It's Just a Cock

By Touchstone
published May 19, 2019

When a migraine threatens to disrupt a young accountant’s productivity, he goes to his boss for help.

“Fuck,” Ryan muttered under his breath, noticing the rings of light at the corner of his vision. The young, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, slim built accountant grit his teeth, taking his fingers off the keyboard with a frustrated sigh. The report he was working on was due today, and he could ill afford another crippling migraine so early in the day. Having suffered from migraines for most of his adult life, Ryan had lost count of the various things he’d tried, ranging from dietary adjustments, medications and at least a few ill-informed trips to a Chinese apothecary. The pattern was all too predictable now that he was in his late twenties. It always started with the lights (auras, according to his doctor), and in the next few hours he could expect to be lying in a darkened room, clutching his head in agony.

Luckily for him, two weeks ago he had finally found something that worked.

Rising from his chair, he left his cubicle to make his way to his supervisor’s office. His heart sank when he saw that the blinds on the big glass door were pulled shut – that usually meant that Jeff was either busy or out of the office. Mustering his courage, realizing that he would either be disturbing his boss now or disturbing him later to say he needed to go home, Ryan tapped on the glass door.

“Come in.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, Ryan opened the door to find Jeff at his desk. The older man was dressed in his usual work clothes, that white shirt doing little to hide his impressive, muscled frame. His green eyes looked up from his screen toward Ryan, and the younger man found himself apologizing for the disturbance.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jeff interrupted him with a warm smile. “You happened to have come in at just the right time. Just finished a conference call with our clients in Germany. They were very pleased with your work and wanted me to pass that on to you. I’ve got another appointment in the next twenty minutes, but is there anything you needed to discuss in the meantime?”

“Oh, if you have another appointment, I can always come back later…” Ryan muttered, cursing inwardly. The feedback was nice to hear, but it wouldn’t stop his impending migraine. And if Jeff only had twenty minutes…

“You’re not getting another migraine are you?” Jeff asked directly, an air of concern in his voice. Even though the older man had only started working here in the past few months, he seemed to have an uncanny ability to read the people working under him.

“Yes actually… I’m really sorry to bother you with it again. It’s just that the trick you did the last few times seems to be the only thing that really works, but if you don’t have the time…”

Jeff raised his hand to quieten him, amused at the look on Ryan’s face. “Twenty minutes is plenty of time. Although I appreciate that from your perspective it can feel like it takes longer. Time isn’t the problem. I did say you could come and knock on my door any time after all, and I meant it. The trouble is… I left my pocket watch at home…”

Ryan’s heart sank at those words. Jeff had dangled that ornate heirloom in front of him enough times now that the sheer sight of it would sometimes make him calm even before Jeff would utter a word. He needed to get that report finished, however. If not for the company or his own sake, more so he wouldn’t feel like he was letting Jeff down. His mind raced for an alternative. “Wait, you said you don’t always need to use a pocket watch, right?”

“That’s technically right… But I’d need something else for you to focus on. And there’s not much else I can think of in this office that’s suitable, really…” Jeff replied sadly.

Ryan’s eyes darted around the office. The degrees lining the walls, the various books on the bookshelves, the bottles on the drinks tray – nothing. The metronome in the far corner wouldn’t do it. Nor would having the man put up a video of a swinging watch on his computer. Nothing! Why hadn’t he thought to purchase one of his own for situations like this?

“Wait,” Ryan paused, a thought suddenly occurring to him. “What about your cock?”

“I beg your pardon?” Jeff raised an eyebrow.

“I could focus on your cock, no problem” Ryan replied confidently. “You could use that to put me under.” He wasn’t sure where the confidence was coming from, given that he’d never seen it before to his recollection. Now that he’d heard himself say it a second time he wondered how it would actually sound- hoping the man wasn’t thinking he was some kind of pervert for suggesting it. It just made the most sense.

“I suppose that could work, but are you sure about this?” Jeff asked, a tinge of skepticism in his voice. “If anyone catches us, they might think…” But Ryan was already locking the door to Jeff’s office. “This will work. I know it will.”

“Okay then,” Jeff smiled, pulling his chair back as Ryan walked over to his side of the desk. “Shall we begin?”

Knowing that there wouldn’t be a better position for him to stare at the man’s cock, Ryan got on his knees. His eyes were already drawn to the man’s crotch, Jeff running his hand along it a few times before he began unbuckling his belt. Ryan’s hands came up, muttering, “If you’re helping me out the least I can do is get it out for you…”

“Why thank you, Ryan. That’s very kind.” Something about the older man’s approval made him feel good, Ryan finding the process of unbuckling someone else’s belt easier than he’d expected. He unzipped the man’s pants, and was greeted by a familiar musky scent. One that intensified as he tugged down the man’s white briefs so he could set the man’s semi-erect cock free. Ryan’s eyes widened as he beheld it, gulping audibly. Even without being fully hard, it was already a sight to behold as his eyes followed the shaft up to the uncut head.

“You okay there, Ryan? You seem a bit speechless.”

“Oh… s…sorry,” Ryan blushed, wondering why the sheer sight of another man’s cock up close was making him feel flustered. He shook his head as though trying to recollect himself, reminding himself that Jeff was only helping him with his migraine. And that he wasn’t gay. He had a girlfriend, after all, even if her name seemed to escape him for some reason. Not that being straight meant that he couldn’t appreciate a good looking cock, of course.

Particularly one that was about to solve all his problems.

“Don’t be sorry,” Jeff reached forward to stroke his blonde hair while his other hand stroked his cock to full hardness before his eyes. Ryan’s eyes almost widened as he watched it grow, wanting to ask what the man was doing before the man continued, “Easier to focus on when it’s nice and hard, isn’t it?”

“Yes…” Ryan found himself agreeing. It was purely because it was obviously easier to focus on a nice, fully erect cock than the opposite.

“Now be a good boy… and follow my cock with your eyes…” Slowly, Jeff began to swing his impressive girth left and right, left and right, a display Ryan might have once decried as obscene. Although judging by the growing look of fascination on his face, he wasn’t about to be making any complaints anytime soon. It was his idea after all.

