My Cousin Nick (3)

By Twan Andersen -
published May 19, 2019

Nick finally has Xander under a trance and decides to play with him, teaching Xander the wonders of edging.

“Alright, Xander… let’s have some fun.”

Poor, entranced Xander was blissfully oblivious to his helpless predicament, locked as he was in an entranced state. His mind was void of thought, and his eyes while locked on Nick, were barely registering the lecherous grin in the man’s face and the very obvious arousal in his shorts that the man revealed to him.

“Stand up.” Nick commanded and Xander followed through, his legs wobbling slightly as he eventually stood up straight, still looking forward, his eyes unfocused. Nick then took the chance to take a small walk around Xander, shamelessly admiring the contours of his body. Any doubts he had over Xander possibly fooling him and trying to play him, pretending he was in a trance were easily cast away once Nick truly began groping the younger man, pinching his soft skin and even tickling his stomach enough to cause him to giggle in trance, the man quite pleased when he slightly twisted Xander’s nipple and his cousin reacted quite vocally. “You don’t like it when I squeeze your nipple, Xander? Why?” he asked.

“It’s… too sensitive,” Xander replied in a monotone, his voice almost robotic, but it still pleased Nick nonetheless.

“Hmhm… I see. Well, don’t you worry about voicing that to me, sweet cousin. You can moan and groan all you want around Cousin Nick, no need to be shy, okay?” he asked with a deceitful tender tone, squeezing Xander’s nipple again for good measure just to force a reaction out of the hypnotized boy, before taking things a step further. After all, it was a hot night.

“Take off your jeans.” Nick commanded again and the young man unbuttoned his jeans, allowing them to drop to the floor, before stepping off them.

Nick even went as forward as licking his lips with arousal. The slim, tight dark boxer briefs that Xander wore hugged his ass perfectly, leaving Nick unable to control the temptation to snake his arms around him from the front to squeeze those globes, the man’s cock even pressing further against the fabric of his shorts as he did so, leaving a wet patch in the grey cotton. The man’s hand reached down to grope his own hard cock, before he used his other one to do the same to his cousin, who was still predictably limp. It was time to change that. Nick unceremoniously let his hand slither further down Xander’s underwear, gently cupping the young man’s balls.

“Cousin, when was the last time you jacked off?” Nick asked while he took off his tank top, scratching his own slightly-furred beer belly.

“I… I can’t remember.” Xander admitted. “It’s been a while.”

“You poor thing…” the man mocked with a caring tone, even going as far as stroking the younger man’s cheek. “I guess we should take care of that. But first, let’s make you comfortable…” Nick grinned evilly, his fingers hooking up on the waistband of Xander’s underwear, before slowly pulling it down, taking off the final piece of any modesty the young man could possibly cling to. “Hello there…” he uttered, finally focusing on his cousin’s cock, though he struggled to keep a neutral expression. It was still limp and flaccid, but Nick was somewhat disappointed it wasn’t bigger. “I guess not everyone is perfect,” he sighed, before playfully tapping Xander’s cheek thrice. “But then again, it’s not like you’re going to give it much use with me in charge.”

Helping himself to a few more minutes of groping and feeling up his cousin’s now nude body, manipulating him like a doll, commanding him to spread his arms and legs to fully inspect him like the plaything he was going to become, Nick ended it by kneeling behind Xander, taking a deep breath as his eyes zeroed in on his hole.

“Xander, have you ever been fucked?” Nick asked.


“Has anything ever been inside this hole? Toys? Fingers?”


“Perfect,” the man chuckled. It was pure virgin, the exact kind of hole Nick loved the most. Nick took a deep whiff. It even smelled virgin, if such a thing was possible.

“Don’t contain yourself,” Nick instructed, before finally giving his cousin’s hole a nice, slow, long lick, loving how it made the boy shiver, his legs quake as his smooth skin was decorated in goosebumps, Xander letting out a moan that only aroused Nick further, the man smacking his ass as he stood up, ordering his cousin to sit back down on the couch.

“Tell me Xander, what kind of porn are you into?” Nick asked as he set up his laptop, connecting it to his widescreen TV.

“I don’t know… whatever I find at that moment.” Xander replied, the ambiguity of his answer riling up Nick’s curiosity further, the man realizing he had never considered the question he was about to ask.

“Xander… do you like men or women? Are you straight?” Nick asked, but before the boy could reveal it, he immediately interrupted him. “No, never mind. No need to answer that, little cousin,” he said with a smile. Nick was going to be sure that all that mattered for Xander in the future would be himself.

Eventually, the man chose the flick they were going to be watching for the night, but Nick hadn’t pressed play yet. There was still an important thing to do. He back walked towards his cousin, stopping only when he was so close his crotch was brushing against Xander’s face.

“Xander.” Nick said, bringing the boy’s attention upwards to his face. “Be a dear and help me out of my shorts so you can see what a real man’s cock looks like.”

