Up North—The Beginning

By DylanTyler - dylanerictyler@gmail.com
published June 2, 2019

An intern on a polar bear conservation project comes into contact with a newly developed compound.

Hey y’all! I’m planning to continue my other series but just made a pit stop for this new idea. Let me know what you think! To be continued.

–Up North–

“Okay, where do you want all the fish?”

“Literally anywhere it doesn’t matter.”

Okay so this isn’t the most glamorous job. My name is Eric. I just started as an intern in this position I was dying to get. I’m working in Northern Canada at a polar bear reserve with one of my biggest preservationist heroes, Alex Stanton. It’s kind of a big deal because I’m only 19, but I graduated from high school early and my college is giving me credit to come all the way up here. Good PR for them I think.

Anyway it is an unbelievable opportunity because we’re working with one of the only two remaining polar bear reserves in the world. Technically the last wild polar bears died back around 2025, but there are still these mini ice-field reservations they built in the mid century and they’ve been trying to over-breed the bears to little success. The scientists have this new top-secret project to help with their survival rates, and I was chosen as a presidential candidate from my college to assist them!

So at the moment that amounts to me carrying around buckets upon buckets of raw fish.

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere.

There’s not a ton of room up here at the reserve, so it’s just a few maintenance people, the head scientists and me. It is a very intimate living situation. In fact, I share a room with Alex, which makes work very difficult but not impossible. He’s super straight, and too focused on his work to give much thought to anything sexual, but all the same, he’s a heartthrob.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve conducted myself very professionally since being here, but on the odd occasion that I see him coming out of the shower while I’m reading…the imagination wanders.

I guess there’s a significant age difference between us too, but I’m just hoping when I prove myself to be a valuable asset to the preservation of some of the most critically endangered species, he’ll just realize he’s in love with me and that’ll be that. I mean, I’m like 5’6”, super skinny with dark glasses and mousey brown hair in a short and conservative haircut…but maybe that’s his type?

Anyway, back to the work.

So I’m moving the fish shipment to wherever we have room, which, surprise surprise, is nowhere—all of a sudden out of Alex’s mouth comes:

“Hey Eric, come here.”

Okay so to be totally honest I wasn’t even positive he knew my name yet but that’s very encouraging. I race back down the hall to him, catching him studying some numbers in a binder.

“What’s up?”

“Well,” he turns to me. “So I wasn’t going to say anything to you, because the feds would prefer we keep things on the down low, but you know how we have that new vitamin compound releasing today?”

“Yeah, I’m scheduled to help you with it in a bit.”

“Well, between you and me,” he puts his hand on my shoulder, so I guess we’re married now. “It’s not exactly a vitamin compound.”

“What do you mean?”

“The federal agency has developed something a bit more…innovative.”

“I’m not sure I understand, sir.”

“What we’re working with, it’s, not exactly, well it’s not exactly legal? Per se?”


“It’s a biochemical.”


“Yes, I know how that sounds and it’s part of the reason they didn’t want me to tell you. But you’re just a kid, and this is potentially dangerous to humans. They don’t know what it could do and the administration process is, well, I feel bad just throwing you to the…polar bears…”

My head is spinning. I feel like I’ve stumbled into the plot of an action movie, but I’m the evil scientist that’s about to be killed. I don’t know what to say back, so I probably just continue to go—


“Kid! Eric! Get it together. This is what you came here to do. They think this new compound is going to have a really profound effect on the survivability of the species. That they might be able to reintroduce them to nature as soon as next year!”

Okay. Okay okay okay. Breathe. Should I call my mom? When she covered “Don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t hurt people” she never really specified if I could be an accessory to what might possibly cause the human race to go extinct.

Maybe I’m overreacting.

But then he says—

“And the gravity of this—if it works with polar bears, we might be able to genetically improve almost every species on the planet. Humans will stop making things go extinct because their adaptability can be almost infinite.”

Yep. I’m definitely an evil scientist.

“But first things first. This one is just meant to improve their muscle mass, their ability to store food and water, heighten their senses, make them less affected by temperature differences. Standard stuff.”

Right. Standard. And I kinda start to feel—yep—I’m gonna pass out. Definitely gonna—


My ears are ringing.

“Eric…Eric…the floor can’t be that comfortable, dude.”