Left and right. Left and right. Unwittingly Ryan found his hands starting to move as though of their own accord- although luckily for his pride, not towards Jeff’s dick. He was loosening his own tie, his mind vaguely remembering Jeff telling him that the best results were always achieved when he was as comfortable as possible. And the man’s office was always so warm. The tie was soon on the floor as his fingers already started to work on his collar button. “That’s right,” he heard Jeff’s voice praise him, “You know what to do…”

He could hear his own voice counting ‘one’ at the back of his mind as the first button was undone, his eyes continuing to follow the man’s cock with rapt attention. There were seven buttons on his shirt. As his fingers naturally drifted down to the next, he could hear his own internal voice counting again, ‘two’. His eyelids were starting to feel a little heavy, a slight smile starting to creep on the edge of his lips. “And what happens with every button you undo?” he could hear Jeff’s voice, somehow distant yet too close at the same time. ‘Three’ the voice that sounded in his head was starting to sound slightly alien, as though it weren’t his own. “I go deeper…” Ryan’s voice responded to the man’s question, his fingers seemingly not in the least bit distracted by the question. “And deeper…” that deep baritone felt like it was wrapping around his head, even his internal voice was starting to sound like it as it counted ‘five’. He could feel a growing anticipation, as though he’d never crossed this precipice before despite the strange sense of familiarity to the cock swaying and throbbing in front of him said otherwise. “And deeper…” the Jeff’s hand caressed his hair almost affectionately, seeing the equally familiar changes happening on the young accountant’s expression with a lustful smirk. ‘Six’ “So close… so close that even with your eyes shut…” As if to illustrate the point, a hand came down over his eyes, his eyelids almost instantly giving up the struggle to stay open as it swept over his face. Judging from the smell, it was the same one that had been swaying the cock in front of him. The same one he could almost swear he could still see in his mind, even with his eyes closed. That heady mixture of sweat and pre was enough to send a shiver down his spine, his cock twitching evidently in his suit pants. This was the first time his fingers faltered as he was working on the last button, a slight groan escaping his lips as the smell seemed to evoke… something his working memory (what was left of it) could not quite grasp yet.

Seven’ The momentary lapse in concentration was made up for, Ryan almost sighing with relief as he shrugged his shirt off. His upper body, toned from his college years on the swimming team was a sight in itself, accentuated further by the black leather harness and collar strapped to his chest and neck. “Beautiful…” he heard Jeff’s voice remark, his fingers feeling and tugging at the collar. The admiration in his tone was enough for the smile already forming on Ryan’s face to widen. “Why don’t you get fully comfortable then?” the voice suggested further, congratulating him with a “Good boy…” as Ryan shot to his feet. His suit pants were off in a heartbeat, his cock jutting obscenely in the black jockstrap he was wearing. His shoes and socks went next, the young man somehow accomplishing all this with his eyes closed. “I see someone’s dressed appropriately for tonight,” the man commented, not that Ryan had any awareness, subconscious or conscious about what exactly was supposed to happen.

“Feeling better?” Jeff asked as Ryan got back on his knees without being prompted.

“Yes…” Ryan’s empty voice responded.

Jeff’s fingers rubbed lightly behind his ear before they pulled his head forward entirely, not stopping until Ryan’s face was buried firmly against Jeff’s cock. “Yes sir,” the man reminded him firmly, to which Ryan immediately corrected himself. Even saying it made him feel better before he could become too burdened by guilt.

“Well I’m glad I was able to help…” the man said, sounding almost sincere as Ryan peacefully breathed in the musk from his crotch. Each lungful seemed to make Ryan more and more giddy, almost nuzzling against it contentedly with his eyes pleasantly closed. “But my next appointment is nearly here.”

Ryan paused, as though anticipating that he would be commanded to stop, redress and awaken at any given moment.

“Get under the desk.”

“Yes sir.”

It wasn’t far to crawl, Ryan showing no trace of reluctance as he assumed the position desired of him, his head soon buried back in Jeff’s crotch as the man pulled his chair in. “Open your eyes, boy…” he heard the man command softly, tilting his chin upward to meet his gaze with a smile. “You won’t make a sound… all you need to do is breathe… let daddy’s scent do what it always does to you. And when I stroke your head… you’ll know what to do.”

“Yes sir…” Ryan replied emptily, nuzzling against Jeff’s hand before being guided back down to where his face belonged.

“There’s a good boy,” Jeff smiled, before turning his attention back to his computer. For a while, the only sound left in the room was the sound of Jeff continuing to work while Ryan peacefully continued to breath in the stench of his cock. The more he did, the more he could feel his cock hardening, a damp spot starting to form at the tip of his bulge.

It wasn’t long before there was another knock on Jeff’s door.

“Come in! Ah, Isaac. Just in time. Why don’t you have a seat?” he heard Jeff welcome his co-worker in. Ryan had never been particularly close with Isaac, but the other young accountant seemed affable enough. He was newer to the company than even Jeff, but was a hard worker at the very least. Not being particularly interested in whatever it was Isaac and Jeff had to discuss, Ryan kept his head where it was, focusing instead on Jeff’s crotch while they talked.

He did barely pick up Isaac mentioning something about headache, smiling to himself as he heard Jeff offer to help. Jeff was a great guy like that, he thought to himself.

“Just follow the watch with your eyes…” he heard Jeff utter in that smooth tone, not the least bit concerned that the man had initially stated he’d left it at home. “Let yourself relax…”

Just listening to Jeff speak made Ryan feel at ease, even if the man was currently addressing Isaac. Smiling to himself, Ryan took another deep breath as the man started counting down, almost ready to let the man count both of them down at the same time before he felt a hand stroking his head. Ryan looked up as though for confirmation, the dopey grin on his face widening slightly as Jeff nodded at him once before continuing to count.

“Six… your eyelids starting to feel heavy… your body sinking into the chair…” he heard Jeff mutter softly as he took hold of the man’s cock, looking at it hungrily. Licking his lips at the sight of pre starting to ooze from the tip, Ryan leaned forward and took in the older man’s cock with a single gulp, taking it all the way down his throat before looking up. The slight delay caused by a groan before the next number pleased him, and it was more than enough for him to slowly begin bobbing his head up and down, servicing Jeff while Isaac was being taken under. With his entire focus on Jeff’s delicious cock, Ryan didn’t pay much heed to Jeff’s words knowing that Jeff was currently focused on ‘helping’ Isaac.

“And… sleep!”

Ryan managed one last lick along the shaft of Jeff’s cock before the man reached down to tussle his hair. “Good boy. Wait here for a second,” Jeff commanded before standing up, his erect cock still dangling out of his suit pants. He reached over to one of his drawers, pulling out a white jockstrap that looked well worn. Wiping the residual pre over the fabric, he smiled as he handed it to Ryan. “Here, take a few good sniffs while I help Isaac a bit more…”

All too happy to do as instructed, Ryan accepted the worn underwear, pressing it tightly over his nostrils before taking a deep breath. With Isaac now under, the groan that came from beneath Jeff’s desk went unnoticed. As the scent of pre, piss and sweat flooded his lungs, Ryan felt his own cock continue to throb, his head feeling blissfully emptier with each deep breath. From where he was he could barely make out the quiet words that were being exchanged between the two other men, content with knowing that he was right where Jeff wanted him, and that the man would return for him soon enough.

He’d lost track of how much time he’d spent inhaling from Jeff’s underwear before he heard the man calling for him.

