Part 3

By rogermurdock76 published May 15, 2019

Collin learns the value of teamwork

About a week in, Phil had lost all sympathy for his new soldier. He had Collin working around the clock to tend the farm, the house and all his filthy desires. When one task ended: “Collin come massage my feet for me,” or “On your knees, slave I need a blowjob big-time.” Phil hardly had to lift a finger, all he had to do now was lay back and bark orders. A simple word and Collin would come jogging in Phil’s old baseball uniform. He was almost always full of sweat and he hadn’t taken his jockstrap off since he got here, but this only got Phil hornier and made Collin’s mouth even busier.

When Collin had finished hoeing the farm for the day, Phil called him inside. He looked cozy as always in his plush, white bathrobe and iced tea in hand. Thirsty from the baking sun, Collin eagerly got on all fours and crawled to his master, where he would kiss and lick his master’s raunchy but air-conditioned feet to get inside. Phil had this entire ritual programmed into him now. He finally conceded and let Collin lap up protein water from his bowl. Collin came to the farm firm-chested and strong-armed, not to mention his calves. But since Phil changed his diet, he had become an orange-haired stallion of muscle, with defined abs and bulging triceps, the body he’d always dreamed of, but all his muscle became eye-candy for Phil.

“Drink up all you want boy,” Phil said squatting next to his slave, and cupping the ass of his baseball pants “I’ll be waitin’ for ya in my bed so you’ll come ride me after won’t you shit-stain?” Viciously tonguing up splashes of water, Collin resigned to say “As you command master.” He tasted globs of Phil’s nut in the water, but was too thirsty to care. He finished up the bowl and crawled his way to Phil’s room, where from the ground, he could only see Phil’s chubby calves and rock-hard dick pointing up. Without hesitation Collin climbed up, dropped his pants and mounted his Master’s johnson. At first, he rode Phil like a frog, pushing his chest and wrapping his legs around Phil’s. Then to finish him, he rode straight up and down, as fast as he could, the tip of Phil’s dick pounding his g-spot. What was Collin’s pain and embarrassment was a terrific orgasm for his Master, as Phil blissfully bred Collin time and time again, without ever even getting off his back.

While Phil was unloading and catching his breath, Collin went to work on other parts of his body, like his taint and armpits. “Y’know I’ve been thinking, you musta had some hot teammates huh dumb-shit? The more the merrier know what I’m sayin’?” Phil rubbed Collin’s nose into his armpit. Collin wanted to cry from the scent, like a wet onion with a million little hairs. What Phil was saying terrified him more though. He couldn’t do this to his teammates. this was a living hell, but he also didn’t know what he could do about it. “Call one of your friends up, I’ll make you a playmate.” Collin screamed at his body to put the breaks on, but he went straight into motion, cringing on the inside from the cum sticking around in his ass. He crawled to the phone and called Kyle, his best friend and a lineman on the team.

Kyle was built more like Phil than like Collin. He was a brute of muscle, but had a fair amount of meat on his bones. From his ankles to his thighs, his chest to his arms, his back to his ass, his sun-tanned skin was seeded with a a hairy coat. He sported a blonde buzz-cut on his head, and a smooth face with dazzling green eyes. When he showed up at Collin’s doorstep, Collin greeted him with nothing but his jockstrap and Phil’s beer in hand. Ryan was immediately thrown back by the stench of the place. “Dude how drunk are you, where are your clothes?” asked Ryan with a subtle laugh. He played it off as a joke, but something about Collin got him hard in the pants. Phil approached Collin in his bathrobe from behind, cupping his ass without Ryan noticing. “That’s how you greet company?” Phil said laughing it off, “Christ’s sake Collin put some pants on at least. Come on in, I got a beer with your name on it.” Phil had already undressed Ryan with his eyes: beer-gut, musky feet, and a face he could spend hours slobbering over.

Ryan had driven an hour and a half just to see Collin, and even though he was already weirded out, he took the bait all the same. Ryan stepped through the door into his new life, pretending to cringe as Collin walked away with his ass proudly showing. He sat with Phil as Collin got dressed and served the beer. “Here you go sir, here you go Ryan,” he said robotically. “Ain’t you gonna have one? These look hella good.”

Collin gave a small glance to Phil, who was too eager to see Ryan drink to notice. “I think I’ve had one too many today, I’ll pass,” he said obediently. Phil chuckled. “Cheers,” he said, clanging Ryan’s bottle and gulping down the brew. Ryan followed suit, and chugged the whole thing to Phil’s delight even letting out a nice burp. Phil reached down his pants and rubbed his cock a little in anticipation. Ryan’s head spun, but he felt good, even a little buzzed already. In his little daze, Ryan took a glance over at Phil, handling his cock. Ryan knew his pa would be shamed, but for some reason he was hoping Phil would whip his dick out, just to see what it looked like. He briefly stared at Collin’s crotch, thinking about that jockstrap he had on earlier. Ryan would never say it, but he always liked how Collin looked after a game, jersey off, black face-pain on his cheeks, just pads on his shoulders and compression shorts on his ass. Even Phil was caught off guard. He could tell Ryan was enjoying the “meast”. “Say Ryan? That’s your name right?” He asked.

“Yes, sir,” he replied to Phil’s chagrin. A smirk creeped up on his stubbly cheeks.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good porno. How’s about you bend over and finger yourself for me. Collin, you can come jerk me off.” Ryan’s eyes opened wide. This man’s control made him feel free somehow, so he dropped his pants and got right to work. “Yes, master,” he and Collin said together. Collin groaned in his head as he stroked Phil’s pole, tip to taint. Ryan probed his asshole deep with his middle-finger, feeling the skin of his shithole around his fingers and taking pauses to smell every few seconds while Phil’s crotch enjoyed a hand job.

Ryan’s thighs spread apart, his fingers glistening from his musk, his furry navel starting to sweat, the scene brought Phil to his climax, and left breathless, his cum flowed onto Collin’s delicate fingers, lubing up his johnson for a terrific and drawn out orgasm, followed shortly by Ryan, who launched his seed to his puffy chest. Collin stood ashamed at having given this slob another perfect nut, all in front of his teammate.

“That’s what teamwork boys,” Phil said catching his breath. “I’ll clean this up right away, master!” said Ryan, rolling his chubby ass over. “Stay right where you are boy. That’s what I got slaves for! Collin, I want this cum licked off ASAP, and go ‘head ’n blow me while yer at it. Save some room, though, yer buddy here’s next. Chop-Chop,” demanded Phil. Ryan stared at the ceiling while Collin went down on his Master. Before he knew it, Collin had his face between Ryan’s nipples lapping up every drop. ‘What’s Collin so pissed about?’ Ryan wondered, ‘this place is pure heaven.’

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