“What?” I manage. “How long have I been out?”

“Literally like five seconds, man.”

Evil science really takes it out of you.

“Okay. I’m fine. I can do this.” I get up, my head is rushing and I’m feeling a little brazen. “I came here to change the world so I’m gonna fricken change the world! Bring on the polar bears!”

“Okay maybe you should sit back down.”

“I’m sorry.” I stare at him, waiting for more explanation. Like any moment he’s going to pull a ski mask over his face and pull out this bomb apparatus and we’re going to go take over the world together—

“So, are you ready?”

“Yeah, totally yeah, yeah I’m ready. Why, hahaha, are you ready?”

“Alright dude let’s just…” And we do. We walk over to the enclosure mechanism. So the plot of land is technically about a hundred square miles, but the bears come back every couple of days to get food from us because they can’t find enough out in the wild. It’s sort of like a Pavlovian thing at this point. We flick on the enclosure lights and they come. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Who knows?

In any case, we go to the large fiberglass window that separates us and them, and switch the lights on. It’s dark here most of the day, and the bears have just come out of hibernation a few weeks ago.

“Hey Charlie!” I say. Charlie is my favorite bear. I feel kinda bad having a favorite, but she’s always the first one to show up for food, and she sort of looks like she’s smiling all the time. I like to think she’s really happy to be here with us. I wonder if she’ll still be happy after we use these chemicals on her.

“Okay. First test. Here we go.”

So we usually drop food out of this little access tube and it falls into a bin below. I guess instead we’re going to be putting the biochemical through there?

And then I see Alex roll over this monstrous tank. It has a large hose type apparatus on one side and a handle to open and close the flow of gas on the other.

There are also a couple scary labels on the side that I’m trying to force myself not to look at.

“Okay. So I’m going to turn the gas on, I need you to hold the hose in place so it doesn’t fall out of the feeding tube.”


“Got it?”

“Yep. I can manage.” My hands are already shaking. I can’t help but wonder if I’m just a pawn in this whole thing. If they needed an intern in case anything went wrong. But then, why have Alex up here with me?

“Okay, you got it in place?” he asks. And I do, but I’m freaking the fuck out right now. I feel like this poor bear’s life is in my hands and I’m making the decision that the audience boos in the movie theater.

I hear a squeak and then this faint hiss as the gas starts flowing. And it’s a tight fit into the tube, but in all this craziness, I’m ready to break into laughter because I never thought to ask for gloves, or goggles, or a fucking hazmat suit! An untested chemical is flowing through the air literal centimeters from my skin, and I just happily volunteered to help because one of my heroes asked me to.

Mom would be proud.

And then I hear this odd sort of grumbling noise which, I realize is coming from Charlie. And after a few moments she backs away from the food bin and heads out past where the light can see her.

And because I was spending so much of my focus on her, I don’t even realize that my hands have this sincerely odd sensation. But now the panic is setting in. It’s like a vibration, but my hands aren’t moving. It’s like the inside of my hands are vibrating.

The hissing has stopped and Alex has turned the handle, so I quickly pull the hose out and stuff my hands into my pockets. I’m gonna go wash them off, but I don’t want Alex to see me freaking out.

“You okay?” he asks. “You look a little—“

“Yep! I’m fine. Just a little tired. I think I’m—I mean if you don’t need me for anything else I’m just gonna lay my head down before dinner.”

“Yeah of course…” And before he’s even done talking I’m gone.

I turn down the hallway and race to the living quarters, to our tiny room with the twin beds. I slam the door behind me and stare at my hands. They don’t look odd. They just look like hands. Except.

There’s this tiny dark hair on the back of my right hand. I go to brush it off, but it’s stuck. And then I catch one on my other hand. And that’s when they start popping up everywhere. All these tiny dark hairs just sprouting out all over.

And the vibrating turns to throbbing.

“Agh!” I grunt as my hands start swelling. It’s this surreal feeling of wanting to close my eyes and not being able to look away. I run into the bathroom to get into better light.

“What the fuck?!” It looks like I have my dad’s hands spliced onto my arms. I look fucking ridiculous. I’m turning these meaty hands around, feeling the new sensation of their weight, when that same vibration starts traveling up my wrist.

