Medical ASSessment

By Tkhon
published May 20, 2019

A couple routine visits to the doctor’s office. Nothing to see here.

My eyes drooped as I sat through my routine physical examination. I always found this sort of thing soothing, it was easy to zone out and just wait for it to be over. The doctor told me to answer his questions honestly, so I did. It was a good thing I could zone out like this because otherwise I’d probably be uncomfortable with a guy seeing me completely exposed like this, even if it was a medical professional. So even as my butt was being examined I was able to kinda “disassociate” or whatever.

“Hmm…” I heard a low ponderous sound from behind me. Was something wrong?

“Tell me, are you homosexual?” I heard in the same low tone.

Huh? What gave him that impression? I told him no, maybe a bit too quickly, wanting to get this over with and go back to zoning out.

“It’s important that you’re honest with, Mr. Meyers,” the doctor was saying, “your anus shows distinct signs of insertion.”

My mind reeled? Insertion? How was that possible? Another, more logical part of my brain added that that wasn’t necessarily a sign of being gay anyways. I’d heard there were guys who liked butt stuff with women, or just to masturbate, not that I understood how a guy could like that. Another side of my brain said to give the doctor the benefit of the doubt, he was probably just asking because it was the most common situation, and he was trying learn more about my health. But the loudest part of my brain was telling me to answer the doctor truthfully.

“I like to finger myself,” I heard myself say.

Wait, was that right? I mean it did make sense, if the doctor found my ass was looking a little… used. Yeah, that was bound to happen when you stick your finger up there. No wonder he thought I was gay.

“I see…” the doctor was saying, coming around to face me now, “is that all?”

I nodded yes.

“Could you describe your habits involving anal stimulation to me, then?” the doctor continued, “please be entirely truthful in your account.”

So I gave him an outline, starting with how when I got horny I’d find a place to lay back and slowly stroke myself starting at the base and working up to the tip. Then I’d start playing with my balls, and eventually I’d stick a finger up there. After some light prodding I admitted it was usually two or three fingers. The feeling in my butt was a great supplement to the sensation of jacking off, and I was always too horny to care about the fact that something was up my ass.

“Hmm…” came that questioning tone of the doctor’s voice, “as I suspected, your fingering alone would not be enough to cause this. Mr. Meyers I need you to be honest with me.”

Not enough? Jeez what was it like back there? Did the doc find some gaping gash, like I’m some sort of fa- gay guy? A thought flashed through my mind, had I been roofied? At a party or something? And I’d just blanked it all out? But as far back as I could remember there were no real gaps or opportunities. Besides, if some guy had fucked me I’m sure my ass would’ve been sore and I’d be able to tell. So what was going on here? Was this just how things were normally and nobody had mentioned it before now? I felt panic start to well inside me, I didn’t know what was going on, but I needed to give an honest answer to the doctor as soon as possible.

“I play around with dildos,” I blurted.

I what? Why had I said that? The doctor nodded like that made sense and wrote something down on his computer.

“I see,” he said, “Mr. Meyers it would have been best if you’d said as much from the start. There’s no need to keep secrets here, and it could be detrimental to your health.”

I hung my head dejectedly. I really shouldn’t have tried to hide this. I guess I was embarrassed about the idea of having a silicon cock wedged inside me, but like the doctor said there wasn’t really a good reason to try to keep secrets at a physical. Really it was silly to be embarrassed by something as natural as stuffing yourself with a dildo. At least that’s what the doctor was saying. Or… I think he did? Honestly it was hard to focus. I remember him giving me a black and white dildo to use. Or maybe I always had it? I dunno. One thing I do remember is I had to make an appointment for a follow up so the doctor could check on some things. Can’t wait.


It’s been a few weeks since I last saw the doctor. The appointment ended up taking longer to arrange than it seemed. I walked through the automatic door just a little awkwardly, I’d gotten pretty good at going about my day to day business with my dildo up my butt, honestly. I felt a gentle warm pride as I reflected on that… though I’m not sure why. It’s not like taking a dildo inside you is something special, it’s basically the most normal thing in the world!

I greeted the doctor happily and stood smiling for a bit as he talked to me about something. I dunno what if I’m honest, but I was happy to strip down for him so he could continue his inspection. At his request I showed him how I could fairly easily slide my dildo in and out of my butt. Then to my surprise he slid something into my mouth! It took me a moment to realize there was a mirror in the office I could use to inspect myself, and that’s how I discovered I was now sporting a matching dildo in my mouth! I panicked and starting gagging but the doctor was there for me. He leaned over my shoulder and whispered in my ear how this was all just standard procedure. How a dildo in the mouth is eveyr bit as normal as one in the ass. He went on to explain that this was a atdnard medical technique; when men are plugged at both ends it makes them calm, docile and obedient, which makes checkups and the like go smoother. That made sense, I realized as the doctor gently guided me to sit on the floor.

