Jock Fun: School Trip pt 2

By Rozza22365
published May 27, 2019

Jackson and the jocks head out to Hawkin’s high to help with a nerd problem

Jackson spent the morning looking over Alex ensuring he assimilated with the rest of the jocks and joined in activities. He would later confirm to his bud’s that after school football would be off due to the school trip and so they would need to prepare for another nerd night. So far Jockland high had been enlisted by four other nearby schools to help increase jock populations there. It made the jocks good at what they did, and they enjoyed doing it. It had got to the point where they didn’t just convert kids in schools. Even in malls, shops, libraries, and parks, if they saw a nerd or a group of nerds they would overwhelm them and use some of their new tools, such as a body spray that makes whoever they spray, follow them, which meant they unwillingly went back to one of many conversion area’s hidden around town.

The jocks were pretty much in control, and no one could stop them. They did so well that being part of jock clubs meant you gained discounts at local stores, this also meant that most kids who weren’t jocks but wanted the discount ended up just walking in on club gatherings to face the same fate as the nerds.

Once the lunch bell rang, Jackson left Alex to his day. He had integrated well with the others. Jackson went off to find his usual squad of jocks and tell them of the nerd night event later. They were slightly agitated by the change, but once he mentioned it was Coach’s order, they all fell in line and accepted it. The rest of the day went by quickly, and Jackson prepared himself for the nerd night event.

As the school day finished Jackson and his jocks got changed into their football uniforms, without helmets though, they would come later. The coaches came round, and the jocks got on, filling every seat. They made their way to their brother school, ‘Hawkins High.’ Hawkins was a school that concentrated on core subjects like maths and science. Students here excelled at those subjects making them some of the smartest kids in the state. The nerds and jocks here had the usual relationship of trolling and bullying each other, but once the new Coach arrived, every jock followed his orders. The jocks began recruiting quietly, but their numbers were so small they couldn’t convert many. Thankfully this meant that the jocks weren’t noticed, but they knew that turning Hawkins by themselves would be impossible. Even the principle being replaced came under scrutiny, many nerds and their families preferring an individual with intelligence rather than a meathead coach. The Coach, though managed to convince the nerds to come to his event, apparently, nearly every nerd in the school was there, meaning the jocks there would be severely outnumbered. But thankfully Jockland high had come, and with their jocks, it evened out the numbers. The nerds would fall at Hawkins tonight.

The Coaches arrived and parked around the back to hide. The nerds had already entered the school and settled in. The jocks from both schools met in the gymnasium and embraced each other as bros. Usually, on the pitch, they were enemies, but now they saw each other as allies. Jackson moved through the crowd meeting the other jocks and having usual bro talk. The Hawkins high jocks wore a different football uniform. It was black with creamy white that was supposed to imitate gold. Their helmets were black with a golden stripe. Other than that they were just like them. Their bodies were fit from working out and all the sports they did. Their hair was styled the same, short sides with a trendy short cut on top or a backward facing cap. They had deep dumb sounding voices, which had the same inclination to say words like ‘bro’ and other gym slang. Jackson mingled with a group of them about the plan and nerds to go for.

The jocks lead Jackson off to the side. Twenty nerds lay there, not struggling but in slight pain as they changed. This sight brought joy to Jackson to see more Jocks being created.

“Heh, these guys came to us before the night began. They guessed our plan a week before it began, but no one listened to them. So instead of trying to stop us or run, they came to us and submitted. Pretty sure those two at the side there wanted to become jocks like us,” A jock explained to Jackson.

“Heh stupid dweebs, but they made the right choice to join us,” Jackson joked back.

“Absolutely bro,” The jock high fived Jackson.

Jackson watched as the nerds transformed into jocks, the first converts of the night. They were halfway through converting into jocks. Their bodies were larger than usual nerds, but then these nerds were super smart and so had more smart stuff to change into muscle. Their clothes had partially changed to, the trousers and tops had changed into their school colors of black and gold. The messages then began playing in their heads. Jackson thought that the brainwashing was like a cinema, except that they were strapped to the chair and their eyes forced open. The nerds were forced to become the words shown to them on screen and with their empty minds would accept their new reality.