Slowly rising from beneath the desk with a polite ‘yes sir’, he turned around to find Isaac still sitting in the chair he had occupied when he had first come in. In contrast to Ryan’s blonde hair, boyish looks and swimmer’s build, Isaac had a significantly larger, muscled frame from his days playing rugby, all out on display as he had apparently been stripped down to a pair of black boxer griefs holding a modest package in its pouch. His skin was slightly tanner, his chest hairier and a well groomed auburn beard framed his jaw. Isaacs eyes were closed as Ryan approached, his eyes on Jeff tentatively waiting for instruction.

“Isaac is coming with us tonight,” Jeff informed, even though Ryan was still unsure about where the three of them were meant to be heading exactly. “I have a friend who is eager to meet him, but didn’t want me to do as much work with him as I’ve done with you. That being said…” His voice trailed off as he gently took hold of Isaac’s head, turning it gently to the side so he was facing Jeff’s cock which still looked just as hard as when it had left Ryan’s lips. “Open your eyes,” he gently instructed Isaac, and Ryan watched as the other man’s eyelids sluggishly opened halfway, his normally sharp and focused green eyes looking just as distant and empty as he’d imagined his own to have been whenever Jeff put him under. “What do you see in front of you?”

“A… cock… sir…” Isaac replied monotonously.

“That’s right… my cock,” Jeff grinned.

“Y..your cock, sir,” Isaac parroted softly.

“I want you to lean towards it, and give it a kiss,” Jeff prompted further.

And although Isaac leaned forward as though to comply, he seemed to pause at the last second. “Is something wrong?” Jeff asked, sounding concerned.

“I… I’m… straight…” Isaac murmured.

“Just because you’re straight doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a nice, hard cock, my boy…” Jeff replied, smiling as he looked at Ryan. “Ryan’s straight… at least until tonight. He was just as reluctant as you were when he first came to me for help, weren’t you Ryan?”

“Yes sir,” Ryan agreed.

“Why don’t you share with Isaac what you’ve learned?” Jeff asked.

“A cock is just a cock…” Ryan started, vaguely remembering the first time he was asked to repeat those words while Jeff wagged his cock in front of his face. Although there was more, Jeff raised a hand causing Ryan to pause, his mind replaying other times he’d been repeating it, from when Jeff had first pressed it against his face, introducing him to its scent to other times when he’d been instructed to kneel and gaze at it without drawing close.

“Isaac… be a good lad and repeat after Ryan, why don’t you?” Jeff asked suggestively.

“A cock is just a cock…” Isaac repeated softly.

“I love playing with my cock…” Ryan continued, his hand unconsciously reaching for his own bulge so he could give it a slight squeeze through the fabric. More repressed memories seemed to return at the sensation, and he saw himself repeating that statement while stroking his cock under Jeff’s watchful eye.

“I love playing with my cock…” Isaac repeated, his eyes still focused on Jeff’s cock.

“Therefore…” Jeff’s voice trailed off as he nodded at Ryan.

“I should love playing with other men’s cocks,” Ryan found himself smiling as he remembered the first time he took Jeff’s cock in his hands, feeling its sheer girth and warmth.

“I should love playing with other men’s cocks…” Isaac repeated, which elicited a lecherous chuckle from Jeff.

“Ryan, why don’t you get on your knees in front of Isaac and show him?” Jeff suggested.

“Yes sir,” Ryan replied without a trace of hesitance. Kneeling down in front of his entranced colleague, he reached forward to tug his underwear down just enough to reveal a semi-erect cock, almost rivaling Jeff’s in size. Licking his lips, he took hold of the head, teasing the slit before his hand ran down the length of its shaft and squeezing it appreciatively at the base. As he began to stroke Isaac’s cock, Jeff brought the head of his cock to Isaac’s lips.

“Give it a kiss for me, my dear boy…” Jeff prompted the boy again.

This time, Isaac did as instructed, planting a soft peck on Jeff’s cock. “Good boy,” Jeff cooed softly, caressing the side of Isaac’s face before gently cupping his chin. “Relax your jaw… open up for me…” Jeff instructed further. By this point Isaac was already fully hard, and a simple nod from Jeff was enough for Ryan to know what was expected from him.

Jeff’s cock slowly entered Isaac’s open mouth at the same time Ryan slowly started to engulf Isaac’s. Although he could taste and smell the subtle differences with Jeff’s cock, he found Isaac’s just as pleasurable as he took more and more of it in. He could hear soft choking noises coming from Isaac as Jeff’s member rubbed the back of his throat – not that it seemed to deter Jeff from pressing onward. And neither did it deter Ryan’s efforts, as he soon had Isaac’s cock so far down his throat that his nose was brushing against Isaac’s pubes.

“Relax… just let it rest inside your throat where it belongs…” Jeff cooed softly. “You’ll get used to it… just like Ryan did. And you’ll learn to enjoy it just like he did too… Isn’t that right, Ryan?”

With his mouth occupied, the best response Ryan could muster was a muffled ‘Mmhmm’.

“There, see? Nothing to worry about…” Jeff smiled, slowly thrusting his hips forward. Not that there was any trace of worry given the blank expression on Isaac’s face. “In fact… I think you’ll find that nothing is more relaxing than the feel and taste of another man’s cock inside your mouth…”

Although Jeff didn’t ask for his opinion this time, Ryan found himself giving another agreeable ‘Mmhmm’, starting to bob his head up and down almost in perfect sync with the way Jeff was starting to face-fuck his co-worker. He could hear Jeff chuckling at his enthusiastic response and he could feel his cheeks redden slightly, not that it distracted him from the task at hand. Reaching up, he started to squeeze and fondle Isaac’s balls while he worked. And although Isaac’s arms remained limply dangling off the chair, his fingers were starting to twitch as though he was compelled to do the same for Jeff. It wasn’t long before Isaac was moaning with his mouth still occupied by Jeff’s cock, unwittingly rewarding Ryan with the taste of his pre-cum.

“Thaaat’s it…” Jeff drawled, his voice slaked with lust. “Learn from Ryan… be a good boy… and suck.” Finally letting go of Isaac’s head, Jeff grinned as he watched Isaac start to slowly suck and move his head seemingly of his own accord. Although his movements were a bit more sluggish when compared to Ryan’s to start with, with each throb of Jeff’s cock inside his mouth Isaac’s own cock would throb in turn inside Ryan’s. As Isaac’s muffled groans grew, so too did he begin to suck Jeff’s cock in earnest, slurping and suckling while the damp spot in Ryan’s jockstrap grew larger and larger.

Jeff eventually pulled his cock out of Isaac’s mouth, chuckling evilly as he smacked his cock against Isaac’s face. “Liked that, didn’t you?”

“Yes sir…” Isaac replied, a faint smile on his face despite the lack of focus in his eyes.

