The Collar - The Sequel

By Willie Cici published May 15, 2019

Noah’s father want Jonathan to come home. Peter has a different plan …

Jonathan Sumners pulled into the driveway of his suburban California home. He opened his car door and stared at his neighbor’s house. His son, Noah, lived in that house, ‘exploring his sexuality’. Recently, Jonathan began having second thoughts about his son’s relationship with Peter Schwanzarsch, the older gentleman who moved into the neighborhood about six months ago. Ever since he confronted his son about the cock cage he was wearing, Jonathan felt a bad vibe.

“Why did I agree to let him live in that house? To explore his sexuality?”, Jonathan muttered to himself. He decided to speak to his son. Peter’s car was not in the driveway. He hoped to steal a couple of minutes with his son without Peter’s interference.

Jonathan walked towards the rear of Peter’s home, towards the pool patio. He spotted his son swimming in the pool. Jonathan called out. “Noah.”

Noah heard his father’s voice and swam to the edge of the pool. Noah hopped out of the pool. Jonathan could not believe his eyes. Noah was naked. His body had changed. Lean, taut, but not muscled, Noah looked more like a swimmer. (To see Noah, click here).

“Hey, Dad!”, Noah answered.

Jonathan looked about the pool patio for a towel, but could not find one. “Where’s your towel?”

“Don’t need one. Mas … Peter prefers me like this.”

Jonathan shook his head, annoyed at what he heard. “Are you okay?”, Jonathan asked. “You’re always home. Shouldn’t you have started classes?”, Jonathan insisted.

“I’m deferring my freshmen year. I’m …”, Noah replied.

Jonathan shook his head, visibly annoyed. “No. This has to stop. You’re coming home.”

“Noah wants to live here.”, a voice called out.

Jonathan turned around and saw Peter standing near the rear entrance of his home. He was wearing a speedo and carrying a towel. He walked towards Jonathan and Noah and handed the towel to Noah. “Thank you, Master.”, Noah said.

“Master? What the fuck is going on here?”, Jonathan exclaimed. “I’m taking you home.” Jonathan grabbed Noah by the arm and dragged him towards the side walk way leading to the front of the house.

Peter grabbed Jonathan from behind and prevented his departure. The ensuing struggle proved fruitless, as the former Special Ops commando overpowered the middle-aged family man. Peter grabbed Jonathan by the throat and executed a choke-out, the same maneuver he used on Noah. When Jonathan passed out, Peter called out. “Noah, help me carry your father into the house.”

Jonathan opened his eyes and found himself naked and restrained to a chair. He tried to free himself, but could not undo the restraints. He tried to shout, but a device lodged in his mouth prevented him from speaking. The darkened room added to Jonathan’s fears.

Peter walked into the room and pulled on a metal chain, clicking on a sole light bulb. The two men stared at each other, fear in one man’s eyes, satisfaction in the other. Peter attached a tube to the device in Jonathan’s mouth and poured a thick clear liquid down the tube. The minty liquid tasted familiar. It trickled down his throat. “This was the alcohol I drank when I agreed to Noah’s living in this house.”, Jonathan thought to himself. He tried not to swallow, but the restrained Jonathan could not avoid the inevitable. The thick, clear minty liquid entered his blood stream and left Jonathan dazed and stunned. After several minutes, Peter removed the tube and device from Jonathan’s mouth. Peter hovered over Jonathan, stared into his eyes and said, “Jonathan, can you hear me?”

“Yes.”, Jonathan answered.

“Noah has accepted his sexuality. It was not a phase. It’s who he is. You’re intrigued by Noah’s sexuality. You want to learn all about it. Repeat after me: I want to learn about being gay.”

“I want to learn about being gay.”, Jonathan repeated.

“Say it again.”, Peter insisted.

“I want to learn about being gay.”

“I want to learn about being gay because I think I’m gay.”, Peter said.

“I want to learn about being gay because I think I’m gay.”

“Say it, Jonathan: I think I’m gay.”, Peter shouted.

