My Cousin Nick (4)

By Twan Andersen -
published May 20, 2019
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Xander wakes up with no recollection of the previous night. Will he uncover what Nick has done to him?

Nick let out a large yawn as he sat down on one of the chairs in the café near his department. It was not that he was one of those people who didn’t function without caffeine in the morning, but he had barely slept that night after he had left his younger cousin alone in his room. In fact, Nick had checked on him three times, afraid he would somehow awake and remember the whole ordeal, despite the fact it was practically impossible due to the orders he had been given in trance.

It wasn’t just the fear of Xander waking up, though. Nick spent the whole night awake, desperately turning around and shifting in bed, unable to fall asleep properly because the part of him that still cared about morals felt bad for what he had just done. It was as if he had had a conversation with his own personal devil and angel, either sitting on a different shoulder, the former reminding him of how sublime it had felt to utterly dominate one who was easily the most beautiful young man in campus, and how much more he could enjoy it in the future, the latter trying to reason with him that Xander was his cousin and Nick had no idea if the young man was straight, gay or bi. Eventually the man ended up shooing both devil and angel away, masturbating to the fantasy of just walking into Xander’s room and claim his cousin’s lips while grinding against him, eventually coming together with him and just lie there, smothering him under his weight. It was only after Nick came with a second orgasm from the fantasy that the man found some sleep, though it only lasted for two hours.


Nick did not hear the voice, still lost in thought as he stared at nothing. It was not as if Xander was going to find out anyway, the man making sure his cousin’s memories would be safely contained by him. And it was also not as if he was going to take away Xander’s freedom forever, just whenever he felt like it. He still wanted the younger man to enjoy university life… he just wanted to be the one dictating his sex life. After all, there would be no one safer than him to guide Xander through it. Who else could have the same nefarious intentions?


It was only then that Nick looked up to the face of an older man, stern blue eyes looking back at him. Those eyes belonged to Dr. Chris Tyler, his thesis advisor. Despite being in his sixties, the only evidence of the man’s age was his snow-white hair. His face only had enough wrinkles to make him look at least fifteen years younger, especially due to his well-built figure that was maintained with trips to the gym every morning.

“Oh, sorry Chris! I was lost in thought. Please, sit down.” Nick smiled.

He had quite an admiration for Chris, who had been the first faculty member to pick up on his genius and recruit him to write a few papers with him, eventually trusting him with lecturing classes a few hours per week. In fact, their relationship was almost paternal, Nick being the only one who called him by his first name.

“So…” Chris eventually said after a while, looking straight at Nick with his icy blue eyes. “Your thesis. What did you end up deciding?”

“I’m going with the original topic, Chris. Total mind control. I have a subject and a venue; you don’t need to worry about anything.”

Chris lifted an eyebrow at Nick in response, taking a sip from his own coffee. “Is that so? Normally I would be very wary of a student telling me this, but… somehow hearing it coming from you convinces me. Who is the subject? Did you finally managed to snag a guy on one of your nights out and convince him? If I recall correctly you had to blackmail your former roommate once he found out what you were trying with him so he wouldn’t go to the police…”

“Don’t you worry about that.” Nick grinned back confidently, even crossing his arms behind his head as he did so, unaware of just how much he smelled of sweat and sex from the previous night. “All I need is for you to get me all the paperwork he has to sign… and of course I want his identity to be confidential. Even from you, if you don’t mind.”

“Afraid I’d steal him from you?” the older man teased. Nick had to admit he was worried for a moment. If he was a smooth talker that could get into anyone’s pants, even without the need for hypnosis, then Chris was a legend compared to him, a master of the word who could convince anyone that he was the one they needed in their lives. The man was happily married, but if there was one thing he had never been able to abdicate in his life was the student holes he tended to fuck on a weekly basis, some of them doing it for a passing grade.

“Not a chance.” Nick spat back, though he had almost been unable to hide the uncertainty in his tone.

“How did you put him under then? Normal counting, I assume.” Chris asked, changing the subject.

“Yes. It was only the first time, so there is still a lot of work to do. I think in a week, I should be able to have a trigger installed.”

“That’s nothing.”

“Huh?” Nick asked, puzzled by Chris’s sudden reply.

“Auditory triggers are a feeble thing and you know it, we’ve both published a paper on it, they are unreliable, can be used by anyone, and fade over time if not activated once in a while. If you want to write something decent, then you will have to come up with a different sort of trigger to add to it. Something that would belong only to you, that only you would be in complete control of.”