“Then you’re going to love what comes next,” Jeff promised before sticking his cock right back in, taking hold of Isaac’s head once more before he began face-fucking him in earnest, grunting as his cock leaked more and more pre down Isaac’s willing throat. As before Ryan kept up, swirling his tongue over the head of Isaac’s cock before taking it all in once more, eagerly bobbing his head up and down in time with Jeff’s thrusts. Even though Isaac’s cock was the one he was sucking, it was Jeff he had his full attention on, the sound of his pleasured groans encouraging him to speed up.

“Get ready Isaac…” he could hear Jeff warn them through gritted teeth, thrusting harder and faster over the sounds of Isaac choking.


Ryan looked up from where he was kneeling just in time to see Isaac’s cheeks swell with the sheer amount of cum flooding his mouth. A split second later he could hear Isaac’s muffled moaning joining Jeff’s last groan of completion, and the next thing he knew he could taste Isaac’s cum which he gulped down eagerly without issue. It wouldn’t be right to leave a mess in Jeff’s office after all. He finally let Isaac’s cock slip from his mouth at the same time as Jeff pulling back, the man smiling proudly at him as he gestured for him to stand.

“Good boy,” Jeff praised him as he approached, reaching down to confirm that Ryan was still hard with a gentle squeeze. “This can wait for tonight, can’t it?”

“Yes sir,” Ryan smiled pleasantly in response, although still none the wiser as to what was coming.

“Good. Now why don’t you get dressed while I have a quiet word with Isaac?”

Ryan did as he was told, putting his suit pants back on before reaching for his previously discarded shirt. He could barely make out what Jeff was telling Isaac, but didn’t take much interest in it as he pulled his shirt back on. By the time he was fully dressed again, there would be no outward sign of what he was wearing underneath.

He finished just in time to find Jeff guiding Isaac to what he had thought was a small closet in the corner of the room. Although Isaac was still naked he appeared to now be wearing a pair of headphones, a peaceful expression on his face with his eyes closed. “Isaac just needs a little nap,” Jeff winked at him as he closed the closet door behind him with Isaac still inside. Not that Ryan would have asked about it, given that Jeff knew best about these things after all. Relaxing back in the chair Isaac had been occupying, he let Jeff tussle his hair once more before the man snapped his fingers right beside his ears. Instantly Ryan found himself blinking, sitting more upright as the room seemed to slowly come back into focus.

“How’s your head feeling?” he heard Jeff ask.

“Better… thanks,” Ryan replied gratefully.

“Think you’ll manage to get the report done?”

“Definitely. It’s not just the headache that’s gone, I actually feel like I’m more focused. You’ll have it in another hour at most,” Ryan promised. “Thanks again. I just wish I didn’t have to take up so much of your time to deal with my health problems.”

“Don’t worry about it. As I said before, you can always come to me,” Jeff replied.

Ryan left Jeff’s office, wondering what the strange taste in his mouth was although he stopped worrying about it by the time he was back at his desk. The only e-mail he’d missed while he was gone was from Isaac, oddly enough, vaguely asking what the e-mail he’d just sent earlier today was about. Ryan checked his sent messages, but couldn’t find the e-mail Isaac was referring to. Shrugging, he replied to Isaac stating that he hadn’t sent him anything as far as he was aware. For now he had a report to finish.

He returned to Jeff’s office later that evening, by which point the floor was already nearly empty. He wasn’t sure why he wasn’t going straight home, but by the time he thought to question it Jeff’s pocket watch was already swinging in front of his eyes. A confused look formed on Ryan’s face. His head was feeling fine.

“But I don’t have a-

“Shhhh… relax…”

And like all the times before, he did. His eyes were already helplessly following the watch as Jeff counted him down this time. By the time Jeff was done he had that smile on his face, watching quietly through half-drooped eyes as Jeff went to the closet from before. In the time since he’d last seen Isaac, the other accountant was now wearing a harness and collar same as him, although the hours of continuous reinforcement of his trance via the headphones had left him with an even more glazed expression, his eyes wide and his lips parted. Jeff carefully wiped some of the drool from his beard before removing the headphones bidding him to get back into his workclothes albeit with his underwear now replaced with a matching black jockstrap.

“Don’t worry, Ryan… I haven’t forgotten about you,” Jeff returned towards Ryan while Isaac was getting dressed, tugging him towards him by his tie. His lips ghosted against Ryan’s, a hand caressing the side of the younger man’s face as he whispered, “You’re going to make me so proud tonight.” Even without knowing how, Ryan still found himself feeling giddy at the prospect. Relaxed. Horny. Submissive. Both Isaac and Ryan walked behind Jeff, following him to his car without addressing each other, their eyes both almost locked on the older man guiding them the whole way.

“Gentlemen, I trust have you met Connor?” Jeff asked rhetorically as the three of them got in the back seat of his car. While the question sailed past Isaac, Ryan found himself vaguely recognizing the brown haired young man in the driver’s seat from his eyes in the rearview mirror. He’d been another accountant working somewhere else in the building if he recalled correctly from one of the company events. There had been rumors that he had suddenly called off his betrothal a few weeks before quitting his job.

“Connor works for me now,” Jeff stated, noticing the recognition on Ryan’s face.

Connor politely turned to smile at Ryan before turning back to the wheel, already apparently knowing where they were going. As they left the building’s parking lot, Jeff slipped the headphones back on Isaac while turning his attention back to Ryan. Putting his arm around Ryan’s shoulder, he turned the younger man’s face towards his, his lips dangerously close as his warm breath washed down his face. Jeff said nothing for a while, his intense green eyes burning into Ryan’s. The fact that he’d recognized Connor had meant his trance could still be deepened before his big night would begin.

“I’m going to kiss you…” Jeff whispered, ghosting another kiss against Ryan’s lips. “And you… you are going to kiss me back…”

“B… but I’m not…” Ryan found himself stammering in protest, obviously having forgotten how far protesting had gotten Isaac earlier when presented with Jeff’s cock.

“It’s nothing to do with being straight or gay, my sweet boy…” Jeff interrupted him all too easily. “You were just telling me earlier that you wanted to thank me for all the headaches I’ve been helping you with…” His other hand squeezed Ryan’s thigh, smiling at the way the boy flinched in response. “So you wouldn’t be kissing me because you’re gay… you’re kissing me because you’re grateful…”

“B.. because I’m grateful…” The smile was starting to return to Ryan’s face, the sheer closeness of Jeff almost feeling like it was enough for him to succumb to his influence once more.

“In fact, I think a kiss might be just what you need… to help you relax… and I don’t need a pocket watch to help you relax anymore, do I Ryan?” Jeff asked.

“No… sir…” Ryan found himself agreeing, right before Jeff claimed his mouth in a fiery, dominant kiss. As that tongue invaded his mouth, his body seemed to relax involuntarily, somehow feeling like this wasn’t the first time he’d shown Jeff his ‘gratitude’.

