The Policeman and the Firefighter

By HiddenFerret
published May 23, 2019

two friends have their lives quickly changed as their bodies do as well.

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“a sexy police officer and firefighter?” David said mockingly, “isn’t that kind of cliche?”

“No way,” said amber flipping her curly blond hair to add effect, " people eat this stuff up if you make it really simple."

David simply rolled his eyes, the young college student was sitting in the cafeteria with his two friends, Amber and Ryan. The three had been friends for only about two weeks since the semester started but had become close in the short amount of time.

“Just let her have her story, there’s nothing else to do anyway,” Ryan sat slumped across from the table with a frown on his face.

David looked over to Ryan, trying to change the conversation to something more pleasant. He looked up and down the body of the Sophomore. David was gay and Ryan was quite the looker, with medium length brown hair and a slender body, Ryan was exactly the kind of person that David fancied. Unfortunately, Ryan was also straight.

“Why are you so sad anyway, weren’t you just saying that you loved your classes yesterday?” David tried to reassure.

“I did! until I failed the first Chem test of the semester!” Ryan sulked. “I swear if I keep this up I’m going to end up like my old man down at the fire station.”

Amber beamed up suddenly “Your dad is a fireman? this is perfect!” Ryan rolled his eyes but Amber continued. “I’m going to write you two into my latest story!”

“EW!” recoiled David and Ryan, “we don’t want to be a part of your porn stories!” David yelled, although secretly the thought of Ryan in a story sent a shock through his body, raising his member just a bit. Thankfully David’s dick was relatively small so it was easy to hide.

“It’s not porn stories it’s erotic fiction,” Amber corrected with a hint of sass. “Besides, the stories always turn out better when it’s based on real people. I’m going to write Ryan as the firefighter which makes you the policeman David.”

David blushed but did his best to hide it. He looked down at his unimpressive frame. David had never been very physically fit, between classes and partying and trying to work to pay for college, he never found the motivation to work out. He shook his dirty blond hair in disbelief.

“Could you imagine me as a police officer, I’m fat and I like partying too much, cops just ruin the fun for everyone else anyways.”

“You guys are so lame, I’m going to prove you wrong, I’ll write you guys into a story and then you can tell me it’s lame but you’ll be wrong!” Amber jeered as she stood up and headed down the path. “But right now I’m late for trig so I’ll see you two later!” She yelled as she ran down the hall and turned the corner.

“Can you believe her, what a weirdo” Ryan jabbed “why do we hang out with her anyway?”

“Hey, you were the one who said it would help us not seem like virgins if we had a girl around” reminded David. Ryan sighed, he knew David was right.

“Alright I’ll catch you later too, I’m going to go drown this sorrow in some beer,” Ryan mumbled before taking off

“At nine in the morning?!?” David yelled after him but Ryan was already gone.

The day drug on for David as he went from class to class to work. He found himself distracted by himself all the while, constantly looking in mirrors or down at the fat that clung to his midsection. The talk that morning had made him self conscious of every curve on his body. To distract himself he would think of Ryan.“If only I could get a guy like that.” He would tell himself as he went about his daily tasks. By the time he got off work David had completely forgotten about the events from earlier and exhaustedly headed straight to bed.

It must have been around midnight when David woke in a sweat. Suddenly, he was completely uncomfortable, wiggling to and through David noticed his member was fully erect. Realizing he had an early class in the morning David set about doing his best to relieve himself of this onslaught of sexual tension. Hoping the release would send him back to sleep. Nearly an hour had passed and David still couldn’t come, he had looked up all the porn he could but his dick refused to give in. A very frustrated David sat back and tried to imagine the sexiest thing he could, that being for the moment, Ryan. Thinking of his defined abs and wavy hair David began to feel himself edging closer to coming. David stroked his member slowly while thinking about all the things he wanted to do to Ryan. Feeling him up and down, a nice blow job, and then sticking him from behind were all David could see. Although David considered himself a bottom, something about getting on top of Ryan was exactly what he needed for his dick to finally spasm. Shot after shot of cum blew from David’s penis, covering himself in the thick white substance. After 4 or 5 shots David expected the orgasm to subside but much to his shock the sensation only increased. Although no longer shooting, David still convulsed as his muscles slowly warmed and twisted themselves. He felt a pain in his arms and legs as they began to stretch out and lengthen. All the fat on his body seared as newly formed muscles pushed out in every direction. His abs felt as if they were on fire as they rose one by one forming a perfect six-pack with the last two barely forming underneath. His pecs rose and widened across his chest, with every breath they grew more. Bowling ball biceps inflated on his weak arms as his hands became massive and roughened with calluses. Continuing down past his abs his legs widened into tree trunks as thick muscles wormed their way through. His feet exploding in size. For a moment the onslaught of size slowed down and David breathed heavily, almost regaining composure until he felt the change begin in his groin. David had never been well hung, his 4” erect penis was just too skinny to be worthwhile and had led to many disappointing one night stands. But as the heat lowered into his member his small package lengthened to a whopping 8” and then expanded out in every direction, leaving a thick member that began to leak pre-cum in excitement.