“What do you suggest, then?” Nick asked, having never considered Chris’s theory until that moment. The man was right, technically Xander could run into anyone that day who’d call him a sleepy boy. He’d have to choose something different.

“Mix up your voice and trigger with a third thing. I’m sure you will be able to figure it out,” Chris mused, before adding. “Why don’t you use your smell? You stink, I bet you didn’t even shower before you met me,” the man joked, not intending it to be a serious instruction.

However, he had certainly struck a nerve with Nick, who couldn’t hold back a grin at the idea that had implanted himself in his mind. Chris had just given him the perfect way to sway Xander and make him succumb to his wiles. He just had to make his cousin fall in love with his natural scent, and teach him to crave it, to need it and to worship it, associating it with the joys of bliss that would come with being under an entranced state.

At the same time, back in the shared home, Xander had just begun to awaken, his head groggy and heavy as it took him a bigger effort to get off bed. Luckily, classes would only begin the next week, so he didn’t have to worry about getting up early yet. The young man dragged himself to the bathroom, desperate to relieve himself, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle considering what had happened the previous night.

It was only when he looked at himself in the mirror, seeing the dried stain in his dark underwear, that Xander remembered that his cousin had suggested trying to hypnotize him and convinced him to be put under. He remembered having counted down slowly to zero, but even the memories of counting were hazy, everything after that a pure blank. Brushing his hand over the dried-up stain, Xander froze.

“What the…?” he asked the shocked expression in the mirror, fairly certain it was dried semen. Just what had happened the previous night? Gulping visibly as he took his underwear off and stepped into the shower, Xander shivered slightly at the thought that Nick had managed to actually put him in a trance and take advantage of him. He scrubbed himself twice as hard while trying to reason with himself. It’s not as if his cousin would just take advantage of him like that… right?

Not even his grumbling stomach once he had finished dressing up shook those thoughts away in Xander’s mind. It was a small relief for him that Nick wasn’t home, but Xander did not feel safe there.

So, to forget about things, the young man decided to hang out at the mall. After eating breakfast, he ended up treating himself to the new Super Smash Bros., almost heading back home when he saw a film that he had been looking forward to was already out. Knowing he was in need of a distraction, Xander sat there to watch it, unsurprisingly being one of the five people in the theatre. The young man was fully engrossed in the film, until one of the characters said a line that completely changed things.

“I sure am sleepy. Boy, I could use a rest right now.”

And that was when Xander fell asleep, passing out in his seat, the small bucket of popcorn he had been holding ending up falling unceremoniously into the floor not long after. Since it was an almost empty theatre, the poor boy slept through two entire sessions, finally waking up after some effort until one of the attendants was shaking him awake with an increasingly worried tone.

“Wha?” Xander asked, his eyes fluttering slowly as a blonde girl sighed in relief, the young man stretching his arms as he woke up.

“Goodness, you had me worried! Are you okay?” she asked.

“Y-yeah…” the young man sighed, his head somehow even more groggy than it had been that morning. He felt a line of drool that had streamed down the corner of his lip, wiping it off. “What time is it?”

“About seven. Do you want me to call you a ride home?”

“No, no. Don’t worry. I must have just fallen asleep,” the young man said, standing up and looking down at the mess he had made. “Crap! I am so sorry!” he exclaimed.

“It’s okay. That’s kind of my job, after all,” the girl smiled back at him. “What’s your name, sleeping beauty?”

“Oh,” the young man blushed slightly. “Call me Xander. Nice to meet you… Juliet,” he smiled back, excusing himself politely as he left.

As soon as Juliet was out of sight, the worried look came back to Xander’s handsome face. Unlocking his smartphone, he was able to see he had three missed calls from Nick, along with seven messages asking for his whereabouts and if he was okay. Gulping, Xander locked his phone again and tucked it inside his pocket. First it was the dried cum spot, then the way he had fallen asleep during the day for quite a few hours… something was definitely wrong. His mind even went ahead as to conjure a scenario where Nick had drugged him, Xander growing increasingly way of going home.

Luckily, as soon as he arrived, he could hear the shower running. Silently, Xander made his way to his room, closing the door behind him as he did so. He didn’t want to confront Nick, not when that possibility existed. Obviously, he was not going to barge in and accuse his cousin when he had no proof, so his only choice was to sleep it off that night and use his phone’s camera to record a possible intrusion.