Jeff’s tongue barely left his mouth for most of the journey to what turned out to be a bar on the outskirts of town. By the time Jeff let go of Ryan it was to command him to strip. Connor and Isaac were commanded to do the same and soon all three of them were in matching harnesses and jockstraps, standing quietly outside the car while Jeff changed behind the car. By the time he came to attach leashes to their collars, he was dressed in a pair of leather pants and a matching leather vest.

“Come with me, boys…”

“Yes sir,” the three boys chorused in unison before they were led to the bar entrance. Jeff exchanged a nod of recognition with the burly man standing by the stairs leading to the door before taking them down. As they entered, the bar turned out to be large room that was dimly lit, the smell of cigar smoke interlaced with sweat heavy in the air. Men of various shapes and sizes were scattered throughout the room, mostly clad in leather. Jeff’s entrance appeared to turn a few heads, some even cheering when they spotted the three vacant looking boys in tow. One of them, a tall, barrel-chested bear of a man appeared to abandon the game of pool he had been playing and walked up to Jeff with a wide grin on his face.

“This him?” he asked with a deep growl, his eyes roaming Isaac’s body appreciatively.

“As promised,” Jeff smiled back before handing Isaac’s leash to the stranger.

“And you haven’t uh… gone too far with him like with Connor?” the man questioned, not that it stopped him from pulling Isaac towards him sharply, causing the boy to stagger forward towards him. Isaac’s eyes widened – for a split second it looked like they had regained focus, however as his face collided against the man’s chest hair, he found himself taking an instinctive sniff.

And then the moment was over, the young man showing no signs of resistance as a possessive arm wrapped around his shoulder. The leash reminded him of who was in charge, and that placid expression returned.

“Not especially. He’ll still consider himself straight if you tell him to wake up, although I did leave him… unopposed to the idea of sucking cock to test the waters,” Jeff answered.

“Good place to start. I’ll make sure to finish training him well,” the man smiled before leading Isaac back towards the pool table.

“Don’t worry about your friend. He’ll be well taken care of. He still has a ways to go before he’s as ready as you are,” Jeff told Ryan, squeezing his shoulder. Ryan contemplated telling Jeff that he was technically not Isaac’s friend, but got distracted by a kiss that, while not as prolonged as the one he’d endured in the car, no less quick to make the blood rush to his cock, making a sizeable tent in his jockstrap.

“Jeff. Who’s your new boy?”

Ryan was almost annoyed by the gray-haired man who’d interrupted them, but held his tongue. “This is Ryan,” Jeff introduced him on his behalf.

“Tonight is his big night. He’s not ready to play yet, but he will be soon, won’t you boy?”

“Yes sir…” Ryan answered softly, a tinge of anticipation in his voice despite the fact that he was still none the wiser to what he was actually agreeing to.

“Connor, why don’t you go say hello?” Jeff suggested.

“Yes sir,” Connor answered, noticeably more enthusiastic. His face even lit up slightly as his leash was handed over to the stranger. Pulled straight into a passionate kiss, the stranger’s hands were noticeably caressing the former accountant’s lower back before they trailed further to squeeze his asscheeks.

“Mmm.. it’s been far too long since your daddy brought you out to play,” the stranger commented, finally letting Connor’s asscheeks go so he could raise his right arm.

“It was only last week that he slept over at yours,” Jeff laughed, watching Connor immediately bury his face into the stranger’s armpit, whimpering as he nuzzled in and took a deep breath.

“Too long,” the gray-haired daddy repeated with a mischievous smile. As he walked off with Connor in the direction of what looked like a sling on an elevated platform, Ryan stayed by Jeff’s side, smiling politely as other strangers came to greet Jeff. Some would even fondle his bulge or tweak his nipples while they spoke to Jeff, some enough to make him shudder or groan, but that smile would always return with the feeling of Jeff caressing his lower back. Jeff was here to protect him, even if there was a part of him that was wondering why he was allowing so many men to touch him, or why he was even in a place like this to begin with.

“Come boy. It’s nearly time.”

The music and the chatter seemed to die down, the crowd turning their attention to the throne set on a stage at the far end of the bar where Jeff was leading Ryan. “Good evening, gentlemen,” Jeff greeted the audience. “I believe you most of you know what I’m about to do. But the poor boy here…” He gave Ryan’s ass a loud smack. “- doesn’t have a clue.”

Some of the men sniggered at this as Jeff sat down on the throne, pulling Ryan onto his lap. Although the boy instinctively tried to look over his shoulder at Jeff almost for reassurance, a gloved hand coaxed it back toward the audience. “Tell them, boy. What’s your name?”


“And is this your first time in a bar full of leather daddies and bears?” Jeff prompted further.

“Yes sir…” Ryan replied, earning a few more chuckles.

“See? Already so respectful. But tell me Ryan, how would you feel about coming here more often? I’m sure plenty of the fine men who frequent this establishment would like to get to know you better,” Jeff asked in a suggestive tone.

“I… I don’t know, sir,” Ryan answered.

“And why wouldn’t you?”

“Because I’m straight, sir…” That stammered, almost uncertain statement was enough to earn him laughter, with Jeff grinning evilly over his shoulder

“Oh? Then tell me something… I’m sure you can feel something… pressing against your asscheeks…” Jeff ground his hips forward slightly, a possessive arm coming around Ryan’s chest and gripping the harness. “What do you think that is?”

“Your cock, sir.”

“And… this doesn’t bother you? Being a ‘straight’ boy and all?”

“No sir… a cock is just a cock,” Ryan found himself uttering automatically.

“Oh… is that all it is?” Jeff chuckled facetiously. “So it won’t bother you if I were to… put it in your mouth?”

“No sir…”

“That’s the right attitude to have, my boy,” Jeff’s praise sounded warm. Genuine. “Why, it looks like your straight friend Isaac is warming up to the idea, anyway…” As he pointed this out, Ryan spotted Isaac at the other end of the bar, on his knees and eagerly deepthroating the man he’d been handed to earlier. There were no signs that he was even aware of what was happening on the opposite stage.

“But tonight it’s time to take it a step further,” Jeff took a serious tone as the laughter died down. “And for that you’re going to have to go deeper for me… deeper than you are now. Deeper than you’ve ever been. Think you can do that for me?”

“Yes sir…” Ryan’s lips agreed easily, even though a part of him questioned what Jeff meant by taking things a step further.

“Isn’t he a sweet boy?” Jeff asked the crowd, earning them more catcalls and cheering. “But I’m afraid I left my pocketwatch in the car, boy… and you know what that means…”

Evidently, the crowd knew what this meant as well, as none questioned the way Ryan silently got down on his knees before Jeff. The older man winked at the crowd before folding his arms behind his head. “My hands are still a bit tired, boy. I think you know what to do.”

And Ryan did, nodding before reaching forward to unzip Jeff’s leather pants. His fingers reached into the man’s jockstrap, tugging the pouch aside and unleashing his semi-erect member. Taking hold of it with one hand, he found himself unconsciously licking his lips as his mind vaguely recounted sucking it before underneath Jeff’s desk.

