Know Your Place

By The Syrme -
published December 30, 2015
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A jock put into his place.

All was as usual, as Trent walked down the hallway towards the classroom for his next class. He was keeping his head low and scurrying along in an attempt to avoid attention and to reach safety as soon as possible, when he was shoved sideways into the lockers. It was his longtime tormentor, Robbie, a jock and a jerk, who was determined to make Trent’s life as miserable as possible.

“Get out of the way, loser!” Robbie said as he jogged away with a smirk on his face.

The hallway was mostly empty at the time, so no one noticed when Trent opened his eyes, and his left eye was blood red instead of its usual brown. His eyes were ice cold, and his teeth bared in a predatory grin.

With only a towel around his waist, Robbie left the showers and returned to the locker room to get changed. He was late talking to the coach about the new members to the team, so he was alone. He removed the towel from around his waist and used it to dry his hair, revealing a semi-hard, 7-inch cock. He was quite horny; the last time he had sex was two weeks ago, with some girl he met at a party. There wasn’t much time to take care of it himself too, between exams and practices. It was Friday, and he was excited to leave and relieve the pressure.

He heard the door open and approaching footsteps. Expecting coach, he turned his head around when he felt someone behind him. The last memory he had was of a red flash, taking over his view and his mind.

Robbie came to on cold and hard ground, face-down. He pushed himself up to sit on his heels and looked around. It was dark and it seemed like a basement, with no windows. Belatedly, he realized he was naked when a door opened and someone entered.

The light was turned on, and the sudden flush of brightness blinded him. He opened his eyes again, when his vision was adjusted, to find Trent standing in front of him, oddly, with a red left eye.

“What have you done to me? What’s the matter with your eye? What do you want, you faggot?” shouted Robbie, enraged yet he remained in his position on his knees. He was in all manners calm, his anger betrayed only by his face and his voice.

Taking notice of his lack of physical aggression, Trent smirked inside while maintaining a cold demeanor. “Well, well, well. What have we got here?”

At his voice, Robbie couldn’t hold in a full body shiver, as his body flushed and the room seemed a bit warmer. What’s happening to me, he thought.

“I’m sure you have lots of questions,” Trent said, “but do try to hold them in as I introduce myself. I am a full time incubus and a part time guardian of Trent, you can call me by my mortal name, Damon. Trent’s father was on his death bed when he accidentally summoned and made a contract with me. In exchange for my services, he is cleaning my chambers with his tongue for the next 500 years in addition to providing for my needs. You can understand why I have special interests in the welfare of my ward. This is where you come in, my pet. Your maltreatment of my ward cannot go unnoticed.”

But Robbie was not listening. All this flowed through his brain and out without taking root. He was distracted by the smell coming from Trent/Damon. He was lost in the tangible musk, drowning in the magnetic presence of his captor. He smells so good, he thought, gazing at the demon, his throbbing erection unnoticed.

Aware of Robbie’s glazed expression and erection, Damon knew he had him right in the palm of his hand. He stroked Robbie’s erection with his bare feet, taking note of his slacked jaws and flushed cheeks, and spread the precum that started flowing out of his straining cock all over his abs and thighs. Catching more of the precum with his toes, he fed it to Robbie, who sucked on the toes in earnest, lost in the haze of his arousal.

No mortal can resist the power of an incubus.

Damon removed his toes from Robbie’s mouth and left the room. Robbie didn’t even notice and continued sucking, his mouth opened in an obscene “O” shape and his pink, soft tongue occasionally sneaking out to lick at the imagined toes and to chase the imagined precum.

His mind blown away by his arousal, Robbie kept at his sucking with precum leaking steadily out of his angry dick and pooling on the floor, until a sudden, freezing shock at his groin jolted him out of his haze and caused his cock to shrivel up. His cock was swiftly put into a chastity device and locked up. The click of the lock made him look up, directly into the gleaming red eye of the ex-victim. He was again captured by the empowered gaze.

All Robbie saw was a red void sucking him in and all he heard was the sweet whispers, spoken into his ears, as he slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

Robbie woke up the next morning in his bed, refreshed and lazy, with his locked-up cock leaking and drenching the sheets below. All he remembered was leaving practice and falling asleep straight after he was home. He knew that a good boy was always locked up. He didn’t know the sensation of being hard anymore.

