My Cousin Nick (5)

By Twan Andersen -
published May 22, 2019

Xander is once again helplessly entranced and this time Nick introduces him to what will become his strongest weapon… his smell.

“Now… where were we?”

Nick easily turned around and picked Xander up, hoisting him over one shoulder and carrying him back into the living room, lying him on the spacious couch face down and even going as far ahead as having one of the young man’s limp arms drop almost to the floor, chuckling at the soft sounds that came from Xander’s parted lips.

As he stood over him like a gentle giant, Nick felt his cock hardening once more as he contemplated his cousin’s helpless predicament. It would be so easy just to lower those pants and claim him right there and then, but Nick knew as things stood at that moment it wouldn’t feel even a tenth as delicious and satisfying as it would be once the boy was finally his, begging for it.

“Not yet…” he whispered hoarsely as if talking to his own cock, the fat head producing that ever present drop of precum. Unable to contain himself, the man leaned forward, slowly guiding the head of his cock to trace precum around Xander’s lips. His heart was starting to race with the way they seemed to part further open to accommodate more and, once he realized his teeth weren’t in the way, Nick slowly slid forward until his still not fully erect member was pressing against the boy’s cheek from the inside, quickly pulling back once he felt Xander stir. “Phew…” he chuckled to himself, wiping a drop of sweat off his forehead before going back to his handiwork.

First, Nick went back to his own room, reaching for his pile of laundry and taking out a number of tank tops, various kinds of underwear and shorts, smelling each piece of clothing to make sure his own scent had been imprinted in them until he finally chose the perfect combination, putting them on with little concern over the fact he had just showered, finally grabbing a pair of used, strong-smelling socks he shoved in his pockets. Then, going back to Xander’s room, he grabbed his cousin’s sneakers, his cock growing to full mast as he took in a deep whiff of the smell of a still uncorrupted boy.

“Uncorrupted so far…” Nick mumbled under his breath with a chuckle, swaggering back to the living room. He carelessly dropped the sneakers between the coffee table and the couch where Xander laid on, giving the impression the lad had passed out on the couch from exhaustion.

Kneeling next to his cousin, Nick initiated step two of his master plan.

“Xander…” he cooed smoothly, shaking his cousin weakly, not wanting the boy to awaken in an alert state. “Xaaaander…” he teased in a singsong tune, kissing the boy’s cheek. Eventually Xander began to rouse from his short-lived slumber, grumbling and yawning, even adorably ruffling his own hair and rubbing his face like an animal.

“Mmm…what time is it?” he asked with a tired tone.

“It’s way too early for you to be asleep, my sweet cousin.” Nick smiled, before he reminded himself to tone down on the seduction, not wanting to weird out the boy.

“Sleep?” Xander asked, finally aware of the fact he was on the couch. “Wait… what?” he asked, sitting up and looking around, confused. “But I… we…”


“We were talking in my room…”

“No, we weren’t.” Nick said, as if stating an obvious fact. “I haven’t seen you all day! I was getting worried, you weren’t returning any of my calls or texts.”

The younger cousin clutched his head, as if trying to recover his memories that day. Most of the day was a blur, Xander remembering he had been afraid of seeing Nick for whatever reason, but that the man had quelled those fears. However, now he was saying they hadn’t met all day.

“Tell you what…” Nick said, bringing the boy’s attention back to him. “You don’t seem to be able to recall anything and you fell asleep last night before I could show you what it was like to be hypnotized. Why don’t we try it again, maybe it will jog your memories back? I’ve did this with someone before, he remembered a night he had spent passed out drunk.”

“But…” Xander found himself objecting, though he didn’t know why. He remembered having somehow voiced his concerns over having been hypnotized to Nick, but the man was telling him they hadn’t seen each other at all that day.


“I don’t know… I…”

“C’mon cousin.” Nick smiled and even went ahead as gently pushing Xander to lie back down, taking hold of one of the boy’s hands with both of his and resuming the concentric circles of the previous day. “It’s so easy you don’t even have to think much. Just count along with me. Ten… Nice, slow deep breaths, each one making you more and more relaxed.

“Hnng… Nick…” Xander grumbled, but the man squeezed his hand in a way that almost silenced him.

“Nine. In and out… just like yesterday, each breath you exhale makes you start feeling lighter and lighter. You just woke up, why worry so much?”

