My Cousin Nick (6)

By Twan Andersen -
published May 25, 2019

While he plays with his younger cousin once more, Nick comes face to face with his first obstacle in Xander’s full submission.


The approaching voice made Xander immediately panic and grab the duvet to cover himself up, his heart immediately racing, pulsing and beating like mad. The young man had woken up horny like he had never been, his morning wood almost painful as his hand immediately snaked down to stroke it, Xander unable to conjure any specific images as he stroked his meat and tried to jerk away an arousal he had never with such intensity. So distracted was he with his raging hard-on that he did not notice the time pass, being well past midday when Nick barged in through Xander’s room, clothed solely in a jockstrap, the man grinning as he saw the way his cousin was blushing, knowing exactly what was happening but not giving it away.

“Yo, what’s keeping you in bed? Rise and shine, you can’t waste such a beautiful day.” Nick teased, loving the way Xander scooped away from him with a scared look on his pretty face, terrified with the possibility of Nick finding out his erections.

“Oh, go away, leave me alone.” Xander complained, coming up with an obviously crappy excuse. “Classes aren’t until Monday, I wanna stay in bed the whole day while I still can.”

“C’mon Xandy. I thought we could do something together before we both get busy with classes.”

“Don’t call me that!” Xander exclaimed. It was a teasing nickname Nick had adopted for him years ago that he knew Xander hated, the older cousin obviously only calling him that when he wanted to mess up with him, never doing it in public.

The way Xander so childishly pleaded for him to stop with the nicknames had the opposite effect, only riling up Nick further, the man’s cock throbbing in its containing jockstrap as a nasty idea crossed his mind, one that he registered and stored in a very special corner dedicated solely to his little cousin.

“I see that’s how it is…” Nick sighed with an apparently defeated tone, which made Xander turn around with concern. However, before the young man could say anything, Nick surprised him by suddenly yanking off the covers and begin pinching and tickling his stomach, weakening the young man enough with the uncontrollable fit that came up so that he could finally capture his head in a tight lock with his thick right arm, Xander panting as he looked up at him, trying to get away.

“Let me go…” the young man grunted, though he was already aware of his fate. The only two sports Nick had ever been interested in were basketball and wrestling, having never bothered to take the former seriously because he’d be required to keep being in vigorous physical shape. The latter had been easy to master due to his large frame, and the man’s limbs worked like snake coils, able to trap whomever he wanted in them.

“Nuh uh.” Nick teased, winking down at Xander. “You’re acting weird today. If you’re hiding something from me, I wanna know it.”

“Just let me go!” Xander struggled, which made Nick start to move his whole body to try and restrain his cousin completely. Both started wrestling each other, Nick at first positively surprised with how stronger Xander was now, able to put up a fight. Regardless, the man went easy on him, applying just enough effort to keep grinding against him while their limbs intertwined, Xander trying his best to escape from Nick’s hold to no avail.

Of course, Nick’s ultimate goal was not to restrain Xander… yet. The more he and his cousin rolled and ground against each other in bed, the more Nick was beginning to sweat, his body having already been smelling of a warm night spent under the covers. It took a few minutes, but just as he had planned Xander’s body was beginning to react more slowly, the younger man missing a few movements as he kept on that hopeless quest of unentangling himself from his older cousin, until finally…

“Ah!” Xander almost croaked out as Nick’s arm found its way around his neck, the man easily holding him in a sleeper hold with his thick legs locking around his waist, pinning his arms in his hold.

“Heh, guess I still win after all Xandy,” Nick laughed cockily, tightening his hold around Xander’s neck as his cousin gave one last twitch of resistance. “You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what you’ve been hiding from m-oh!” the man brushed his calf against Xander’s crotch as he spoke, letting out an exaggerated gasp of surprise as he pretended to only notice then that Xander’s cock was throbbing hard, the member erect, straining against the pyjama pants and leaking precum into a nice spot, the head of almost visible through it.

Unable to contain a groan, Xander then sighed audibly, which only made Nick throb under him.

