Big Bear on Campus - Practical Exams

By tauro2
published May 31, 2019

A college student is worried about his chemistry class. However, when he gets to class, he realizes that he may not be properly prepared. Thankfully, his good friend, Jimmy is there to help. Big Bear on Campus was developed by Wesley Bracken. Used with permission.

Big Bear on Campus originally developed by Wesley Bracken. Used with permission.

Harry Franklin’s alarm clock woke him up promptly at 7 am. He had spent most of the night preparing for his chemistry exam, only getting about two hours of sleep. Really, this one exam had stressed him out since he got his first F ever on an exam. He had done a pretty crummy job on the first one, and if he didn’t get at least a B on this exam, he would definitely be in hot water with the professor, Dr. Richards. Of course, he had thought that this class would be easy when he first signed up for it, and he didn’t spend the first third of the semester studying properly. Ever since that blotch on his record, he was determined to do well this time.

However, his neighbors didn’t seem very considerate of him the previous night. Normally, they didn’t make much noise, maybe some music played too loud. But last night, they had made a huge ruckus. It was actually pretty bizarre. At least three or four people had been in the apartment above Harry’s, and in between loud, depraved shouting and moaning, they were making various animal sounds. Harry felt that it was none of his business what consenting adults did with each other, but it was almost impossible to ignore. He just ended up putting some noise canceling headphones on and got back to studying. Really, he should have gotten more sleep, but he felt that he had to cram to succeed at this one.

After a quick shower and a very light breakfast, Harry grabbed his bag and headed out the door. Walking to class, Harry noticed that campus seemed somewhat more crowded than normal. It was around midterms, so that was to be expected, but he couldn’t help but notice that there were more older men than usual. Granted, some might just be professors that he didn’t recognize, but many didn’t look like they were dressed to teach a class. A lot of them were wearing flannel or undershirts, though a few were completely shirtless, showing off fairly fat or hairy (or both) bodies. Several other students seemed to notice as well, but a few had their faces buried in their phones or textbooks. Harry reached the science building and looked around at the crowd before going in. Something about this didn’t feel right.

Despite, these misgivings, he felt whatever was going on wasn’t worth missing his exam over. Harry walked into the lecture hall and was shocked by what he saw. Over the previous month, he had gotten to know about half of the class, trying to see who could help him in acing the exam. Now, he didn’t recognize most of them. Only a handful of people looked like college-aged students. Most were men of varying ages, ranging from mid-20s all the way up to elderly men. Furthermore, most of them didn’t look like the typical person entering college as an adult. Several of them had full, unkempt beards; a few others had beard stubble that looked like they hadn’t shaved in a few days. There were those with prominent tattoos, some of which looked rather lewd. Their clothing was even more bizarre. A few were dressed like they were supposed to be on a construction site, while others had leather or rubber gear. One man had nothing but a black G-string on. A few of the college-aged students looked around confused by the strange group of men.

A bald, heavy-set man in the front row waved to Harry to come over. “Hey, Franklin. Over here.” Harry stared at him, wondering who the guy was and why he seemed to know him. Then, a name came to his mind: Jimmy. They had been friends since high school. Except, had he always looked like this? Harry tried to remember, but the more that he thought about it, the more he remembered Jimmy always looking this way. He was wearing a wife-beater that rode up his stomach, showing his belly button, and a dingy pair of jeans. Harry walked over and sat next to him.

“Uh, hey Jimmy. All ready for the exam?”

“You betcha. I don’t know what Professor Richards has prepared for me, but I’ve been saving my load for a good three days. I want to impress him.”

Harry couldn’t understand. “Uh, what? What do you mean, you’ve been saving your load?”

Jimmy looked at him funny. “You know. I want a good load. Never hurts. You know you shouldn’t jerk off the day before an exam.” Harry was baffled by what he was saying. What did any of this have to do with chemistry? Jimmy eyed Harry, giving a questioning look to him. “Franklin, why are you dressed like that?”

Harry looked down at his clothes, confused by the question. He was wearing a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts. ”What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“Are you kidding? It doesn’t match the dress code at all. You’re gonna fail if you wear that. Here, come with me.” Harry didn’t understand, but the prospect of failing was too scary to ignore. He followed Jimmy out of the lecture hall and into a nearby bathroom. The building had just been renovated the year before, yet Harry was shocked by how much the bathroom had fallen into disrepair. Several mirrors were smashed and there was crude graffiti all over the walls. Only a single fluorescent light was still lit, and occasionally flickered in and out, giving brief periods of darkness. The doors had been ripped off of the stalls so that anybody could look in on whoever was taking a shit, and Harry could see a two inch wide hole in one of the stall barriers at about crotch level. One of the urinals had apparently been ripped off of the wall and was propped up below its original location.