“No…” he pleaded, once again silenced by Nick’s squeeze, but the tired sigh that came right after showed that he was starting to succumb again.

“Eight. Your body is so light, so tired. The lighter you feel, the more tired you will feel.”

This time only an incomprehensible groan came from Xander, which prompted Nick to squeeze his hand again and continue. However, as he did so, he began slowly lifting Xander up, the other hand pressing against the boy’s back in the same motions around his hand.

“Seven. So tired. So light. You poor thing. So helpless, unless you have someone to trust, someone to rely on.”

Another squeeze.

“Six. Someone like me, you who know you are safe around. And if you are safe with me, that means you can also fall for me, letting go of everything.”

Nick was intentionally using the same sentences as the previous day to call Xander’s mind into that entranced state more easily, knowing it would begin to associate the words with falling into a trance.

“Five…” Xander finally counted, prompting Nick to squeeze his hand and press against the small of his back in return with the other one.

“You don’t want to think, little cousin. You don’t want to worry, sweet boy. All you want is to relax, smiling without a care in the world. I can give you that. I will take care of you.” Another squeeze.


“Relax. Light as a feather. Carefree and smiling. Deeper. Relax. Light as a feather. Carefree and smiling. Deeper.” Another squeeze.


“Relax. Light as a feather. Carefree and smiling. Deeper. Relax. Light as a feather. Carefree and smiling. Deeper. Submit.” Another squeeze.


“Relax. Light as a feather. Carefree and smiling. Deeper. Submit. Submit to me, little cousin.” One final squeeze.


“Submit to me once again, my sweet little cousin and… SLEEP!”

Nick finished the induction this time by suddenly letting go of Xander, allowing the young man to finally slip into a trance as his head gently hit the couch. Xander’s pupils once more held that dilated form, his gaze completely empty, the boy looking just as deliciously helpless and weak as the previous day.

The man looked down and chuckled as he felt once again his cock being as painfully hard as before, Nick giving it a few playful strokes, allowing the precum to spread into his hand before he smeared it over Xander’s face, reaching down to whisper in the boy’s ear.

“Take a loud sniff for me, my sweet.”

The way Xander dutifully obeyed his command made Nick’s evil grin decorate his face once more, the poor boy groaning at the smell of cock and Nick’s juices. The man almost felt it was a shame he had showered before his cousin came home, but he knew it would be just as easy to use his clothes. However, the most important thing right now was to evaluate Xander’s state.

“Cousin…” Nick began as he lifted Xander’s torso up, the man sitting on the couch with his younger cousin’s head resting on his lap against his bulge, Nick slowly stroking Xander’s locks as he started his interrogation. “You now remember everything I asked you to forget. So, please tell me what you did today the whole day. Everything. Even if you consciously did not remember it.”

Nick listened raptly as Xander described that he had woken up and gotten scared once he saw the stain in his underwear, afraid that Nick had done anything to him under trance. As he spoke over what he did next, Nick gently turned him so his nose was now against his bulge, the young man breathing directly from the lingering scent in his shorts and jockstrap, Nick grinning with delight as Xander paused to sniff due to the way the foreign smell made his nostrils flare. It was only when the young man mentioned having fallen asleep during a film that Nick interfered.

“Pause. Why did you fall asleep? Were you that tired?”

“No… I… heard something and all went dark.”

Nick raised a wary eyebrow. Reaching for his smartphone he googled the name of the film Xander had watched, easily finding the script. There was a part where ‘sleepy boy’ was said in two different, yet consecutive sentences, which made Nick glint with concern. That trigger was too easy to be used. He was thankful he had had that conversation with his advisor that morning, otherwise he would have kept on using it and things could have gone wrong.

“Xander… what are the two words I told you that you would never forget?”

“Sleepy… boy…”

“That’s right. So from now on, you are going to forget about those two words and what they did to you. Forever. There is another lesson cousin Nick has for you today. So, be a dear for me, stand up and take off all your clothes, folding them nicely on the coffee table,” Nick commanded, crossing his arms behind his head and watching carefully as Xander obeyed him, the young man once again naked in front of him with zero concern or care for his modesty.