“Whoa, Xandy. No wonder you have been taking so long. It seems like you’re gonna need some help with that,” Nick chuckled. “Why don’t you let your big cousin take care of it?”

Before Xander could groan out an obvious ‘no’, Nick’s arm loosened around him along with his legs, turning the boy around while he rolled them both, this time burying Xander under his own weight as he had the boy smothered between his pudgy pecs, forcing the very few air Xander was being allowed to breathe to be coated with his scent, the young man trying to push him away by his belly, to plead for release, but Nick was nothing but patient, silently lying there and even tenderly kissing Xander’s head as he kept cooing at him seductively, his words faint whispers.

“Shh… relax… submit to me, little cousin… you know it is useless to fight.”

After a few minutes, Nick let go of Xander once he felt the boy’s arms not moving anymore, looking down to confirm the status of the young man’s trance by how dilated his pupils were. They weren’t at the full dilation he had noted the first two times he had entranced Xander with words, so there was still quite some work to do.

Nick grinned. He always loved when there was still work to do.

Standing up from the bed, Nick scooped Xander in his arms and helped him up, allowing the boy to stand properly before he removed his pyjamas, loving how saggy and weak the young man’s body already was. After Xander was naked, Nick teasingly flickered the young man’s cock, watching with wide eyes as it swung up and down thrice, smacking against Xander’s stomach the first time and connecting it to his cock head with a residual trail of precum. Finally, Nick took off his jockstrap, again wrapping it around Xander’s face like a mask and coaxing his cousin through a loud sniff that had the boy groaning loudly, with the positive result that his pupils dilated slightly further.

“Good.” Nick commented without expecting an answer, before he relayed his orders to his naked cousin. “Okay, Xander. No clothes today, since we’re not leaving the house unless I feel like it later. I am going to plop down on the couch while you are going to relieve yourself and then make us breakfast. And I want the full English one. Should take you about half an hour at most. You are going to breathe only through your nose, and if you feel like those pesky thoughts are starting to return at any moment, you will immediately relay that to your favourite cousin, are we clear? Grab my tits if we’re clear.”

Nick chuckled as Xander gave him with a confused look at the last command, cocking his head cutely to the side. “It means, grab my pecs, silly.” Nick laughed and Xander then rose his arms to squeeze Nick’s chest, the man grinning in triumph as he did so. “Off you go, then.” Nick commanded, slapping the lad’s perfect ass as Xander left his room.

True to his word, Nick strutted to the living room couch without a single worry, turning on his PlayStation to play a game he had recently bought, Sekiro. He would occasionally look back over his shoulder to confirm that Xander was obeying his command, the young man looking positively succulent with the way he was so dutifully cooking for both of them while taking himself deeper under a trance by breathing Nick’s musk through his worn jockstrap.

“Let me know when the food is on the table, okay Xandy?” Nick asked, grinning as Xander did not object to that nickname now. The boy called him for breakfast once he was done, Nick happily swaggering his way over with his fat, gargantuan prick swaying through each step he took. He sat on the chair while Xander served him on a large plate, Nick unable to contain another laugh when he realized his cousin had made enough food for both, but had never considered to serve himself.

“You poor thing…” Nick commented as he squeezed Xander’s cheek in a condescending, yet almost paternal way. “So deep that you don’t have a thought for yourself. Who do you obey, Xandy?”

“Cousin… Nick…” Xander muttered, words that pleased Nick’s ears.

“That’s right. But that doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself, you silly boy.” Nick chuckled. “Know what? Sit on my lap so I can feed you too. Guess we can save you having to wash more dishes afterwards.”

So, at the man’s command, Xander sat on Nick’s lap, in an accidentally perfect way that had the man’s cock caught between his ass cheeks, resting snugly surrounded by them like a hot dog in a bun. At first the boy ate without any complaints, accepting all the forks night brought to his mouth, the man mixing beans with hash browns, feeding him half of his fried egg, deciding that Xander would become the main cook after being done with half of his plate.

