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Chapter 4: A Palace Fit For A Queen Part-2 POOL PARTY!!

By Anonymous
published May 22, 2019

With Nuzio ‘bitched’ by gay house invaders, Guido loads the glock and starts hunting fag. But what do you do when bullets can’t touch the skinnydippper in the pool?

Chapter 5 – A fish out of water

Some time earlier…

Immensely strong hands grasped Davos and pulled him from his water. He flopped to the floor like a wet fish. Exactly like a wet fish. His iridescent fishtail unable to support his weight. He gasped and coughed, breathing air for the first time since his Queen had taken him into the shower and fucked his eager ass.

His name hadn’t been Davos before his ass had taken the Queen’s cum. In fact, he hardly recalled anything before that life changing moment. He recalled that after he’d been passionately fucked in the cramped shower cubicle, he’d curled up letting the water flow over him. Somehow his skin had become attractive to the water, the droplets reluctant to obey gravity. At first it was just a thin film covering him, then a comfortably thick layer like a wetsuit of wetness, he’d felt so comfortable, warm and floaty after the multiple orgasms his Queen had given him. Finally, He’d drifted off to sleep as water continued to flow over him becoming ‘his’ water, expanding until he was surrounded by a sphere of fluid like a tadpole egg. He remembered feeling his legs meld together into a powerful swimming tail and then the rest was sea dreams until just now.

A pair of boys he instantly knew were Twink quickly applied towels, one gently drying his tail, whilst the other attended to his torso. His body, sensing dryness, morphed back to human form, with the exception of two delicate fishy fins on either side of his sexy hips which he kept because they looked cute, his cock extended from its internal sheath.

He coughed, trying to clear his lungs ‘Fuck!’

‘Always an option,’ said the Twink winking. ‘Actually, the Queen has a mission for us and it will almost certainly involve you fucking someone in a pool.’

‘I think I can do that.’

‘I thought you might, now put your water in this sports bag and absolutely no singing until we say, got it?’

Obediently Davos reached out a hand and pulled his water back together and had it flow into the waiting kit bag. In seconds the bathroom was clean and completely dry, steamy mists and condensation entirely gone. He followed the twinks to the outside door, their leader placing a restraining hand on his chest.

‘Important to remember, you can’t appear naked where some straight hetero can see you, got it?’ said the older boy.

He nodded, noting how the Twinks could generate the illusion and finding it easy to copy their technique, generated a wetsuit to wear.

‘When you get the hang of it, try to make the illusion fit their context rather than yours. Wetsuits and swimwear are uncommon hereabouts,’ advised the Twink. ‘But it will do for now, just follow us down to the van. Try not to interact with anyone, I know it can be intimidating to be surrounded by hundreds of heterosexuals when you first come out. You’ll feel the urge to seduce them, but you can’t right now. Above all, no singing.’

Davos nodded, wide eyed. The thought of being surrounded by such creatures scared him. Intellectually he knew that he was the one that was changed and new, but his instincts said it was the rest of the world who were aliens, uncomprehending at best, hostile at worst.

‘It’s ok, we’re here for you,’ said the other Twink, putting arm on his shoulder. ‘This is my first time outside as well.’

‘Are we going?…’ demanded a butch lesbian behind them.

‘…Or are you wimps going to have a fucking meltdown about being ‘Out?’ added her identical twin.

Davos shifted his position so that the young twink was between him and the scary lesbians.

‘Cut it out Bi,’ snapped the older twink. ‘Marine-boys are instinctively timid on dry land and he’ll have very little of his old self left after such a radical makeover. Now remember the mission.’

The Bi glanced at each other in silent communion and then nodded as one. ‘We’re sorry, Davos. Part of our makeover was to make us a lot more male-aggressive…’

‘…Also, we like being a bit scary.’

‘.. it turns us on’

They led him outside into a nasty dry place, with lots of the hetero-creatures milling around and then into a dark place that had rough flooring that pricked at his tender new feet and had vehicles that smelled of oil.

‘Is he ok?’ the younger Twink asked the elder.

‘He’ll be ok, Naish. This just isn’t his element anymore. The merfolk are shy by instinct and even more so away from water,’ the older twink turned to him

‘Davos, you can have your water back now, we’ll wake you when it’s time…ok?’

Davos nodded, wide eyed. Taking a seat in the back of something he remembered was called Mystery Machine. He pulled his water out of the bag and sent it inside the machine, forming it into a nice comfortable sphere of liquid to curl up in.