Once again, his cock was quite limp and Nick licked his lips, ready to see it grow to that impressive hardness. Lifting his legs up onto the couch, Nick took off his tank top, placing the cloth over the back of the couch.

“C’mere cousin. Lie on top of your favourite cousin,” Nick commanded, beckoning him with a finger. His own cock throbbed as he felt Xander’s weight on top of it, Nick bringing his strong arms up to embrace his cousin, allowing his hands to roam and explore the boy’s back, not pausing until they finally reached down to that beautiful bubble butt, groping and squeezing the cheeks. Eventually, Nick parted them and allowed a finger to gently trail over Xander’s hole, loving how that immediately made the boy shiver in alert, Nick chuckling as he patted Xander’s back.

“Shhhshhhshshsh…” he whispered, burying Xander’s head against his bare shoulder. “I’m here… as long as you are in this state you know you are safe and sound. Nothing can harm a hair on your head as long as I am here, my sweet cousin.” Nick promised with a seductive whisper, tenderly kissing the boy’s locks. “As long as you obey, I will keep making you happy, blissful. So obey my sweet cousin. Obey and allow yourself to sink into the bliss and pleasure I can offer you,” he commanded, reinforcing those words with sweet kisses to the boy’s head.

Eventually, Nick shifted both of them so they were lying on their side, Xander’s body fully trapped between the couch and Nick’s massive frame. Clutching that boyish handsome face with his large hands, Nick gave Xander’s lips three gentle kisses, before he finally stared at his cousin’s eyes.

“Now, Xander. You are going to learn a new thing today. I want you to register all my words and ingrain them deep in your mind. Do not fear what I will show you, do not hesitate to react in any way to what I will introduce you to. Are we clear?”

“Yes, cousin…”

“Good.” Nick chuckled, lifting his right arm, exposing a mildly haired armpit. It was still clean due to the shower, but fully absent of deodorant or any other chemicals the man hated. “Lean forward and take a deep sniff.”

Xander did as commanded, his nostrils flaring as he took a deep, audible sniff, groaning slightly as the hairs tickled his nostrils. Nick did not smell of sweat, but of body wash mixed with his own natural manly musk. It was not unpleasant, but it was not a thing the boy would have smelled out of own free will.

“What did you just smell?” Nick asked.

“Your armpit…”

“That’s right. Now it’s clean because of that shower I just took, but this is what it usually smells like,” Nick said, grabbing his tank top with that same arm and bringing it between him and Xander, pressing the sweat-stained area against the boy’s nostrils. “Deep sniff again, my sweet.”

This time, Xander let out a more audible groan after the sniff, Nick grinning as a single tear formed in the young man’s right eye. He had worn that tank top two days in a row in a hot summer day before that fateful day where Xander had called him, so he knew the smell was quite ingrained in the fabric.

“What did it smell like?” he asked.

“S-Sweat…” Xander stuttered.

“And was that smell pleasant to you?”

“I…” Xander hesitated, somehow knowing Nick wanted an affirmative answer, but he could not lie in his current state. “No… it stinks.”

“It stinks, huh?” Nick laughed, rubbing the strong-smelling cloth against Xander’s face and making the boy groan further, knowing his cousin had no choice but to be forced to keep sniffing it, helpless as he was hypnotized and trapped between him and the leather couch. “But it smells like me, cousin. Remind me, when you are in this state, how do you feel around me?”

“I… safe… and sound…” Xander mumbled, able to speak once Nick pulled the cloth back.

“That’s right… and if it is my smell, how should it make you feel then?”

Nick waited patiently for his messed up logic to click in the hypnotized boy’s mind, the grin widening as Xander finally replied.

“Safe and sound…”

“That’s it. Good boy,” Nick praised, again draping the cloth over Xander’s head and coaxing him through three deep sniffs that eventually had Xander’s cock beginning to harden, Nick’s thick leg having been grinding against the young man’s crotch all along to keep teasing it to erection. “So you are just going to lie here, safe in my embrace while I wrap this around your head, okay my sweet? You are going to sniff and sniff, taking deep breaths from my smell that will further relax you and make you feel safe, are we clear?”