“All right, Frank, get those clothes off.” Harry took his shirt and shoes off, still not fully understanding what this was all about. Jimmy started to get impatient. “C’mon, get it off. We don’t have much time before the exam. Yeah, the underwear, too.” Harry dropped his boxer-briefs, feeling self-conscious at being nude in a public restroom.

Jimmy handed Harry a set of clothes. The first item on top was a large jockstrap. Harry held it front of him, wondering who this could possibly fit. Jimmy seemed to be getting exasperated with Harry. “Hurry, put it on.” Harry placed it on the floor and walked one leg at a time into it before pulling it up. Thankfully, the jockstrap waistband was able to stay secure, but the pouch was absurdly big. Next came a pair of blue jeans. When Harry pulled them up, he found them to be way too large, even with the provided belt fully latched. All he could do was hold them up to keep from falling. Jimmy handed him a large, red flannel shirt with the sleeves torn off. This too was much too large for Harry. When he started to button it up, Jimmy stopped him, saying, “No, keep it open. How else are they going to see your chest hair?” Harry nodded. Made sense. Last came a pair of thick, wool socks and heavy work boots. Harry had to shuffle his feet to keep the boots from falling off. He looked in one of the smashed mirrors. The image gave the rather comical impression of a child who had tried on his father’s clothes. However, Jimmy smiled. “Now, isn’t that better?” And Harry had to admit, a part of him thought that it was.

Harry and Jimmy walked back into the lecture hall, Harry trying his best to keep his pants up so that his bare ass wasn’t visible for everyone to see. A few men winked at him, and even gave a few leers his way. He felt his heart flutter at this, but he wasn’t sure why. They both took their seats in the front row and went over the basic concepts of the class. Harry kept wanting to get clarifications on things like acids and bases, while Jimmy steered the topics towards things like proper orgy techniques and bondage theory. The more that Jimmy went over, the more information Harry remembered from Professor Richards’s class, but he couldn’t shake how wrong this felt. As black beard stubble began sprouting, he casually scratched his face, not fully aware of what was happening.

Professor Richards walked into the lecture hall and Harry did a double take. He had always remembered the man as being the stereotypical nerdy chemistry professor: bald; thick, large-framed glasses; prominent bow tie. The man who stood at the front of the class was quite different. He was still bald, but it now looked like he shaved his head to get that tough-guy look. He had a thick handlebar mustache with beard stubble framing both sides of his face. A leather vest covered his torso, while his bottom half was clad in a pair of assless chaps with a black leather jockstrap. The open vest showed off his broad chest and six-pack abs nicely. Harry reached into his pants and began scratching his crotch as hair began sprouting from a new, more private location.

Professor Richards cleared his throat and began talking. His voice was deeper than Harry remembered, but it still carried a thoughtful, academic dignity. “Good morning, everyone. I am pleased that you are all here for the practical exam for Principles of Sexual Encounters. I expect that all of you have fully prepared. To reiterate, I will assess each one of you on a given skill or scenario that you may encounter in your travails. Some of you will be paired with another individual, others may be assessed in groups. Of course,” and with this, a sly grin spread across his face, “a lucky individual will be tested directly with me.

“You may leave once you have completed your portion of the practical exam, although I may ask you to stay to assist in any way that I need. Are there any questions before we begin?” Nobody responded, so the Professor decided to begin. “I will now select the student who will conduct the practical exam with me personally.”

He looked down at a ledger, took a few moments, and finally announced a name. “Hairy Frank.” Harry’s eyes widened in shock. Did the Professor just call him?

He sat, petrified, in his chair, for what seemed like ten minutes, but was probably closer to 30 seconds. Jimmy nudged him. “Hey, Frank. Man, get up. You just got called.”

Harry stood up and was surprised to find that he didn’t have to hold the jeans up any more. They still felt loose, but there was no danger of them falling down on their own. He looked down and was surprised to see a pelt of thick black fur covering his chest, with a treasure trail going down his stomach downward towards his crotch. Somehow, his chest had gotten more muscular and his gut had expanded considerably. In fact, Harry thought that he could see it getting bigger before his very eyes.

Professor Richards started getting impatient. “Mr. Hairy Frank. We haven’t got all day.” Harry looked up and felt every eye in the room drilling into him. His face went red and he started walking robotically to the front of the room. Without him realizing it, his arms and delts started packing on thick muscle, along with thick black hair spreading. He stood right in front of Professor Richards. The man smiled. “Wonderful of you to join us today, Mr. Frank.” A few people laughed at this remark. Harry felt his face get a little redder.