Once the brainwashing was complete, the new jocks were helped up and greeted. They had become jocks entirely as if they had always been one. Jackson chatted to the new jocks and felt admiration for them. They had willingly given up their preferred life to join a better cause, or in the case of some achieved their dreams.

“Yo Jackson, everyone’s getting their helmets on. The night’s about to begin,” shouted one of Jackson’s squad. Jackson walked to where everyone was putting helmets on to go into drone mode. Most jocks wouldn’t really need it due to being so brainwashed and dumb, but they kept putting it on to make sure they terrified their prey. Jackson was exempt from it because Coach already trusted him enough to be scary and effective. One by one, the helmets met their head, and the jocks fell into their drone stance, they made no sound and removed their personality. This made the jocks into a machine that the nerds would fear and panic too.

Two loud voices boomed throughout the gymnasium. One belonged to Coach and the other to Hawkins high’s Coach. The Coach’s were very similar, indeed. Their skin was tanned, hair short, and they had many tattoos. They were both of similar age as well. The only differences were facial structure and body shape. Jocklands Coach was broader and shorter, whereas Hawkins Coach was taller and leaner. The jocks all formed in their groups, and the Coaches went over the plan. The jocks were to raid each part of the school which had been broken up into four sections which were; the gymnasium, where nerds should be brought for safe conversion, The main building, which would be raided first, then the science building and finally the Library.

The first wave readied themselves for the power to go out. Jackson counted down in his head, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and blackout. The lights to the rest of school went out, and orderly thumping of the jocks made their way out into the dark corridors. The first wave had left, the second not far behind then Jackson’s lot left. As Jackson reached the end of the first corridor, screams erupted throughout the building. Jackson became excited knowing that all these nerds would be converted into jocks. He began looking side to side, scanning everything, looking for nerds.

His group split off from the main flow of jocks and searched a corridor of classrooms. Jackson and a few others approached a door to a maths room, the lights had been switched off, but they knew the nerds would be hiding in there. The jock at the front opened the door, and they entered the room. The room felt calm as they entered, no noise except for the heaviness of the jocks feet. They switched on the lights and searched the room. It was a regular classroom, but it had some laptops and very modern smart board. At the back were some cupboards for textbooks. Jackson knew that if anyone were hiding, that would be the place.

He signaled to the jock carrying a duffle bag with the helmets to stay at the door to block any escape. He nodded to confirm his place. Jackson walked up to the cupboards and walked next to them slowly. He got halfway before he heard the fearful mouth breathing of one or two nerds. He stopped looked down and grabbed the handle to open it, and in a second pulled open as hard as he could. The nerd inside clung to the door, trying to hold it shut but was thrown out. The nerd attempted to get up, but Jackson jumped on him, pushing him to the floor. Jackson then bent his arms like a ‘V’ and put the nerd’s arms in the grasp of his elbows. The nerd’s arms were now hanging out and unable to move, Jackson then rolled over onto his back. The nerd struggled in his grip, pounding the back of his head into Jackson’s armored pecs. A jock came over carrying a helmet, he kneeled down and placed the helmet over his head until it sucked itself on. The nerd’s struggling stopped in an instant. Jackson released the nerd, and the jock put him over his should and carried him away for transformation.

Jackson got up and looked about, his loud capture of the nerd had led to others trying to escape only to be met by other jocks who now either struggled to hold onto them or had them in an iron grip and were waiting for someone to bring a helmet for them. Jackson signaled to the duffle bag jock to throw him a helmet. Jackson caught it one-handed and made his way over to the first nerd who was trying to pull himself out of the jocks grip. Jackson went over and forced him back into the jock who reinforced his hold on the nerd. Jackson, without hesitation, then placed the helmet over the nerd. He stopped struggling at that instant and was carried away. Jackson went around the room and placed helmets on the rest of the nerds who resisted.

