” Billy was confused “we’re still doing that?”

“Of course! There’s no time like the present.”

I guess that makes sense Billy thought to himself.

And so the interview started. It was fairly normal at first. The same old questions about previous jobs, qualifications, etc. etc. But then it started to become much more personal and intimate. And Billy revealed Everything about himself. He told the whole sad, beautiful story.

He told Kye about his conservative Christian Parents, who were wonderful and caring, or at least, it always seemed so.

He told Kye about a happy and care free childhood where he discovered he had a passion and talent for music. But he also told him about how he was bullied for liking to stay inside to play piano and guitar or sing, instead of playing kickball or basketball on the playground. He told him about how he was called a “retarded faggot” in the halls from Elementary school to Junior High School. He told him about how people would try to avoid him like the plague due to nasty rumors. He told him about how this isolation and mockery almost led him to commit suicide. He told him about how his parents moved to a completely different state to help him start his life over between 8th and 9th grade.

He told Kye about how High School changed everything. He told Kye about how he made new friends and how his talent led him to brand new opportunities. He told him that it was there he realised he was gay. He told Kye about the first boy he kissed, touched and fucked. He told Kye about this first love and how it grew and fizzled out. He told Kye about all the scholarships he got, and how he was accepted Into his dream school.

He told Kye that when he finally had the courage to come out to his parents after he graduated high school, they kicked him out of the house and threw him his bags telling him to get gone. He told him about how his ex-boyfriend spread rumors out of spite that lost him his scholarship. He told him about how these rumors led all of his friends to turn their backs on him. He told him about that this all happened about a week ago and with nowhere else to go, he sold his precious guitar to pay for a bus ticket to this city. He said he didn’t know why he bought the ticket, but that he felt that by coming to this city, he could find himself.

It was the during the final part of the story that clicked with Kye. He realised what was going on. The lamp had chosen it’s judge.

When Kye first wished his store into reality, he made a deal with the genie. He would become “The Guardian of the Lamp” in exchange for the ability to perform feats of magic himself. What this meant was that Kye hid the lamp and protected it from those who would use it to do harm, or those who would be easily corrupted by the Genies power.

Now, Kye was no Saint, and he knew this. Hell, the Genie knew it too. But that was why he had been picked for the job. The Guardian of The Lamp wasn’t meant to judge people’s character, he was meant to protect the god damn lamp. But the Genie told him that one day, the lamp would imprint on the second person who was to help him guard the lamp. This person would be given the title “The Judge of the Lamp”. The genie told Kye that he would know he encountered the Judge if three things were true; The first was that the judge had known great suffering, pain and loss. The second was that they would feel a bond grow the longer they stayed together. The final sign would be that Kye would “find a balance with his new partner that would change his ways.”

Kye didn’t know what the genie meant with the third warning, but now he did. Kye was a bit of a sadist. He knew this, that’s what got him off. Even now he still felt the need to dominate. But with Billy here, he realized he was missing something. He felt like a scale had been balanced. Billy was his better half. The part that had been missing. It was a connection he never felt before. Now he knew what he needed to do.

He signaled Pet, who revealed himself to be wearing actual clothing. The only piece of fetish gear he wore was his collar. He walked into the room holding a tray with multiple articles of clothing, some lit candles and an ancient stone lamp. Then, Pet dimmed the lights, and left the room, waiting to be called on again.

“Billy,” Kye said with a collected tone “I have some good news. You’ve passed the first part of the interview.” Billy started to smile, his eyes subtly dazzled in the now dimmed room.

“Now I’m going to begin the physical examination.” Kye said, picking up the jock strap.

“Get up and Strip for me.” Kye commanded. Billy slowly complied. Kye eyed his soon to be partners body. He was a bit flabby, but that would be remedied shortly. Now completely naked, Kye looked down, and smirked. Billy had a small 3 inch cock. “Such a big body, but such… small equipment.” Billy, while still in trance, started to feel embarrassed, inadequate in front of the man who had done so much for him. “I’m… I’m sorry to disappoint you si…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Kye leaned into the short 18 year old boy and gave him a quick peck peck on the lips. Billy’s blush returned with a vengeance, turning a shade of red reserved only for roses. “I’m not upset boy. I just think it’s unfair. Unfair that someone with a heart as big as yours owns such a small and wimpy cock.” Kye reached down and groped the boys junk, his grape size balls and all. “You deserve better than this.” Kye seductively whispered into Billy’s ear while he moaned.

