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published May 21, 2019
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This is sort of a quasi sequel/spinoff of Boypussy by AgainstMyWill. A favorite of mine.

“Dad! Where’s my gym clothes?!” Chris shouted as he rummaged through his closet. His dad always assumed all his clothes were messy and just tossed ‘em in the laundry. “They’re in the washer! They stunk to high heaven!” yelled Ronald from the other room. Well fuck what now? thought Chris. He couldn’t just gym in jeans or cargo pants. Ronald walks into the room with an old raggedy gym bag. “Here use mine. Haven’t used ‘em in a bit so don’t get grossed out or nothin’.” Said Ronald as he tosses the gym bag to his son. Ronald has what most people call a “DadBod”, not necessarily out of shape but definitely not as fit as he wanted to be. Still, Ronald looked good for 45. If he shaved that salt and pepper stubble he would look a good few years younger. But Ronald embraced aging once he hit 40. “If Kurt Russels still got it so does ol’ Ronnie.” he would say to Chris’s mom. Chris looked in the bag and found some shorts, shirts, and EW JOCKSTRAPS. “Don’t make that face boy that’s just what was worn back when being a man was being a real man. Besides, I ain’t forcin’ ya to wear that just the other stuff.” Chris delicately pulled out the shirt and shorts so as not to touch that old jockstrap. “Thanks Dad…I guess.” Ronald gives his boy a typical pat on the back and walks out the room.

Later at the gym Chris walks into the locker room, sweating yet not the least bit tired. Chris could be an athlete if he wanted. But he’s working out mainly for the pussy this body gets him. The ladies would always compliment it too, “Your jaw is so perfectly square” “Ugh I want your arms around me.” “God, my husband wishes he looked like you” Not that he wasn’t into sports he just wasn’t really into having to be around a bunch of roided out dudes all the time, which is why he only goes to the 24 hour gym in the middle of the night. On this night Chris was more or less alone save for a few who felt the same as him and kept their distance. In the locker room Chris looked in the mirror to see how the workouts progressed. “Wow..” Chris thought “I kinda look like my dad in these clothes.” The only difference is Chris has more of a swimmers body than a wrestlers body like his pops. This means the shirt almost looked more like a dress on him and the shorts were so loose he had to pull em up after every set.

As Chris is modeling to himself in the mirror thinking about the pussy he’s gonna get he notices someone watching behind him. Startled, he turns around and sees an older man standing motionless, nothing but his eyes moving looking Chris up and down. “You scared the shit out of me dude.” Chuckled Chris, trying to play off his little scare. “Sorry” spoke the man in a flat tone “I was just doing what you were doing.” Chris looks at the man with a bit more focus. He’s around his dads age except shaved and bald. He’s definitely fitter than his dad. The mans wearing a tight tank top showing off a lot of his chest and back muscles, also clean shaven. “Must be a boxer” Chris thinks as he tries to get a read on him. He also notices the mans shorts which are.. er… a bit tighter than Chris is comfortable seeing. They should be considered briefs theyre so tight. In fact, Chris can see the outline of the guys dick! Gross!

“Well I’ll get out your way and find another mirror” says Chris trying to find a way out of this awkward exchange. “No, I wasn’t looking at me. I was looking at you. You remind me of one of my sons.” This is getting too weird very fast thinks Chris as he starts backing away. He looks down and the mans dick is now fully hard and pitching a tent! “Look man, I don’t care what kind of freaky shit you’re into but I don’t roll that way okay? I like chicks.” The man finally makes eye contact with Chris, and Chris notices the emptiness in the mans stare. “So you like pussy?” the man says with a smirk. “Yeah man, I love pussy so put that thing away and get the fuck out of here.” “I love pussy too. But not the kind you like. I love Boypussy”. The man finally starts to move albeit slowly towards Chris who is grabbing the gym bag to bolt out of there. “Yeah dude I figured you were gay but again, I’m not into that.” The mans smirk turns into a smile “You should be. Boypussy is better than pussy. You’d love my sons Boypussy.”