Once the room was cleared Jackson and the jocks made their way back to the gymnasium to watch the nerds transform into their new bro’s. Jackson walked through the corridor, and it was chaos. Nerds who hadn’t been got made their desperate final attempt to escape the jocks, but it was futile. The jocks were too many and captured them without resistance. Some nerds just ran into the jocks who grabbed them; others dragged back to the nearest helmet to be silenced and changed. Eventually, the screaming died down as the nerds had been taken. One nerd looked lost and stood there, looking around at the carnage in confusion. He was just some scrawny kid, who wore a league of legends shirt, a rainbow wristband and had messy hair. His face looked innocent and afraid, but Jackson didn’t care. He walked faster and faster towards him, picking up a helmet on his way. Jackson was two steps away from the nerd before capturing him and forcing a helmet on him. The nerd didn’t struggle on Jackson’s shoulder. He just embraced his fate. Jackson got back into the gymnasium where it was packed to the brim. He placed his nerd the floor with the others, who were in agony as their brains were drained of knowledge. Some nerds tried to struggle even then, by kneeling and pleading for mercy, but they would get none. They would only convert and join the jocks.

Jackson watched as his nerd’s body slowly grew as he was pumped with the remains of their brains, like the others. His veins were glowing bright blue as his arms and legs became thicker, packing on more mass and fat, which turned to muscle. He began crying out, but the helmet cut his voice out so he could only mumble in pain. The nerd’s scrawny and flat chest inflated, pumping out round pecs that shelved the well defined, six-pack below. The nerds head also readjusted squaring out itself and thickening features, to create the perfect dumb jock look. With his body becoming stronger, fitter and more attractive, all that was needed was a new kit and mind.

Jackson looked about excitedly at the nerds as their bodies all finished growing. There was a great variety in sizes of jock, but they would all have the same intelligence. He then watched as their torn clothes move by themselves and repair themselves. The shirts and tops expanded out as football armor pushed it out, thickening and then hardening. The shirts over the top of this body armor then turned into a jersey, darkening down until it was black. This black then spread to other clothing like trousers, which were also shrinking into football pants. Once the black settled into the nerds clothing, glimmers of gold formed, becoming the number of each new jock. The number formed like it usually did on every other uniform, above that was the initial of their first name and then their second name next. Jackson felt proud looking down at his nerd and the others on the floor, they didn’t wear his uniform and weren’t from his school, but they were turning into jocks, they were going to be his bro’s now. He imagined how each of these nerds would turn out, how would they act? What their football position be? would they be quarterbacks or guards?

Jackson saw the helmets flash again and he knew these nerds minds were about to be broken and rebuilt into the perfect obedient muscle heads. No other thoughts, just working out, partying, football, USA, and most importantly, doing whatever their Coach asked them to do. Jackson watched as the nerds started rolling their heads. At first, it was just slow shaking, but it became faster and more intense. He had seen this before, where the nerds try to shake out the messages being forced into their heads. Sadly for them, once the first message plays, that’s it. The message sticks to their head, and then it embeds itself further in with each message until the nerd’s conscience willingly accepts it as its new truth and mentally becomes a jock.

The nerds wriggled erratically on the floor, whether it was fear of turning, pain or some final attempt at trying to remove the helmet, no one knew. But Jackson, Coach and every other jock knew they were about to convert into their new brethren. Jackson looked around, the jocks all had the same excited puppy eyes, like they were waiting for a new toy. Some jocks had taken off their helmets and wore proud smirks across their face, knowing what they had achieved, and to show admiration in the pitiful nerds for becoming part of the team.

The nerds wriggling slowed until they stopped and lay there. They lay for a second, booting up their new mindset and personality. After that, they got started getting up, grunting as they did. The jocks excitement started overflowing and they began helping up their new bros. Everyone seemed happy about what had happened including the new jocks, who were most thrilled to be jocks now, Jackson lent a hand to the nerd he converted. He had been changed so much before he was a skinny nerd with a mop, and now he was a smart, healthy jock.

Everyone talked to each other about jock things and future plans. Jackson was proud, he had not only converted all the nerds from his school and some others, but now another school had fallen. Coach had said that within a month, the country should turn completely, ridding itself of anything that was non-jock. No more nerds, just one hundred percent red-blooded American jocks ready to serve Coach and country if needed.

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