“I think I’m gay.”, Jonathan said.

“Very good. I will teach you about being gay, just like I taught Noah.”, Peter said. He tugged upon Jonathan’s cock, encased in a stainless-steel cock cage. “First, you have to learn to ignore your cock. A faggot serves his master. You don’t need your cock.” Jonathan stared at Peter. He heard Peter’s voice, but did not understand what he was saying. “Second, a faggot learns to give his mouth and ass to his master.”, Peter said. He lowered his shorts and exposed his dangling manhood. He wiggled his cock near Jonathan’s lips. “Open your mouth.”, Peter insisted. Jonathan opened his mouth. Peter lowered his cock into Jonathan’s mouth. “That’s it. No teeth. Suck it. Hard.” Jonathan started sucking Peter’s cock. “Good boy. Down to the base of the shaft. All the way.”, Peter said, as he grabbed Jonathan’s neck and forced his cock down Jonathan’s throat. “Look at me.”, Peter ordered. Jonathan stared into Peter’s eyes. The former Special Ops commando smiled. The minty liquid placed Jonathan in a submissive, sedated state. It had limits to what it could accomplish. The stronger serum which coated his cock would cement his control of Jonathan. “Keep sucking.”, Peter insisted. “The more you suck, the more you’ll love it, the more you’ll want it.”

Jonathan stared into Peter’s eyes. “This is … different.” He never tasted anything so sweet. “This is fun.”, he thought to himself. “I love sucking cock.” The serum warped his mind. He heard Jonathan’s voice. His prior rejection to sucking a man’s cock became his newfound passion. The more he sucked, the more he wanted.

Within minutes, Peter felt the surge of climax. “Don’t stop until I tell you to stop.” Peter bobbed his hips back and forth, gliding his cock in and out of Jonathan’s mouth. Peter enjoyed Jonathan’s blowjob. He sped up his face-fucking until he moaned, “I’m … going … to … Fuuuckkkkkkk!!!!”. Peter shouted as he bust his nut down Jonathan’s throat. When he recoiled from his orgasm, Peter slid his deflating member from Jonathan’s mouth. He removed the straps from Jonathan’s legs and arms. He tossed Jonathan a pair of black boxer briefs and said, “Get dressed and go home.”

Jonathan stared Peter, donned the tight black briefs and adjusted his junk. His caged cock filled the basket of his briefs. “There’s a slit for you to piss. When you shower, make sure to rinse out the metal shaft.”, Peter instructed.

Peter opened the door of the small room, and led Jonathan up a flight of stairs, to the front door of his home. Peter opened the door. As he stood in the threshold, Jonathan turned around. He stared at Peter, standing in the threshold of foyer, and his son, naked and kneeling at Peter’s feet, his head cowered and eyes to the ground, like the obedient pet. Jonathan walked out of the home and returned to his house, his cock rock-hard and pressing against the stainless-steel shaft of his cock cage.

Two months later –

On a balmy Friday evening, Jonathan pulled into the driveway of his home. He grabbed his dress clothes, draped on a hanger. He slung his gym bag across his chest and walked into his home. He quickly ran to his bedroom to shower after his vigorous session at the gym. For the last two months, Jonathan has spent ninety minutes a day, seven days a week, exercising and toning his body. Jonathan chose to shower at home and spare himself the embarrassment of exposing his naked body in the locker room, the cock cage still attached to his cock. After he showered, Jonathan donned a pair of gym shorts and a cotton t-shirt and headed for Peter’s home.

At 7:30pm, Monday through Friday, for the last two months, Jonathan enjoys a training session at Peter’s home. Jonathan knocked on the front door of Peter’s house. Noah answered the door, naked, and admitted his father. Noah led Jonathan into the living room, to wait for Peter, in silence, as Peter demanded. Noah left Jonathan in the living room to wait for Peter.