However, Nick was then interrupted with the way the boy shifted over his cock. At first it was an occasional shift, but then Xander would start twitching and moving as if he was desperate to get away, unknowingly only making the sticky prick even harder, leaking precum and slathering itself in its own juices.

“What’s wrong?” Nick asked with genuine concern, but the boy did not say anything. “Xander, I asked you a question. What is bothering you?”

“Your… your dick…” the boy mumbled, looking down. “It’s against me… I… it shouldn’t… Please get it away from me.”

The last sentence roused Nick’s wariness. It was obvious Xander wasn’t used to feeling a dick against his ass, and especially when it was so big and intrusive the way Nick’s was, throbbing as it tried to reach his hole like it had a mind of its own.

“Shhh… hush now, my sweet cousin. It’s okay. I’m here and nothing can harm you as long as I am here. You know that, right?” Nick asked, even wrapping his arms around Xander in a tender embrace, stroking his chest and abdomen to soothe him down, planning soft kisses on his neck.

“I… I know, but… please get it away… please Nick… I… what am I…?”

Correctly suspecting that Xander’s primal instinct was making him panic enough to affect the trance, Nick reacted quickly, standing up along with Xander and turning him around, lifting his right arm to press the boy’s face against his armpit.

“Come now Xander, give me a deep sniff. We can even do it together. Three, two, one… sniff” Nick led on, having to sniff loudly twice to get Xander to do it along with him, the boy groaning at the smell, his body wobbling enough for Nick to lead him back onto the couch, helping the boy to kneel in front of him, before sitting down.

“How do you feel, Xander? Whom do you obey, little cousin?”

“I…” Xander hesitated enough before answering, which was enough for Nick to lift his thick legs, hoisting them over Xander’s shoulders and bringing the boy closer to him.

“It’s okay, it’s okay… you have nothing to fear when you are with your big cousin, Xander.” Nick smiled warmly, playfully squeezing Xander’s head between his thighs before he resumed. “And that’s why you don’t have to fear my dick either. It won’t hurt you, I promise. In fact, let’s take you deeper with it, shall we?” the man asked, and before Xander could answer, Nick’s highs tightened their hold around Xander’s head, the man burying his face in his crotch as he went back to his game.

Poor Xander was treated to over another half hour of taking in Nick’s musk, the man alternating his hold sometimes to stretch his legs or to squeeze his cousin’s head just for the sake of it. He never did it in a painful way with the fear that he’d wake Xander up, but the temptation to use all his strength was there. His cousin’s head fit just oh so perfectly between his large thighs it was as if the boy was asking for it.

After a further while, Nick deemed it was enough and finally released Xander, the boy’s body so exhausted and saggy due to the lack of clean air that it was easy for Nick to scoop him up with his strong arms and sit him in his lap again. The man’s cock seemed to somehow have engorged even further, once more finding its way between Xander’s ass cheeks like a persistent snake, Nick grinning evilly as he confirmed Xander’s pupils were dilated as they could be. Still, it had taken quite a while to get him under, something he was looking to fix in the future.

“My beautiful cousin…” the man cooed seductively, leaning forward to kiss Xander’s right cheek.

“My devoted boy…” he whispered with pure sex in his tone, this time kissing Xander’s left cheek.

Mine…” the word bellowed out of his lips like smoke, before Nick’s arms wrapped around Xander’s body so he could finally consume the younger man with a dominant, fiery, lust-soaked kiss. Xander could barely find the initiative to kiss Nick back, not that it mattered, since the man was intended on having complete and total control of the kiss, wrestling Xander’s tongue down to submission the same way he had done with the rest of his body earlier, his hands snaking back to grope and squeeze Xander’s ass, playing with the cheeks as if they were putty, even lifting the boy up and down to grind his cock against him.

Said action caused Xander to twitch again, which made Nick break the kiss with concern. To test his theory, Nick ground Xander up and down again, noticing the uncomfortable look in the boy’s face once again beginning to show up.

