The Library

By Willie Cici
published May 22, 2019

Alex could not focus on his studies. There was only one place to go …

Wednesday afternoon, around 4:00pm –

Alex focused on the task at hand. He had another half-mile to finish his three-mile run. He hunkered down, summoned the strength, and sprinted the last half-mile. When he reached the intersection at the middle of the campus, he knew he finished his three-mile run. Slowly, he broke his stride, continuing to jog. Sudden stops could cause cramps and muscle strains. He jogged down the lane and then walked down path that bordered the sorority houses. The blonde stud, a Marketing Major, knew his clientele. He removed his t-shirt and strut about bare-chested, revealing his sculpted chest, cobbled core and delectable V-formation. His biceps and triceps dimpled his arms. His black joggers clung to his strong legs and thighs. (To see Alex, click here). His confidence enveloped his physical presence. His model-like looks imbued Alex with a sense of entitlement. Since high school, the stud got the girl. Alex, the college student, prided himself on his discerning palette.

As he reached the last sorority, Alex heard a voice call his name. “Pay dirt!”, he thought to himself. As he turned to face the voice, Alex smiled. “Becky Suceuse.” He nodded ‘yes’.

Becky, wearing tight shorts and an exercise bra, approached the bare-chested stud and traced her fingers along the center of Alex’s chest. “What’ch doin?”, Becky asked.

“I just finished a run. Weather’s too nice to run on a treadmill.”, Alex said.

“Yeah. I know what’chu mean.”, Becky replied. “You want something to drink?”

Alex stared at the sexy little blonde. “Yeah.” Becky headed for the sorority house. Alex followed her, assuming that she was the drink. As they reached the house, Becky headed for the staircase and invited Alex to follow.

Wednesday evening –

After seducing Becky (and another sorority sister), Alex headed to the Campus Food Court, enjoyed a light meal and returned to his dorm room to study and work on his Psych paper. Around 9:00pm, Alex packed his back pack and headed for the library. He could not concentrate in his dorm room, despite the absence of his annoying roommate, Brad, his psych professor’s research assistant. Luckily, the library maintained late hours and would not close until 1:00a.m.

Alex strutted through the front entrance of the library and climbed the stairs to the third floor, to the secluded alcove he preferred for study. As he reached his destination, Alex smiled. His favorite alcove was empty. Alex could spread his books and materials around the couch and tables and play his music without anyone complaining.

At around 11:00pm, Alex needed to use the facilities. He rose from the couch and walked to the nearby men’s rooms. He found the closest urinal and relieved himself. (To see Alex at the urinal, click here). As he stood at the urinal, Alex heard the bathroom door open. In violation of ‘The Unwritten Dude Rules’, a man stood at the urinal next to Alex, despite the availability of two other urinals. The separator provided some privacy, but still, Alex thought, the douchebag should know better than stand at the urinal next to him.

“Hello, Alexander.”, the voice said.

Pissed off for certain, Alex turned his head to face the voice. “Hi, Doctor Harrison.” He faced forward again and continued to urinate, doing his best to speed up the process to avoid any further dialogue with his psych professor. Something about Doctor Harrison rubbed Alex the wrong way.

“Late night studying?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“Yeah.”, Alex answered, doing his best to ignore the professor.

“Good boy.”, Doctor Harrison said.

Wednesday morning, around 9:30a.m. –

Alex opened the door of the Psychology Department Building and headed for the second floor. “This fucker can’t hypnotize me.”, he thought to himself. When he reached Room Number 205, Alex knocked on the door of his professor’s office.

“Come in.”, the voice said. Alex opened the door of the office. “Mr. Lattimore, are you here to volunteer for our class demonstration?”

“Yeah. I’m here to prove this is all bullshit. Your research assistant’s my roommate. He insisted that I volunteer.”, Alex answered with attitude. “There’s a stipend, right?”

“Yes, Mr. Lattimore. Now, let’s get you ready.”, Doctor Harrison. He rose from behind his desk and approached Alex. “Can I offer you a bottle of water?”

“Yeah.”, Alex said. Doctor Harrison opened a small refrigerator in his office and retrieved a bottle of spring water. Alex sipped the cool water. “So, how do we do this?”