Professor Richards smiled wider. “Don’t worry about it, Mr. Frank. I am sure that you will do very well. Just have confidence and remember your studies.” Harry looked back at Jimmy, who gave a big smile and an enthusiastic double thumbs up. That did help him feel better.

The Professor looked down at his ledger. “Now, Mr. Frank. Here is your exam. It is a conflict-based scenario.” Ah shit, Frank thought to himself. This was advanced stuff. “You have responded to an online personals ad and have met another man in an alleyway behind a porno theater. You have paid the man $20 to give you a blowjob, but he has reneged on the agreement, and is attempting to leave without providing you with the appropriate services. You are to ensure that he lives up to his promised agreement. Are you ready, Mr. Frank?”

Frank’s heart was pounding in his chest, but he knew that he needed to get this started right away. “Yeah, I’m ready.”

“Excellent. Now let’s begin.”

Frank handed a $20 bill to Professor Richards, who held it up as if examining the money, and then started to walk away. “Hey!” Frank shouted. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

The Professor turned around and smiled, pocketing the cash. “I’ve got what I came for. There’s a bottle of gin with my name on it nearby.”

Frank felt enraged. “You asshole! Get back here and suck my cock.” Professor Richards just casually flipped him the bird without turning around. Frank ran in front of him and put his hand on the Professor’s chest to stop him. “I paid you good money for a BJ, so get to it.”

The Professor just gave a cocky smile. “Listen, you’re not stopping me. I can tell that you’re way out of your league if you try to fight me, so let’s make this easy and just leave me alone.” Frank moved to punch him, but the Professor skillfully dodged and threw Frank to the ground. For good measure, the Professor kicked Frank in the ribs. He felt the wind get knocked out of him and gasped for breath. “Now, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll let me be on my merry way. I’ve beat you, and you can now go off and beat yourself.” He started walking off, and Frank lay there, panicking as the Professor moved closer and closer to the door. If he left the room, Frank would fail. He had to figure out a way to make this work. For a brief moment, Harry thought that he wouldn’t figure a way out of this, he would be a failure, like he had been with everything else. He had barely gotten into college, and it had largely been because of his sports scholarship, but he hadn’t been good enough to compete on the college level, and now he wouldn’t graduate. But then he remembered something that Jimmy had taught him: in conflict-based scenarios, forget the lessons. It’s all about improvising.

Frank took a good five seconds to think and then had a plan. He took his shirt off, his hairy body glistening with sweat, and quickly ran behind the professor and wrapped the shirt around his head. This genuinely seemed to take him by surprise and he attempted to reach up to pull it off. Frank put Professor Richards into a sleeper hold, but the Professor wasn’t going to take this easy. Frank held on for dear life as the Professor slammed him into the wall, but the student wasn’t giving up. Frank was huge, but the Professor was a pro at what he did. Despite Richards’s experience, Frank could feel him getting weaker within his arms. He threw the Professor to the ground and placed his boot against his head and pinned it to the floor. The Professor seethed, but he couldn’t do anything about it. After a couple of minutes, the Professor waved his hand, an indication that he was submitting. Frank loosened up, just enough to allow him to breathe a little better. “So, you gonna give me what I paid for?”

“Y-, yeah. Just let me go.”

“You gonna be a good boy?”

“Yes, for fuck’s sake, yes!” Frank released him and threw his shirt off to the side. Professor Richards took a few moments, hunched on the ground and gasping for breath. Frank unbuckled his pants, letting them fall to the ground. The jockstrap pouch was almost bursting with Frank’s package, the outline of his cock head visible in the fabric, and there was a significant amount of black hair sprouting from around the pouch. Richards just stared at what he was about to consume.

“All right, I think that’s long enough. Let’s get started.” He kicked his boots off, stepped out of the jeans, and walked towards the professor. He pulled the jock down, revealing a thick foreskin framing a massive cockhead, two orange-sized balls within a hairy scrotum, and just about the densest bush anyone had ever seen. Professor Richards woofed at the sight of this, and Frank couldn’t help but think that he may have broken character with this exclamation. A strong man-stink came from Frank’s sweaty pubes, and Jimmy and a few others in the front rows started jerking themselves to the pungent odor.

Frank walked right in front of Richards, his expanding tool held right in front of the older man’s face. “You know what to do.” The Professor looked at Frank’s package and then buried his face right in his bush, kissing the base of the foreskin and slobbering over the massive shaft. Frank began massaging his shoulders. As long as the Professor behaved, he would be treated well. Frank began leaking all over the floor. The Professor pulled down his jockstrap and started jerking off with one hand while fingering his asshole with the other.