Xander’s arms came up to follow the command, the young man grabbing Nick’s shorts from the side and beginning to pull them down. His older cousin had gone commando, a fact Xander proved once he had to force them down harder because of how hard Nick was. Eventually the man’s cock sprung out, the single drop of precum that had been stuck to the head jumping out and landing right in the centre of Xander’s forehead, the boy oblivious to what the wet sensation on his skin was as he finally pulled them all the way down, Nick being generous enough to step his large feet off them. He then picked them back up with his right feet, bringing the inside out and pressing the wet spot to Xander’s nose.

“Sniff,” he commanded. The younger cousin followed, closing his eyes and groaning at how strong it smelled of precum, sweat and other combined juices. “Do you know what that smell is?” Nick asked, again interrupting Xander before he could reply. “That is the smell of a real man, little cousin. Can you describe to me what it smells like?”

“It … it smells like dick…” Xander mumbled from behind the cloth. “Like sweat, but stronger.”

“Exactly. It’s a smell you are going to be acquainted with in the future. But don’t think too much about it. In fact, don’t think about anything at all, my sweet.” Nick chuckled as he casually threw the cotton shorts away, revealing his very long and thick cock, the drop of precum easily replaced as the head almost touched Xander’s nose, giving the young man a feel of how much heat it radiated and where the source of the smell came from. Nick moved his hips forward and upward enough so his head stroked Xander’s forehead, leaving more precum behind like a brush, the man chuckling. Nick then took a deep breath, closing his eyes and crossing his arms behind his head, sighing as he took in the amazing sensation of masculinity and power that came with having such a helpless beautiful boy in his possession at that moment.

“Now…” he eventually broke the silence after a while, cupping Xander’s chin as he crouched down to look at his cousin’s empty eyes. “Where were we? Oh, yeah. I remember now. Have you ever jacked off with another dude, Xander?”


“Good. That means you can get to do it with your favourite cousin for the first time in your life. It’s going to be one of the amazing new experiences I am going to introduce you to,” the man grinned, plopping down next to Xander and pulling his nude cousin close with his left arm, keeping it locked there like a leash as his other hand grabbed the remote. “So, feel free to play with yourself, buddy. No need for you to be shy around your favourite cousin.”

The film Nick chose was one of his favourites, but one that Xander had certainly never seen, given how kinky it was with the number of specific fetishes it portrayed. The specific scene he had been waiting for was when a tied-up man was being continuously aroused and tortured with continuous, uninterrupted attention to his cock, being edged to the absolute limit, with zero ability to find release. For the moment, Nick just lazily stroked his own cock while he enjoyed the closeness and the feeling of having the poor, hypnotized boy dutifully stroking his own cock, the man even going as far ahead as lying his head right next to Xander’s, taking a deep whiff from his sweet-smelling shampoo.

It was only when he felt Xander speeding up his own stroking, a grunt escaping his lips, that Nick interfered.

“Shhhhshshshsh…” the man cooed, whispering soothingly. The arm that had been wrapped around Xander came up to stop the boy, gently grabbing his wrist and pulling it away from his cock. “No need to release just now, Xander. You don’t have a train to catch, so just calm down and-

Nick almost gasped when his hand had come down to feel Xander’s cock, the man looking at it with astonishment to say the least. Having been initially disappointed with its flaccid state, Nick was able to realize that the excuse of being a grower, nor a shower, was true indeed. While not the thick gargantuan Nick’s cock was, Xander had quite an impressively long member, a perfectly beautiful appendage to compliment how beautiful he was. He almost stepped off the couch to go grab a ruler and confirm its length, before shaking that thought off, pretty sure it was in the double digits.

“I really have to apologize for mocking you earlier, cousin. I guess you are not so little after all,” the man laughed, his left arm locking around his head in a noogie as he ruffled Xander’s hair playfully, before he let his cousin go back to his original position, safely relaxed in the couch with Nick’s possessive arm around him. However, as Xander went back to stroking his cock, Nick let out an exaggerated sigh. “Say, Xander. Would you like to help out your favourite cousin?” Nick asked.

“Yes, cousin…”

“Of course you do.” Nick chuckled, rubbing his cheek against Xander’s for a moment before he continued. “Which is why your big cousin would really love if you helped him with something. Here, you don’t even have to think about what it is. Just let me guide you…” Nick cooed, his right hand grabbing Xander’s and leading it towards his own fat prick. The man grinned as he felt the fingers quivering once they touched his cock, gently guiding them to open and wrap around him, before leading Xander to give it a few good strokes. “That’s it, cousin… nice and slow. Get used to the feeling of my cock, because you are going to do this quite often from now on. You’re going to love it, to worship it, to crave it. But for now, just relax and keep stroking it, buddy. We’re got all night for you to settle in and take it slow. Just work on both of us while I kick back and relax, you can trust me, my sweet.”

Once Xander settled into a rhythm, Nick relaxed his own head back, crossing his right arm behind his head and stretching his thick legs over the coffee table. It was such a picture-perfect moment he only wished he could capture from a different perspective. In fact, Nick even grabbed his smartphone with his foot, bending his leg and throwing it up to catch with his right hand, stretching it upward.