“Well, first, sit down on the couch and make yourself comfortable.”, Doctor Harrison said. Alex sat on the couch and continued to drink the water. Doctor Harrison stood behind Alex and said, “Hypnosis is a process of relaxation. I want you to focus on the triangle prism on the bookcase in front of you. In a couple of minutes, you’re going to see flashes of light. I want you to breathe in and breathe out in pace with the flashes of light.”

Alex smiled. “Such bullshit!”, he thought to himself. Suddenly, he saw a flash of light.

“Breathe in.”, Doctor Harrison whispered. With the next flash, he said, “Breathe out.” And so, Alex followed the pace of the flashing lights, breathing in sync to the lights, listening to Doctor Harrison’s calm, soothing voice. “With every breath, you release all the stress, all the tension, all the negativity.” For more than thirty minutes, Doctor Harrison, with his soothing instructions and commands, placing Alex in a relaxed, calm, stress-free state. Coupled with the sedative laced in Alex’s water, the stud finally closed his eyes, his limbs loose, his body relaxed, his mind calm and at ease.

“Can you hear me?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“Yes.”, Alex replied.

“Yes, Sir.”, Doctor Harrison said.

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex answered.

“How do you feel, Alex?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“Great.”, Alex replied.

“You feel so calm, so peaceful listening to my voice, don’t you?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex replied.

“Now, it’s important that you answer my questions truthfully. Understand?”, Doctor Harrison said.

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex answered.

“You trust me and you know that I would not betray your trust. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex replied.

“You trust me and will tell me anything I want to know with truthful answers. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex said.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“No, Sir.”, Alex answered.

“Why not?”, Doctor Harrison asked, surprised by Alex’s answer.

“I like to play the field.”, Alex answered.

“Do you have random sex with numerous partners?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“All the time, Sir.”, Alex replied proudly.

“Do you enjoy all this random sex?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“Fuck, yeah, Sir.”, Alex replied.

“Good. For the rest of the day, your desire to have sex will be insatiable. Anyone who offers you the chance to have sex, you will fuck, but you will not orgasm. Do you understand?”, Doctor Harrison said.

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex replied.

“Don’t stop pleasuring your partners until they orgasm. Understand?”, Doctor Harrison ordered.

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex replied.

“Good boy. Now, tonight, go to your dorm room and study. Around 9:00pm, you will feel unable to concentrate. You will head to the library, to the 3rd Floor Alcove near the men’s room. When you reach the alcove, you will feel warm. Take off your t-shirt and study. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex answered.

“Good. Now, when you hear me say ‘good boy’, you will return to this relaxed, receptive state. You will fall deeper and deeper into trance every time you hear me say ‘good boy’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex replied.

“Good. Now, when I count to 3, you will open your eyes. 1 – 2 – 3.”

Alex opened his eyes. Doctor Harrison smiled. “I told you I can’t be hypnotized.”

Doctor Harrison smiled. “I guess you’re right. I’m sorry to have wasted your time.”

Alex rose from the couch and said, “I’ll see you in class on Thursday.”

“Where’s my money?”, Alex said.

Doctor Harrison walked to his desk and opened the top drawer. He retrieved a pre-paid gift card and handed it to Alex. “It’s for $100. Enjoy. Good day, Mr. Lattimore.”, Doctor Harrison said.

Alex smiled and walked out of the professor’s office. As Alex closed the door, Doctor Harrison locked his office door. He walked to the corner of his office and opened the closet door. Standing, naked, tied and ball-gagged, was his research assistant, Brad. The young stud stared at Doctor Harrison. “You did very well, Bradley. Alexander will prove most entertaining.”

Wednesday evening, around 11:00pm –

“Good boy.”, Doctor Harrison said. Immediately, Alex fell into trance. “Alex, whatever I say, you will obey me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex replied.

“Now, turn around.”, Doctor Harrison ordered. Alex turned around, his cock peeking out of the zipper of his jeans. “Nice cock, good boy.” Doctor Harrison lowered Alex’s jeans and exposed his hefty cock. “Very nice.”, Doctor Harrison whispered. He kissed the tip of Alex’s dick head. Alex’s member leaped as it sensed the old man’s touch. He stroked Alex’s cock and felt the blood surging in his member. “How does that feel?”

“Feels good, sir.”, Alex replied.