The man could only deduce that deep down Xander was that afraid of getting fucked. Recognizing this major obstacle, Nick made a mental note to further analyse it, for his own arousal was starting to call for attention.

“Hmhm… someone is not going to get release today. That’s what you get for being foolishly afraid of me, cousin.” Nick said, lightly tapping Xander’s cheeks to make a statement despite the boy’s lack of response. “However, I feel like we must keep acquainting you to my scent a little more, my sweet. And I know just the way.”

Again manipulating Xander like a doll, Nick laid him down carefully on the carpet, having even grabbed a pillow to prop his cousin’s head up to make sure his head would be comfortable.

“Now Xander, do not panic no matter what happens. It’s gonna be smell, but trust your big cousin when I tell you it is clean, are we clear? If we are, close your eyes-”

“Yes, cousin…” Xander mumbled, closing his eyes as commanded.

The poor boy laid here motionless, his hard cock pointing up at the ceiling like a flagpole, an ever-present drop of precum at the head. Nick couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the moment, making sure it was saved in the only folder in his phone that would not be backed up into a cloud, never knowing what kind of leak could happen, having masturbated to quite a few in the past already.

After a while of lying there motionless, Xander felt a large presence slowly approaching down on his face. His arms were pinned to their sides by Nick’s bare, hairy legs, his knees locking in Xander’s elbows as the man faced the boy’s cock, before Xander’s face was finally encompassed by the man’s large ass, Nick further sitting down on his face until he felt the tip of Xander’s nose at his hole. The boy finally breathed in, taking an audible sniff that had him groaning from the pure concentration of musk, his eyes rolling back behind their sockets.

“MMmm!” the boy moaned loudly once his lungs fully took it the raw, concentrated smell, his back arching slightly as desperation kicked in and woke him up, Nick laughing as he easily rested his full weight over Xander’s face. The man laughed without a care, a seemingly gentle giant as he mercilessly smothered his cousin under his impressive weight, even slowly bouncing while his hand began stroking his own cock. The sensation of easily dominating the boy with just his ass unsealed his dominant side and hidden lusts, the man unable to contain his feelings as he finally came out with the truth.

“Fight it all you want cuz, because you’re not leaving there until I finally get to cum, so fight all you want because it is just so fucking hot to me. I’m really glad you won’t be able to remember any of this anyway, because I do feel bad sometimes. But seriously, dude. It’s so freaking sexy to have you under my full power. I really have to thank you for showing up that day when I was about to give up this idea. You might think this is wrong, that I am some kind of sleaze who’s using you, but I promise you it’s nothing like that. I really do love you, my sweet boy. You are so irresistibly gorgeous and adorable, that you’ve been feeding this fire in me for years, with those innocent eyes of yours that just look like they’re always asking for it. I don’t know how to explain Xander, but I’ve felt this way for you ever since I realized that I’d never stick my dick in pussy. I’ve already dominated so many boys like you and men like me, but regardless of the countless guys I’ve fucked, nothing has come close to this. You truly are the best thing that has ever shown up in my life, and I promise you I will give you the treatment you deserve. So… aah… just give in and become mine!”

Nick finally lost himself into lust and his speech quickly developed into lustful moans and cries of pleasure. The man gave into orgasm as he fired his released all Xander’s abdomen, his heavy body falling forward as he had to support himself with his hands on Xander’s knees.

“Phew!” he sighed, wiping sweat off his eyebrow and forehead. After recovering for a couple of minutes, Nick then released Xander’s face, the boy having fallen into a trance again despite his eyes still being half-lidded. “Sleepy sighs.” Nick commanded just to be sure of his victory, smiling warmly as Xander’s eyes closed and the boy let out a defeated sigh.

Lying next to Xander, Nick kissed the boy’s cheek before laid his head on the pillow and wrapped his limbs around Xander’s body, clinging onto him tightly. Even if Xander woke up fully conscious, there was no way he’d be able to flee, not that Nick cared much about the consequences as he fell into a deep slumber himself, a shit-eating, fully satisfied, victorious grin decorating his handsome face.

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