Kye put the jockstrap in Billy’s hands. “Put it on Billy.” He complied. The jockstrap in question was a softly colored maroon, with the words “Thick Stick” written on the bands of the fabric. At first there was nothing but a faint buzzing in Billy’s groin. This buzzing slowly became an expanding ring of electrical euphoria. It spread all across his crotch. After two minutes, the jockstraps pouch was filled with a 10 inch monster, pre-cum dripping through the fabric onto the floor below.

Billy was panting, sweating from the intense lust that was flooding his system. He had never felt so good before. His cock was so large and heavy. He wanted to touch it, but something restrained him from doing so. All Billy could do was moan.

“God damn it you’re so cute” Kye muttered. He handed Billy the next piece of clothing, A white muscle shirt with the phrase “Gut Gains?” written in black curvy letters reminiscent of an old dairy campaign from California.

“Go ahead honey, put it on.” Kye said with a seductive smirk while he groped his slowly tenting jeans. Once Billy put the shirt on, his chest, shoulders and arms became much more defined. Strength flowed through his veins, filling out the once loose shirt, which led to a powerful muscle gut. His glutes and quads ballooned, becoming Thick and bubbly. the boy looked like he had aged five years. Kye put his hand on Billy’s belly, the place where most of the fat was being stored. He started rubbing his belly, feeling the pillowy flesh. He pressed down, feeling the muscle beneath his impressive muscle gut. Billy groaned and a white liquid started flowing from his nipples. Kye reached a finger into Billy’s shirt and rubbed it around the wet pec (only a small side effect) He withdrew the finger and tasted Billy’s milk. It was amazing. So amazing that Kye grunted while pre shot through his tight jeans onto Billy’s Leg.

“Ooh boy you are something special.” Kye said as he grabbed the last item, a snapback cap with a maroon and golden color scheme. Black letters were written on the front “Brain Boi” in a a varsity type font. Kye put the snap back on Billy’s head, his messy hair becoming a bit more trimmed in the process. Kye looked at it for a moment before turning the cap around to make Billy look a little bit more Boyish. He smirked at the amazing site.

“Billy, how do you feel?”

“S… Kye I feel… oh god so good.” Milk was steadily trickling from his nipples and his jock was now thoroughly soaked with pre.

“Good, now I need to talk to my boss. You’ve done good kid. You deserve a nice relaxing sleep.”

At the last word, Billy started to fall to the ground when Pet came seemingly out of nowhere and caught him.

Kye smacked himself in the head. “Yeah I probably should have layed him back down first.” he said to himself.

Pet barked, almost as if to say “you think?”

“Don’t sass me dumb dog, or you’re sleeping in the crate for a week.” Pet kind of grumbled before setting Billy down. He moped and started to walk away, back on all fours. “Pet, come back here.” Pet stopped in his tracks. He turned around and walked back to face his master. He was expecting to be punished for talking back to Kye. He looked down to the floor, waiting for words of scorn. Instead, Master Kye lightly patted his head.

“Normally I would be a lot harsher for your talking back, but tonight is a special occasion. I want you to get up, get dressed and prepped for our guests and then…” as kye was saying all these things, he brought his hand down to Pet’s sides, into his pants and onto his locked up doggy dick. Click Pet opened his eyes. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Had his master… really just? “I want you to jerk off and cum all over our bed. Get it all nice and musky. then wait for us when you’re spent. You’ve been such a good boy. You deserve this.” Pet melted into his master’s arms and started to kiss his face like a dog. “Okay pet, go before I change my mind.” Pet shot like a rocket down the hall. He didn’t need to be told twice.

Kye chuckled at his dog, and looked back at the sleeping Billy. His nipples had stopped leaking milk. He looked so peaceful and happy. Kye walked over to the lamp and picked it up before he walked over to the couch Billy was sleeping on. He stood over Billy as he rubbed his magic lamp and a magical smoke fell across the room.

To be cont’d

{Thank you so much for reading! please tell me what you think. Part 5 will come very soon i promise.}

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