That word starts to ring in Chris’s head with every utterance. At first confusion but now it’s a strange curiosity. He wonders what Boypussy could possibly have to top regular pussy. In all this confusion and wonder Chris hasn’t noticed that the man is right in front of him. “I tell you what you would love so much more than Boypussy though…” Something better? The man has built up Boypussy as an improvement and now he knows something better? Chris’s cock twitches with excitement at what it must be. Wait…what? Chris looks down and he sees that he too has pitched a tent in his dads oversized shorts. Somethings wrong. “Listen man I don’t care about Boy…pussy—” saying it makes Chris’s cock twitch even more and now he feels a strange feeling in his ass, an empty feeling. “Don’t worry about that, that’s for later but for now…” The man says as he slides off his shorts “You’re gonna love my DaddyDick” Chris is frozen in shock as he looks down at the mans gross, ugly, tasty, delicious, beautiful DaddyDick. He can’t take is eyes off it’s veiny thick throbbing beauty. The way it sways with the mans movements has Chris entranced. He wants to react but for some reason he just can’t, in fact he wants to get a better look at it. “Go ahead, don’t be shy. You like looking at my DaddyDick.” Chris hated to admit it but he does. Every second he stares at it he sees something new and wonderful about it. The veins, the head, the foreskin, all entrancing Chris as he gets closer and closer to it. “You like Daddydick don’t you?” I do, thought Chris. All his thoughts now were about his love for DaddyDick and how he can stare at one for hours on end.

“You need to suck my DaddyDick.” Suddenly Chris mouth was watering to the point of drooling. He had this great want to shove this strangers DaddyDick down his empty throat. “Can I?…” asked Chris shakily. “Can you what?” the man said in an assertive tone. “S…Suck your…” Chris tried to fight his urge, he didn’t want this strangers cock anywhere near him but at the same time for some strange reason it looked like the most delicious thing he’s ever seen. “My what?” responded the man. “Your….DaddyDick.” and with that utterance, Chris cock twitched almost in unison with the mans as if their sexual urges have finally calibrated. “You want to suck this DaddyDick then by all means boy.”

Chris started slowly leaning towards the 8 inch, precum dripping cock with hesitation until he felt the mans strong hand behind his head guiding him. He opened his mouth and licked the tip at first. This tastes amazing thought Chris as he then let all hesitance go and dove straight in, getting a mouthfull of cock. “There you go boy, taste my DaddyDick, It’s so delicious for boys like you isn’t it. My son cant get enough of it.” Chris could barely pay attention to the mans words as he began slurping and sucking as much as he can, tasting every inch of skin from the mans cock. Chris barely would be able to brush his teeth without gagging but for some reason that feeling is gone. Hes pushing his face deeper and deeper till the DaddyDick is poking at his throat. “You want to taste all of it boy, every single bit. My son was the same. Let me help.” with that the man puts his hands on Chris head and pushes until his cock is down the boys throat with ease. Chris feels wetness dripping down his legs and realizes he’s cum in his dads shorts, but somehow he’s still insanely horny. His cock isn’t what needs stimulation, it’s his boypussy.

Chris reaches his hand behind him and starts to rub and play with his tight boypussy as the man fucks his face. Though he isn’t gagging his moans are choked and muffled as he sticks a finger in and out of his boypussy. His drool is spilling from every corner of his mouth as the man ramps up his speed. Fuck I love his DaddyDick it feels so hot drilling into my throat! Chris thinks as he now has three fingers jammed into his boypussy. “Oh fuck yeah boy take my DaddyDick! Im gonna cum and I want you to enjoy and savor the taste before you swallow it!” Chris manages to nod slightly as the man pulls his cock almost all the way out and begins to shoot his load right onto Chris eagerly waiting mouth. “Fuuuck Yeah! Taste that cum. That’s why DaddyDick is the best!” Chris feels pump after pump of the mans hot salty sweet thick cum invade his mouth. He’s right, DaddyDick is the best. Chris works his tongue over the tip of the mans cock to clean up any remaining cum. Chris takes his sweet time swallowing the cum before reaching down and swallowing some of his own.

“Atta boy. I told you you’d love it.” the man says flatly raising his pants. “Fuck that was so hot. Your DaddyDick tastes so good…it feels so good. Please fuck my ass…my boypussy.” Says Chris in between licks of his cum soaked fingers. The man begins to walk away with a devilish smirk before turning back. “That boypussy ain’t mine to fuck yet.” and with that the man was gone, leaving Chris teary eyed, drool covered, cum stained and kneeling on a dirty gym floor.He was still processing just what the fuck had happened when the hunger hit him again, and the emptyness was felt in his ass again. He should be covering up in case anyone else walked in. But Chris didn’t care about that now… Chris needed to get home. Chris needed some more DaddyDick.

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