Exhausted from walking down stairs and across a road-thing he slept, dreaming of lovely little golden fish and how tasty they might be.


Davos sensed a change in the light filtering into his water as the backdoor of the van-thing was opened. He was in a new place, magically far away from the shower cubical of his birth. The new place was greener, there was a pleasant misty fog, with dew on the greenstuff. Confidently he willed his tail to become legs and jumped down asking, the water to protect his feet.

The others had their illusions on, so reluctantly he materialised his wetsuit.

There was a new person, a Futinari, so young its makeover wasn’t complete. Whilst instinct said it, he had no clear idea what a Futinari was, other than that this creature was one. The younger twink flirted with it as they walked toward a large place like the one his shower was in, but differently shaped.

He sensed water, lots of it and started walking faster, soon it turned into a full run. Somewhere nearby there was more water than he’d ever imagined!

‘Bugger! He can sense that swimming pool, after him!’ said the older twink, his words made faint by the distance. ‘Don’t let him get too far ahead, there’s still a hostile in there! The Queen won’t be pleased if his merman-fantasy gets shot!’


Guido checked the magazine on the Glock, stuffing it in his shoulder holster. Fucking Nunzio was compromised. You didn’t get to be the Boss’s right hand without knowing who all the players were, and it looked like one of the disgusting fudgepackers was making a play.

He flipped open his phone sent a coded text to the Boss #stonewall# and began to stalk his prey.


‘I’m telling you, he’s dangerous,’ Insisted Nunfuta.

‘Trust me,’ said the Artful Twink. ‘I’ve been dancing a Queen’s dance for centuries. I’ve bent every straight guy I’ve faced.’

’Bang you’re dead,’ said a hostile voice behind them. ‘Up against the wall, eyes down and no fucking eye contact. You too Nunzio.’

Nunfuta smiled and stopped holding back the final part of his makeover, buttons popping off his shirt as his breasts expanded to a more respectable 34E in a couple of seconds. With luck it would distract Guido long enough for one of his sister-boys to do their ninja thing.

‘Damn, they bitched you good, fucking waste.’

‘Yeah, and it feels great too, tities, pussy and a double length cock…so fucking hot.’ Replied Nunfuta Jiggling his chest so that his shirt revealed more cleavage.

‘If you think you can hypnotise me with man-tits, you’re wrong Nunz. I’ve seen this shit before. Same goes for you dancing queen, not a word from you. I know how corrupting your sort’s ‘chat up’ lines are.’

‘We have chat up powers? Kewl!’ said Naishur unable to contain his delight.

Angrily, Guido slammed the perverted little shit against the wall, managing to loop a police style zip tie around his wrists before the others could react.

‘The Boss and the local Queen have a truce, an understanding. We don’t torch your saunas, and you don’t mess with our profit-making enterprises. So yeah, we took the time to learn your tricks. I’m chucking zip-ties on the floor, Nunzio, make them secure or this one is getting headshot. Once that’s done, you can start explaining this transgression. Somehow, I don’t think you’re on sanctioned business. Fucking amateurs!’

Nunfuta glanced at Art for permission, before complying. Once the others were tied, he did his own wrists, making sure his hands were in front of him. There was always a chance he could slip a finger into his man-panties for a quick fiddle with his pussy whilst the others were busy.

‘Now, you, the old one, start explaining,’

‘It’s true, this lot are strictly amateur. All of them less than a week since their makeovers, they hardly know what they are capable of yet. What you are seeing is LGBT internal politics. A new Queen is extending his demesne, he wants a nice palace for his court and has chosen this one. If your boss is smart, he’ll sign this manor over to us and cut his losses like a good obedient little boy. Fortunately for you, we’re under explicit instruction to avoid violence,’ explained Art, ignoring alarmed glances from Naishur and Bi.

‘Interesting,’ Guido conceded, if the Queens were bitch-fighting, the Boss could easily clean up, once they were weak.

‘Sure, your Boss could clean up, in theory. But only if he pays tribute and gives us the house.’

Guido felt icey fingers run up his spine, the boy with the old, old, eyes had just read his thoughts like an open book!

‘You’re thinking that you already warned the Boss, that you’ve captured us and that his Boss-ness will come home mob-handed and finish this,’ continued Artful. ‘But that’s not how it’s going down. You see Guido, I can call you Guido, right? Well Guido, turns out that you can’t count and that you missed the one person who’s important.’

Guido stepped back out of reach, checking his flanks, expecting an attack from the fifth bitch boy.