I sat there sucking softly on the dildo and looking at myself in the mirror. I was dimly aware of myself sitting naked in a doctor’s office, sitting in an almost dog-like position, with two dildos inside me. Even if there was something weird about that picture, and there wasn’t, I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to care. I felt so relaxed and non-confrontational that I was pretty sure I’d do whatever the next guy who opened their mouth told me to. Luckily the only person around was a medical professional, someone who wouldn’t abuse this. I sighed gently and rolled my tongue along the underside of my new dildo.

I’m not even sure when it happened, but the doctor told me to get on all fours, and I did. I was in a pretty compromising position now, my face pressed against the ground and my ass pointing up as I as it would go. All to give the doctor easy access to continue his examination in a way most convenient to him.

“Hmmm…” I heard that familiar tone, what had the doctor discovered this time?

“I suppose I should have known after the last time,” the doctor was saying, “you really do need to be honest, for your own sake.”

If my cheek weren’t pressed to the floor this is the part where I would’ve hung my head in shame. I hadn’t MEANT to mislead the doctor, but I kept screwing up. What was it this time?

“I wasn’t sure last time, so I didn’t say anything, but there are distinct traces of seminal fluid in anus,” the doctor stated matter-of-factly.

“What?” I heard myself asking, “now hold on, that’s definitely not right! You’re saying there’s jizz up there?”

“If that’s the term you’d prefer, yes,” the doctor said without breaking pace, “I hope you’ll understand that you haven’t proven to be a trustworthy source on the comings and goings of your ass.”

Well. He got me there, I suppose. But there was no way this was right… was it? How could I get cum inside my ass? Maybe some might have ended up there when I masturbated my ass, but surely it wouldn’t be much, and it wouldn’t be IN my ass… right? But… I’d been wrong so many times before…

“I’d like it if you could answer this question honestly,” the doctor continued, “please explain why there’s jizz up your ass.”

“That’s… uh…” I could see myself in slow motion, panicking. I didn’t even consider trying to argue there wasn’t jizz in me, that was obvious a fact. But how could it be? There had to be a non-gay answer to this, right? Maybe not gay but like… bi? Or something…? My brain felt chaotic, I couldn’t really form a coherent argument I needed to be honest…

“Oh, that?” I say, “sometimes I like to cruise guys!”

I feel my breath catch in my throat. What!?

“No… that’s not right…” again I feel like I’m having an out of body experience, I’m watching myself lamely try to defend what just came out of my mouth, “I’m not gay I don’t do guys. I just use dildos.”

“Dildos?” the doctor raised an eyebrow at me like I just said something stupid.

“Yeah, I was using two dildos this entire appointment!” I said confidently, “I had one up my ass and one down my… throat…”

I just realized the core flaw with what I was saying. If there was a dildo in my mouth, how was I talking? I felt my hand shaking slightly as I reached behind myself, towards my ass… and found my empty ass. My fingers grazed the entrance and I had to fight the urge to start violently fingering myself right then and there. I could do that later, right now something strange was afoot.

“Using a dildo in a medical environment like this would be highly unprofessional,” the doctor chided, “besides, if I recall correctly you told me on your last visit that only a real cock can properly satisfy you.”

My mouth just hung open. I could vividly remember saying that. But why had I? Do I really cruise guys? Surely if I did I wouldn’t have to be asking, surely it would be the most normal thing in the world. Taking cocks up the ass. Letting them blow their loads in me. So normal. To get fucked. Yeah… Yeah! Of course I cruise guys. What red blooded man’s man wouldn’t? It’s not gay or anything anyways, guys just need their holes stuffed every now and again. I mean, who could resist that calm docile feeling of being used at both ends by some rough studs? I started to realize I was babbling all of this to the doctor, and to his credit he simply sat there with a small smile, expression unchanging as explicit sexual details spilled out of my mouth. I guess someone in his position probably gets a lot of that.

“I’m glad you’re finally being candid with me, boy, “ the doctor said at last, “now I’m going to need you to tell me the details of these hookups for the sake of understanding your sexual health.”

So I did. The doctor let me get up and sit with him, I took out my phone and helped provide as many details as I could. I was REALLY out of it at this point, but the doctor helped me along. He helped me find the app I use to find guys to hook up with, and he helped correct me when I messed up on some of the details. Like when he asked how often I met up and got fucked I said maybe once or twice a month, since I preferred women most of the time, but pretty quick I remembered I actually hooked up with multiple guys per week. My free time was so full of dicks I didn’t really have time for women, not that I really minded the more I thought about it. Men just know how to treat men right, y’know?

After god knows how long the appointment was finally over. I gave the doctor a quick blow job before leaving, as thanks for all his health. The man really did care about my health!