“Yes… cousin…” Xander replied with some hesitation as Nick wrapped the cloth around the poor boy’s head, knowing the boy was too far deep to break free from his hold. He then wrapped his limbs around Xander’s body and laid there with his cousin for what he had mentally planned to be half an hour, slowly moving them again until he was smothering the poor boy under his massive weight, occasionally thrusting so lightly Xander could barely feel it, but surely hardening the boy’s cock to full mast and forcing it to leak against his shorts.

Said half hour amounted to far longer time, Nick quite aroused himself with the prospect of just smothering Xander under his weight, his arms wrapped around the boy’s head, pressing his tank top deeper against his nostrils as he tenderly kissed his pretty locks of hair sometimes. The ever-present thought of claiming Xander as his own and take his virginity recurred a couple of times, but it was easier for Nick to brush it away, his goals for that night perfectly clear.

Eventually sliding off Xander and standing up, Nick removed his shorts and jockstrap, discarding the former while he placed the latter on one of the arms of the couch, followed by Xander’s underwear and the two socks Nick had deposited in his shorts’ pockets. Freeing Xander from his tank top, Nick sat the nude boy back up, loving how Xander’s chest was slowly expanding as he breathed in, fresh air feeling certainly foreign for the boy.

“Stand up, Xander,” he commanded just to test the trance. “Sit down. Good boy. Now… do you remember what we did last night?” he asked.

“You put porn on… and I masturbated both of us.” Xander said with zero care for the implications of his words.

“That’s right, buddy. Today we’re going to do the same, but it’s going to be a little different,” Nick explained, loving how Xander cocked his head slightly to the side in a confused look. The man grabbed his own strong-smelling jockstrap and then put it over Xander’s head, hooking the straps on Xander’s ears so that his cousin was breathing directly from the pouch.

The strong smell almost made Xander’s pupils pulse as his eyes rolled back with how pungent it was, making his nostrils flare and the boy have to open his mouth to try and breathe clean air. Nick was certain Xander wouldn’t awaken, but he wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulders and held him through it as his cousin got adjusted to the scent, the man looking down to see that it was having an effect on the boy’s cock, seeing the way the head pulsed and throbbed, leaking a satisfying amount of precum that Nick scooped up and traced Xander’s smooth chest with.

“Hmhm… Deep sniffs, boy. It’s not like I am going to let you get away from it anytime soon, so you might as well just obey me and sniff yourself deeper. Feeling yourself relaxing further and further, your body becoming lighter and lighter. Do you know why, my sweet cousin?” Nick asked, approaching to whisper the answer in Xander’s ear. “Because you belong to me now,” he gloating, taking a long slow lick of his younger cousin’s cheek as he did so. “And since you belong to me, you do whatever I say, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, cousin…”

“That’s right. Because you are my favourite cousin, who is eager to obey my words.” Nick replied with an evil glint. He then reached forward to the arm of the couch and grabbed the two black socks. “Do you know what this is, cousin?”

“S-Socks…” the boy mumbled.

“That’s right.” Nick smiled, pressing the socks against Xander’s nose and coaxing the boy through a deep sniff, loving how Xander groaned and his cock jerked even more precum. “They smell really strong, don’t they? Now, there is a nice little surprise for later with these two, but you have to trust me on this…” Nick said while covering their cocks with the socks, before he grabbed Xander’s hands and wrapped them around each cock. “You do trust your favourite cousin, don’t you Xander?”

“Y-yes, cousin…”

“Good. So just like last night you are going to jerk us both nice and slow. Don’t worry about release, I’ll take care of that. In fact, I’ll take care of everything when you are in this nice state, sweet cousin. So… get to work.” Nick commanded, coaxing Xander’s hands to jerk both cocks as he spoke, once more wrapping his arm to get Xander as nice and close as he possibly could against his larger body.

He once again had Xander working on both cocks for hours, again only reaching the edge two times compared to the eight times his cousin had. The socks were soaked in both men’s precum, Xander’s cock throbbing wildly since he had never jerked off against cloth before. By the time Xander was approaching his tenth denied orgasm, Nick paused him once more, before the came then moaned loudly and came against his sock, panting against the couch, seeing the way Xander looked at him.

“Heh… you’re wondering why I came before you, right buddy? Good cousins let their big cousins cum first, Xander. It only makes sense. If you obey me, you will cum when I tell you to. Don’t worry, though. I’m not mean. This is just to teach you who is in charge around here.” Nick laughed, kissing Xander’s cheeks after doing so. The man then carefully pulled back the sock from around his cock, keeping his cum inside it.

