Dawn of the zombie boys: chapter 1 part 2 and chapter 2

By Hypnopupos published May 15, 2019

Rich discovers something awful

That’s when Rich saw tommy pinned down under Jeremy. Rich was horrified. He tried to back away but ended up running into a shelf. Jeremy looked up and looked directly rich, his eyes completely empty and white. Jeremy pulled out of tommy and started shambling towards rich, moaning. Rich was frozen in fear and confusion. Jeremy lunged at rich, rich dodged quickly. He had no idea what was going on but he knew he had to make sure his brother was ok. Rich quickly grabbed a pipe from the floor and swung it hard at Jeremy’s head knocking the boy to the ground in an unconscious daze. Rich quickly ran to tommy. Tommy was still half naked and in a state of trance. Rich shook tommy in an attempt to wake him. “Tommy!” He cried. “TOMMY! Wake up!” Rich shouted. Tommy shook his head and rubbed his eyes as if he had woken up from a nap. “Rich? Where-where are we? What happened? And WHY AM I NAKED?!” The teen cried with embarrassment as he covered his private sector. “It’s a long story.” Rich said as he hugged his brother. “Now put your pants back on. We have to go soon.” Rich said as he threw his brothers pants at him. “Ok.” Tommy replied. As he slipped his pants back on, tommy noticed jeremy’s unconscious body. “Hey, isn’t that Jeremy? Is he ok?” He asked rich as he reached down to touch him. Rich remembered what he saw earlier and grabbed tommy before he could get any closer to Jeremy. “Listen, tommy, whatever that thing is it’s not Jeremy anymore. It’s some kind of monster.” “But-” tommy started but was interrupted. “No ifs ands or buts about it. Now go grab some supplies and then will be leaving” rich commanded. “Ok” tommy quickly grabbed the supplies. And like that they left the gas station. End of chapter 1

Chapter 2

“ I’m hungry” complained tommy. “We’ll get some food at the next stop” replied rich. It had been only an hour since Rich and tommy had stopped at the gas station where they saw Jeremy who had fallen to the infection. The boys had been making their way through the town by going in and out of buildings to make sure they didn’t get infected with the gas. They had even made makeshift masks to wear to slow down the infection in the air. “I’m hungry!!” Tommy whined for what must have been the 100th time. “Can’t you wait we’re almost there “ Rich replied with a hint of annoyance in his voice. “No I’m hungry now.” Tommy complained in a low growl. Tommy had been acting strange since his encounter with Jeremy. For starters he was suddenly extremely hungry.and when he wasn’t complaining about his hunger he was completely zoned out, sometimes even drooling. However he had no trouble following Rich in these zoned out states sometimes he’d stumble and slow down but he was almost always right behind rich. Rich thought it would be a good idea to head towards the local high school. He was certain that it would be a good place to hold up till help arrived, if help arrived. “I think it’s just over this hill.” He said hiking up the hill. Tommy groaned in reply. Rich quick climbed to the top of the hill. He looked out toward the horizon. At first he couldn’t see anything through the mist. But then in the distance he could see it. “The high school!” Rich exclaimed. He never thought he’d be so excited to see a high school. Rich turned around to tell his brother of his discovery. But before he could saying anything Tommy tackled him and they rolled down the hill. What Rich hadn’t realized was while he was focused on finding the school his brother had succumbed to his hunger for cum. After Rich had said we’re almost there tommy groaned not out of annoyance but out of hunger. Tommy first stripped off his mask inhaling the infectious gas. Then he torn off all his clothes in a feverish sweat. Tommy had fully given into the virus. And he was hunger for Rich’s cock. Rich and tommy tumbled down the hill, separating at the bottom. Rich was dizzy and still trying to understand what happened. Tommy crawled towards rich, his eyes a glassy white and his mouth drooling. “Tommy,” Rich pleaded “snap out of it. I-I’m your brother Rich! You don’t want to do this” Rich crawled backwards. Tommy continued his approach his cock drooling infectious precum. Rich was about to get up when tommy pounced towards him. Rich was able to roll out of the way. He quickly got up on his feet and started running towards the school. Tommy got up of off all fours and let out an inhuman roar. Rich was terrified, and weirdly horny. Just then he realized his mask had come off rolling down hill. He only had a few minutes before he turned. He turned towards the school and saw horde of the zombies headed towards him. He had to hide fast. Rich looked around quickly and noticed a house in the distance and quickly ran to it covering his mouth with his hand. Once inside he barracked the door and checked out the window. He had lost the zombies in the fog he could see them shambling around in the distance. Rich sat down, leaned against the wall, and started to cry. Only a few minutes past before he had stopped and heard that inhuman roar again. “That must mean they found some one” rich thought to himself. Rich cautiously looked out the window and saw….

“That’s when I saw you! About to be attacked by…” Rich paused, tears welling up in his eyes. “…Your brother” Dustin finished rich’s sentence. “Yeah…my brother.”


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