It’s been a while since my last appointment. Well, last “official” appointment. Doc said he still had some lingering concerns but didn’t have time for another appointment. But he’s such a great guy, he offered to have a private exam at his house! I was so excited I immediately offered to pay him exactly the same as I was paying for the official appointments. Though I realized pretty quickly that I made a mistake because I was so over-eager, and quickly corrected, offering to pay double what I was paying before. It was only right.

“Well, boy-toy,” the doctor was saying as he pried my ass cheeks apart, “things seem find, at least on the surface.”

I blushed a bit at the name. The doctor was big into nicknames, he’d been calling me that the moment we started meeting like this. That’s not a big deal, what’s SLIGHLTY more embarrassing is how much I LIKE the name. If I’m being totally honest I feel more of a connection with the nickname “boy-toy” than my own name these days. It got so bad that I couldn’t resist changing all of my online accounts to som variant of it, even stuff my friends and family can see. I still remember how much relief I felt with each username I changed.

“Of course, looks can be deceiving; I’ll make my usual deep inspection,” the doctor continued. He no longer spoke with the clinical politeness he did at the clinic, which I guess he put on to look professional. In his own home he spoke with a deeper, huskier voice. Not that I’m one to talk. Now that we’re in private I felt a lot less inhibitions in general, even now I’m moaning like crazy as the doctor’s thick but deceptively skillful fingers rubbed various oils and creams into my fuck-hole.

Oh, did I mention? That’s another one of the names from the doctor. Though it’s not a nickname, that’s just what my ass is. He told me once that every guy has a certain name for their back door (his is back door, by the way) that just sort of “clicks”. He listed maybe two other words, I can’t remember what, because the moment I heard “fuck-hole” I knew on some deep spiritual level that’s what my ass was. A hole for fucking. Anything else was secondary at best.

My dick is bouncing and leaking like crazy and I’m only being fingered. The doctor’s been providing me with a bunch of creams and oils and such that not only help cocks slide smoothly into me, but actually help my fuck-hole stay tighter, so it’s more satisfying for guys. There’s also some soothing and rejuvenating stuff in there that makes it easier to get fucked a lot without getting as sore or tired. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to find a guy who would provide all this just because he cared so uch about my sexual health!

And speaking of which, I’m nice and prepped, and I feel doc’s cock at the quivering entrance to my fuck-hole. My whole body is shaking with anticipation, when-

“Hm… a bit loose,” I heard the doctor mutter to himself.

It was true that I’d already been fucked twice this morning, I guess even the doctor’s special ointments can’t miraculous keep a hole tight and fuckable when it’s taking cocks 24/7. Luckily I don’t have time to dwell on my failure.

“Hmm, y’know, boy-toy, I think if I’m going to properly assess your sexual health I’m going to have to be the only guy fucking you,” the doctor said, even as he rammed his cock inside me.

I simply nodded assent. The doctor was a medical professional, his advice was always sound. He’d given me a lot of good advice before, like telling me how men’s asses craved cum, which it why it was important to get ridden bareback. How important it was to swallow every drop when you suck a guy off, to get all the nutritional benefits. So if I wasn’t supposed to go around getting my ass plowed, I guess I’d stop. It’d be hard, like the doctor said I’m a massive cock slut, but I’ll do anything for him at this point, he’s making me a better, healthier man.


It’s been… a long time. I dunno how long, not really something I care about. I still have my private exams with the doctor, though I just call him “sir” these days. It got pretty silly with how often I was at his house for these things, so in the end I just moved in with him, and forwarded all of my money to him each paycheck. Sir is very responsible, every decision he’s ever made for me has only made my life better, so it made sense he control the finances. Now that I’m living with another guy a bunch of people have asked if we’re dating. I always tell them we’re not, but I don’t think they believe me. It’s true though! I always tell the truth. I could never be a “boyfriend” to someone like Sir. I’m more like… a pet. A dog maybe? I do sleep on the floor a lot, that’s for sure. And eat most of my meals out of a bowl on the floor. But whatever, Sir calls me a lot of things. Pussyboy. Fuck-toy. Cum-dump. Lots of cute stuff, I really like it. It’s honestly an honour that he has so many names for me.

It’s great, being taken care of like this. When I’m not working I’m free to just let loose and get fucked like an animal, which is all I am, really, when you get down to it. Well, maybe not an animal. I dunno, it’s easier to think of myself like an ass that has arms legs and a brain to help to get to the nearest cock so it can fulfill its purpose of being impaled on it. That’s how I think about it usually anyways. It’s so much simpler now, I just get to make Sir happy by letting him breed my fuck-hole as much as he wants. And sometimes an all-male orgy happened along the way, and Sir would be very understanding. Sluts like me? Sometimes they just need to zone out, go on auto-pilot, and take cocks like coins in a slot machine. It’s so relaxing, just like when I get my weekly exam.

I’m lucky to have someone who cares so deeply about my health.

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