Something Different

By MicroModal
published May 27, 2019

A different take on your typical porn story

Author’s Note: This is an idea I’ve had for a long time, and if I don’t get it down now I probably won’t do it. Please leave me your feedback, constructive or otherwise, so that I can decide if this is something worth pursing. Thanks, MM

I know why you’re reading this, and so do you. We can cover it up with comments like, “I really enjoy people’s creativity” or “I think it’s great that there is an outlet for the everyday Joe to be published”, but at the end of the day, you’re here to get off.

Maybe you’re hoping to find a story involving your favorite / secret fetish. Maybe you hope there will be graphic depictions of sex, or maybe you’re just looking to spend a few minutes of personal time with your cock. I’d like to pose a question and propose a little experiment. Do we / you really need all the build up of the story? Do you need me to establish characters, set a scene and lay down some backstory, or can we just “get there” with imagery? Let’s find out. Play along with me thru the below paragraphs, and if I ask you to visualize something, please take a second or two to do it.

So, imagine that you’ve read thru the first few minutes of a porn story. It’s not really a stretch to imagine what that is like. You found a title that seemed promising based on what you like. Maybe the story was from an author you know, or the title had sub-heading with abbreviations that let you know what kink(s) it was focused on, and so you dove in. The lead character(s) or sex objects are EXACTLY your type. Take a minute to see that person or persons in your head.

What do they look like? Take a minute to see some details. Hair color/cut? What do their eyes look like? About how old are they? Height? Build? Chest? Ass? (Come on, you know you checked out their ass, what did you see?) What are they wearing? Be specific.

OK good, we’ve figured out who. And while you’re sitting here reading the rest of this, I’d like you to keep the image of that person or those people in your head. Hopefully you have the image of a walking wet dream in your mind’s eye. See them from all angles, every sexy little nuance. As you think about them, can you feel a little heat starting in your groin? Maybe it’s a tingle in your balls or just the feeling that you need to adjust yourself a little because it’s too hot in here. Either way, good.

Now that we know the Who let’s figure out where. In your hottest fantasy, where would you have met this person or these people? Maybe you didn’t even meet them, maybe you just like to watch, that’s fine too. Either way, where are they? Are they indoors or outdoors? Is it light or dark, or somewhere in between? What’s the temperature like? Are there other people or things around them that come into play with your fantasy? Really put some thought into where this is happening. Warm sunny deserted beach? Cold, damp castle dungeon with other people moaning in the background? Locked into the public library overnight?

Can you still see your fantasy player(s)? And now, can you see them in the location you’ve picked out? Whether you are there with them or just watching, take a look at them moving around in the space. Are they excited, confused, scared, worried? This is your story and whatever is going on in your head is right. Check your groin again because that’s really why we’re all here, right? Are you getting more tingles? Can you feel your cock starting to plump up a little?

We’ll get back to your cock in a few minutes, I promise. What we need to do now is to figure out what is going on with your fantasy lover(s). You know what gets you going, far better than I ever could. Tell me about some of the details. Are you involved or just watching? What’s going to happen to them in the hottest, most secret parts of your mind? As you let the scene play out in your head, you notice that you’re breathing a little faster and maybe you feel a bit flushed. Are you palms getting sweaty? I know you need to adjust your cock again, go ahead and take care of that, or stroke it a bit if that feels good.

Tell me how the scene ends. Did you need to get them naked first or were you able to play out your fantasy while they were still wearing whatever they were wearing? Did they experience pleasure, pain, humiliation, did you? By the end were they screaming your name and thrashing wildly or just quietly mumbling with a bit of a glazed over look? Can you feel the moisture on your cock? Whether you’re fully clothed sitting at a desk or lying naked in your bed you’ve leaked a little, haven’t you? I’d like you to think about that for a minute now.

Think about the fluid slowly oozing up and out of your cock. If you’re naked, go ahead and squeeze your cock a bit to get another drop out. You might be a little bit hard, or not hard at all, but either way, you’re starting to leak. You’re distinctly aware of the clear, slightly sweet smelling pre-cum working it’s way out of your cock, and you like it. You should like it. Again, it’s why we’re here.

Would it surprise you to know that while I’m writing this I’m also thinking about your cock? Do you understand that you are the main character in My fantasy? Did you know about the power that you have over me? My fantasy is to know that there are guys who I will never meet sitting at their desks at work, or on the train, or lying in their beds with leaking cocks as they are reading my words. And here’s the really amazing part, My fantasy just came true! Whether you like or hate my story, you’re reading it, and that gets Me off.

Once I’ve got you warmed up and leaking then I’m counting on need, opportunity and human nature to take over to help you finish yourselves off. Because of course, that’s the climax of My fantasy. I want you to cum. I want you to become uncontrollably hot and excited. If you’re dressed I want you to leak such a wet spot of pre-cum thru your pants that you need to hide it if people walk by. If you’re naked and running your hand over your cock I want you to be aware of the sticky glistening trail that is running from your fingers to the tip of your cock and what an excellent lubricant it is.

I want you to think about the beginning of the story and realize that I never used any gender pronouns when giving you directions for your fantasy. Whether your fantasy lover(s) were female, male or a combination of both, I don’t care. I don’t care who makes you hot, I don’t care what makes you hot. I only care about getting you off.

I care that your breathing is very heavy now. I care that while we’ve been pushing your erotic tension up and up you’ve been getting harder and harder. I care that if you’re dressed, at least one of your hands is discreetly, or not so discreetly rubbing over the lump in your pants. I care that if you are naked , at least one of your hands is now rapidly pumping your hard, hot, slick cock. And, I care that you’re about to have an amazing orgasm and will soon be pumping a hot load out of your cock.

It’s time for you to cum now and when I know that you have, I will too.

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