Peter entered the living room carrying a small metal container. “I have a gift for you.” He opened the container and showed Jonathan the choker, similar to one Noah wore. Peter stood behind Jonathan and placed the choker around his neck. He affixed the clasp and adjusted the collar so that the pendant dangled at the base of his neck. Peter then stood in front of Jonathan, took the pendant in his hand and read the inscription. “This slave is locked in a chastity belt.” Peter stared into Jonathan’s eyes. “Do you understand what that means?”

“No.”, Jonathan replied.

“Slaves wears a collar. You now have a collar. You wear a chastity belt. That makes you a slave.”, Peter reasoned.

“Yes.”, Jonathan answered, bowing his head to Peter.

“Noah is my slave. You need a Master. I have selected a Master for you. What do you say?”, Peter asked.

“Thank you.”, Jonathan replied.

“Your master will live with you in your home. What do you have to say?”, Peter asked.

“Thank you.”, Jonathan said.

“You’re welcome.”, Peter said. “Noah.”, Peter called out.

Noah walked into the living room. Jonathan noticed a sparkle of light when the sun shone on Noah’s body, making contact with the diamond-studded butt plug that filled Noah’s hole. “Yes, Master.”

“Go get my friend from the pool.”, Peter said. Noah walked out of the living room. Minutes later, Noah escorted a handsome man, wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. Beads of pool water dripped upon his chest from his still wet hair. The man stared at Jonathan. “What do you think, Snake?”

“Nice.”, Snake answered, staring lustfully at Jonathan.

“Jonathan, this is your Master.”, Peter said. “Noah, pour you and your father a tumbler of ‘Hasga’.” Noah walked over to the bookcase, opened the paneled doors and grabbed the crystal decanter containing a clear thick liquid. He poured two tumblers. He handed Jonathan one of the tumblers of the clear liquid. He and his father drank the clear thick minty liquor.

Peter reclined upon the couch in the living room and bid Snake to join him. He wiggled his junk and said, “Noah, on your knees. Jonathan, do the same for your new Master.”

Father and son approached the seated masters. Noah assumed his learned position, kneeling between Peter’s legs and burying his mouth in his Master’s groin. Jonathan observed his son and copied his son’s motions. He undid Snake’s towel, lowered the tight, black speedo and revealed his semi-hard monster cock. Father and son sucked their masters’ cocks, bobbing back and forth, their hands behind their backs, their mouths filled with dick, making sure that they reached the base of the shaft. Peter and Snake high-fived each other as they felt the warm, wet tongue action of Noah and Jonathan.

The next morning, Jonathan awoke in his bed. He looked at the alarm clock: 9:40a.m. He slept soundly, feeling refreshed. From the corner of his eye, he spotted a naked man, sporting some tattoos, standing in the threshold of the bathroom door.

“Good morning, Jonathan.”, Snake said.

“Good morning, Master.”, Jonathan replied. (To see Jonathan, click here).

Snake smiled and approached the bed. He tickled Jonathan’s buttocks with the butt plug in his hand. He licked the butt plug and slowly inserted the butt plug into Jonathan’s hole. Jonathan squirmed and moaned but did not prevent his Master. Snake smiled as the ruby-studded butt plug caught the flashes of morning sunlight.

Snake looked at the pendant around Jonathan’s neck and read the inscription. He smirked. “Master won’t always keep you caged, but for now, he will.”

“Thank you, Master.”, Jonathan replied.

“In public, you will call me ‘Snake’, but in our home, in private, you will address me as ‘Master’.”, Snake said.

“Thank you, Master.”, Jonathan said.

Snake nodded ‘yes’. He touched the metal collar that circled Jonathan’s neck. He had forged the metal collars at his studio boutique, where he made toys and novelties for the S&M community. He promised Master Sword (aka ‘Peter’) two slave collars if Peter could find him a suitable slave. Peter agreed and Snake designed and fabricated the collars and the pendants.

Snake reclined upon the bed and wiggled his cock. He did not have to say a word. Jonathan knelt on the bed, placed his hands behind his back, leaned over and swallowed his cock. “Suck it hard.”, Snake demanded.

“Yes, Master.”, Jonathan mumbled. He knew his place. He was a slave. It said so on his collar.

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