“C’mere cuz,” he then said, picking up Xander and sitting him in his lap. The man’s spent cock was now resting between Xander’s bare ass cheeks, Nick wrapping his arms around Xander’s tightly to pin them to his sides. Nick couldn’t resist thrusting his hips, grinding the slick, sticky member between those perfect cheeks, before he felt Xander starting to grunt.

“Shhhshhshhsh…” Nick hushed, squeezing tighter in his embrace as he kissed his hair. “I’m here… nothing can hurt you as long as I’m here…” he cooed, knowing he had pushed things too far. Scooping his own large ass forward, Nick then turned Xander around in his lap, coaxing the boy to wrap his legs around his waist before his right hand grabbed Xander’s cock and pulled off the sock, pulling the jockstrap around Xander’s head back to press it against his cousin’s nose.

“What does this smell like, cousin?” Nick asked.

“Feet and… and… c-cock…” Xander mumbled from behind the jockstrap.

“That’s right, my sweet. It smells like an obedient boy’s precum. Your juices.” Nick smiled, throwing the dirty sock away before bringing the sock with his seed in it to he boy’s nose. “And this?” he asked, watching as Xander took a deep sniff and groaned, his cock throbbing wildly.

“F-Feed… and…” another sniff. “Ooh… cock… cum!” Xander groaned loudly.

Nick couldn’t resist the almost cackle-like laugh that came out of his mouth. The boy’s reaction was just too precious and erotic. He couldn’t contain himself, pulling the jockstrap off the boy’s head and then pressing his forehead against Xander’s, his eyes almost staring directly into the boy’s soul.

“That’s right. My cum. The seed of a powerful man who owns you. You are going to learn to love it, to worship it and to crave it. Just like the rest of it. You are going to eat it like it’s an ambrosia, like a drug you will never be able to resist. But don’t you worry about that, my sweet boy. Today we are only going to focus on smell. So sniff… sniff and take in the smell that means bliss. The smell that means sex. The smell you will love forever!” Nick exclaimed, his hand beginning to jerk off Xander’s cock while his cousin was breathing in from his sock.

It didn’t take long for Xander to finally lose himself in orgasm as his cock erupted with a healthy load of cum, shooting it all over Nick’s hand, some of it hitting the man’s belly. Nick brought it upward to lick and suck the cum off Xander’s hand, moaning at the taste.

“Delicious…” he hummed, loving how the boy was panting in afterglow, his eyes almost dangerously closed as it was obvious Xander’s mind couldn’t hold much longer.

Picking up his cousin in that position, Nick brought him over to his room and laid the boy on his bed, this time being careful to dress him with his pyjamas. He went through the boy’s room twice to make sure there were no clues of their nefarious activities behind, before he finally knelt next to Xander, whispering in the boy’s ear.

“Cousin. Once I snap my fingers you will fall asleep, again forgetting everything that happened while you were under. You will not remember anything that happened today, but you will not worry at all over it. However, tomorrow you will fall into this state once you hear me say…” Nick then paused, quickly trying to improve something. “Sleepy sighs. Once you hear me say those words, you will fall into a nice entranced state, sleeping soundly as you await my commands. Repeat the words for me, my sweet.”

“Sleepy… sighs…”

“Good boy.” Nick said. He then grabbed the jockstrap and the sock with his cum and shoved them inside Xander’s pillow. “This…” he said, pressing the boy’s face against the pillow and coaxing him to take a sniff. “Will not be a bother once you are awake. In fact, this smell will remind you how nice it feels to obey. I want you to get acquainted with it so you can start associating it with this blissful entranced state. Do you think you can do that in your sleep, my sweet? If you please your cousin, good things will come to you.”

“Yes… cousin…”

“Good boy.” Nick smiled, kissing Xander’s lips, this time coaxing them to pry open so his tongue could slither inside, giving Xander’s tongue a few strokes, only pulling out once he plucked a moan out of the boy. “Now, sleep.” Nick commanded, snapping his fingers in front of Xander, who immediately closed his eyes and began snoring slightly.

“Sweet dreams, sweet cousin.” Nick grinned, this time leaving the room without closing the door behind him, ready to write down that night’s experience.

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