“You don’t mind touching my cock?” Jeff questioned.

“No sir.”

“Because a cock is just a cock?”

“Yes sir.”


“I love playing with my cock, sir…”


“I should love playing with any man’s cock.” The crowd apparently loved this response from the cheers, some beginning to huddle closer together whether they were on the barstools, in the booths, or just standing with their full attention all on Jeff and Ryan.

“Good boy. You know what to do.”

And Ryan did. Slowly, he began to wag Jeff’s cock left and right, left and right, the familiar sight almost comforting him enough to forget what would happen to him if he continued to follow it with his eyes. “Thaaat’s it… follow it with your eyes… and what happens when you do?” “I become… more… relaxed…” Ryan replied, his words starting to sound slightly sluggish.

“And the more relaxed you become…”

“The deeper I fall…” Ryan whispered, vaguely remembering saying all this before. Again and again. While watching the metronome on his desk. While lying on the couch in Jeff’s office. At Jeff’s feet on his knees. Lying on the sofa while the man’s arms roamed his body or groped his cock. Once even while he’d been on all fours with his legs being used as a footrest. Jeff had helped him with a particularly bad migraine that day, or so he recalled. It had only been fair to offer.

“Ten,” Jeff counted.

“The more I relax, the deeper I fall…” Ryan found himself uttering, his eyelids starting to feel heavy though they dutifully followed Jeff’s cock.


“The more I relax, the deeper I fall…”


“The more I relax, the deeper I fall…”

“Seven. The deeper you fall, the hornier you become for me…” Jeff added.

There was a brief pause, as though Ryan’s tongue was the only thing that was hesitating. Jeff’s cock was continuing to sway in his face by his own hand, and his eyes were still helplessly locked on to the glistening head. It was enough to make some of the observers nervous, and then…

“The deeper I fall, the hornier I become for you…” Ryan almost sighed out, feeling strangely relieved to hear his own voice say those words. He wasn’t the only one however, as the daddy who was currently enjoying Connor’s lips on his left nipple in the corner of the bar let out an overenthusiastic whoop that was immediately shushed by the crowd.

“Six,” Jeff continued the count with an amused smile.

“The deeper I fall, the hornier I become for you…” Ryan repeated, his cock evidently twitching in his jockstrap.


“The deeper I fall, the hornier I become for you…” Each throb in his jockstrap associated with an image of Jeff, the view when he had looked up from when he’d been sucking his cock.

“Four. The hornier you become, the more you submit.”

“The hornier I become, the more I submit.” His eyelids were drooping further and he swayed slightly on his knees even if his movement of Jeff’s cock never faltered.

“Three. The more you submit, the better you feel.” The smile on his face grew wider.

“The more I submit, the better I feel.” And wider.

“Two. You want to obey.”

“I want to obey,” Ryan echoed monotonously.


“I want to obey.” He repeated.


“I want-.”

“- and SLEEP!”

The loudest cheering thus far erupted as Ryan’s face finally sank forward, his lips pressed against the base of Jeff’s shaft. Jeff caressed Ryan’s hair with one hand as he helped the hand still gripping his cock off, allowing it to drop limply to the younger man’s sides joining the other. Grinning triumphantly, his cock let out a soft throb against Ryan’s face. His eyelids didn’t even flutter.

“Ryan, can you hear me?” Jeff asked, scratching behind Ryan’s ear.

“Yes sir.”

“And you trust me completely in this state, don’t you? Why worry yourself? Enjoy that relaxed feeling you get when you let me think for you… when you let me teach you new things that you’ll come to love. You want it. Your cock certainly wants it. And when the only noise you’ll have in that little head of yours is my voice… my presence… my pleasure… all you can do is trust me like a good boy should… it’s impossible to do otherwise…”

“Impossible, sir…” Ryan moaned, feeling Jeff’s cock throbbing against his face.

“Good boy. It’s time to teach you a new lesson. A cock isn’t just a cock.”

“A cock isn’t just a cock, sir…” Ryan echoed.

“A cock deserves worship.”

“A cock deserves worship.”

“You love worshipping cock,” Jeff added with an evil grin, taking hold of Ryan’s head and grinding his cock forward.

“I love worshipping cock.”

“You love the smell, the taste, the feel, the warmth…”

“Smell… taste… feel… warmth…”

“You especially love when they throb… inside you… against you… it makes your cock throb with desire…”

“Throb… desire…” Ryan groaned, a trickle of drool escaping his lips as his admission elicited a throb from Jeff’s dick, transmitted straight through to his.

“A good boy loves to please other men,” Jeff cooed softly. “Especially their daddies.”

“A good boy loves to please other men,” Ryan repeated. “Especially their daddies.”

Chuckling at this, Jeff took Ryan up by the chin, tilting his gaze up toward his, even though this left the tip of Jeff’s member leaking against his lips.

“Open your eyes for me… look at me… that’s it… You’re my boy now…” As Ryan’s eyes dutifully opened, there wasn’t a shred of defiance left behind them, only a passive confusion, one that he was now all too happy to let Jeff guide him through.

“I’m your boy now, sir…” Ryan agreed.

“I think we’re past that now, don’t you all think?” Jeff asked, to the sound of agreement from the crowd. Stroking Ryan’s hair, he continued, “From now on, you will address me correctly. Your feelings for me go beyond trust and respect. Why… I’d even go as far as saying that you’re falling in love with me and everything I represent boy. Security. Safety. Power. I want to hear you say it. You’re falling in love with me.”

“I’m falling in love with you,” Ryan sighed blissfully, wondering how he had never stopped to appreciate the man’s face before as his heart skipped a beat.

“And that makes me your daddy…”

“You’re my daddy…” Ryan agreed with that same dumb grin, those words embedding themselves in his very being.


“You’re my daddy.”


“You’re my daddy.”

“Very good. But there’s just one problem. Didn’t you tell these gentlemen that you were straight? I think you’d be happier if you were gay, wouldn’t you agree? That way you can enjoy worshipping all the cock you want. I think you should be gay.”

Helpless with the man’s voice indiscernible from his own thoughts, Ryan repeated, “I should be gay.”

“You want to be gay.”

“I want to be gay.” Why had he ever found the idea repulsive? His cock seemed to be enjoying it now judging by the amount he was leaking into his jockstrap.

“You want daddy to make you gay.”

“I want daddy to make me gay.”


The crowd cheered him, roaring their agreement when Jeff paused to ask them, “What do you think? Should I?” The few who looked slightly uncomfortable easily seemed reassured that this was all an act. It had to be, right?

“Well,” Jeff shrugged. “If everyone thinks I should…” He looked back down at Ryan, lifting the entranced boy’s face up only to slap his cock against his face a few times before pausing. “But maybe…. Maybe you should prove it, boy. Prove you want daddy’s dick to turn you into a new man. Why not lean forward… nuzzle your face right in there… and give it a nice… loud sniff so everyone can hear.”