Of course, Nick would have none of that. The man hadn’t heard his cousin coming home, but when he called him for the fourth time that day, he heard the Cowboy Bebop theme ringing from Xander’s room, his cousin foolishly putting it on silent and pretending nothing was wrong. Once again, wariness took over Nick, the man immediately assuming Xander was aware of it. Whatever the reason Xander had had to not pick up the phone, Nick had to make things clear.

“Xander?” he asked as he knocked on the door, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. “Xander, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah!” his cousin exclaimed from inside with an unconvincing tone. “I’m fine!”

“I don’t believe you.” Nick retorted with a worried tone. “Let me come in so we can talk, please.”

“Nick, trust me. I’m fine!” Xander exclaimed with a tip of desperation. Nick knew that it was going to be easier to break him that way. He had to be forceful.

“Okay, ready or not, I am coming in,” the man said sternly, opening the door and walking inside. His cousin was sitting on his bed, clutching his Nintendo Switch and trying to avoid his gaze. “What’s wrong?” Nick asked, as if addressing a moody teenager.

“Nothing.” Xander lied through his teeth, again avoiding Nick’s gaze. The man contained a chuckle, glad that his cousin was horrible at it. Faking a light sigh, Nick smiled sternly, rolling back Xander’s desk chair and sitting on it without a care for his wet towel.

“It’s about last night, isn’t it? You are afraid of what I did to you when I hypnotized you.” Nick said, deciding to come clear with things. The way Xander’s eyes widened, his breath visibly racing with the way his chest expanded the cloth of his T-Shirt, it was almost too delicious for the man, who had to contain his own smirk and desire to lick his lips. “Come on, just say it.”

“Did…” Xander started, taking a while to fully form the sentence, afraid of the answer. “Did you do something to me when I… when I was under a trance I guess?” he asked, still in disbelief he had actually been hypnotized and it was possible.

“Cousin.” Nick smiled, scooping closer with the chair. He reached forward to touch Xander’s exposed forearm, giving it a single gentle stroke. “Look at me,” he pleaded, before continuing. “Do you seriously think I’d do anything to harm you? To hurt you?”

“Well, no…” Xander mumbled. “But I don’t remember a single thing after I counted down.”

“That’s because all I did was command you to sleep and then I carried you to bed.” Nick lied with a deceitfully gentle smile. “Nothing else. I just took off your jeans when I tucked you in because I wanted you to be comfortable.”

Xander looked up at Nick silently, the boy’s green eyes trying to read Nick’s dark ones, to no avail. Nick knew what was the elephant in the room that Xander wanted to address, but it was going to be the boy breaking the ice and dropping that barrier between them, not him.

“Are you sure you didn’t do… anything else?” Xander asked.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because…” Xander’s words were stuck in his mouth, the boy looking at Nick who just rose an eyebrow as if repeating the word to prompt Xander to continue. “Well because my underwear was stained when I woke up!”

Nick couldn’t contain a chuckle, followed by a teasing laugh at the way Xander’s face was almost blood-red with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry cousin, but if you’re having wet dreams that’s not my fault!” Nick sniggered, his cousin reflexively throwing a pillow at him that the man easily caught with a large hand. “Oh, damn. Did you seriously think I was just gonna mess with you? I’d never do anything to harm a hair in your head, you know this.”

“You promise?” Xander asked.

“I promise. I only want what’s best for you.” Nick smiled, before he began standing up, spreading his arms. “Now, give your big ol’ cousin a hug.”

Xander got off the bed to embrace Nick back, the man’s thick arms squeezing him momentarily. The poor boy was so relieved that he had come clear with his cousin, feeling foolish that he had assumed the worst in Nick. Xander was so relieved that he even laid his head on Nick’s bare shoulder, sighing slightly. He didn’t know how to explain it, but he felt safe in the man’s warm embrace. However, he then let go before things could become too awkward, as if he had only then remembered that Nick was solely in a bath towel. The fact that his own stomach had just grumbled helped a lot.

“Go get something to eat.” Nick advised with a smile, watching as Xander walked away, before adding “You sleepy boy.”

The scene that ensured almost went in slow motion. Nick tugged on his own towel and allowed it to drop as he took a step forward to catch Xander in his arms, embracing his cousin from behind as his body went limp, the poor helpless boy falling into a nice slumber. Nick chuckled evilly, his real intentions out in the open once more.

“Now… where were we?”

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