David leaped out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom to look in the mirror. As he approached an itching sensation spread from his chest out towards his arms and down the centerline of his abs. Hair began to form quickly on David’s previously hairless torso. David stared in shock as thick curly black hair spread from his chest, down his arms, as well as creating a nice treasure trail down his midsection. A sizeable bush encompassed David’s new member. What was previously the body of a young and fat college student was now a hairy, muscular bear of a man. The final changes formed rapidly, a light spreading of fat across David’s belly softened the abs but made him large and tough like a wall. Age lines appeared around his eyes and forehead as his body visibly aged from a mid-twenties up to mid-forties. His skin turned rough as his hair slowly darkened into a dark shade. Small white streaks of hair began to mix with his hair just around his temples. This salt and pepper look grew down around his chin as a thick beard formed, curling and adding even more age to his face.

David wanted to scream. This couldn’t be, he had to be having a nervous breakdown. Too much schoolwork and stress had to have broken him. There’s no way he had just aged twenty years into a middle-aged man. David tried to convince himself that this was just a dream. He looked over at his small closet, that would prove it, if he put on some of his clothes and they fit, then he’d know that it was just all in his head, there was no way he had actually grown to an older muscled man overnight. And yet, when David grabbed a pair of jeans and a workout t-shirt, hurriedly draping them onto his body they barely fit. He pulled the jeans up tight to the point of almost splitting them. Then there was a sudden release in the fabric, David feared he ripped the pants but as he looked down he saw the threads transform into neat black slacks that hung around his powerful legs. The t-shirt stretched out into a black button up shirt, wrapping around his new large pecs and straining against his bulging biceps. Emblems formed on his shoulders as a belt materialized around his waist. The simple set of workout clothing was now a full-blown uniform. David stared in shock as a nameplate formed on his left pec inscribed with the name Stg. Mason.

“What the hell!” Yelled David, his voice a few octaves lower than earlier that day." I’m a fucking police officer!"

The conversation from that morning echoed in David’s head. “A sexy police officer and…”

“Ryan!” David yelled realizing that a similar fate must have fallen upon his friend.

Rushing outside David grabbed his keys and headed for his car, there was no point trying on new clothes and David was in a rush. As he approached his Accord he realized just how much taller he was, cramming in took effort but it wasn’t too long before the car was screeching down the street. David turned the radio on to try to distract himself but all that came were news stations talking about crime in the area. David tried turning the knob to try to get to some music to take his mind off things but only found more news stations. It was then that David realized that they weren’t news stations. It was a police radar, a dispatcher called out locations and codes sending cops to and throw the city. David wasn’t aware though that his car had slowly shifted larger and faster, it was now a full on police cruiser and David was in charge of the wheel. The dispatcher called out a report of a man who was very distraught but wouldn’t say what was wrong. David recognized the address as Ryan’s apartment. Grabbing the receiver David called in that he would take it and punched the gas, flying down the street sirens blazing.

As David pulled into the parking lot he quickly parked and ran up the steps to Ryan’s door

David knocked furiously. His newfound size and strength made the knocks sound like a battering ram, “open up!” Shouted David. Inside he could hear a ruckus as someone stumbled through the apartment and threw open the door.

Instead of seeing Ryan open the door, a tall, athletic built man opened the door. He looked to be late 20s and had on a pair of work overalls that hung low at his waist, revealing his upper body to the air. A chiseled abs section and lean muscle all around showed how years of constant use had shaped the man’s muscles to perfection. Along the man’s left arm a full sleeve tattoo spread up and over his left pec, the Maltese Cross displayed prominently in ink right above his heart. His skin glistened as if he was covered in sweat but his skin was dry and tanned. A square jaw lead up to chiseled features. The man had short cut black hair with the sides buzzed short, a solid mustache hung underneath his nose that lead into a thin scruff that covered the rest of his chin. His sparkling blue eyes darted back and forth, wide-eyed in a panic.

“Y-yes officer?” Came his shaken voice.

“I’m looking for Ryan Wilters” boomed David’s voice.

“Uh… well, you see… I’m uh…..I’m Ryan Wilters” said the man, he seemed confused and in a daze.

“Ryan, it’s me! Sergeant Mason, I mean…David." David’s head began to swim for a moment as new memories began to form in his head. He tried to think back to the conversation at the lunch tables this morning but new memories began to replace them. Although never being one to workout, David could recall joining the police academy shortly after high school, he worked hard at both school and his body. Growing larger each year with just a little bit of fat to even out his frame. He had risen through the ranks and handled more cases than anyone else on the squad and after years of rising through the ranks had become a sergeant.

Ryan looked confused as ever, but in no state to deny the large officer in front of him, he welcomed David into his apartment. Closing the door and sitting on the couch in the small room. David noticed how different it looked from the last time he had been there. Ryan had always been about sports and kept many teams merch stuffed inside his small square of a dwelling. But now there was nothing but pictures of firetrucks, newspaper cuttings of different houses saved by firemen efforts, and various firefighters gear was strewn about.