‘Tell me!’

‘To be a proper palace, fit for our Queen’s presence, it needs to be cleansed of all your negative waves, baby,’ smiled Artful, doing a creditable ‘oddball’ impersonation. ‘So, we’re going to hold a mythic pool party. An epic rave that will call out to every LGBT within a 20mile radius. Once that’s done, the house is irrevocably ours. You missed… lets call him the DJ…the master of ceremonies, our big gun as it were.’

The Pool! Guido abandoned his prisoners, and sprinted, certain where he’d find the final intruder and equally certain it was vital he stop whatever the bitch boy was up to.

Artful smiled and turned to his posse. ‘And that my young friends, is how you get rid of gun-toting maniacs. He really shouldn’t have let me speak, and even now he’s not aware of exactly how ‘chatted-up’ he is. If his boss turned up and tried to stop him going to the pool, little Guido would probably gun him down just to get past.’

‘But…What about Davos? You’ve put him in terrible danger!’ said Naishur.

‘I suppose, but only if Davos is on dry land and Guido is using bullets consecrated with bilge-water from a locally flagged fishing boat. Let’s face it, the odds of that are pretty slim. Besides, he’s chatted-up now and totaly mind-fucked. No, it was only you boys and girlz who were ever at risk,’ Art smiled.

‘Bi, be darlings and snap these restraints, would you?’


Guido entered the vast pool room, Olympic in size, but shaped for partying rather than doing lengths. A diving board, an integral jacuzzi area and a wave machine, set in a Romanesque room and heated to tropical comfort levels. At first, he thought he’d gotten there before the bitch boy until he spotted the wetsuit clad body drifting calmly at the bottom of the deep end.

Smiling he raised the Glock took careful aim and fired the entire clip at the pervert’s centre of mass, watching the streaks of disrupted water as the .45 slugs headed toward their target and… stopped short.

He cursed under his breath. How had he forgotten how quickly bullets lost velocity in water? Obviously, he’d have to strip off, get in there and drown the boy close up and personal. Yeah that sounded right…. Didn’t it?

As he entered the water, at the ankle-deep fake-beach end. The intruder seemed to finally sense his presence, no longer appearing to simply adrift like a dead body, but floating upright, beautiful long golden hair drifting around his head like a halo or a lion’s mane.

Not long now he figured. The beautiful little shit licker had been under water for at least a minute, human maximum was three. Once he surfaced, all it would take would be a gut punch to get rid of any remaining air and then hold him down until he expired.

The Marine-boy cocked his head to one side as if curious.

The cold caress of water slapped against Guido’s balls, which was odd, somehow there were waves lazily lapping the artificial beach without the background hum of the wave-maker. He frowned, suddenly intensely aware that he was skinny-dipping, without a stitch of clothing. Not getting his clothes wet was logical and also saved him getting any victim dna on his shirt. The reasoning had seemed sound, except he was now naked in a pool with a really fit gay dude, he hadn’t really thought it through.

The next wave slowly started its way down the pool and seemed to morph, the foamy tip turning into a watery equine head and mane, the Marine-boy leapt onto the part of the wave where a horse’s saddle would have been and rode it down the pool.

‘You are motherfucking shitting me,’ Guido muttered to himself, backing away.

Suddenly the water was thicker, harder to push through and it felt like a slippery wet hand had tried to grab his cock. He aimed a blow that simply splashed empty water. A watery finger slipped between his ass cheeks and he jerked away again easily dispelling it. The boy on the foamy seahorse was closer now, his wave having drifted a third of the way down the pool at a little less than walking pace.

The water bulged forming a transparent watery version of the queer’s head wrapped around his cock, the water temperature was higher this time, exactly like a whore’s saliva as she expertly serviced his cock. A slap of the hand jerked the head away destabilising it into a splosh of water. The Marine-boy was closer.

Warm water dribbled in his ear, he jerked his head away from what felt like a tongue. A transparent watery version of the beautiful Marine-boy, had built itself up to head height, face identical, rocking a perfect swimmer’s physique with no wetsuit. It even replicated nipples he noted as it collapsed, indistinguishable from the regular pool water.

He surged toward the shore, noting the natural water level was now only knee high. The water surged upward, assembling into three completely naked water boys, each one anatomically complete except where they merged with the regular water at the knee. All three smiled identical lustful smiles, innocent smiles seeming to lack malice even as they reached out for him.