“I’m sure.”, Doctor Harrison. The studly professor dropped to his knees and licked Alex’s rock-hard shaft. He traced his tongue upon the popping veins that lined his shaft. He suckled upon Alex’s balls. Harrison then swallowed Alex’s member, feasting on his 8” cock. The studly professor enjoyed seducing the hotties on campus, from time to time using his class as the vehicle for his extracurricular activities. Alex bobbed his hips back and forth fucking the doctor’s face, getting into the groove. Before he climaxed, Harrison pulled Alex’s cock out of his mouth and stroked Alex’s cock until he showered the bathroom floor with ounces of cum. “How do you feel?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“Good, sir.”, Alex answered.

“Alex, when you go back to your dorm room, you’re going to see your roommate, Brad. You will have a strong sexual desire for Brad. You will let him touch you and suck you. You will also fuck him. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex answered.

Doctor Harrison fondled Alex’s junk. “Say it: I like men touching my cock.”

“I like men touch my cock.”, Alex cooed, his member still sensitive from his orgasm.

“Say it: I’m attracted to my roommate.”, Doctor Harrison ordered.

“I’m attracted to my roommate.”, Alex said.

“Say it: I’m attracted to sexy men.”, Doctor Harrison added.

“I’m attracted to sexy men.”, Alex repeated.

“I’m attracted to sexy older men, but I’m too scared to act on my attraction.”

“I’m attracted to sexy older men, but I’m too scared to act on my attraction.”, Alex repeated.

“Good. Get dressed and walk out of the men’s room. When it’s closing time, leave the library and go directly to your dorm room.”, Doctor Harrison ordered. Alex put on his underwear and trousers. “And when you see Brad, give him the $100 debit card I gave you this morning. Now, on 3, you will awake. You won’t remember any of this. 1 – 2 – 3.” Alex stared at Doctor Harrison. “Burning the midnight oil, Mr. Lattimore?”, Doctor Harrison asked.

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex stared at Doctor Harrison. For the first time, Alex noticed how handsome Doctor Harrison was, how virile and sexy. Alex suddenly felt flushed and said, “I gotta go.” Alex hurried out of the bathroom.

Doctor Harrison chuckled as he watched his new toy hurry out of the bathroom. Doctor Harrison washed his cum-soaked hands in the basin, wiped the bathroom floor of Alex’s jizz, and rinsed his mouth using the tap water. “Nice cock.”, he muttered, as he stared into the bathroom mirror.

“Yes, Sir.”, Alex thought to himself. Alex did not understand why he answered in that manner. He walked out of the bathroom feeling uneasy. “Why am I shirtless?”, he also questioned himself. When he returned to his books and backpack, he found his t-shirt and put it on his body. He sat down and resumed his studies. He still had five more pages to edit of his psych paper.

At around 12:45am, Alex heard an announcement over the public address system. “The library will close in fifteen minutes. Please gather your belongings and make your way to the exit.” Alex packed away his books and notes and made his way out of the library.

Alex returned to his dorm room, only to find his roommate, Brad, posing on his bed, wearing women’s lingerie. “I’m attracted to my roommate.”, Alex thought to himself. “I’m attracted to sexy men.” Alex stared at his twinkish roommate, bedecked in white satin and lace, his bulge filling the basket of the female panties. “What are you wearing?”, Alex said to Brad.

“Who cares?”, Brad said as he fondled his package.

Alex nodded ‘yes’. “You’re right.” He stripped his clothes and stood in his dorm room naked. Brad hopped of his bed and caressed Alex’s sculpted, ripped physique. Brad suckled upon Alex’s breast and fondled his junk. Alex pushed Brad to his knees, wiggled his cock and said, “Suck it.” He shoved his cock into Brad’s mouth and bobbed back and forth, fucking the twink’s face. “Harder.”, Alex insisted.

Thursday morning, 1:07am –

Doctor Harrison returned to his office, fired up his laptop and activated his Skype. He could see Brad kneeling and posing on his bread, wearing the white satin and lace bra and panties he ordered Brad to wear. He watched Alex walk into his dorm room and confronting the panty-clad Brad. He whipped out his cock and stroked himself to orgasm, watching Brad suck Alex’s cock.

“Nice.”, Harrison whispered to himself.

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