Frank lined up his cock to be right in line with Richards’s mouth. The Professor gave it a few sniffs, then started licking the tip. His licks became sucking and swallowing the increasingly copious amounts of precum flowing. The pre started flowing down his chin as he took in more of the shaft with each lick. Frank moaned a little; the Professor sure knew what to do with his tongue. “Oh fuck. Twenty bucks almost seems too good a deal.” Richards somehow had all of Frank’s cock deepthroated, with the Professor’s nose buried in his bush. There was no doubt about it; the man had earned his Masters.

Frank started moaning loudly, unable to hold himself back at just how good the Professor was with his mouth. He started pulling on his nipples and closed his eyes with his mouth wide open. Richards was starting to leak heavily onto the floor. Although Frank wanted it to last as long as possible, there were others waiting to take their practical exams as well. He started increasing the rhythm of his hip thrusts, with the Professor following along. In less than a minute, he felt the climax building and finally let loose, roaring with might as he filled the Professor’s mouth with his seed. At the same time Richards came all over the floor, while cum dripped down his chin. When all was said and done, Frank ordered him to lick the floor clean and gave one final deep-throated kiss, before pulling his pants back up, grabbing his shirt and returning to his seat. The class broke out in applause and Jimmy and Frank high-fived.

“Excellent job, Mr. Frank,” Richards proclaimed proudly from the front of the room, now once again clad in his jockstrap. “I most certainly did not see your move coming. Everyone, please note Mr. Frank’s improvisational technique for the future. And ordering clean up afterwards is a common oversight. I am happy to see you remember that. I must ask, considering your skill, would you be willing to aid me in administering the remaining class?”

Hairy Frank beamed at this. “Ah, shucks, yeah, Professor. I’d be more than happy to.”

“Wonderful. How about we begin with your friend, Mr. Jimmy?” Jimmy stood up, obviously nervous, but Frank knew that he would do just fine. Richards pulled out a card and read from it. “Mr. Jimmy, please demonstrate the proper technique for a tongue bath on Mr. Frank.” Frank grimaced; why did Jimmy always get the easy ones? Jimmy pulled Frank’s shirt and pants off and made sure to lick every square inch of his body clean. He knew that the pits and bush would be the filthiest, so he intended to focus a lot of his energy there. Frank didn’t have a whole lot left to give Jimmy when he got to his dick, but he did manage to ejaculate a little down his friend’s throat.

After Jimmy passed with flying colors, he left, giving another double thumbs up to Frank who moved on to other students. He was in the middle of a six-man circle jerk, which left him dripping for a good 20 minutes, and had to help with proper cigar sharing techniques. Everybody was doing extremely well, until they got to a young man who seemed very nervous and confused. He kept repeating over and over how he was supposed to be in chemistry class taking an exam. Professor Richards felt that it might be best to come back to him later and handed him a bottle of whiskey to relax. When they came back to the chubby, middle-aged construction worker about 10 minutes later, he was much calmer, if more than a little drunk. Despite his inebriation, he showed remarkable skill with rope bondage, which he used on Frank before shooting a load down his throat.

The whole class took about 2 hours to get through, and when it was done, Frank was pretty messy, but he was certainly happy to help the Professor. Everyone had left and it was just the two of them in the lecture hall. “Mr. Frank, I must say, I am extremely pleased with your assistance today.”

Hairy Frank grinned. “T’weren’t nothing, Professor. I actually enjoyed it.”

“I’m sure you did. The reason that I bring this up is that I have heard that you are interested in joining a Masters program, is that correct? How would you feel about me serving as your advisor?” Frank perked up. He couldn’t believe it. Professor Richards was asking him to join the Masters Program, with him leading.

“I-, I-, yeah, y-yes. Yes, I would. Fuck, yeah, I would. Shit, this is like a dream come true. I can’t believe it. Yes.”

“I am pleased. Now, let’s get to know each other a little better. If I am to serve you, I must know you. Please drop your pants, Mr. Frank.” Frank did as he asked, showing his full jockstrap. “Now, please turn around and brace yourself against the wall.” Frank planted his feet and placed his hands above his head on the wall. A few moments later, he could feel Richards rubbing his dick against his ass crack. Then, the Professor entered and Frank knew pleasure like he had never felt before. As Richards climaxed inside of him, Frank blew his own load, which dripped heavily from his pouch. After the Professor pulled out, they kissed passionately and Frank knew that this would be a hell of a Masters Program for him.

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