He sat up and spread his thighs, putting his hands below his cock to catch the precum. Then, when his hands were filled, he raised them to his lips and lapped up all of the salty content, his daily breakfast. With his cheeks healthily flushed and his lips and nose glistening with precum, Robbie looks slutty and debauched, his cock straining against its cage and still drenching the sheets.

Robbie spent his weekend in a daze. All he was aware of was his cock in its cage. He was desperate to cum, but he knew he couldn’t without permission. Whose permission exactly, he wasn’t sure. His balls were full and dangled low in their sacks, waiting for release. He was so horny, that he woke up several times in the last two nights, hot, flushed and sweating madly, his cock painfully struggling to get hard, but to no avail.

Monday morning, at school, he was strolling down the hallway with a leaking cock when he saw Trent. He stopped dead, as images flashed through his mind. Images of him kneeling down before the guy, worshipping his feet and cock and pushing his ass up high in the air while he lied face down.

Captured by his daydreams, he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings, until Trent was by his side. He saw the red flash of Trent’s eye, sensed his lips against his ear, and the words once again sent him to his oblivion.

Robbie woke up in a stall in the washroom, one hand playing with the butt plug in his ass, one hand holding a glass under his cock. The glass was three quarters full with his clear fluid. He poured some onto his body, and massaged it into his skin until it dried. Then, he drank the rest of it, bottoms up, leaving some under his nose. The aroma of it went straight to his cock, the leaking of which showed no signs of stopping. Nowadays, his cock was practically a faucet, constantly aroused as he was.

He dressed, put away the glass into his backpack and hurried to class, not realizing anything out of the ordinary.

That day, after practice, Robbie’s eyes glazed over upon entry to the locker room. He stripped and knelt in a corner, mouth opened wide.

The rest of his teammates, oblivious, lined up in front of him, dicks out. Each of them pissed all over him and fucked his mouth until he came all over his face. All through this Robbie remained expressionless and passive, a toy open to the public. When the last one finished, Robbie licked himself clean, changed and left.

However, Robbie didn’t return home. Instead, he wandered into an unknown neighborhood. He walked, seemingly aimless, until his feet stopped in front of a house. He pushed open the gates, went around house to its backyard and stripped. What am I doing, he thought, what if anyone sees me? But trying as hard as could, he couldn’t control his hands from taking off his clothes.

He was in the process of removing his underwear, when he saw the pair of feet in front of him. His mind emptied and his knees buckled after he was naked. He was again caught by a pleasant and addictive scent.

His mind was wiped.

Looking down at the kneeling boy at his feet, in trance over his feet, made Damon unbelievably hard. It had been a while since he had a plaything. He had forgotten the feeling of taking total control and the frailness of the minds of mortals.

He lifted the boy’s head so that his gaze was on his hard by clothed package, and the boy whimpered. The boy’s pupils were blown wide, and was openly drooling. How the mighty had fallen.

Damon went around to the boy’s back, taking note of his toned torso. He crouched and trailed his fingers down the spine, making hair rise and the boy shiver, to the butt plug. He removed it slowly, feeling the grip of his asshole as the plug was reluctantly released. The hole gaped open and literally winked, begging to something to fill the void. Damon obliged, pushing in a plastic tail plug in one go. Robbie yelped at the unexpected pain and pleasure, but stayed silent and still otherwise. With every squeeze of his anus, the tail bobbed up and down, its end brushing against the prostate.

By now, Robbie was panting, his tongue out and drooling, He was so horny.

“Robbie the doggy,” Damon chuckled, feeding on the boy’s sexual frustration, “why don’t you walking around, little doggy?”

Robbie obeyed the command, and started crawling on all fours. Anyone looking in would be amazed. A BMOC, with his tongue out, a tail plugged in his ass and a cock leaking and locked. Robbie was on the edge, the constant brushing against his prostate by the plug was driving him crazy. But he couldn’t cum, not without permission.

So it went on. Robbie laid on his back on the grass, nipples pinched, balls fondled and ass fucked. He licked, he sucked and he grinded. For hours, he was tortured and touched, teetering on the edge between pleasure and pain.

“Cum.” And Robbie did. An endless stream of white semen dribbled out of his lost cock, as his back arched and his mouth opened in a howl to the new moon, to the beginning of his new life.

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Category: Pheromone   Tags: #feet #musk #dog #precum #chastity
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