David contemplated how he was going to break the news to Ryan that they had both been changed. David himself didn’t even really know what was happening and new memories kept surfacing that only confused him more. He looked at Ryan’s new body and felt the familiar pull of lust pulled at his newly enlarged member. Figuring this must mean he was at least still gay. David realized that he was staring at Ryan’s abs as Ryan turned away, self-conscious of his new looks.

“I don’t know how this happened” Ryan yelled feeling around his new body. “I woke up in the middle of the night super horny but I couldn’t Jack off to anything and then the image of you popped into my head and I felt this rush and….” Ryan trailed off bewildered.

“It’s ok, I understand, the same thing happened to me,” David said, pulling his friend in close to his solid chest in an attempt to comfort him. David’s member came to attention at the sudden physical intimacy and he hoped that Ryan couldn’t feel the pressure.

“I just don’t know what is happening, I feel so different and what about my friends and my family and my scholarship and I still have to pass Chemistry and..”

“Listen Here!” David’s voice commanded, shocking even himself. He had always been very timid around Ryan and would have been especially meek if Ryan looked like the bronzed Adonis that he did now. Yet, when David looked into his eyes and say the scared, shaken man, he knew he had to protect him. “I’ll figure this out, but we can’t panic”

Ryan looked up at the taller officer, letting himself relax. David felt a sense of pride and ease seeing Ryan calm down, then with a sudden surge, David wrapped his hand around the back of Ryan’s head and pulled him into a hard kiss. David tried to resist but became overcome by the soft lips and gentle tongue of Ryan. He could feel Ryan in shock trying to pull away but after a few seconds, relax and give in to the same urges. As the kiss separated a soft moan came from Ryan’s mouth.

“I’ve never been kissed like that before, he said softly. Am…am I gay now?” for a second Ryan almost panicked at this new revelation but another kiss from David sent the thoughts soaring far away.

David threw Ryan onto the bed, it was surreal to him. David knew he was a timid, weak college student who only dreamed about getting a man a tenth of what Ryan was now. At that moment though, he wasn’t David, he was Sergeant Mason. The gay police officer taking care of his man in every need, and right now, that need was sexual. With a furious pull, Ryan’s overalls ripped off his body, revealing toned calves that lead into thick thighs and sitting between them was a 10” long dick. Longer, but not nearly as thick as David’s own, the dick matched the body of Ryan perfectly. David grabbed the base of Ryan’s cock and began to stroke up and down, the touch of David’s rough hands brought Ryan’s dick to life. The handjob didn’t last long though as Ryan began to writhe on the bed.

“What’s wrong?” cried David

Ryan moaned as he twisted onto his front, raised his exposed behind to David. “My ass feels weird, I can’t explain it, it’s like it’s empty and needs to be filled.”

A smile rose from David’s face as he realized what was happening. With a single move, David whipped his belt off and dropped his pants to the ground. His thick monstrosity of a dick rising hard at the sight of Ryan bent over, begging for his ass to be filled. David wet his fingers and began to prod the outskirts of Ryan’s virgin hole. The rubbing causing Ryan to mumble softly as his newfound desires revealed themselves. The mumbles turned to gasps as David plunged his index finger deep into the hole. Pain shot through Ryan’s body and quickly turned into sheer pleasure. David worked slowly, prepping the hole with more and more fingers till finally, his own dick couldn’t wait anymore. With a solid thump, the cock plunged into Ryan’s ass as new sensations overcame Ryan’s thinner frame.

David was in ecstasy. Every thrust from his powerful hips rubbed his dick against the tight and soft lining of Ryan. Typically David would have come from half as much stimulation but his new member held strong as it continued to pulse through Ryan’s hole. Ryan’s stamina wasn’t nearly as long as David’s. To counteract, David would alternate ramming Ryan from on top and then shoving his thick cock into Ryan’s mouth. Ryan’s blowjobs left a lot to be desired but as it was his first day being a gay man, David was grateful. David threw Ryan onto the bed with his chest up, with a lift of Ryan’s legs, David continued to plunge into Ryan’s ass. After a while David’s plunging began to slow, his breathing deepened into large gusts as his stomach began to tense. With a shout, A wave of cum shot into Ryan’s hole, forced deeper and deeper with each push. This new stimulation sent Ryan into ecstasy overload as his own dick shot out across his chest as a loud moan roared from both men. As their cum continued to shoot, the final change began to appear. The memories of both men changed quickly, blotting out anything known to them before. No longer were there David, the shy fat partier, or Ryan the college student. Instead, there was only sergeant Mason, making love to his husband Ryan the firefighter.

“How was that babe?” David called out in a low voice over his breathing.

“Even better than last week” Ryan moaned out.

David laughed then crawled into the spacious bed and let Ryan’s head rest on his pec. David looked around their spacious house and enjoyed a moment of gratitude.

“Do you ever regret not going to college?” David asked as he looked down into Ryan’s bright eyes.

“Nah, I have everything I could want right here.” Ryan replied, “well there is one thing I do want though.”

David looked quizzically at his husband.

“Round two.”

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