The grin never left Ryan’s face as he obeyed, his eyes half-lidding as he felt that thick warm shaft against the bridge of his nose. “That’s it…” Jeff cooed, evidently enjoying the way the younger man was succumbing to him so easily in front of the crowd. “Let all of daddy’s friends see what a good boy you are.” The crowd chuckled at the loud sniff that ensued. He never quite drew the deep, long breath he wanted however, not when he couldn’t suppress the lewd moan that quickly escaped his lips.

“Mmm.. keep going… sniff those ridiculous notions of being straight away. I can tell your mouth is continuing to water… your ears craving my permission to worship my cock as much as it deserves…”

“Yes daddy…” Ryan answered, his cock harder than it had ever been in his life, each sniff he took almost making it hurt. And yet his lips were still so desperate to part and take it in…

“Then give it a nice, wet kiss for me, son. Do it for daddy,” Jeff suggested while playfully stroking the boy’s chin.

“Yes daddy,” Ryan replied, licking his lips before planting what started out as a soft peck on the tip of Jeff’s cock.

“I want you to kiss it just like you kissed it in the car… let your lips part… slowly… taking more and more of me in and become hornier and more submissive at the taste…. Thaaaat’s it, son… Take daddy’s dick in your mouth… mmmm…..” Ryan slowly lowered his head, feeling his mouth slowly fill, the taste making his body shudder. Jeff’s hand slowly guided his descent to start with, allowing the crowd to delight in some of the gagging noises Ryan made by the time his nose was buried in Jeff’s bush before lifting it back up. He repeated a few more times, but before long, Ryan seemed to start to move on his accord. Sluggishly to start with, but steadily building pace.

Loving the sight and feel of Ryan’s moist lips worshipping his rigid member, Jeff briefly looked back at the crowd. “Surprisingly talented, isn’t he? Of course… you guys might not be able to tell, but it’s time I be honest. Ryan may not remember this, but this isn’t the first time Ryan has sucked my cock. So he knows what his daddy likes. Don’t you Ryan?”

“Mmmhmm…” Ryan replied, swirling his tongue over Jeff’s slit as he held and pumped Jeff’s cock with one hand.

One audience member booed at this, but from the look on his face (and the hand down the front of his jeans), it was meant in jest. Jeff gave an amused chuckle at this, before continuing, “Can you blame me? I promise, I intend to bring them without having been even a little bit broken in so you can watch all of it. I just happen to have a hard time keeping my hands off of them when they look this cute. Can anyone blame me if my cock accidentally slipped into this impressionable young man’s mouth once or twice before tonight?” The crowd chuckled at this, some openly agreeing.

“We’ll save that one for next time. Maybe. But for now, look at what a good boy he is, gentlemen. Not a single thought for his own cock as he worships mine, even if it is already rock hard… He’s not even gay yet, and he already understands what matters. Serving his betters. Surrendering it all and accepting his place. I think it’s time, don’t you think? To turn this hot, ‘straight’ piece of ass into a submissive, gay slave boy?”

Ryan continued sucking despite what was essentially a room full of men cheering on the decision to rewrite his identity, not that his descent thus far wouldn’t leave lasting effects even if they were to be interrupted now. If anything his cock leaked more at the thought, caring only for pleasing his daddy. When Jeff stopped the movements of his head, a part of him immediately wondered if he had displeased the man somehow.

“Stand up for me.”

“Yes daddy.”

Rising himself, Jeff put his arms around the boy, the warmth and musk radiating from his body enough to bring a smile back to Ryan’s face. He paid no heed to the men staring at him in anticipation, not even the ones who were starting to play with themselves or help each other out. He could feel Jeff’s cock throb against his back, and it made it easier to focus on him and no one else.

Isaac at least noticed him for a few seconds, during which internally he found himself worrying that what was happening to Ryan would eventually become his fate, too. The worry wasn’t enough for his pliant lips to resist parting for the man that Jeff had handed him to, however. “Mmmm…” as the man exhaled cigar smoke into his mouth, mingling with the taste of pre that was already there, his cock throbbed in the man’s hand, and his worries were quickly forgotten.

Connor noticed Ryan led to the same sling he’d laid in months ago when Jeff brought him here for the first time – a week after he had left his fiancé and met him for the first time in the company parking lot. A smile formed on his face beneath the raunchy underwear that was pressed to his face. Although he’d been jealous initially about the prospect of his new brother, a few sessions of napping laid on his front with his face buried in Jeff’s crotch had been enough to temper that jealousy into contentment – he would always be daddy’s boy, after all – and more recently into excitement. And the smell of the man he was currently inhaling while his bulge was being groped was certainly helping.

Ryan lay himself on the sling as instructed, grinning vacantly as his wrists and ankles were strapped into the sides. Dangling there quietly, the crowd appeared to be murmuring amongst themselves as Jeff circled quietly around the boy, his gloved hands wandering the boy’s exposed flesh. Ryan’s erection, barely contained by the pre-cum soaked jockstrap he was wearing, was there for everyone to see. Jeff ran a teasing finger towards the boy’s crotch, lightly hooking into the waistband before brushing over Ryan’s cock over the fabric instead. Smiling at Ryan’s frustrated sigh, he instead circled around to inspect the boy’s hole. Tight. Clean as instructed. Jeff couldn’t believe that tonight something other than his fingers would finally be allowed to penetrate it. He took of his leather gloves regardless, unable to resist running his finger in teasing circles over the boy’s hole, slowly applying more pressure. Ryan for his part could only whimper softly, once again feeling a sense of déjà vu wash over him followed by the compulsion to allow it to happen. Daddy was taking care of him, after all.

But Jeff’s finger withdrew just as he thought it would advance. Instead he tugged down Ryan’s jockstrap, allowing his cock to spring free. Jeff took hold of the boy’s member, squeezing and stroking it a few times, not stopping until the younger man was starting to writhe, his pre leaking over the man’s fingers. Jeff’s fingers were slick with Ryan’s own pre by the time they returned to the boy’s hole, this time pressing in before the disappointed look on Ryan’s face could set in. “Let daddy take care of you…” Jeff whispered huskily, taking his time stretching the boy’s hole as the crowd watched on. “You’re going to be such a good boy when I’m done with you…”

“Look at me, Ryan. That’s it… nice and relaxed. In a second I’m going to press by cock against your hole, and the moment you feel it, I want you to wake up. You’ll find yourself unable to move out of your current position or resist, but you’ll be able to speak your mind clearly… for however much longer you can hang on to it. Every time you feel my cock thrust or throb inside you, you’ll find yourself remembering all the wonderful lessons you’ve learned tonight. And you’ll remember why you’re here… remember what daddy is doing to you, even if you can’t do a thing to stop it. But before we do that, out of curiosity, how many women have you slept with up until now?”