“Cousin, lookie here.” Nick instructed, even cupping Xander’s chin to look at the phone, while he snapped a selfie of them, the man winking and letting his tongue out in a smug face to show how proud he was of himself for his handiwork, all while Xander only stared upwards with an empty look.

Looking at the captured picture, Nick grinned gleefully, resting his phone on the couch and kissing Xander on the cheek, before going back to his previous position, this time crossing both arms behind his head. He truly was in paradise. His younger cousin, the ultimate forbidden fruit had been put in a trance and was worshipping both their cocks with his hand, without a care to the predicament he was in. The fact he felt his orgasm beginning to build up shook him away from his thoughts.

“Stop.” Nick commanded. Xander obediently let go of both cocks, the boy clearly closer to the edge than he was from the panting and the very light layer of sweat that coated his body. The man allowed both of them a few minutes to relax, before he instructed his younger cousin to recommence the stroking.

Nick knew that he could take things deeper with Xander considering the state he was in, but that would ruin his thesis. His job was to prove it was possible to completely control someone’s mind to his desires, and that would require a lot of work. He had to escalate things with Xander to a point where he would associate obedience and submission with pleasure and bliss. For now, a hand job would suffice. As much as he wanted to claim him and take that clearly virgin hole, he knew it would be much more worth it in the future. Plus, the discomfort and possible pain would definitely wake Xander up. He had to deepen the trance first.

“Stop,” he commanded again after a few minutes. The way Xander was panting harder, his chest expanding with each drawn breath and the veins in his forearms even popping out from the strain and effort made Nick so aroused he leaked out a healthy amount of precum against his cousin’s hand. Back in the screen, a tortured moan could be heard, as the man being edged was having his balls sucked on after yet another denied orgasm.

“You’ve never edged yourself, have you cousin?” the man chuckled.

“No…” Xander sighed, the sight so adorable that Nick couldn’t resist giving him another peck on the cheek.

“You poor thing… don’t worry. I promise it will feel great when it’s over. You can trust your big ol’ cousin Nick,” the man smiled genuinely. Despite his lecherous intentions, he still held a tender affection for his younger cousin.

He kept edging on Xander for a few times, the young man being denied of a handful orgasms, Nick having lost count after the seventh one. Since he was the one in control, it was much easier for him to handle the sexual torture, the man quite composed in comparison to the sweating, panting mess that was his cousin, Nick having never seen his hair dishevelled like that.

“Okay, Xander.” Nick said after the umpteenth denied orgasm, the man quite ready for his own release as well. “Don’t stop now. It’s time. Be a good cousin for me and don’t let yourself hold back. Moan for me, little cousin.”

The command seemed to have taken place instantly. Xander’s stroking reached a crescendo as he started grunting and then moaning, before he finally threw his head back and almost cried out as his cock finally erupted with a few ropes of cum, splattering all over his left hand. And though his own stroking of Nick’s cock stopped, the man took over as he moaned loudly himself, grabbing Xander’s hand and stroking along with him as he finally came, his cock shooting a stronger rope of cum that coated his own belly. Both men sunk further into the couch in afterglow, Nick panting with a grin as Xander’s head fell towards Nick’s sweaty chest.

“Whew!” the man laughed as he looked down at the boy, who was visibly tired. After all, they had been going at it for hours, and it was the boy’s first experience with edging. The typical clarity that came with afterglow then suddenly hit the man’s head, who sighed in relief when he realized such an intense orgasm could have had an adverse effect and woken Xander up. However, what mattered was that it hadn’t happened, so Nick didn’t dwell on the topic for too long.

“C’mon cuz. Time to put you to bed,” the man smiled. Dressing Xander back in his boxer briefs, he picked his younger cousin up in his strong arms, carrying the boy like a bride, loving the way Xander subconsciously seemed to nuzzle against his bare chest. Lying Xander back on his bed, Nick first looked at the sight of the exhausted boy breathing slowly, the man almost hypnotized by the way his chest expanded when his legs filled with precious air.

“Xander.” Nick said, bringing the boy’s attention back to him, kneeling on the bed. “Once I snap my fingers, you are going to fall asleep. You won’t remember a thing of what happened tonight after you finished counting down to zero. However, there is a thing you won’t forget, even if you consciously do not remember it. Once I say the words ‘sleepy boy’, you will fall asleep on that moment, regardless of what is happening. If we’re clear, repeat the words to me.”

“Sleepy… boy…”

“Thaaat’s it cousin. Such a good boy.” Nick smiled, finally snapping his fingers, watching as Xander closed his eyes and his lips parted. Before he left the room, however, Nick couldn’t help but treating himself to Xander’s lips as he gave the boy a chaste peck. Unable to contain himself, he gave Xander’s lips three licks to loosen them before his tongue finally snaked inside and he had his first kiss with the boy, breaking it before he almost couldn’t contain himself anymore. “Delicious,” he uttered, finally standing back up and walking towards the door.

“Good night, cousin.” Nick grinned, closing the door behind him.

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