Guido figured one final footballer’s charge would smash through to safety, but this time the water resisted, three pairs of hands simultaneously caressing him, holding him in an unbreakable grip. Watery lips kissed his nipples, a solid-feeling hand exploring his asscrack far more insistent than that first experimental fingering it had attempted.

The finger in his ass changed, feeling bigger in diameter, more like a….

Guido thrashed around, panicked-strength enough to disrupt the nearly solid water boys.

With a lower water level, he was almost able to run, able to hope. But just as he reached the ankle-deep edge of the pool, two fully solid water-hands grabbed him and dragged him under. He was sped through the water, gasping for breath as he surfaced at the exact centre of the pool, his feet no longer able to touch bottom.

This time he was face to face with the real swimmer, water trickling down his perfect face long golden hair sticking damply. The hair framing blue eyes that looked like a tropical sinkhole, pale at the edges and an intense azure blue as you went deeper and deeper and deeper.

A movement in his peripheral vision brought him back. He was surrounded, the heads and shoulders of at least twenty transparent water boys clustered around.

The real gayboy coughed a few times, clearing lungs that had been full of water.

‘Hello! My name’s Davos!’

‘Let me go, freak!’ Guido hissed

Davos seemed to take it personally, lip quivering and either pool water or a tear dribbled from his eye. Something the gay’s leader said came back to him. The rest of his group had only been ‘turned gay’ this week. Judging by Nunzio, the personality change was virtually a mindwipe. Maybe that left them trusting and vulnerable to simple lies.

‘I’m sorry if that upset you…Davos. But I’ve never been dragged around by water before. That’s kind of scary, you get me?’

‘I guess,’ replied Davos, not getting it.

‘Ok, now. So… can you let me get out of the water, yes?’

‘Sure! But you’ll come right back? Once you’re not scared of water?’ asked Davos

Guido looked Davos in the eye, feeling the gentle pull to look deeper, feeling compelled to be honest. ‘Not a chance, there’s no way I’m going near water again after this!’

‘Oh, that’s a shame. I could make you not afraid of water if you like.’

Guido frowned, certain he was forgetting something, it would certainly be better if he wasn’t terrified. Those eyes really were deep.

‘I guess,’ he admitted, subconsciously, his voice taking on Davos’ accent and tone of uncertainty.

‘Ok! I know! I’ll sing a song and then you can listen and not have to be scared.’

Before Guido could think to object, Davos sang.

Davos had been right, he had the voice of an angel and the song was the purest thing he’d ever heard, the words almost understandable but somehow not any language he knew. It seemed important to fully understand the words. Slowly Guido relaxed, ignoring everything other than the song-words and trying to grasp their slippery meaning.

Finally, he had it! So obvious! Davos was a sea creature; therefore, his song was intended to be heard underwater.

Dipping his head under the waves, the song’s true power captured Guido’s mind in an instant. All the scary stuff bubbled to the surface as he exhaled, his lungs filling with the thicker air that tasted of chlorine.

He drifted to the bottom, no longer being tugged upward by nasty bubbly air. Davos drifted down with him until they were both standing on the bottom.

°°°Why aren’t I drowning?°°° he asked, feeling only mild curiosity.

°°°Because this is My water°°°

Guido smiled, feeling a little light headed, the answer made perfect sense now that he thought about it.

°°°You do really cool stuff with your water. The seahorse was really good!°°°

°°°Thanks! It was my first one! But I’m more proud of my water boys, getting them warm and hard took real effort!°°°

°°°Warm and hard!°°° replied Guido, giggling and clenching his ass as he recalled the warm-water cock that had tried to take his cherry.

He frowned and stamped a foot slowly against the tiled floor.

°°°You’re sneaky! I bet you’re going to try to turn me gay or some shit like that.°°°

°°°All, ready, did that,°°° Davos replied in a sing song voice smiling smugly.

°°°Did not!°°°

°°°Did too!°°°

°°°Did not!°°°

°°°If I can get you to flip the bone without touching you, that’s proof, right?°°°

°°°I guess°°° replied Guido crossing his arms.

°°°Watch me,°°° commanded Davos

Guido watched. Slowly Davos’ wetsuit became transparent and then vanished, exposing the same perfect physique that the water boys had teased… Only this time it was real flesh, real abs and a mouth-watering shaved cock. Guido felt his cock flop against his leg, already semi-Hard.