“T…twelve, daddy,” Ryan replied, still swooning at the sight of Jeff smiling down at him.

Jeff didn’t seem to show any reaction to that number, although he did finally steady his own cock with one hand before gently rubbing the head against Ryan’s twitching hole.

“J…Jeff?” the expression on Ryan’s face changed to concern, that faraway look in his eyes dissipating. “Wh… where are we? What am I wearing? What are you-“ The younger man’s questions cut off as Jeff finally entered him, causing him to groan out as he advanced.

“Shhhhh…” Jeff caressed Ryan’s chest. “Daddy’s got you.”

Ryan whimpered as Jeff’s cock stretched him, unable to make sense of what was happening even if he was capable of trying. Never having ever been touched down there before by his recollection, the realization that Jeff was about to fuck him slowly dawned on him at about the same time he noticed the presence of the other men cheering them on. He’d never once imagined the older man was gay, let alone into anything like this. He recoiled internally, wondering how he had ended up in this situation and why he seemed incapable of moving. “J-Jeff… wait I…” He nearly sighed with relief as he felt Jeff’s cock starting to withdraw-

Only for it to thrust right back into him, just as it was nearly out. The loud smack could be heard by everyone, and Ryan found his head spinning as his entire body seemed to sway from the impact.

“No more waiting, my sweet boy. I’ve waited a good few weeks for this… and tonight you’re going to be coming home with me… but first…” Slowly, Jeff began to move his hips, lazily fucking Ryan’s hole as the boy moaned and begged. “Daddy’s going to help you… ngh… embrace what you are…. What you’ve always been meant to be…” Ryan couldn’t explain it, but he was rock hard, his cock even throbbing every time he felt Jeff enter him or throb inside of him. And the more it happened, the more he could feel himself changing. Jeff’s possessive statements were starting to sound more affectionate. Desirable. And although he could only ever recall seeing the man in his work clothes or his gym clothes on the odd occasion that he’d helped Ryan with an impending migraine before finishing work, the leather he was wearing seemed to suit him.

“That’s right, Ryan… Daddy is pounding you into becoming his newest toy…”

The statement sent a shiver down his spine, although his treacherous cock seemed to leak at the idea. Jeff for his part wasn’t letting up, and if anything, the thrusts were coming in slightly faster, building in pace as Ryan started to see stars. The mixture of murmuring and the odd quiet moan coming from the crowd seemed to melt away altogether, and soon all Ryan could hear was his own groans interspersed with Jeff’s, along with the steady sound of flesh rasping against flesh. Each shared throb between them brought back a memory, of Jeff speaking softly to him while he nuzzled against the man’s crotch, of the man stroking his hair and whispering in his ear while he lay on his couch, of how delicious his cock had looked, swinging in front of his face.

And now it was inside him, steadily fucking him to the point of no return.

The thought scared him at first of course, but without being able to do anything about it all he could do was take it, his toes starting to curl and his hands tautly gripping the chains but not managing to do much else. Slowly but surely, it was starting to feel good. No, it was starting to feel right. Like how Jeff had so easily convinced him to kiss him out of gratitude in the car, this was only right. The crowd was starting to draw closer, some people even commenting on how the expression on his face was starting to change.

“P.. please, daddy…” He could hear his own voice begging, but was it for the man to stop, or for him to go harder?

“As you wish, my boy.” From the way Jeff’s hips were steadily picking up the pace, it was clear that his daddy had clearly interpreted his begging the right way at least. Harder. Faster. Deeper. Over and over again Jeff continued to fuck him, stimulating a part of him that he hadn’t even known existed until now. His hole started to instinctively clench around the man’s member, a part of him instinctively starting to understand now that Jeff’s cock deserved to be inside him. As the fear on his face started to dissipate, that weak smile started to return, and so too did that glazed look in his eyes. The crowd drank in the sight, although none were possibly more turned on in that moment than Jeff and Ryan, the boy slowly started to enjoy the idea that another man’s cock was finding pleasure inside of him.

There were even more cheers when Jeff paused the rough fucking to kiss him, by which point the boy was already overtaken by lust, moaning desperately into the other man’s mouth.

“Are you ready to be my boy?” the man asked him quietly, his green eyes staring into Ryan’s as the kiss ended.

“Yes daddy. Please… fuck me.” Although Ryan had never imagined ever saying those words, they sounded sincere enough that it earned him a softer peck on the forehead before Jeff resumed.

“Like this?” Jeff teased, deliberately keeping the pace as slow as when he’d initially started.

“H…harder…. F… faster…” Ryan begged. His cock was leaking madly now, and from the sounds being made by some of the other men in the bar, his wasn’t the only one. Luckily for him, his daddy was soon giving him just what he was begging for, the younger man moaning and crying out as he felt that cock pound into him over and over again. Jeff was soon sweating himself at the exertion, although that triumphant smile didn’t leave his face until he was soon groaning out along with his boy.

Jeff roared out as he came, flooding Ryan’s hole with white hot cum without warning. And although he hadn’t been explicitly commanded to, the sheer sensation of it was enough for the younger man’s eyes to squeeze shut, that familiar coil in his stomach tightening as his own cock fired out ropes upon ropes of cum over himself. With each throb of release he felt like he was becoming lighter. Happier. That smile on his face widening as he looked up at his spent daddy with half-lidded eyes.

“Such a good boy…” he heard Jeff drawl as he eventually withdrew, scooping up some of the cum leaking from Ryan’s hole with a finger before feeding it to the boy. Jeff enjoyed tasting himself in the boy’s mouth before asking him, “Think you’re still straight now?”

“No daddy… I’m your boy…” Ryan replied softly, that was what mattered most after all.

“Good. Now you had said you’d only ever slept with twelve women?” Jeff looked at the crowd as Ryan nodded in affirmative. “By my count you’ve tasted two cocks – mine and Isaac’s. I think it’s about time we fix that, don’t you think? There’s enough fine, strong men here who can help you catch up. And you… you are going to stay here and let them, with that sweet smile still on your face. Can you that for daddy? Can you make daddy proud?”

“Yes daddy,” Ryan agreed breathlessly, his cock twitching at the thought despite having just been spent.

Although his eyes followed Jeff as the man stepped back, he soon caught sight of Isaac stepping up to the position Jeff had been standing in, that vacant expression still on his face while the man holding his leash guided his cock towards Ryan’s hole. Another man was standing beside him, pinching his nipples. The daddy that had been with Connor took hold of his chin, tilting him so he could catch sight of his cock, swaying tantalizingly enough that he took an apprehensive gulp.

The rest of the crowd was closing in, most of them grinning with lust, wagging their cocks from side to side as they approached…

**Author’s Note: Although I considered making this as a direct sequel to Working Late, I decided to leave it up to interpretation in the end, noting that where Working Late was a one scene thing, this one may have devolved into a mess by the time it hit the bar. **

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