And I’m trying to massage the feeling away but then it’s up my forearms, and then my biceps and my shoulders. And once it reaches my chest, my heart vaults the feeling to my entire body in an instant. I’m frozen in place. My entire body is vibrating. It feels like I’m here in the bathroom, but I’m everywhere, all at once. My brain achieves this high, sort of like the dopamine rush of scratching at an itch, but everywhere and a million times over. And just like a scratch, the pain comes after.

My entire person is throbbing, stabs everywhere. On the inside, on the outside, it’s like hot needles being pricked onto every surface of my being and I can’t scream because my throat is on fire. The feeling throws me back into the shower, causing the curtain rod to fall. My back is just barely braces against the wall of the shower and the pain is slowly fading, but not before my body starts to shift.

It starts with the hairs again. I rip off my blue office button down and watch this trail of new hairs march up my forearms and biceps, and then a forest of hair blooms in the center of my chest and spreads down like wildfire to my stomach and down. I tear my chinos off as quickly as I can, but my legs are already dark with the new hair. My feet too.

And then I notice my arms start to swell, just like my hands had. And now there’s no pain. It’s just overwhelmingly erotic. Years of muscle are being added to my arms at a breakneck pace and I get to watch it all. As my biceps swell past the softballs of a casually fit guy to the grapefruits and then melons of a fucking bodybuilder. My veins are strengthening themselves for better blood flow and I can see them snaking their way up my arm. I feel so alive.

Then it hits my chest. My heart feels like it might explode at first, but then it pumps stronger and harder and I can feel every heartbeat. My concave chest begins to fill out. Directly out at first, muscle just piling up in front my pecs, but soon my shoulders and chest are moving out in tandem. I feel this incredible sensation of my rib cage stretching. The growth doesn’t slow. My pecs are filling into these massive saucers on the front of my chest. All covered in that mess of new hair growth. My nipples get a bit bigger as well, with a satisfying pop. As my pecs grow, this valley forms between them that almost has me creaming my underwear. It’s like the epitome of masculinity. And when they finally stop, they’re fully sticking out over my torso.

Which is bubbling and reforming and I see all eight of my new abs float to the surface. My waist is pulling in, creating this impossible v shape. An Adonis belt forms over my crotch, which prompts me to rip my underwear from my body in one fell swoop. And I’m glad I do because I get to see my cock, what was all four inches of it, lengthening in front of my eyes. It’s like a snake stretching down and then with a few powerful pulses, it thickens to the point that I’m wondering whose mouth will still fit around it.

But I can’t focus on it for long because with a grunt I feel my balls enlarge, ready to pump testosterone through this new virile body. And they’re hanging low and I feel so fucking strong. Until I look down and realize my lower body hasn’t caught up yet.

But now my thighs are inflating with thick corded muscle and my calves look like they can cut diamonds. Or they are diamonds. Or both. My feet stretch to at least a size thirteen. And then I feel a particularly pleasant stretching as my butt lifts and expands out to create a perfect bubble.

And then I’m climbing up—my spine is elongating, each vertebrae stretching to keep up with the motion. Past 5’8”, past 5’11”, and when it eventually settles I estimate I’ve got to be around 6’5. And with a deep breath, all my muscles fill out in proportion to match my new height.

“Fuck yeah” escapes my mouth in a bass I am incredibly unfamiliar with. A stubble grows in on my face in the most sexy, manly and full shadow. And then I watch as my boring brown hair starts getting brighter until it’s a lustrous gold, and then it starts pouring down my head until it’s past my shoulders in gorgeous waves. My face slightly rearranges itself and takes on a masculine edge. I squint to see it though, because my vision is blurry. And then I pull my glasses off and realize I have perfect vision.

I’m rock hard.

I put a meaty hand around my tool to take care of it, when I hear a knock at the door. It sounds so loud.

“Eric, you okay in there?” It’s Alex. It feels like he’s speaking directly into my ear even though I know he’s on the other side of the door, and then I listen closer and I realize I can hear his heart beating.

“Uh,” I say. “I’m fine.” Lies.

His heartbeat climbs a little.

He turns the doorknob that I never fucking locked and stares, agape, at this stranger before him. This naked, rock-hard and gargantuan man who he can scarcely recognize.

“Eric?!" He says. But then I see him inhale deeply through his nose and his eyes glaze over.

“Uh oh.”

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