°°°Nearly there!°°° encouraged Davos

Some instinct forced Guido to look further down, like the wetsuit before it Davos’ legs faded away revealing six feet of golden scaled tail with cute little guidance fins at the hip and a tail tip that was horizontal like a dolphin’s but far more intricate and delicate like a fish. It was the hottest thing Gui had ever seen, his cock so incredibly rock hard that it extended out of its internal sheath by at least another two inches, milky precum clouding Davos’s water.

°°°There you go!°°°

Gui glanced down, fascinated as his illusionary legs faded away to reveal his own perfect tail. Instinctively he retracted his penis so that it was fully internal and then willed it back outside at full extension…and then did it again because it felt good.


°°°My water, remember,°°° replied Davos, swimming close. °°°You’ve been ‘in me’ this whole time. Plus, a little bit of my water in the ear next to your brain and a squirt more past that tight ass-clench. You’ve been sucking up the gayness like a dry sponge. The transformation only finished when you managed to flip the bone.°°°

Gui smiled, words weren’t necessary, a twitch of his tail drifted him into contact, nipple to nipple, cock rubbing against exquisitely sensitive cock, hands clasped against hands and tails entwined. They kissed, passionately, deeply, nibbling each other’s lips, savage in their lust. SEX. It was the only thought in his brain.

The waters churned, roiled and bubbled, no longer belonging to Davos alone. Slowly a watery version of Gui bubbled to the surface, a younger version with longer hair, and expression of innocence and wide-eyed joy. A transparent version of Davos formed next to the Gui waterboy. The Gui’s deceptive expression immediately switched to predatory and the two simulations lost cohesion in a watery kiss.

Other versions of Gui and Davos formed and embraced, soon the water wasn’t so much churning as it was an orgy of seething waterboys, uncounted numbers of Gui and Davos expressing their love, merging and reforming…seemingly more real and solid as the water turned milky with copious amounts of fresh cum.

An hour later, Gui asked the other one what his name was, and Davos reminded him that it was Davos. Gui snuggled close watching the wibbly wobbly place several feet above their heads. It didn’t bother him that he didn’t know anything about anything. Davos said he didn’t know much either and then told him a nice story about a strange place that was green instead of blue and didn’t have much water… it sounded scary.

Gui didn’t believe Davos, but Davos swore it was a real place. This led to an argument, then a game of kiss-it-better and after that more hot SEX.


Artful tiptoed to the edge of the pool, careful not to distract the two merfolk who had resumed their mating, and tipped the entire thermos flask of Queen’s cum into the water. Where the water boys had been milky and translucent at best, the water now took on genuine flesh tones and a rewarding solidity.

‘OMG!’ whispered Naishur ‘Are they… I mean…’

‘Safe for us, yes, horny as fuck, yes… and strictly temporary. It’s 15:30 now, the effect will dissipate around dawn.’

‘Jeronimo!’ shouted Nunfuta diving straight in and allowing the poolboy orgy to take him in.

Artful sighed resignedly. ‘I’d intended for Our Queen to be first in, but it’s too late now, go on.’

He flipped the phone open and texted the Security Toms that it was safe to move the Queen.


Across the city in Park Cottage, Dogs Wood truckstop, Old Street Sauna and Roman’s Gym, life seemed to pause. The community looked up, the gym bunnies ceased exercising and even the twinks manning the cottage’s gloryholes stopped giving head.

They sensed it. A Queen’s cum had been spilled in sacred ritual and a new breeding ground had been consecrated. It was time to give gifts, to pay respect, pledge loyalty and more importantly to party and get totally wrecked.


Myangel Queen , supreme being, was in his new pool mid-Orgy, when the erstwhile owner decided to make his move, charging into the pool with six heavily armed henchmen.

Triggers were pulled, guns clicking on dud cartridges as the newly consecrated Queer Palace twisted its reality to suit his Majesty’s needs.
The room became silent as over two hundred LGBTs focused their attention on new found prey, held back only by respect for their Queen’s intention as the men fled.

Seeing the dilemma, Myangel Queen paused in sucking Real-Gui’s cock and shouted ‘Pool Party!’

The court cheered and the hunt was on. Quickly the straights were hunted down, dragged back to the pool and unceremoniously thrown in.

A quarter hour later the water orgy had nine beautiful faces instead of two. The real marine-boys in a roil of mutual lust in the deepest corner of their new home, taking turns fucking a young futanari, past sins not even a memory.

8==> Next Chapter Meet Peter, Willy and Todger the sons of Cockwood & Sons the builders… and discover a tragedy of unrequited love and visit the dreamtime of forbidden memory.

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